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Posted in: The Green Room
The Green Room: Summerslam Running Diary (+ Predictions)
By Leaf
Aug 17, 2014 - 1:57:51 PM

The Green Room:
Summerslam Running Diary

Hey LordsOfPainers, thanks for joining me on this Pay-Per-View Sunday. In a somewhat last minute decision, I've decided that if I'm going to be watching Summerslam live tonight, I might as well be blogging as well.

I ask that you be easy on me ladies and gentlemen, as I'm new to taking on the Running Diary. I know Hustle provided some fantastic running diaries in the past, and that my former mentor PEN15 writes a great weekly Raw edition. Hell, good ol' Rob Simmons did a stellar job with it recently. Though before I take the Running Diary format for a spin myself, I might as well share my general predictions for this Summer Supercard.

Pre-Show- Cesaro vs. RVD:
This is a tough one to predict, partly because this match has been thrown together with no build, AND both men have been on the losing end of things recently. On one hand, the company could kick off their Summer show with a "feel good" win, having fan favourite RVD pick up the victory. On the other hand, they could have Cesaro win the match as he is a current full-time superstar who arguably needs the win more, as this should be his time in the sun. I'm going to go with Cesaro here as I think the WWE realizes that fans are more "smarky" than ever, and a much-needed win for the Swiss heel will certainly please the fans all the same.

Flag Match- Jack Swagger vs. Rusev:
I’ve really enjoyed this feud as it feels like both superstars are each other’s perfect opponent. Not only are their characters polar opposites, but both men seem to have brought out the best in one another. This is another tough match to predict, which might just be a running trend with this card. Given the stipulation, I think we’ll see a Jack Swagger victory to open the door for a rubber match at Night of Champions, as a bonus match on the gold-laden card.

Diva’s Championship- AJ Lee © vs. Paige:
Whilst it would be heavily entertaining to see these two divas play “hot potato” with the title, I’m going for an AJ Lee win here. Paige has had all of the momentum going into this match-up, attacking the champion and also costing her matches against Eva Marie, of all people. With that logic in mind, AJ needs to retain here so that she hasn’t been completely walked all over this month.

Intercontinental Championship- The Miz © vs. Dolph Ziggler:
Just like Swagger vs. Rusev, this is another match in which I feel that both opponents have brought the best out of one another. The Miz seems to be really enjoying his new tweaked character and Dolph Ziggler seems to be motivated from having a clear direction for once. Whilst Dolph has been built up great, I think it’s too early for The Miz to lose here. Besides, there’s a big money movie-star feud with Batista to come, surely. The audacious actor gets my vote here.

Bray Wyatt vs. Chris Jericho:
For me, this is the easiest match of the night to predict. As we have seen with the likes of Ziggler and Fandango, Y2J now returns to put over some great talent with entertaining feuds. The veteran superstar is not afraid to take a loss and I truly believe that he’ll put over Bray Wyatt tonight, as he plucked a lucky victory in their last encounter. Logically, this match makes no sense as Wyatt couldn’t beat Jericho last time, even with his family in his corner. With both men banned, how should Bray win now? Unless a new member debuts tonight, this feud should have been booked in reverse. Nevertheless, I think Wyatt has to win tonight, and he will.

Lumberjack Match- Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose:
The feud of the summer continues as Dean Ambrose finally gets his hands on Seth Rollins. This is another match which could swing either way. I believe this feud will still continue, therefore it would make perfect sense for Seth Rollins to get the victory. The crowd seems to be really getting behind Dean Ambrose as an underdog face, so why not let him wait just that little bit longer to get his retribution? On an added note, if it is Dean Ambrose who picks up the victory tonight, then I have to agree with Super Chrisss and predict that Seth Rollins will successfully cash in his MITB briefcase later in the night. Why? Because I’m getting shades of the highly personal Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels feud here, as Rollins has the chance to win the title despite not picking up a win against his rival here. A man can dream.

Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton:
If I was booking this match, I’d have Randy Orton win the bout, in order to allow the audience to see a different side of Reigns as a singles competitor; it would be a side that requires him to pick himself up after his first loss before getting his win back against Orton at Night of Champions. However, in spite of this, I think I have to give Roman Reigns the nod here. It seems as if Reigns has been feuding with Orton forever, as part of the Shield vs. Evolution feud, in multi-man matches at MITB and Battleground, before finally coming to a head in this one-on-one encounter. I think that for that reason, the WWE will finally end this feud tonight in order to push forward a Reigns vs. HHH feud. I hope that I’m wrong though, I do think that we need to be allowed to sympathise with Reigns as so far he’s been booked to regularly stand tall and to spike people’s coffees. I believe that a loss would help him tremendously.

Brie Bella vs. Stephanie McMahon:
Until RAW this past week, this feud had been built up very well over the last few months. Like it or not, because this feud is an extension of the Daniel Bryan vs. The Authority storyline, this feud has been building since last year’s Summerslam! I didn’t like the infidelity claims on this week’s RAW as it unnecessarily stacks the deck against Brie when she already had something to fight for, revenge for her family. Now, it’s as if that very reason has been diluted, as we’re meant to believe that her family ties are not as strong as they used to be. On that note, I think Stephanie McMahon will win tonight as I believe that things will get worse for Brie when her own sister turns on her. As we have seen in the past with Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole, the WWE loves to overdo these feuds. Expect this to continue.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship- John Cena © vs. Brock Lesnar:
As I stated in my last column, a Brock Lesnar victory must happen tonight in order to really shake up the company. In fact, the company needs something unconventional as the Network numbers have been disappointing. I don’t want to repeat myself too much so if you haven’t read my preview for this match yet, you can do so here. For those reasons, I’m picking the Beast himself, Brock Lesnar, tonight. Of course, there's always Rollins...

Well folks, just typing all of that has got me really hyped up for this event. What I personally love about this card is that it seems highly unpredictable; not only that, it seems that apart from the tag team division, each tier of the WWE has been represented. Even so, there is still a good chance of a bonus tag team match as The Usos, The Wyatts, Henry/Show, Rybaxel, The Dust Brothers and even Slater Gator have been featured prominently on television recently.

That's me done for now. Join me during the PPV and I’ll be sharing my thoughts throughout the broadcast. I’ll look forward to your visit.

Summerslam Running Diary

00:21 Just less than ten minutes away from the pre-show. If you would like to be featured, just send me a tweet at LeafLOP or comment below. Rob Simmons just sent me these three words: "Tweet Tweet Tweet". I can only assume that he's doing his best chick impression because there are two divas matches tonight. Somebody's excited...

00:32 The biggest question tonight is whether Booker T and Lana will have the same hairdo again tonight. Book's hair is pretty funky, I must say.

00:33 Alex Riley is most interested in what Hollywood stars are there and he's the "analyst". I normally love Riley in this role but that's kind of worrying!

00:36 The hype video for Steph vs. Brie is very centered towards Nikki's misfortunes. Heel turn impending.

00:38 Booker now has his own segment, the "Shucky Ducky Quack Quack" moment. I miss his commentary days. This choice of no-build pre-show match certainly deserves a Wut Da Huyelll moment as RVD enters the ring.

00:42 The commentators are really building up RVD, is it because he's about take a fall?

00:45 That was a nice touch by Cesaro, he just executed a double stomp version of the Rolling Thunder, against RVD. Playing mind games and being lethal, I like it.

00:45 Rob is back. Simmons, not Van Dam: "You hear Bully Ray has left TNA? I'd love a surprise SummerSlam appearance. Oh to dream.". I would love it but it would be pointless with no build up. He would have to have Devon with him in the WWE for it to mean something, in my opinion.

00:46 Just as I type that, RVD wins. There goes my chance of having a perfect sweep of predictions. Before I can react to it, we're shown a video package for "Momma's Boy". We'll hear more from him apparently. You know what? It would be great if someone like Rusev just came along and ****ed him up, that would really push him as being a bullying beast, and it would frustrate Swagger and Zeb more for taking out another American.

00:59 The WWE has done a great job of presenting people with a real reason to cheer Cena in this match, by presenting Lesnar as someone who really doesn't care about the business. However, I'm rooting for Brock because of the unpredictable road that a Lesnar win could lead the company down.

01:02 Both Wrestlemania and Summerslam have started off with Hogan, this certainly helps to make the latter event feel epic.

01:05 I love this superhero type opening, it makes me think that a certain Marvel Superhero will return tonight. Hmm... It certainly makes more sense than the tweet that I received from a spam account just then, telling me to shave my beard and "wear makeup like Boy George".

01:08 Did Miz just call out Drax The Destroyer? I've been calling this for the past month so if Batista and Miz do end up feuding I'll feel like a psychic despite the fact that I call about fifty possible directions for every feud and usually get them all wrong. Damn, I'm enjoying Miz in this new role.

01:10 Nice pop for Ziggler. What's this? The Germans have a four-man announce team? What is this, a throwaway episode of NXT?

01:15 The fans are chanting "You Can't Wrestle" at Miz and this is great. It plays perfectly into his character, who had previously announced that he wouldn't leave until the fans appreciated him. Nice forearm and neckbreaker sequence from Dolph there.

01:19 Miz is playing his character PERFECTLY here, going to the well one too many times with the Figure Four Leglock, as well as trying to take a break earlier.

01:21 What?! That came out of nowhere. Ziggler is the NEW Intercontinental Champion! Even though I love Miz's resurgence I'm happy because of the potential great Intercontinental Championship matches that we'll get with a Face Ziggler (compared to his previous heel reigns). It's the traditional "worker's championship" and who better than Dolph? I'm glad to see the WWE throwing him a bone!

01:23 Well, I'm 0-2. If you want to know the rest of the Summerslam results, just look at the opposite of who I picked. Meanwhile, Brie is cutting a promo backstage. Oh joy.

01:25 And she did a MUCH better job than she ever has. Good job. Paige debuts some new attire as our next match is about to get underway. Again, we see some more great psychology from the heels tonight as Paige continues her recent trend of skipping to emulate AJ Lee.

01:36 The trend continues! What is going on tonight?! I enjoyed that match as Paige played the sociopath role so well. The match had prolonged intervals of one diva being in control then the other, I just wish it was a long bout on the whole however. I can't help but feel that both women had their time reduced due to the Brie vs. Stephanie match later on. Congratulations to Paige, I just wish they had more time. They maximized their minutes though.

01:40 This is a GREAT heel promo from Lana. Describing Hollywood as the epitome of the American Dream is a great touch. So here's what's going to happen tonight, I'm going to continue to root for heels due to their psychology and I'm also going to get my predictions wrong. Got it! Just as I say that, Swagger has a great little touch to his entrance with the march.

01:47 It's a slight nit-picking thing but I can't help but feel that Swagger and Rusev look more like a tag-team tonight. I get that the colour blue appears in both flags but I wish they did more to differentiate the two characters. NICE belly to belly from Swagger.

01:52 0-4. I'm having a shocker! I really dug that match though, there was a great sequence with the reversal of the modified Accolade into the Patriot Lock. They also made Swagger look strong by having him pass out. The only problem is, when political agendas are involved, I can still see this being spun as Swagger giving up on his country. I hope this doesn't squander his momentum.

01:55 The problem is, Rusev only relocated to Russia months ago, he's still RusevBUL on twitter. Are we supposed to believe that he's listening to the anthem with a tremendous amount of pride? Wouldn't he prefer the Bulgarian anthem that he's known for the absolute majority of his life?

02:00 Switching to Ambrose vs. Rollins, this promo is selling the hell out of these two characters. You know what works as well? The music actually sounds like something you would hear in the Attitude Era promo packages. The feud itself reminds me of an upper midcard feud of that era because of how creative it has been and how much time has been dedicated to it.

02:03 We are told that all of the lumberjacks were once victims of the Shield, yet Bo Dallas is out there. Odd. The lumberjacks are coming into play instantly as Rollins is tossed to a face side then a heel side of the ring. It's funny how they all get on because of their respective alignments.

02:05 Shouldn't Heath Slater be helping Ambrose? He pretty much owes him one. Meanwhile, Ambrose is tied up in the ropes in a tree of woe, it would have been a neat touch if a couple of lumberjacks clobbered him whilst he was hung up then. Ah well.

02:07 A suplex to Rollins off the apron causes the Architect and the Lunatic Fringe to fall into the lumberjacks. This starts a brawl between the lumberjacks. This soon causes completely anarchy as Ambrose leaps from the table to take out lumberjacks, Kofi Kingston notably, AS WELL as Rollins. This stipulation works perfectly with Ambrose, he's just taking out anyone. Rollins tries to retreat but Ambrose follows. This leads Kane out to berate the lumberjacks. This is mental. I love it.

02:13 They've done a great job of selling the shit out of the stipulation. They actually had Seth almost escape only to have The Usos and the Dust Brothers stop him. This is great. The action has now returned to the ring and a HUGE clothesline from Ambrose brings a two-count AND a "THIS IS AWESOME" chant. This is not the pure wrestling match we knew these two could have but it's making a lot of sense from a character perspective.

02:15 Ambrose hit his OWN Curb Stomp to Rollins! Kane's interference has led to a lumberjack brawl in the ring. The order of the match is in disarray. Rollins has the briefcase. He decks Ambrose and picks up the win! Rollins has just won at Ambrose's own game! Seth looks in a bad way, staggering about and bleeding slightly from the mouth. I hope he's alright. Is it bad that the match of the night has revolved around several spots as opposed to some great traditional wrestling action? It was a cluster**** as Hustle would say but I LOVED it.

02:19 Only Bray Wyatt could pull off an apron and hat combo. Meanwhile, Jericho has an EVEN BETTER jacket, that now lights up in blue and red strands, it even features speckles of green. If this match is as incredible as these attires then I will be a happy Leaf.

02:25 This is some brutal head-based offence from Bray. This also makes an awful lot of sense. The essence of this feud has been mind games. I haven't seen this much head offence since Del Rio vs. Ziggler at last year's Payback PPV. There has been shots on the outside, shots in a turnbuckle position and a rope guillotine. I'm sensing a referee stoppage in this match or another Sister Abigail on the steel finish. I feel safe to predict things again now after calling the last match, 1-4 baby!

02:29 Twitter user Matt (HBK4EVER17) asks "4 great matches to start. Which do you see as the first let down?". I have to go with Brie-Steph. I don't think it'll be a great match but it doesn't have to be as the story will carry it. The problem is, I can see the WWE devoting a lot of time to it and letting it drag. Meanwhile, the fans are finding this match boring apparently, until Wyatt hits a sick DDT on Jericho that drives Y2J's head straight against the apron. This is the perfect sleeper match after that intense lumberjack match. Good call by WWE.

02:33 In an AWESOME moment, Jericho goes for the Lionsault only to have Wyatt rise into a spider-walk position. The crowd LOVED that! Bray tells Jericho that he can't die as he is already dead and Chris looks legit scared. Shenanigans take place and before you know it, Chris is sent into the barricade by a Sister Abigail before he falls victim to one in the ring as well. A Wyatt victory and it involved a finisher on the outside?! 2-4, I'm clawing it back!

02:34 Wyatt cuts a promo after the match, singing that all familiar hymn, before the screen goes black for a Takis advert. What a way to kill the feeling.

02:49 In a weird moment, my laptop actually died the moment that this match started. I have been keeping up with the action on my phone though, whilst also noticing how similar Steph's gear is to Seth Rollins' entrance attire. Cross-dressing in the Authority? That's a new angle. So far Stephanie looks like a million bucks in that ring. Ah here comes the heel turn! Here's Nikki!

02:51 All this hesitating from Nikki is making this far too obvious. Just get it over with already.

02:53 That was one hell of a shot! That made everything worth it! Now Steph nails a PERFECT pedigree. 3-4, the comeback is on! Let's get to 5-4 by the end of the night! In all seriousness, that match was great. I can safely say I was wrong, it didn't feel like the match dragged at all as Steph played the dominating heel for a good portion and then there was a perfect amount of face comeback time. Spots like the inch-perfect missile dropkick helped to keep the fans entertained. That was a lot of fun.

02:58 They're putting "Momma's Boy" on just before Reigns-Orton? This is one hell of a push... smooth the **** off the stage, a man can dream.

03:00 They had to film Momma's Boy's entrance down at NXT because they'll chant for anything there.

03:03 Reigns has blue in his attire tonight. He'll be incorporating the full spectrum of Fruity Pebble colours soon enough.

03:08 Fellow MPer Maverick just tweeted #ChinlockOfDoom. That's certainly how the match has gone so far. This slow methodical affair is all well and good but we've already had Wyatt-Jericho provide that to an extent. I'm not sure if this is overkill just before the Main Event. Oh hey, Orton has ANOTHER chin-lock applied.

03:10 #ChinlockChainWrestling

03:13 #WhenAnnounceTablesDontBreak

03:15 There's one fan chanting Roman Reigns by himself and he sounds like "the guy who works at Burger King making flame broiled whoppers". He must be happy, Reigns has just delivered the Superman Punch and looks in position to hit a Spear. He charges and Orton counters with his snap powerslam!

03:19 There was a sweet sequence when Reigns went for the Superman Punch but Orton RKO'd Reigns! Roman managed to power out at 2 and I think we can see how this match is going now. There's no way in hell they'll follow this up with another RKO that works. I can see a failed Punt leading to a Spear and a pin any second now.

03:20 Oh snap.

03:24 I didn't see enough from Reigns to suggest that he can hang solo here, but I actually don't think it's his fault. I was a big fan of his work in FCW. I do wonder whether he has been told to limit his move-set in order to create a number of recognizable moves. Moving on, it's Main Event time.

03:32 THAT'S the reaction you give Brock ****ing Lesnar? God damn it, why do we have to wait a year to move crowds? Even Cena is barely getting a reaction. That is, until he throws his hands up to the crowd and receives mostly boos. In turn, this inspires a LOUD contrasting Let's Go Cena - Cena Sucks chant. This is the most bipolar crowd I have ever witnessed, they're suddenly awake!

03:34 AN F5 CONNECTS ALREADY! FOR A TWO COUNT! That's just the ticket for this crowd who are now RED HOT!

03:36 Amazingly, one kid is chanting Let's Go Cena louder than the rest of the entire crowd. I'd hate to be his parent at the end of the night, I can't see Cena pulling it off tonight.

03:42 Lesnar is tossing Cena around like a rag doll. He is one hell of a heel. There's literally nothing likable about the guy. He wanders away from the product when he feels like it, he ended the greatest streak in history, and he is currently laughing at the carnage he is inflicting in the ring. I love him.

03:45 Cena just embarked on a very unrealistic comeback as just a few elbows out of nowhere led to an AA. Thankfully, Lesnar kicks out at 2 and laughs whilst Cena slumps in the corner. John charges straight into a take-down and numerous right hands. This is a mauling, which is exactly what it should be. Lesnar needs to look like a million dollars to prove that he was only at 50% in their last encounter.

03:47 Cena is unable to mount a comeback and Lesnar quickly dispatches of the former champion with an F5. Michael Cole says it best: "IT WASN'T EVEN CLOSE!". The WWE have genuinely surprised me with how they have booked this, they just had Brock Lesnar absolutely bloody dominate! Whoever defeats him now will be made for life. NOW the WWE has my attention. He is the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion and he looks unstoppable with both belts resting on his broad shoulders.

03:49 We are told that Brock Lesnar delivered SIXTEEN suplexes to Cena. The Cenation leader must have got in ten offensive moves, IF THAT. I can't believe how well they booked this. It was an absolute mugging. Brock looks unstoppable. I can't complain. I scored 5-4 in the end, for anyone who was still keeping count, I certainly wasn't doing, not with everything that happened in that fight anyway.

03:59 I'm still in shock at the direction that the WWE went in with that match. It was perfect. I don't know about you but it certainly has me eager to see RAW. There are many questions that need to be answered: Will Brock appear? Will Cena make it? What happens to the belts? I cannot wait for tomorrow night's installment. On the whole, I don't think that there were any show-stealing matches from a wrestling stand-point, but each match seemed to be booked perfectly in terms of the story. Ambrose-Rollins wasn't about a fantastic in-ring showcase, neither was Cena-Lesnar. Tonight was a night that was heavily focused on the characters themselves, and I find myself fully invested in the Beast at this moment in time.

Goodnight everybody, thanks for coming along for the ride. Be sure to listen to the Official LOP Summerslam Post-Show and until next time, don't stop #boleafing.

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