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Posted in: Hustle Is Posting Right Now
Guest Booker: Hustle & GLOW (Round Two - May 21st to June 17th)
By Hustle
Dec 4, 2012 - 9:36:55 PM

Writer's Note: For those of you that missed the first edition of this series, GLOW and I are doing guest booking, where we take over as WWE's head writers following WrestleMania 28, and we put everything together until WrestleMania 29. The first column began on April 2nd, the night after WrestleMania 28, and ran until Over The Limit on May 20th. If you missed it, or would like to check it out again to get caught up, click the following link..

Guest Booker - Round One

Now, on with the next edition, covering May 21st to No Way Out on June 17th..

Monday Night Raw - May 21st, 2012

Opening segment: John Laurinaitis' music hits, and we get an over-the-top celebration, complete with pyro, a confetti shower from the ceiling, and a marching band. Laurinaitis comes marching out, acting as if he just won the Powerball lottery and was left as the sole heir to Bill Gates' Microsoft fortune. Next to him, the entire time is Albert, who is wearing a suit and has dark shades on. Laurinaitis cuts a promo, bragging about defeating the biggest star in the business "all by himself" at Over The Limit. He airs several clips of the pin on the TitanTron.. multiple angles, slow-motion, in black & white.. and provides his own commentary for each clip. This brings John Cena out, not looking to be in the mood for jokes. Just as it appears Cena and Albert are about to come to blows, Vince McMahon's music hits, to a large pop. Vince walks out on stage and directs his attention to Laurinaitis, saying that the WWE Board isn't happy with his recent actions, and therefore, will be reevaluating Laurinaitis' role as the General Manager. Vince announces that a Board-chosen representative will be on Raw next week to deliver their ruling. As Vince leaves, Cena attacks Albert, but Albert and Laurinaitis escape and make their way to the back as Cena looks on, ready to fight.

Match #1: The Usos VS Primo & Epico (Winners: The Usos)
Very close, back-and-forth match.

Backstage segment: Matt Striker tries to interview Ryback, who just stands there, staring a hole into him. Striker asks a few different questions, all with the same outcome. Striker eventually wishes Ryback luck, and Ryback stomps off.

Match #2: Ryback VS Trent Barreta (Winner: Ryback)

In-ring promo: Santino comes out and talks about not being the person that Christian challenged at Over The Limit. He mentions The Cobra, talking about how deadly it is, and how "Chris" was afraid of being attacked. He is interrupted by The Miz, who comes out and calls Santino a "joke", saying that nobody takes him seriously as a champion. Miz tells Santino that he should be lucky he didn't win the Battle Royal at Over The Limit, because if he did, the United States Title would have changed hands. Miz says he can prove it right now by beating Santino, and is so confident, he'll even make it easy for the champion to accept by making it non-title. Santino accepts.

Match #3: Santino VS The Miz, Non-Title (Winner: Santino)
A comedy match. Miz is dominating towards the end of the match, and he steals The Cobra, ready to use it on Santino. As he is about to strike, The Cobra "turns" on him and strikes him instead, allowing Santino to get the pin.

Match #4: Kelly Kelly VS Beth Phoenix (Winner: Kelly, by DQ)
Extended squash match, with Beth beating Kelly from "pillar to post", as the saying goes. Beth refuses to respond when the referee tells her to break it up during a rope break, drawing the disqualification. Beth continues to attack Kelly, before grabbing the mic and cutting a brief promo, saying that there will be zero peace in the Divas division until she gets the Divas Title back.

Backstage segment: CM Punk is interviewed about tonight's main event, his rematch against Kane for the WWE Title. He talks about the pride he has in being a fighting champion, willing to fight any person at any time. He says that he has beaten Kane before, and he will do it again tonight. Striker then asks him about John Laurinaitis, allowing Punk to make a few jokes about Laurinaitis possibly getting fired next week.

Match #5: CM Punk VS Kane, WWE Title (Winner: Punk)
Another lengthy, back-and-forth match between the two. Plenty of near falls, drawing the crowd into the match. Punk finally gets the win, but during his celebration, the cameras cut to the backstage area, where John Cena has John Laurinaitis cornered in his office. As Cena is about to get his hands on Laurinaitis, he is attacked from behind by David Otunga. As Otunga brawls with Cena, Laurinaitis runs out of his office. Otunga grabs a fire extinguisher and sprays Cena with it, slowing Cena down just enough for Otunga to escape to a waiting limo. Cena is about to run to the limo when he gets laid out by Albert, who has a steel pipe in his hand. We go off the air with Albert getting into the limo, and all three men ride out of the arena.

Friday Night Smackdown - May 25th, 2012

Match #1: Layla VS Tamina, Non-Title (Winner: No Contest)
Match goes for approximately two minutes before Chris Jericho walks to the ring with a mic, complaining that he should be the new World Champion right now, but Randy Orton got in his way at Over The Limit. Layla and Tamina stop wrestling and look on, confused as to what's going on. As Jericho gets in the ring, Randy Orton's music hits, and he comes out on the stage. He tells Jericho that Jericho's own ineptitude is why he isn't the World Champion. He mentions that it has been over two years since Jericho held the World Title. Orton begins to make his way to the ring, but John Laurinaitis comes out and says that he will not stand for people interfering with the way things are run on his shows. He says that he has an obligation to the WWE, the WWE Board, and the WWE Universe to keep order, and he says that there are two sets of people who appear they are ready for a fight right now, so he books a mixed tag match for right now. He declares this a victory for "People Power" and orders the match to begin.

Match #1B: Randy Orton & Layla VS Chris Jericho & Tamina (Winners: Orton & Layla)
Layla pins Tamina to pick up the win for her team. Orton attempts to hit an RKO on Jericho after the match, but Jericho escapes and makes his way up the ramp, and both men talk trash to each other.

Backstage segment: Christian is interviewed about his rematch for the Intercontinental Title tonight. He talks about Big Show interfering in his business at Over The Limit, and says that his first focus is to win the title, and then it will be on "chopping that Redwood down".

Match #2: Cody Rhodes VS Christian, Intercontinental Title (Winner: Christian, by DQ)
Before the match, Big Show walks out and joins the commentary team. On commentary, Show mentions that he doesn't care if people think his actions were "right" or "fair", and that he only wants Cody to "get what's coming to him". Nice, lengthy match. The match spills to the outside, where Cody sends Christian flying over the announce table, and into Big Show's lap. To remove him, Show pushes Christian to the floor, which the referee sees and is the reason he calls for the disqualification. Cody leaves with his title as Christian gets in Show's face about costing him another match. Show simply knocks Christian out with the WMD punch and walks away.

Match #3: Tyson Kidd VS The Great Khali (Winner: Kidd)
The commentary for the match is to put over that this isn't as big an upset as some people might think it is, based on how much of a roll Kidd has been on in recent weeks.

Backstage segment: Sheamus and Kofi Kingston are seen discussing the upcoming main event, going over strategies since they're not used to teaming with each other.

Backstage segment: In a similar segment, Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler are seen discussing the main event, as well.

Match #4: Sheamus & Kofi Kingston VS Alberto Del Rio & Dolph Ziggler (Winners: Sheamus & Kofi)
Lengthy match. ADR and Dolph have some miscommunication, allowing Kofi to hit ADR with Trouble In Paradise and get the pin as Sheamus knocks Ziggler out of the ring with a Brogue Kick. We go off the air with the heel team bickering as the faces celebrate.

Monday Night Raw - May 28th, 2012

Backstage segment: John Laurinaitis opens the show from his office, and he talks about how honored he is to be the General Manager of both Raw and Smackdown. He says he wishes he could thank every single WWE fan all over the world personally, but since he can't, he strives to deliver everything that the WWE Universe wants. He announces that tonight's main event will be very special.. WWE Champion CM Punk teams with none other than John Cena to take on the team of David Otunga & Albert. He wishes Punk and Cena the best of luck in their "uphill battle" in trying to win the match. To close the segment out, he says that the WWE Tag Team Titles will be on the line to start the show. No mention of the WWE Board sending a representative to the show to deliver a ruling on his job performance, though.

Match #1: Kofi Kingston & R-Truth VS The Usos, Tag Team Titles (Winners: Kofi & Truth)
Nice match to start the show. After the match, Kofi and Truth are jumped by Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger, who beat the champions down for a bit until The Usos chase them off.

Backstage segment: CM Punk is shown talking to a random stagehand. John Laurinaitis walks up to Punk and tells him that he's proud of him. He mentions that Punk hasn't always had everyone from the front office in his corner, but he says that he has always supported Punk. He says that Raw, and WWE as a whole, is better off with Punk representing them as the WWE Champion. He asks Punk if he has his support for tonight's job evaluation. Punk stares at him for a few seconds before breaking out in a huge, theatrical laugh, pointing at Laurinaitis and doubling over, clutching his stomach. He walks off for a few steps, turns around, starts laughing again, and continues walking. Laurinaitis, unamused, pulls his cell phone out and begins to text someone.

Match #2: Ryback VS Drew McIntyre (Winner: Ryback)

Match #3: Zack Ryder VS Mason Ryan (Winner: Ryder)
Match pretty much belonged to Ryan, who gets an opportunity to look dominant against a sympathetic face that the crowd will care about. After getting cocky and going to talk trash to the crowd, though, Ryan gets rolled up for the loss. After the match, Ryder bails, leaving Ryan to kick the ropes in pure frustration.

Backstage segment: Laurinaitis is shown on his phone, talking to an unknown person, saying that he has everything under control, and that there is nothing to worry about tonight.

Match #4: Kelly Kelly VS Beth Phoenix (Winner: Beth)
Kelly wrestles with a more aggressive style, mad about what happened the week before, but she is no match for Beth, and basically gets squashed again.

Match #5: CM Punk & John Cena VS Albert & David Otunga (Winners: Albert & Otunga)
Albert, Otunga and Cena all make their entrances for the match, but Punk is nowhere to be found. The three men stand in the ring, waiting, as Punk's music hits for a second and third time, without him coming out. Suddenly, cameras cut to the back, where Daniel Bryan is shown, stretching Punk out in the LeBell Lock, as officials try to break things up. After several seconds, Bryan finally lets go and stares down at Punk, admiring his handy work. The match becomes a handicap match, and Cena continuously tries to overcome those odds, and the odds only get longer when John Laurinaitis comes down to the ring and distracts the referee, allowing Albert to lay Cena out, giving Otunga the pin for the win.

Backstage segment: We see a limo pull up, and out steps Vince McMahon. He looks around before telling someone in the limo that it's time. We see a pair of fancy dress shoes step out of the limo as we go to commercial break.

In-ring promo: John Laurinaitis is still in the ring when the commercial break is over, and he talks about how thankful he is to be working in the best company in the world, as well as for the best boss in the world. He tells a story about being backstage in Las Vegas on September 16th, 1999 when Vince won the WWE Title. Laurinaitis says he cried tears of joy for the "most deserving champion in history", and says he was glad to see that "overrated hack" Triple H lose the title. As Laurinaitis is talking about the "greatest moment of his life", Vince McMahon's music hits, and the chairman comes out, saying that he's so happy to hear Laurinaitis mention that night in Vegas. He says that he doesn't want to waste any time, so he announces the man that the WWE Board has selected to deliver the ruling.. that "overrated hack", Triple H! Laurinaitis' eyes nearly bug out of his head as Triple H's music hits and the crowd goes nuts. Triple H gets in the ring and says that he is the official spokesperson for the WWE Board Of Directors. He says that any decisions he makes are orders directly passed down from them. Vince and Triple H then "interview" Laurinaitis, trying to see if he's fit for the job. They ask all sorts of ridiculous questions, prodding about Laurinaitis' first job as a teenager, whether he prefers ketchup or mustard on his hot dogs, who he took to his Senior Prom, what are the names of all the pets he's had in his life, and what his favorite color of M&M's are. Laurinaitis plays along with every question, giving cheesy answers that are just excuses for him to continue brownnosing. Triple H then cuts the "interview" short, saying none of it matters, anyway. He says the Board has made a few decisions. He says that the Board has deemed Laurinaitis' recent actions "irresponsible" and "driven by pure ego". He says that he has good news and bad news for Laurinaitis. The bad news is that he no longer has total power over the every day happenings on Raw and Smackdown, but the good news is that he has been allowed to remain as the General Manager of Raw. As the crowd boos, Triple H reveals that the new Smackdown General Manager will debut on Smackdown this week. Trips says he isn't done, though. He says the Board has decided to "shake things up" by having another WWE Draft. He says that the Draft will take place on June 16th, the night before No Way Out, and will air as a two-hour special on NBC. For the first time ever, not only will WWE Superstars and Divas be getting drafted, but so will NXT Superstars and Divas. In order to properly introduce the NXT talent to the WWE Universe, there will be one "NXT Special Attraction" match, featuring nothing but NXT talent, on every WWE show from now until the Draft. The rest of the Draft's details will be revealed in that time, as well. As Triple H is beginning to wrap the segment up, Brock Lesnar's music hits out of nowhere, nearly causing the roof to be blown off of the New Orleans Arena. As all eyes turn to the stage area, Lesnar makes his return to the company, hopping over the guardrail and attacking Triple H, locking him in a Kimura. As Vince tries frantically to break the hold, Brock leans back and breaks Triple H's arm. Brock releases, and stands up, only to get berated by Vince, who is livid. Brock merely smiles, kicks Vince in the gut, and lays him out with an F5. We go off the air as Brock stands over the fallen Vince McMahon and Triple H with a sadistic smile on his face.

Friday Night Smackdown - June 1st, 2012

Opening segment: We cut directly to the announce table, where Michael Cole and Josh Matthews discuss the events from Raw. They quickly go over the upcoming Draft, before shifting their attention to Brock Lesnar's shocking return to the company, and his attack on the also-returning Triple H. As they're talking, some familiar music hits.. and a white limo drives out to the stage area. Out steps John Bradshaw Layfield, returning to a large pop. JBL waves to the crowd and walks to the ring. He grabs a mic and immediately tells the world that they're looking at the brand new Smackdown General Manager. He says that he'll have more to say later, but he doesn't want to take time away from the reason that everyone is watching the show.. the Superstars and Divas. He announces two matches for the show.. Randy Orton VS Big Show, and a main event of Sheamus VS Chris Jericho in a non-title match. Randy Orton's music hits, and he comes out, ready for his match.

Match #1: Randy Orton VS Big Show (Winner: No Contest)
Lengthy match. During the match, Christian made his way to ringside. A few moments later, Cody Rhodes also made his way to ringside. Eventually, Cody and Christian began to brawl, distracting Big Show, who was then dumped to the outside by Orton. The bell was called for as Show was in the middle of Cody and Christian fighting, and referees and officials had to come out to break up the three-man brawl as Orton looked on from in the ring.

Match #2: Yoshi Tatsu VS Damien Sandow (Winner: Sandow)

Match #3: The Usos VS Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger (Winners: Ziggler & Swagger)
Kofi Kingston and R-Truth were on commentary for this. Good match, allowing both teams to look strong. The winners have a stare down with the champions after the match.

Backstage segment: Cody Rhodes walks into JBL's office and talks about how he doesn't feel safe with a "monster" and a "lunatic" following him around. Christian then barges in and gets in Cody's face, and Big Show follows soon behind. All three men argue for a few seconds before JBL yells above them, telling them to shut up. JBL says that he's seen all of the fighting and the interference, so he's going to solve the problem by booking Cody Rhodes VS Christian VS Big Show for the Intercontinental Title at No Way Out. He says there must be a winner in the match. There will be no countout, no disqualification and no holds barred. If the three of them want to beat the hell out of each other so badly, they have the opportunity to do so at the pay-per-view. Big Show and Christian leave the office with smiles on their faces, while Cody leaves, looking upset and clutching his title like a newborn baby.

Video package: An NXT video package, promoting the upcoming match, and introducing both men to the world.

Match #4: Seth Rollins VS Rick Victor (Winner: Rollins)

Backstage segment: JBL is sitting in his office, when John Laurinaitis walks in. Laurinaitis wishes JBL luck in running Smackdown, and says that the WWE Board chose the best person possible to take the job. He offers his hand for a handshake, but JBL just stares at him for a few seconds before standing up and telling Laurinaitis that he doesn't like him. He says he's never liked him. He recommends that Laurinaitis leave his office immediately, or he will show him the true meaning of what a smackdown really is. Laurinaitis slowly backs his way out of the office.

Match #5: Sheamus VS Chris Jericho (Winner: No Contest)
Lengthy match. Alberto Del Rio eventually runs out and attacks Sheamus, and within seconds, Randy Orton comes out and goes after Jericho. We go off the air with all four men brawling.

Monday Night Raw - June 4th, 2012

In-ring promo: CM Punk comes out, obviously in a bad mood after what happened to him the week before. He doesn't waste any time, and he calls Daniel Bryan out, demanding that he come to the ring to explain his actions. After a few seconds, Bryan's music hits, and he comes to the ring. He doesn't waste any time, either, grabbing a mic and talking to Punk. DB says that he's been upset for a while. He mentions not being scheduled to wrestle regularly, even though he continues to get reactions from the WWE Universe. He mentions that he was the World Champion, and was treated like an afterthought, only to see Punk get praised endlessly for being the WWE Champion. Bryan then brings up the "Best In The World" moniker, saying that he remembers when the Ring Of Honor fans gave him that tag, while Punk started using it for himself. He mentions being the RoH World Champion for over 15 months, beating names all over the world, while Punk's reign didn't even last two months. He points out that fateful night where Punk sat on the stage and "whined" about everything not going his way and then holding the entire company hostage, all while he (Bryan) was busting his ass night in and night out to prove to the world that he deserves the success he's had. An absolute "star making" promo from Bryan, occasionally bordering on being a worked shoot. Bryan says he's sick and tired of being passed up by Punk, so he decided to do something about it. He says he's beaten Punk before, and he can do it again. Before Punk can even respond to everything, he is interrupted by John Laurinaitis. Laurinaitis says that Punk "owes him one" after no-showing a match last week, and since Punk and Bryan are already in the ring, he is going to introduce their opponents for a match to take place right now. He announces David Otunga, and just when everyone is expecting him say Albert, he says Kane instead. Even Otunga appears surprised at the announcement of Kane. Kane's music hits, and he comes out after about 15 seconds, looking confused.

Match #1: CM Punk & Daniel Bryan VS David Otunga & Kane (Winners: Otunga & Kane)
Bryan starts the match, but immediately tags Punk in once the bell begins. Whenever Punk tries to make a tag, Bryan finds an excuse to "miss" it.. he checks to make sure the turnbuckles are properly tightened, he goes to talk to a fan with a Daniel Bryan sign, etc. Punk wrestles the entire match. After being distracted by Bryan, Punk walks into a Chokeslam from Kane. Otunga then reaches out and tags himself in, getting the pin on Punk. As Otunga celebrates, he also gets a Chokeslam from Kane.

Backstage segment: Kane barges into John Laurinaitis' office, saying that he doesn't appreciate being used as a pawn to do dirty work for someone else, and only wrestled because he wanted to get his hands on CM Punk. Laurinaitis says that he was merely trying to give Kane an opportunity to destroy someone. Daniel Bryan comes into the office, demanding a WWE Title shot. Laurinaitis says that it appears we have two men who want to get a piece of Punk, so he's going to give them an opportunity. He books Daniel Bryan VS Kane for next week, with the winner of the match facing CM Punk for the WWE Title at No Way Out. Both men grumble a bit, but begrudgingly accept the match.

Video package: Another NXT video package, hyping up the people competing in the upcoming match.

Match #2: Kassius Ohno VS Leo Kruger (Winner: Ohno)

Match #3: R-Truth VS Jack Swagger (Winner: Swagger)
Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler, who were at ringside, get into a brawl, which causes enough of a distraction for Swagger to get the pin on Truth.

Match #4: Ryback VS Ted DiBiase (Winner: Ryback)

In-ring promo: Brodus Clay is in the ring with Naomi and Cameron, and he says that people are always asking him about his Funkadactyls. The people want to know about the girls and their dancing. He says that he would put their dancing up against any of the Divas on the roster, and asks if any of the Divas would like to come out for a Dance-Off. Layla's music hits, and the Divas Champion comes to the ring. Layla mentions her time as a dancer for the Miami Heat, and we get the Dance-Off. Naomi and Cameron dance, but as Layla is about to start dancing, Beth Phoenix runs out and attacks her. Brodus steps in to pull Beth off of Layla, and Beth just backs away, yelling that there's no time for fun and games in the Divas division anymore.

Backstage segment: Josh Matthews interviews John Cena and asks him about Cena's recent stretch of bad luck. Cena says he doesn't believe in things like luck, and promises to get his hands on Albert and solve that problem once and for all.

In-ring promo: John Cena comes out and calls Albert out. He waits, but Albert doesn't come out. Instead, John Laurinaitis makes his way to the stage. He tells Cena that Albert has earned a day off, so one was given to him. He says that Albert isn't in the building, but that Cena should be glad, because Albert would have torn him limb from limb otherwise. He says that he found another "large, angry man" backstage, however, since Cena seems to be in the mood for a fight. Out comes Mason Ryan, and Cena smiles.

Match #5: John Cena VS Mason Ryan (Winner: Cena)
A much-needed dominant victory for Cena, after coming out on the short end so many times recently. As Cena is celebrating the win, Albert hops the guardrail and tries to attack him from behind, but Cena fights him off and clotheslines him out of the ring. We go off the air with Cena ready for a fight and Albert backing his way up the ramp.

Friday Night Smackdown - June 8th, 2012

Backstage segment: We start in JBL's office, where Randy Orton, Sheamus, Chris Jericho and Alberto Del Rio have all been called in to discuss their actions on last week's show. JBL tells the guys that, of all people, he can appreciate a good fight, but in the better interest of Smackdown, they need to learn how to control themselves. The four men argue a bit, before JBL decides to make a "tag match, playa". He announces that tonight's main event will be Sheamus & Chris Jericho VS Randy Orton & Alberto Del Rio, just because he thinks it would be fun to see if the men can coexist at all.

Match #1: Christian VS Ezekiel Jackson (Winner: Christian)
Strong victory for Christian, putting him over as someone who can defeat a much-larger opponent.

Match #2: Layla VS Kaitlyn, Non-Title (Winner: Layla)
Layla is visibly nervous the entire match, constantly looking over her shoulder for Beth Phoenix, who is nowhere to be found. After the match, Michael Cole gets in the ring to interview Layla. She says she's tired of being attacked from behind, and challenges Beth to a match at No Way Out, telling Beth to face her like a "real woman".

Backstage segment: Cody Rhodes is interviewed by Matt Striker. Simple interview, with Cody saying that he creates his own luck in life, and that he will walk in to No Way Out with the Intercontinental Title and then walk out of No Way Out with the Intercontinental Title.

Match #3: Kofi Kingston VS Dolph Ziggler (Winner: Kofi)
Good, lengthy match. R-Truth and Jack Swagger are at ringside, and Swagger tries to start a fight to cause a distraction, but Truth was prepared for it, allowing Kofi to focus on the match and pick up the victory.

Video package: Another NXT piece, promoting the people in the upcoming match.

Match #4: Conor O'Brian & Kenneth Cameron VS Xavier Woods & Jason Jordan (Winners: O'Brian & Cameron)

Match #5: Tyson Kidd VS Michael McGillicutty (Winner: Kidd)

Match #6: Big Show VS Mason Ryan (Winner: Show, by DQ)
During the match, Cody Rhodes runs out with a steel chair and attacks Show. The attack is focused on Show's knee, and Cody hits it repeatedly, before leaving Show in a lot of pain as medics attend to him.

Backstage segment: Alberto Del Rio is trying to go over strategy with Randy Orton, who is basically ignoring him. Orton eventually decides to walk off, but Ricardo Rodriguez grabs his arm and tells him that he has to show "Mr. Del Rio" respect. Orton turns around and slaps the taste out of Ricardo's mouth and leaves as ADR looks angry.

Match #7: Sheamus & Chris Jericho VS Randy Orton & Alberto Del Rio (Winner: No Contest)
Both teams reluctantly tag and are trying to "get along" before Del Rio tags Orton into the match by slapping him on the chest, when Orton was momentarily distracted by Ricardo. Orton takes offense to it and punches ADR in the face. Eventually, Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick on ADR, but before he goes for the pin, Jericho tags himself in, leading to Sheamus breaking up the pin attempt. Both teams begin to argue, before they all start brawling. We go off the air with all four men fighting into the crowd.

Monday Night Raw - June 11th, 2012

Opening segment: John Cena comes to the ring for a promo. Once again, he calls Albert out. This time, Albert actually comes out and says that he knows Cena wants to fight him. He says that he has talked to John Laurinaitis, and Laurinaitis has decided to make it official.. John Cena VS Albert. The crowd pops as Albert walks to the ring. As Albert is about to hop up onto the ring apron, he says "..at No Way Out, if you can defeat David Otunga right now." as Otunga attacks Cena from behind.

Match #1: John Cena VS David Otunga (Winner: Cena)
Cena picks up the decisive victory, and Albert sarcastically applauds him from atop the stage.

Match #2: Brodus Clay VS The Miz (Winner: Miz, by countout)
During the match, Beth Phoenix hops the guardrail and attacks Naomi and Cameron. Naomi gets hit in the head with the ring bell, while Cameron gets thrown into the ring steps. Brodus sees what's going on and runs out to check on the girls, getting counted out in the process. As she escapes, Beth grabs a mic and once again says that there will be no fun and games. She accepts Layla's challenge to a match at No Way Out.

Video package: Yet another NXT video, showcasing the workers in the upcoming match.

Match #3: Dean Ambrose VS Big E Langston VS CJ Parker (Winner: Langston)

In-ring promo: Michael Cole introduces Vince McMahon, via satellite. Vince gives everyone a health update on Triple H, saying that his arm was luckily not broken, but is in very bad shape. He says that he doesn't know how Brock Lesnar was in the arena, or why he attacked Triple H, but until further notice, Brock was banned from WWE programming. Vince speaks on behalf of Triple H, saying that he will be back, bigger and better than ever, and when he does, he will address Brock personally. He thanks the WWE Universe for their letters and tweets for Triple H.

Backstage segment: Albert is in John Laurinaitis' office, saying that Cena looks ready to fight. Laurinaitis asks Albert if he's afraid, but Albert merely says that he wants assurances from Laurinaitis. He says Laurinaitis got him into this situation, and he had better make sure things go the right way, or there will be serious problems. Laurinaitis tells Albert not to worry, and that he always has a plan.

Video package: Promoting the WWE Draft, and hinting at a night full of huge surprises, including a very special co-host for the show.

Match #4: Daniel Bryan VS Kane, #1 Contender's Match (Winner: Bryan)
CM Punk comes out to do commentary. Great, pay-per-view quality match, lasting nearly 25 minutes. Good back-and-forth, with both men looking very strong. Bryan picks up the win cleanly, making Kane tap to the LeBell Lock. On commentary, Punk did nothing but put both men over, but especially Bryan, mentioning their time in Ring Of Honor and Bryan's career before he signed with WWE. After the match, both men have a stare down, and we go off the air as Michael Cole hypes up their match at No Way Out.

Friday Night Smackdown - June 15th, 2012

In-ring promo: Sheamus comes out and starts cutting a funny promo, discussing Alberto Del Rio, Chris Jericho and Randy Orton. As he is cracking jokes, Alberto Del Rio's music hits, bringing him out. He tells Sheamus that this is no laughing matter, and that Sheamus is keeping him from his destiny of being the World Champion once again. Before he can go on, Chris Jericho's music hits, and he comes out, saying that the only destiny that matters is the "best in the world at what he does" being the World Champion, reigning over everyone else. He says that none of this would even matter if a certain "Garden Snake" would leave him alone, because he would already be the World Champion if that was the case. JBL's music then hits, and he walks out onto the stage, looking at the three men in the ring. JBL says that he knows how this works.. Jericho mentioned Randy Orton, so Orton would come out next and say things, and it would end in another brawl. JBL says that he can't have his show being ruined before it even begins. He says that these men can't seem to get their issues straightened out, so he will give them one more chance to do so. He says that No Way Out will see Sheamus VS Randy Orton VS Chris Jericho VS Alberto Del Rio in a Steel Cage Match. He then says tonight will see two singles matches.. Sheamus VS Jericho and Orton VS Del Rio.. and if any of the men interfere in matches they aren't involved in, they will be removed from the match at No Way Out. He says that if Ricardo gets involved, ADR will be removed, causing ADR to shoot Ricardo an evil look in a funny moment. To close out the segment, JBL hypes the upcoming WWE Draft, warning the quartet that their last chance at the World Title might come on Sunday, so he wishes them all luck.

Match #1: Tyson Kidd VS Camacho (Winner: Kidd)

Video package: Another video promoting the WWE Draft, including some of the more historic draft picks in the company's history. The tease of the very special co-host is aired again.

In-ring promo: Big Show comes down, looking sad, and heavily limping with a wrapped up knee. He struggles to get into the ring. He starts the promo by saying that he has bad news. Due to the attack at the hands of Cody Rhodes, doctors won't clear him to wrestle at No Way Out. As he continues talking, Cody Rhodes comes out to interrupt him, making fun of a "big, bad giant" that continues to get emotional on a regular basis. Cody has a dented chair in his hand, with the implication being that it's the same chair he used to attack Show. Cody gets in the ring, and Show tries to punch him, but Cody steps out of the way and kicks Show's knee out. Cody goes to attack Show with the chair again, but Christian runs out with a chair of his own and makes the save, chasing Cody off. Christian gets a mic and says that Cody's biggest mistake was not taking both of his opponents out. Christian ends the promo by saying Cody has no chance of leaving No Way Out with the Intercontinental Title.

Match #2: Damien Sandow VS Epico (Winner: Sandow)

Video package: The final NXT video package, introducing the world to the competitors in the next match.

Match #3: Richie Steamboat, Bo Dallas & Briley Pierce VS Corey Graves, Leakee & Erick Rowan (Winners: Steamboat, Dallas & Pierce)

Match #4: Randy Orton VS Alberto Del Rio (Winner: ADR)
Nice, back-and-forth match. ADR gets the pin by hooking Orton's tights on a rollup.

Backstage segment: Another attempt to interview Ryback by Matt Striker. It's as successful as the first one was.

Match #5: Ryback VS Heath Slater (Winner: Ryback)

Match #6: Sheamus VS Chris Jericho, Non-Title (Winner: Jericho)
Clean victory for Jericho, planting the seeds in everyone's minds that Sheamus can be beaten. We go off the air with Michael Cole wondering if this is how things will go at No Way Out, with Jericho possibly becoming the next World Champion.

WWE Draft Special - June 16th, 2012

The show begins with Michael Cole, at WWE Headquarters in Stamford, welcoming everyone to a historic night in the history of sports entertainment. He says that we've seen WWE Drafts in the past, but that we've never seen one like we're going to see tonight. Cole says that he has a very special co-host for the night. Someone who understands how to make WWE history.. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

Austin says that tonight will be different. He says that John Laurinaitis and JBL are in their respective "war rooms", surrounded by their own team of officials and "scouts", and will be drafting the new rosters for their shows.

Austin and Cole go over the "rules" of the draft..

- The WWE Title stays on Raw
- The World Title stays on Smackdown
- The United States Title stays on Raw
- The Intercontinental Title stays on Smackdown
- The Divas Title & Tag Team Titles are able to travel from show to show

The people competing in title matches at No Way Out are not eligible to be drafted tonight. Once No Way Out is over, the titleholders will automatically be on the brand their title "belongs" to, and those who didn't win the titles at No Way Out will be a part of a "supplemental draft" to be held on Raw. The brand split will be strict. Raw names will stick to Raw. Smackdown names will stick to Raw. Gone is the "supershow" and random names appearing on each show. The exceptions, as previously mentioned, are the Divas and the Tag Team Champions, who can appear on either show. Adding intrigue to things is the fact that the Tag Team Champions may be forced to split up after losing the titles. If Kofi Kingston and R-Truth are drafted to different brands, they can still appear together and defend the titles, but once they drop the titles, they get their rematch clause, and if they are unable to regain the titles in the rematch, they will be forced to stick to their own brands.

A coin toss was held earlier in the day, and John Laurinaitis won, meaning he gets the first pick. The cameras cut to Laurinaitis' "war room", where Laurinaitis is seated at a table with Bill DeMott, Dusty Rhodes, Arn Anderson and Tony Garea. They're going over the WWE roster, discussing strategies. We get a look at JBL's "war room", where JBL is joined by William Regal, Blackjack Lanza, Michael "PS" Hayes and Ron Simmons.

We get a split screen, with both General Managers on-camera, and it's time to get to the picks..

1. Raw selects John Cena
2. Smackdown selects Randy Orton
3. Raw selects Rey Mysterio
4. Smackdown selects Dolph Ziggler
5. Raw selects The Miz
6. Smackdown selects Kofi Kingston
7. Raw selects Big Show
8. Smackdown selects Kane
9. Raw selects Ryback
10. Smackdown selects Sin Cara

While we get a recap of the first ten picks, we get brief interviews with both General Managers. Laurinaitis mentions that he has a mix of smaller and larger Superstars with his first few picks. JBL says that he's trying to look to the future with most of his picks to this point.

11. Raw selects Albert
12. Smackdown selects Antonio Cesaro
13. Raw selects Wade Barrett
14. Smackdown selects Jack Swagger
15. Raw selects R-Truth
16. Smackdown selects Tyson Kidd
17. Raw selects Zack Ryder
18. Smackdown selects Seth Rollins
19. Raw selects Mason Ryan
20. Smackdown selects Brodus Clay

Another recap of the last ten picks, with JBL continuing to mention that he's trying to build Smackdown as a roster full of young, exciting talent that will help to carry the show into the future. Laurinaitis scoffs at JBL's comments and says that he's trying to "win" now.

21. Raw selects David Otunga
22. Smackdown selects Dean Ambrose
23. Raw selects Bray Wyatt
24. Smackdown selects Justin Gabriel
25. Raw selects Mark Henry
26. Smackdown selects Ezekiel Jackson
27. Raw selects Jimmy & Jey Uso
28. Smackdown selects Primo & Epico
29. Raw selects Drew McIntyre
30. Smackdown selects Kassius Ohno

Yet another recap of the last ten picks. Laurinaitis is proud of his "team", helping to choose some talent that is currently on the shelf, mentioning the choice of Mark Henry, as well as Wade Barrett earlier, as "secret weapons" of sorts. JBL gives credit to Laurinaitis' "team" for their due diligence, but says he might have a "secret weapon" or two coming up.

31. Raw selects Conor O'Brian & Kenneth Cameron
32. Smackdown selects Evan Bourne
33. Raw selects Damien Sandow
34. Smackdown selects Richie Steamboat
35. Raw selects Hunico & Camacho
36. Smackdown selects Ted DiBiase
37. Raw selects Xavier Woods
38. Smackdown selects The Great Khali
39. Raw selects Alex Riley
40. Smackdown selects Bo Dallas
41. Raw selects Leakee
42. Smackdown selects Michael McGillicutty
43. Raw selects Heath Slater
44. Smackdown selects Yoshi Tatsu
45. Raw selects Big E Langston
46. Smackdown selects Darren Young & Titus O'Neil
47. Raw selects Jinder Mahal
48. Smackdown selects JTG
49. Raw selects Trent Barreta
50. Smackdown selects Curt Hawkins
51. Raw selects Percy Watson
52. Smackdown selects Derrick Bateman
53. Raw selects Luke Harper
54. Smackdown selects Johnny Curtis

We go over the new final rosters for each show..

John Cena
Rey Mysterio
The Miz
Big Show
Wade Barrett
Zack Ryder
Mason Ryan
David Otunga
Bray Wyatt
Mark Henry
The Usos
Drew McIntyre
The Ascension
Damien Sandow
Hunico & Camacho
Xavier Woods
Alex Riley
Heath Slater
Big E Langston
Jinder Mahal
Trent Barreta
Percy Watson
Luke Harper

Randy Orton
Dolph Ziggler
Kofi Kingston
Sin Cara
Antonio Cesaro
Jack Swagger
Tyson Kidd
Seth Rollins
Brodus Clay
Dean Ambrose
Justin Gabriel
Ezekiel Jackson
Primo & Epico
Kassius Ohno
Evan Bourne
Richie Steamboat
Ted DiBiase
The Great Khali
Bo Dallas
Michael McGillicutty
Yoshi Tatsu
Darren Young & Titus O'Neil
Curt Hawkins
Derrick Bateman
Johnny Curtis

We close the show with both General Managers taking shots at the other show's roster, and some final promotional hype for No Way Out. Cole and Austin officially close things out by saying the next era in Sports Entertainment begins here and now, and giving a final reminder that the remainder of the WWE roster will be drafted during Raw, depending on what takes place at No Way Out.

No Way Out - June 17th, 2012

Match #1: (Pre-Show) Zack Ryder VS Mason Ryan (Winner: Ryan)

Match #2: Kofi Kingston & R-Truth VS Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger, Tag Team Titles (Winners: Kofi & Truth)
Nice, back-and-forth match, full of athleticism to open the show.

Match #3: Cody Rhodes VS Christian, Intercontinental Title (Winner: Christian)
Very good quality match, with both men looking strong. After the match, Cody tries to steal his title, and runs up the ramp with it, with Christian in hot pursuit. Just as Cody is about to run backstage, he is hit with a giant fist. Big Show then steps out, standing over an unconscious Cody, as Christian looks on. Show grabs the title, stares at it for a few seconds and hands it to Christian. The two shake hands, and Show limps off, leaving Christian to celebrate. New Champion.

Match #4: John Cena VS Albert (Winner: Albert)
Aggressive, physical match. Both men get to take a lot of anger out on each other. Cena makes his big comeback, but John Laurinaitis comes out, distracting the referee. David Otunga comes out from underneath the ring and hits Cena in the back of the head with a tire iron, knocking him out. The referee turns around to see Albert hitting Cena with a Baldo Bomb to pick up the win.

Match #5: Sheamus VS Chris Jericho VS Randy Orton VS Alberto Del Rio, Four Way World Title Steel Cage Match (Winner: Sheamus)
Lengthy match, with all four men approaching it as a "big match", and it comes across as such with the quality of their work. The end comes with all four men rushing to a side of the cage to make an escape. Sheamus happened to be on the side of the ring that Ricardo Rodriguez was on, and Ricardo climbs the cage to try and prevent Sheamus from making it down, but in the process, he accidentally pulls Sheamus down. Sheamus falls on top of Ricardo, then rolls over and touches the ground mere milliseconds before Del Rio hits the ground on the opposite side.

Match #6: Layla VS Beth Phoenix, Divas Title (Winner: Layla)
Another match with extra aggression, but Layla surprises a lot of people by going toe-to-toe with Beth and actually picking up the victory, and even kicking out of a Glam Slam. After the match, Layla celebrates as Beth looks on, selling absolute shock.

Match #7: CM Punk VS Daniel Bryan, WWE Title (Winner: Punk)
A technical masterpiece, as expected. Match lasts over 40 minutes, with both men looking like a million bucks. Bryan has Punk in the LeBell Lock, and the bell rings. Bryan lets go, and gets up, celebrating. The referee looks around, confused, and the camera cuts to a returning AJ Lee, who reached over the timekeeper's table and rang the bell. Bryan looks pissed and orders AJ to leave the ringside area. As she does, Punk catches Bryan and hits him with Go To Sleep, picking up the victory.

As you can see, we're starting to really take control now, throwing our own twist on things. Now that we've basically reset the rosters, things are really heating up. Our next edition of the series will be posted in approximately two weeks, and that will be the new posting schedule.. every two weeks, a new column, covering a month's worth of programming, will be posted.

If you want to contact GLOW or I directly, hit us up on Twitter..

Otherwise, feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions on everything in the comments section below.

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