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Posted in: Hustle Is Posting Right Now
Hustle Is Posting Right Now - The 20 "Must Follow" Accounts On Twitter
By Hustle
Jul 31, 2012 - 5:18:56 PM

"Follow me.."

*By Request*

There isn't a columnist at LoP that is a bigger fan of Twitter than I am. As the man who first combined social media with his columns, dating back to when MySpace was the "it" site, it's only fitting to do another column about social media.

The other day, I was approached by LoP writer JoeyShinobi (@_JoeFranklin), one of the best pure writers I've seen in years, about an idea for this here column. He said it was only fitting that I write about the wrestlers and/or wrestling personalities to follow on Twitter. You could consider it something of a beginner's guide to Twitter for those of you that are new to the site, or that are looking for new people to follow.

I'll be listing them in no particular order, so keep that in mind if you see an indy name listed before an all-time great, etc. Also, I know I'm going to end up leaving some key names off the list, but the column is going to be long enough, and I can only fit so many names on the list here. If you don't see a name on here that you think is a "must follow", leave a comment at the bottom of the page and tell people why that person should be followed. Let's get on with it, though. Shall I proceed? (Yes, indeed.) Less dew eet!!

AJ Lee - @WWEAJLee
Her tweets have a weird blend of following kayfabe and breaking kayfabe, but if you're a fan of her on-screen character at all, you'll be a fan of her tweets. She has her "crazy" moments. She has her "cute" moments. She even has her "hot" moments. She's also every bit of a "geek" that she says she is, often tweeting about video games and other blatant nerdery. My one and only problem with AJ's tweets are that she seems to be setting up more and more "thirst traps" these days. I don't know if it's how she really is, or if it's part of her gimmick on television, but there are a lot of tweets from her of the "woe is me, no man will ever want to be with me, I'll be single for the rest of my life" variety, opening the flood gates for the thirst of her male followers.. hence "thirst trap".. with men all over the world chiming in with the "I'd marry you, you're beautiful, yadda yadda ya" tweets. Even if it's just part of the gimmick, it's a pet peeve of mine, because I see it from women on the internet all the time.

Jessicka Havok - @J_Hav
What is there to say that I haven't already said about this woman on Twitter? Going in the opposite direction of what I just mentioned with AJ, I don't remember seeing a woman with as much confidence and don't-give-a-fuck-ness as Jessicka Havok, and it comes through in all of her tweets. I'm sure there are some people out there that can't handle a strong woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind, but I love how refreshing that is. I love how quick she is to converse with people. I love that she's such a loyal person, jumping to the defense of her friends, as well as women's wrestling, in general. Do not.. I repeat.. do not piss this woman off, ladies and gentlemen, because she will come after you. I'm trying to cycle through her tweets in my head, and I truly and honestly can't remember the last one I saw from her that wasn't worthwhile. I'm either laughing, nodding my head in agreement, or contemplating asking for her hand in marriage. Sometimes all three at once.

Paul Heyman - @HeymanHustle
A whole bunch of us are "Heyman Guys" or "Heyman Gals", and his Twitter account is part of the reason why. Even before he officially returned to the world of wrestling to get involved in the current storyline with Brock Lesnar and Triple H, Paul Heyman kept close tabs on the business through Twitter, talking to his followers about the various shows and pay-per-views that took place. Heyman has never pulled any punches, for better or worse, and he hasn't started to do so now. That's the main reason why he's worth following. If he thinks something is great, he'll be the first person to say so, but if he thinks something is awful, he'll also be the first person to say so.

Leva Bates - @wrestlingleva
I've seen some people refer to Leva as the "AJ Lee of the independent scene", and I guess I can see that. She walks the line between being "cute" and "hot", all while being one of the biggest nerds on the planet. That's not an insult to her, mind you. She would gladly admit to being a nerd. She proudly posts pictures of herself wearing a Lando Calrissian shirt, and if you know who that is.. nuff said. Her "gimmick" is that she wears different outfits to the ring, and sometimes even to wrestle in. She was in a head-to-toe Spider-Man costume at the first SHINE event. I've seen her wrestle as a Jedi. I've seen her wrestle as Marty McFly from Back To The Future. I've seen her wrestle as Iron Man. The list goes on and on and on. AJ Lee, without the crazy and the often annoying "I NEVER GONNA GET A MAN, NOBODY EVER GONNA WANT ME" tweets? Sign me up, and put me down for two.

CM Punk - @CMPunk
For a man that has the ridiculously busy schedule Punk has, he sure finds the time to tweet a lot, but to quote a great philosopher.. that's not a bad thing, that's a good thing. He always seems to find time to talk to his fans, which is nice. Of course, not all of the talking is a positive thing. One thing about Punk is his lack of a filter. If you're going to send Punk a tweet, you had better make sure that your spelling and grammar are as close to perfect as possible, because he has no problem calling people out for what he perceives as their stupidity. It's that lack of a filter that people seem to really enjoy about Punk's tweets. You know you're going to get his true feelings about everything. Of all the big name wrestlers in today's wrestling scene, Punk is easily the "best" tweeter, and it's rare to see anyone say anything negative about him in that regard.

Not Triple H - @NotTripleH
The key to a good parody account on Twitter, to nobody's surprise, is to tweet things that you could actually picture the real person saying. With this account, you could legit see Triple H saying pretty much everything that is tweeted. Saying it was "his" idea to air the video package of last week's Trips, Paul Heyman, Stephanie McMahon and Brock Lesnar segment over and over again on Raw this week? Saying that you basically have to be a moronic mark that still thinks wrestling is real to get your Tout video aired on Raw? Constant jokes about Kelly Kelly's promiscuity? Posting "Spoiler Alert: Cena wins" at just about every pay-per-view or large event? I don't know about you, but that's exactly the type of sense of humor I expect Trips to have backstage and in the comfort of his own home, where people don't have to hear it. You'll always be in store for some.. interesting.. thoughts when you see this account live tweeting WWE events (and even the occasional TNA event).

Matt Morgan - @BPmattmorgan
The first thing I noticed about Matt Morgan's tweets was just how much charity work he is involved in, which is awesome. Beyond that, though, I'm really digging the mystery behind a lot of his recent tweets, as people try to pry some information out of him. Is he re-signing with TNA? Is he going back to WWE? Is he just going to do Direct Auto Insurance commercials for the rest of his life? He's been doing a good job of dropping little "clues", but without really making anything obvious, and without going the Chris Jericho route, playing up the kayfabe in things when even Stevie Wonder could see through it. Everyone seems to have their hunches about the next place we'll see "The Blueprint" in a wrestling ring (as do I, but I'm going to keep it to myself for now), but it's fun to sit back and watch everything unfold in the world of social media.

Uhaa Nation - @UhaaNation
As the man himself says.. "one thing people who actually know me will tell you 'bout me is I always keep it 100". I know there are some of you who don't know what "keep it 100" means, and for those people, it means that the person keeps it 100% real, 100% of the time.. no lies, no bullshit, no mixed signals.. what they say is what they mean, etc. That's what I like about following this guy on Twitter. He's blunt. He says what's on his mind, whether it's about something he watched on Raw, what he noticed at the gym, something he caught while flipping through the channels on television, whatever album he happens to be listening to at the time, and so on. If you can entertain him, whether it's making him laugh with a funny tweet or just contribute positively to a discussion he's having, he has no problem in hitting the "follow" button and following you back, which is a nice bonus. Another nice bonus? Getting to "watch" him on his journey back from a very serious knee injury. He gives updates when he has them, and you get to see him going from being completely on the shelf and having to sit on the couch all day long to working out more and more, and now, he's already talking about making it back into a wrestling ring at the end of the year. I, for one, can't wait until he's back in the ring, handing people's asses to them on a regular basis.

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper - @R_Roddy_Piper
"Hot Rod" brings everything to Twitter that he brings to the promos he cut during his storied wrestling career.. unpredictability, raw emotion, a quick wit, and the occasional ramble that only he truly understands. You just never know what Roddy is going to tweet about. There will be the occasional story about people like Ric Flair or Hulk Hogan that will come out of nowhere, be strung out over numerous tweets, won't have any real ending, but will be worth reading every single step of the way. He's also someone that is quick to talk to his fans, and comes across as incredibly humble when he does, which is always nice to see, especially when it comes to the all-time greats.

Andre Harrison - @Harrison101HD
As someone who has made "the grind" popular on LoP.. hustling, if you will.. I can always appreciate when I see other people who are constantly working hard at what they do. The homie Dre definitely works hard, between blogging about wrestling/MMA, doing YouTube video after YouTube video about sports video games, and tweeting about all things from sports to family life. For my foreign readers that are into soccer and auto racing, Mr Harrison is definitely your go-to guy for discussions on those things, as he live tweets for all of the big events. He's also a fan of the New England Patriots football team, but I try not to hold that against him too much.

Gabe Sapolsky - @BookItGabe
When Gabe works for Ring Of Honor, the company grows and grows, and becomes the best overall wrestling promotion on the planet as far as entertainment is concerned (in my opinion, anyway). When Gabe is sent packing, Ring Of Honor falls, head-first, from a cliff, and the promotion only gets worse and worse, with terrible booking decisions everywhere. That's power. Gabe remains friendly with indy workers from all over the planet, and his time working with Paul Heyman in ECW means even deeper relationships in the business. If you don't mind the shameless plugs and shills for Dragon Gate USA, EVOLVE and any other project that Gabe is involved in, he's a fun person to follow. It even pays to follow him, as he's almost always holding contests and giving away DVDs to his followers, and all you usually need to do is retweet what he tells you to retweet. Insight on the wrestling business and chances to win prizes without having to do much of anything other than clicking a single button? Works for me.

Sean Ross Sapp - @SeanRossSappMMA
He's a writer for what is, technically, a competitor site of LoP, but that doesn't mean I can't recommend him for a follow. Another well-rounded tweeter, in my opinion, you'll be seeing quite the blend of wrestling, MMA and sports tweets here. He's yet another person that doesn't pull any punches with his tweets, as evidenced by the fact that he has to post warnings before he live tweets any events, to point out that his thoughts and opinions don't necessarily represent those of the site he works for. Not only is he a fan of combat sports, he trains in some of them, so coming to him with ill-advised ideas and points of view about things like wrestling and MMA isn't something I'd recommend because he will confront you if he finds it to be necessary. Consider yourselves warned.

Jim Ross - @JRsBBQ
Jim Ross is a weird Twitter personality. If you ask some people about him, they'd say he's nothing but a company man, praising everything WWE-related at every opportunity. If you ask other people, they'd say he speaks out of line a lot, and that's why the company isn't quick to put him back on WWE television any more than they do. So, which one is it? Honestly, I think it's something in between. JR is honest about things, but he works with a filter. If he doesn't think something is any good, he'll say so, but he might say it in a way that you need to read between the lines to see. That goes back to his commentary itself. Think back to any match that he called featuring a worker with the speed, agility and in-ring skills of someone like The Great Khali. Listen to the things he'd say to describe things. The wrestler is "plodding" or "methodical". The style the wrestler had was "bowling shoe ugly". Everyone knew what he was trying to say, but we also knew that he couldn't just come out and say it. That's what we get on Twitter. If you can decipher the code, JR's honesty about things will be a welcome addition to your timeline.

Hit The Ropes Radio - @HitTheRopes
I've been a fan of these guys for a while now, and now, I find myself really looking forward to their articles and monthly e-magazine. On Twitter, with multiple people handling the account, you're looking at a variety of topics being discussed, from wrestling to MMA to sports to music, and everything in between. That's the type of diversity I enjoy when it comes to people I follow on Twitter. If you're just tweeting about the same things over and over again, there's not a whole lot of fun in following you. HTR is like a one-stop shop when it comes to the indy wrestling scene, especially, from Ring Of Honor to the women's promotions. This account, as well as their website, is a good place to get opinions and news on the indy scene for those of you that are new to the scene.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin - @steveaustinBSR
If you were a wrestling fan during the Attitude Era years, you got to see bits and pieces of Steve Austin's weird sense of humor, especially during his time as a heel with The Alliance. We get to see that all the time on Twitter. From his epic stories about fighting sharks to posting random videos of himself dancing and lip-synching to Rick Astley songs, you get quite the glimpse into what makes the man tick on a daily basis now that he isn't wrestling anymore. For arguably the biggest star the wrestling business has ever seen, Austin seems to be very approachable on Twitter, often talking to fans about random things and never being too busy for his fans. You really can't go wrong with that.

Lance Storm - @Storm_Wrestling
For my money, there might not be a smarter "wrestling mind" on Twitter than Lance Storm. He is able to see things the way they are, with complete honesty, and not with any sort of bias over the people/companies involved. He has always been outspoken online, and is one of the top names people come to whenever any sort of controversial subject comes up in wrestling, because people know that he'll speak his mind, even if his opinion isn't a "popular" one. Even when he's only "reviewing" shows, his insight is something deep, yet concise, and is always clear. He comes across as someone that is clearly a great wrestling trainer, and as surprising as this is to say about someone who was never known for his promo skills, someone who could be a very entertaining color commentator for an indy wrestling company. Wow. I can't believe I just said that. I believe it 100%, but it's just something I never thought I'd ever mention in a column.

Hulk Hogan - @HulkHogan
The IWC has had a lot of negative things to say about Hulk Hogan in the last several years. Some of it is warranted, while some of it is just blind hate for the sake of hating. I've even said my fair share of things. There's one thing I absolutely cannot argue with, though.. Hogan really loves his fans. All those years, when he talked about how his Hulkamaniacs gave him the power and the strength to climb the highest mountains and swim the deepest seas, it doesn't seem like he was just saying it to say it. The guy loves to talk to his fans, and he definitely likes to retweet the nice things they have to say about him. Of course, that leads to the occasional question of just how much he reads the tweets before retweeting them, as evidenced by him retweeting someone saying they were going to be "balls deep" in Brooke Hogan, but I'm willing to let that slide, as funny as it was, because it was the one and only time anything like that has happened with Hulk.

Faux Tony Schiavone - @SchiavoneTony
Another parody account, this one is hilarious for those of us that were watching wrestling during the Monday Night War. As it says in his Twitter bio, "It's always 1996-2001", and his tweets indicate that. It's pretty much exactly what you would have expected the real Tony Schiavone to tweet if Twitter was around 15 years ago. I love the random name drops of WCW talent from back in the day, like when he mentioned hanging out with Swoll of the No Limit Soldiers at the Great Adventure theme park. Normally, if you were to think of a Twitter account making a parody of Tony Schiavone from that era, you'd expect the "obvious" names to be mentioned.. Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Sting, Diamond Dallas Page, etc. To dig deep and mention Swoll shows true ability and dedication to the "gimmick", in my opinion. With all of the garbage that WCW gave the world, especially during the last couple years of their existence, you have to assume that there isn't going to be a shortage of material for this guy to work with.

Christopher Daniels - @facdaniels
Tweeting during your gym session, and telling everyone about your workouts. That sounds like the type of thing that the anti-Twitter folks always mention when asked why they don't have a Twitter account. They don't care about what Person A is eating for lunch or that Person B is waiting for his doctor's appointment. I get that line of thinking, but when it comes to Christopher Daniels, he makes it different. His oftentimes dry sense of humor made his live tweeting of his gym session hilarious. He made sure to tweet about his bench press reps, and that's the type of random humor you get from the guy. He's quick to shoot a one-liner to various members of his circle of friends such as Samoa Joe or CM Punk. He always finds ways to keep things entertaining, and really, that's all you can ask for when you follow someone on Twitter.

..and, of course..

Me - @HustleLOP
Did you really think I'd do an entire column about people you should follow on Twitter and not mention myself? Come on now. I tweet a lot. That's both a gift and a curse, though. When it comes to wrestling or sports news, I tweet so often that I "break" news stories to my followers. So-and-so was traded? So-and-so signed with this team? So-and-so was released? Chances are you'll find the news from my account before you find it anywhere else. I'm not saying I have the insider sources or anything. Just that I'm quick to hit Twitter up when I find the breaking news myself, so I make sure you don't have to do any work yourself. I also like to think of myself as easy to talk to. I do my absolute best to reply to every tweet I get from people, even if it's something simple like "Hey, nice column". I've said it before, but it's definitely worth repeating.. I'm nothing without you, the people that click my links, read my columns, listen to the podcasts I'm on, and give me feedback. Nothing. That's why I always make sure to talk to everyone that comes my way. Again, though, I do tweet a lot, so if you're one of those people that is super sensitive about your timeline being "clogged", well.. there's not much I can do for you because you don't quite understand the point of Twitter and following people, but eh, what can you do?

E-mail: HIPRNFeedback@gmail.com


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