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Posted in: Hustle Is Posting Right Now
Hustle Madness 2013 - Greatest WWE Moment Of The Last 30 Years (Elite Eight)
By Hustle
Apr 16, 2013 - 10:00:00 PM

Red Bracket
#1 The Undertaker Throws Mankind Off The Cell defeats #4 Beer Bath, 300-66
I'm somewhat surprised that the margin of victory was so large here, figuring one of the more iconic segments in WWE history, but the #1 seed dominated the voting from beginning to end. In another situation, I'd chalk it up to people being caught up in Mick Foley's Hall Of Fame induction, making the Hell In A Cell event "fresh" on their minds, but this got the #1 seed for a reason, and it moves on with a comfortable victory.

#6 Eric Bischoff Is The New Raw General Manager defeats #10 The Rock's Return In 2011, 195-171
This one really did surprise me. If you look at things purely at face value, as far as "shock" is concerned, the #6 seed would easily win here. If it's purely for the entertainment value of things, #10 wins. In the end, though, when all of the extra things were thrown in, I figured the #10 seed would win, simply because of the IWC's love for The Rock, especially compared to the IWC's thoughts and opinions of Eric Bischoff. It is what it is, though, and the #6 seed moves on.

Blue Bracket
#1 Hulkamania Is Born defeats #12 Eddie Guerrero's Death, 206-160
Like I said in the last matchup, we got another "IWC favorite" VS "IWC most hated" bout here, and for the second straight time, the "IWC most hated" gets the victory. However, this one comes with two "catches", if you will. First of all, the "most hated" moment is the #1 seed, while the "favorite" is the #12 seed, and on top of that, the #12 seed is a death, and we've already discussed how uneasy the inclusion of wrestler deaths has made some of you. When all was said and done, we nearly got another #1 seed getting eliminated, but the beginning of the era that set up every era to come advances here.

#6 Chicago Crowd At Money In The Bank 2011 defeats #10 Shawn Michaels Kicks Out Of A Tombstone At WrestleMania 25, 191-175
This was one that I was looking forward to as soon as I saw what was facing what in this round. It was close all throughout the week, but for about 90% of the week, the #6 seed was in the lead. It was like one of those sporting events where one team jumps out to an early lead, and the other team fights and fights and fights, but every time they get close to tying things up, the team in the lead goes on a mini-streak. The #10 seed had a lot of chances to take the lead, but it seems like every single time they got within two or three votes, the next ten votes would go against them. The #6 seed moves on, and is perhaps the strongest #6 seed in the history of Hustle Madness. By the way, I'm fully aware that this past week's Raw crowd from New Jersey would be included if this tournament was held at a later date, but unfortunately, it's too late to throw them in.

Orange Bracket
#4 The Montreal Screwjob defeats #9 Bret Hart Locks Steve Austin In The Sharpshooter At WrestleMania 13, 228-138
A very Bret Hart-centric matchup here. I'm not surprised to see the #4 seed advance here, just based on historical value alone. Sure, the moment in the #9 seed is yet another moment that helped propel "Stone Cold" Steve Austin to the top of the wrestling industry, but the #4 seed changed so much. It helped turn Vince McMahon into an actual on-air heel character, which, by the way, really helped Steve Austin skyrocket to the top. It helped to make the "shoot" and "worked shoot" more popular. It removed Bret Hart from the WWF landscape. It has given the IWC something to talk about for nearly 16 years now. It moves on comfortably here.

#6 Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit Hug To Close Out WrestleMania 20 defeats #7 Pipe Bomb, 185-181
This one was tied at 181. That's how close it was. The last four votes tallied went to the #6 seed, and it advanced here. Back and forth. Forth and back. Back and forth. Forth and back. So many lead changes here. After about 24 hours, I had a feeling this was going to be something fun to watch, and clearly, I was right. You really couldn't go wrong with either one of these options moving on, but in the end, the #6 seed advances, giving us yet another strong #6 seed to deal with.

Yellow Bracket
#1 Austin 3:16 defeats #5 DX Tries To Invade Nitro, 314-52
Well, thank you for coming, #5 seed, but this just wasn't your time to shine. Sure, you were entertaining and made for some cool television, but in the grand scheme of things, you just don't compare to what we got from the #1 seed, and the results here prove it.

#10 Eddie Guerrero Wins The WWE Title defeats #3 Owen Hart's Death, 198-168
I guess we shouldn't be surprised that the happy moment involving someone that is deceased would win out over the actual moment where another person became deceased, even though it's an "upset" when you're simply looking at the seed numbers. People have really latched on to how emotional it was to see Eddie win the WWE Title, and I can't blame them for that at all. The #10 is the lowest-remaining seed in the tournament, which officially means that it has become "Cinderella", for all of you March Madness nuts.

The round is complete, so let's take a look at the Elite Eight..

#1 The Undertaker Throws Mankind Off The Cell VS #6 Eric Bischoff Is The New Raw General Manager

#1 Hulkamania Is Born VS #6 Chicago Crowd At Money In The Bank 2011

#4 The Montreal Screwjob VS #6 Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit Hug To Close Out WrestleMania 20

#1 Austin 3:16 VS #10 Eddie Guerrero Wins The WWE Title

As is always the case, you can get your votes in through all of the same methods as the previous rounds. Your votes must be in by 10pm EST on Saturday, April 20th to be counted, though. Happy voting!

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