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Posted in: The Green Room
SOUND OF THE UNDERGROUND Special: An Interview with Ricky Reyes (Cortez Castro)
By Ryan "Leaf" Plant
Sep 5, 2017 - 1:34:46 PM

Special Edition
An Interview with Ricky Reyes (Cortez Castro)

What's up Believers? It's Ryan “Leaf” Plant here as always and this week I have a special edition of Sound Of The Underground ahead of the newly announced Aztec Medallion Match. As an extra special treat, I have a guest joining me today to speak about that match and more. You may know him as Officer Reyes, the former Veneno, or even as the temple knows him – Cortez Castro – as today I have the pleasure of speaking to Ricky Reyes.

L. Ricky, thank you for agreeing to do this. Let's talk about Wednesday's match first of all. The tension between officers Reyes and Ryan has been building since the very first appearance of the lollicop himself. Finally, after months of torment which has been brought about by Joey Ryan's dirty dealings with Dario Cueto, your character Cortez Castro finally has a chance at revenge against his colleague. What can we expect from the last bastion of The Crew in this match?

R. Well it's been almost 3 full seasons for me to get a big 1 on 1 match for me to prove I'm 1 of the LU best Wrestlers... So I'll be on my A+ game and ready to do whatever it takes to win and Crush that Rat Joey!

L. Though your characters may hate each other, whenever I see Joey Ryan on screen with someone else, I really get the impression that so many people have to corpse at his antics. What is it like working with the man who pushes the envelope every time he goes out there? It always looks like a blast.

R. Well I'm always having fun and having a Blast in the ring or LU in any way!! I'm living my Dream!!!

L. You certainly seem to have a lot of love for Lucha. To expand on that then, what is it like working for Lucha Underground in general? In spite of the unexpected break within Season 3 and the fact that so many people are picking up bookings elsewhere, it's rare to see anyone - except for perhaps Puma - badmouth the promotion and it always looks like you are having the time of your lives out there in front of the Believers. What are your favourite things about working for Lucha Underground?

R. Favorite??? Lol!! EVERYTHING! LU is MY House! I love it in every way. It's a TV Series, not a Wrestling company! So I stay very busy off season and even during the season of shooting. I just LOVE Pro WRESTLING!

L. You've worked for many promotions during your time as a wrestler – most notably the likes of ROH, CZW and PWG – and yet as enjoyable as they may be, I bet you haven't had the character development there like you've had in Lucha Underground. In Season 2, we as fans were stunned by the big twist that “Cortez Castro” was in fact a cop. Is this something that you were aware would be the eventual direction during the first season or did it come straight out of leftfield for yourself too during the second outing? How did you react to hearing this?!

R. I didn't know that is where I was going... but I love it! I get to show another side of me. LU is really the best at putting talent in a great position to become successful for the show.... That's what it's all about!

L. And we can't mention twists either without thinking of the two deaths of the former Crew Members: Bael and Cisco. I read recently that Bael was part of a seven year deal so that death must have been especially unexpected. Were you stunned during those first two seasons to hear that your teammates would be being killed of?

R. Bael's death was what was needed... As for Mr Cisco's death.... well I didn't want or expect that to happen. Unfortunately it did and I had to move on, as well as did the show.

L. Castro is certainly walking on thin ice right now after Joey Ryan unmasked you and revealed to Dario Cueto that you were Veneno all along. Given the fact that a Crew member has died in each season so far, things aren't looking good for your character. What can we expect from Cortez Castro? Does he have any tricks up his sleeve to try to survive?

R. Surviving is what I've always done well... I'm not planning on going anywhere. Literally and figuratively 😉

L. Recently, we saw Officer Reyes tell Captain Vasquez that no man alive could stop Cage. Given the fact that she has now turned to her newly-revealed daughter and the undead Mil Muertes, has your character now fulfilled his purpose as a cop? Has he outlived his usefulness for Vasquez would you say?

R. I guess we'll see in S4...

L. It's funny that you should say that! Something that I know the readers of this column will want to hear is whether you know anything about this potential Season 4 for Lucha Underground. I hear everything is being kept very hush but you can't blame a man for trying. Have you heard anything at all regarding this?

R. All I can say is Good Things come to those who wait... No need to rush a great thing; let's enjoy S3 and we'll be able to focus on the Future of LU... Which Looks GOOD!

L. Lastly, you told us on the video posted below that you're the man who is going to kick Joey Ryan's ass. In just three words, who exactly is the man who we call Officer Reyes, Veneno and Cortez Castro?

R. LU's Best Wrestler...💪

L. Ricky, it's been an absolute pleasure and thanks again for granting me the opportunity to speak to yourself.

You can follow Ricky on Twitter @RickyReyes01.
For bookings, please E-MAIL reyesnunez26@yahoo.com

Until next time my friends, don't stop believing and thank you for reading.


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