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Posted in: Hustle Is Posting Right Now
Hustle Is Posting Right Now - Looking At The WrestleMania 29 Rumors
By Hustle
Apr 7, 2012 - 12:19:42 PM

"Give us a dream.."

From the second Brock Lesnar's music hit on Raw, we knew that World Wrestling Entertainment had already put the wheels in motion for their WrestleMania 29 planning. Sure, the large majority of the internet fans wanted no part of another year-long build for a single match, but we knew it was coming, and with Brock's return, we saw it happening.

Brock going after John Cena right away and dropping him with an F5 made everyone immediately speculate about Brock Lesnar VS John Cena at WrestleMania 29. That makes sense, obviously. Right away, though, I assumed the company would be going in a different direction. Having Lesnar physically attack Cena this week would be fine, but going from that to having them wait an entire year to have their match? All you need to do is look back at the year's worth of build that we got between Cena and The Rock. I've said it on numerous occasions, and I know plenty of you have said it, too.. it got ridiculous at times for both men to basically get in the ring and say "I hate you so much! Grrr!", only to not get physical at all. Week in and week out, we'd just hear insults being tossed from both sides, and the occasional angry face.. but not even so much as an angry shove between the two. Another year of that, involving one of the same people we just watched do it for an entire year? As a great philosopher once said.. nah, chill, b.

As the week continued to creep on, we finally heard from Dave Meltzer about WWE's current plans for a triple main event at WrestleMania 29. Obviously, that's an entire year away, and we all know WWE's penchant for changing things on the fly, so plenty of things could change, but as of right this very second, this is supposedly what the company is looking at..

- Brock Lesnar VS The Rock for the WWE Title
- CM Punk VS "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
- John Cena VS The Undertaker

I don't know about you, but the first thing that pops into my head when I read that is.. wow, that's a ridiculously loaded card at the top. That would go down as the biggest triple main event in the history of wrestling.

If you dig a little deeper, though, something else pops out, and it's something that is concerning. It's a sign of the times with the state of wrestling today.. of those six names listed, only two of them are regular, full-time WWE performers. It's a terrible sign about the way WWE has been able to build new stars to push to the moon. I've said it before, and I'll say it again.. I completely understand why the company would want to reach back out to the biggest names the business has ever seen in an attempt to generate more buzz and more money. That's fine and all, but what would be even better is if they could count on the current crop of main eventers to make big-time money. It's basically like the company saying "yeah, we fucked up", so they bring in all of the older names. We've already seen people that are sick and tired of The Rock, and want him to never come back. We've already seen people that are upset about Brock Lesnar being back, and want him to go away. We've already seen people that are sick and tired of The Undertaker, and want him to finally ride off into the sunset forever. Then, of course, we know that there's people that are tired of John Cena, and don't want to see him anymore. I can just about guarantee you that you'll start to see a bunch of "he should just stay retired" talk about Steve Austin if he returns, as well. I can only imagine some of the IWC rage if all of these names are making at least semi-regular appearances on WWE television every week.

What about those three matches, though? My opinions of them are all over the page right now.

Lesnar VS Rock is something that has been rumored for a few weeks now. Having the match is fine. I have no problem with that. Putting the WWE Title up for grabs is where things get slightly confusing for me. As far as I know, and as far as I've seen reported, both Brock and Rock are working with the company through WrestleMania 29. Logic would indicate that the loser of the match just fades away, with his contract up, and that will be that, but what about the winner of the match? Let's say, for example, The Rock wins the match and is the WWE Champion coming out of WrestleMania. If his contract is up, that doesn't leave many options, does it? He'd either have to drop the title to someone else almost immediately (perhaps the next night on Raw), or it would be one of those situations where he "retires on top", and we get a tournament to crown a new WWE Champion right away. Personally, I'm not a fan of either one of those options. I've made my opinions on wrestling promotions playing "hot potato" with their title belts pretty clear through the years, and this would be no different. It would provide a scenario where we could very well see three different people hold the WWE Title in a 24-hour span.. Rock/Brock goes into WrestleMania as the champion, Brock/Rock leaves WrestleMania as the champion, Random Wrestler #451 leaves Raw as the champion either by defeating Brock/Rock or by winning a mini-tournament. That's a distinct possibility, and I don't like it at all. I don't like it when things like that happen with three full-time performers, and I'm not going to like it when things like that happen with two part-time performers. Personally, I don't see the problem in just having the match as its own "special attraction". John Cena VS The Rock didn't need to have the WWE Title involved, and it still goes down as one of the biggest matches in the history of the business. Brock Lesnar VS The Rock could be the exact same way. It'll get plenty of publicity, and the mainstream media will be all over it because of who is in the match. Taking the title away from the match also opens the door for another "main event" to be added, which will only make the entire show come across as being that much bigger. Everyone wins that way.

The storyline for CM Punk VS Steve Austin makes sense and pretty much writes itself.. if Punk is a heel. In 2011, rumors were all over the place about a possible Punk/Austin match, with Punk and his preachy Straight Edge heel character going up against Austin's beer-swilling redneck character. It just works. With Punk turning face and not exactly preaching anymore, how well would that feud work out? There would be members of the WWE Universe torn on who to cheer for, but let's be honest.. it's Steve Austin, which means he's going to get the majority of the face pops, no matter what. If the company is really thinking about giving us Punk VS Austin at WrestleMania 29, that would have to mean Punk is turning heel at some point between now and then. I have no problem with that. Punk is Punk.. he'll be on a roll, no matter side of the face/heel fence he's on. He'll be able to cut fantastic promos as a heel, just like he can do as a face. He'll be able to wrestle his ass off as a heel, just like he can do as a face. Austin is certainly more of a question mark. He'll be 48 when WrestleMania 29 rolls around, and unless he comes back to do some sort of a "warm-up" match before then like The Rock did when he worked at Survivor Series back in November, it will mark a full decade since his last match. An entire decade. Ten whole years. The Rock was coming off of a seven-year hiatus at the age of 39, and people were concerned with just how much ring rust he'd have, and how sloppy he'd be in the ring. Austin's much older, is coming off of a much longer hiatus, and.. oh, by the way.. was forced to retire because of lingering issues with his neck. If any of us were worried about Rock's return, we should be completely petrified about Austin's return. Now, I know that he wouldn't sign off on any sort of in-ring return if he weren't in great physical condition, and if he didn't think he could get through even a single match, but we're the internet fans.. it's our "job" to worry about things and think the worst.

Journey back with me for a minute. Think back to a couple things I've mentioned in my columns towards the tail end of the build for John Cena VS The Rock. I talked about how it was almost surreal to see more and more internet fans siding with Cena after both men continued to have their war of words on television every week. Cena wasn't the overwhelming face or anything, but with every passing week, you'd see more and more people jumping on the "Cena is winning this battle right now" bandwagon. That was strange. That was weird. This, however, is much weirder..

In the days since word of a possible match between John Cena and The Undertaker at WrestleMania 29 broke, I've seen numerous people, all over the internet, say that not only do they think Cena will defeat Taker and end Taker's undefeated streak, but that Cena should defeat Taker and end Taker's undefeated streak.

Go ahead and wrap your brain around that for a while.

John Cena.. Internet Wrestling Community's Public Enemy #1 for the last six-ish years.. is actually being championed by a growing population of said Internet Wrestling Community to walk into WrestleMania and defeat The Undertaker. The same Undertaker that is currently 20-0 in his WrestleMania career. The same Undertaker that has defeated the following names at WrestleMania..

- WWE Hall Of Famer, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka
- Future WWE Hall Of Famer, Jake "The Snake" Roberts
- Future WWE Hall Of Famer, Diesel (Kevin Nash)
- Possible future WWE Hall Of Famer, "Sycho" Sid
- Future WWE Hall Of Famer, KAAAAANNNNNEEEEE (Twice)
- Possible future WWE Hall Of Famer, Big Boss Man
- Future WWE Hall Of Famer, Triple H (Thrice)
- WWE Hall Of Famer (Two times over), Ric Flair
- Future WWE Hall Of Famer, Big Show
- Future WWE Hall Of Famer, Randy Orton
- Future WWE Hall Of Famer, Mark Henry
- Future WWE Hall Of Famer, Batista
- WWE Hall Of Famer, Edge
- WWE Hall Of Famer, Shawn Michaels (Twice)

Some would even tell you that King Kong Bundy is a possible future WWE Hall Of Famer, too, which only adds to the list. Taker has defeated some of the best to ever step foot in a wrestling ring, and John Cena defeating him would be like placing him "above" every person on that list. The main reason.. at least with what I'm seeing.. that people are calling for Cena to win is because they feel he hasn't yet had his "WrestleMania Moment". Even with all of the titles he's won, and all of the people he's beaten, they feel he hasn't had that career-defining moment on the biggest stage in the industry. It's time for another list..

- WrestleMania 20: Cena defeated Big Show to win the United States Title. He "arrived", but it's still a midcard title.
- WrestleMania 21: Cena defeated JBL to win the WWE Title. His main event push was officially underway, but the match was forgettable.
- WrestleMania 22: Cena defeated Triple H to retain the WWE Title. More known for the crowd reaction than for the match itself.
- WrestleMania 23: Cena defeated Shawn Michaels to retain the WWE Title. Good match, but the result was basically a foregone conclusion.
- WrestleMania 24: Cena lost (along with Triple H) to Randy Orton in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Title.
- WrestleMania 25: Cena defeated Edge & Big Show to win the World Title. Another forgettable match.
- WrestleMania 26: Cena defeated Batista to win the WWE Title. Decent match that is overshadowed by The Undertaker VS Shawn Michaels.
- WrestleMania 27: Cena lost to The Miz in a match for the WWE Title.
- WrestleMania 28: Cena lost to The Rock.

Technically, I have to agree that Cena hasn't quite had his "WrestleMania Moment" yet. It wouldn't even be that difficult to tie that into the actual storyline, with Cena saying that he knows he isn't getting any younger (he'll be two weeks away from turning 35 when WrestleMania 29 rolls around), and as he looks through the years, he sees that all of the top names in the history of wrestling have all had at least one "WrestleMania Moment", but he's still waiting for his. He would say that he needs to do something before it's too late and his entire career is viewed as being "hollow", and there's no bigger "WrestleMania Moment" than becoming the person who ends The Undertaker's undefeated streak. That's just off the top of my head. Given a few months to play with, WWE could come up with something pretty good for those two.

Now, I'm not going to sit here and say Cena should or shouldn't defeat The Undertaker if they ever face each other at WrestleMania. Not yet, anyway. Way too much can happen and/or change between now and the end of April, let alone now and 2013. I will say that I've been waiting for this rumor for years now. I distinctly remember posting on LoPForums, the day after WrestleMania 24, saying that the company would be complete fools if they didn't give us the Cena VS Taker WrestleMania "dream match" before Taker retired. I said it the day after WrestleMania 25, too. I said it the day after WrestleMania 26, too. I said it the day after WrestleMania 27, too. I said it the day after WrestleMania 28, too. I'm going to keep saying it until we actually get the match. WWE has gone out of their way to keep both men apart, wrestling on different brands and feuding with different people. Unless they have all of the legit heat in the world, and the rumor sites are slacking in reporting that, they're being kept apart to make their eventual match as big as possible. Having them face off in front of 80,000+ fans in a notoriously smarky part of the country at WrestleMania is about as big as it's going to get.

Let's make this happen, WWE. Give us those three main events, but remove the WWE Title from the first match, giving us a possible FIVE main events for WrestleMania 29 (counting a WWE Title match and a World Title match). Make. It. Happen.

This last part is going to be brief, because it's only semi-related to what I was just talking about. I was watching this past episode of Raw.. again.. and paying close attention to the final segment with John Cena cutting a promo. Specifically, him mentioning something about how the entire WWE Universe was waiting for that to finally be the night that Cena, upset over losing to The Rock the night before, would finally lash out at them for how they treat him, essentially turning himself heel in the process. The crowd erupted at the mere thought of it, immediately breaking out into "YES! YES! YES!" chants, ready for Cena to finally make that historic turn. When he informed them that he wasn't going to do what they wanted, you could almost hear 20,000 people let out a frustrated sigh at the same time, and then they went right back to booing him, especially when he went with his "I put my heart and soul on the line" schtick again. Does anyone else think that a golden opportunity was missed? Well, perhaps "missed" isn't the right word, because it's not like anyone could have predicted how amazing Monday's crowd would be, but just imagine, for a moment, what the crowd reaction would have been had Cena actually turned in that promo. Unlike anything we've ever seen in wrestling, his heel turn would have been met with about as loud a face pop as we've witnessed in recent history. That crowd would have exploded if he cut anything even remotely resembling a "heel" promo, and what would make it even more strange is that they'd be cheering him for turning his back on them, which would then cause them to side with him. Like I said.. it wouldn't be like anything we've ever seen in wrestling. On top of all that, it would have made for a very interesting atmosphere for Brock Lesnar's return. The crowd would go from booing Cena to absolutely blowing the roof off of American Airlines Arena for Cena to going banana pancake for Brock's return to having to make a quick decision on who to cheer for.. the returning Lesnar or the newly-turned Cena. That would make for an amazing roller coaster of emotions, which is what a WWE live event should be, and it would provide for a great hook to tune in to the next episode of Raw.

I'm just saying.

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