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Posted in: The Green Room
By Ryan "Leaf" Plant
Nov 4, 2016 - 4:10:19 AM

Season 3, Episode 9
Loser Leaves Lucha

Hello once again Believers! You're reading the most extensive Lucha Underground review on the web, this is Sound of the Underground. First of all, I hope you had a brilliant Halloween and that you all had Cero Miedo, I know I certainly did!:

With that out of the way though. Let's get onto the show, with a main event that has a scary fate for either Rey Mysterio or Chavo Guerrero. That's right, it's Loser Leaves Lucha! With all that and more, I'm excited to get this started!

We're live in the Temple and the funky but smooth sound of Slapbak masks the feeling of anticipation and dread that we have, knowing that we will say goodbye to one of our Temple warriors later this evening. Matt Striker and Vampiro touch upon this straight away, and they tell us that Chavo Guerrero Sr. is in attendance! As we know, the father of Chavo Jr. had spoken to Mysterio recently with regards to this match and you know full well he'll have been communicating with his son. Where do his loyalties lie? Okay, he's a Guerrero, I probably shouldn't need to ask that!

I'm talking too much here, and so is Matt Striker, as Dario Cueto shuts him up! “Matt, you talk enough, it's Dario Cueto's turn!” He tells us that Matanza will defend his title in Aztec Warfare in just two weeks. He will enter as number one. However, because everyone loves DARIO'S DIAL OF DOOOOOOOM so much, he is going to spin the wheel one more time! He does exactly that, and as luck may have it, he gets to choose his brother's opponent for this final spin as tonight it's DARIO'S CHOICE!

Who should it be?! He asks! He says it can't be Rey Mysterio as he already has a match tonight! What about Pentagon Dark? He dismisses that too as he has already lost to the Monster. Fortunately, that's given him an idea though! There's a guy that he saw backstage who had his arm broken by Pentagon. Yet, he still comes to work every day and he just wants his shot. Oh God. He chooses Cortez Castro! The mind games continue!

Melissa Santos introduces the Monster who is already in the ring, the Lucha Underground Champion, Matanza Cueto! He barely reacts as he just stands there, this poised wrecking machine. After that, she announces the challenger, from the streets, Cortez Castro! Striker points out what we all know, as he is clearly still injured with that cast on his arm. However, he has the equalizer, if you can call it that with Matanza, a kendo stick. Even our oblivious commentators have caught on to the look that Dario has just shot Cortez. As our undercover cop enters the ring, the title is raised and the destruction is no doubt about to begin.

Lucha Underground Championship
Cortez Castro vs. “The Monster” Matanza Cueto ©

Striker compares Castro to Bob Orton. I don't think the cast will work quite as well on Matanza, as he is headbutted to the ground and then the arm is stomped on already! The arm stomps continue as Castro writhes in pain. In fact, Matanza even grabs Castro, by the wrist, and DECIMATES HIS ARM, breaking the cast as he pulls! You can even see the blood! This is just lethal! The Believers are stunned as the Monster grabs the cast. He charges into the corner though Castro ducks and sends Matanza into it instead. Okay, he's bought some time, now what?!

With the cast now in his hand, Castro sizes up Matanza and strikes him with the plaster! He hits him again! And again! Was I wrong about this? This won't last long I'm sure! Yup! The Monster ducks, sprints against the ropes and hits his insane rolling uppercut! The Wrath of the Gods sees the former Crew member slammed down to the mat with authority and that's all she wrote! 1...2... Of course it's 3.

WINNER: “The Monster” Matanza Cueto

As our winner is announced, Dario enters the ring to raise his hand as always. Or does he? In fact, with a microphone in his hand, he seems to have another motive. He apologizes to Castro, insincerely, claiming he never knew that he wasn't ready to get back in the ring yet. He tells him to get plenty of rest “under covers” and come back as soon as he can.


Castro takes a moment to freeze in fear before holding his arm again in pain. He knows his cover has been blown wide open. The question is, does he return? Will Vasquez even allow him to at this point?!

That was brilliantly done! Though Dario's Choice meant that he could have provided a much more entertaining fight for Matanza, why would he have done? His Monster has the ultimate challenge in two weeks, and it makes sense for him to give Castro more punishment. I'm surprised he revealed that he knows about Officer Reyes this early, though it does make you wonder whether he will come back to the Temple. Could he even enter Aztec Warfare in spite of his injury? Who knows?!


The sound of raucous laughter can be heard from inside the office of one Dario Cueto. Following on from Castro's loss, his rival shares many a laugh with Dario. Cueto drinks to the loss and Joey Ryan celebrates with his trademark lollipop. The mustached man mimics the arm break before there's a knock at the door. The only thing broken at this time is their conversation, as Joey tells Dario that they will talk later.

As he leaves, in steps Son of Havoc, flanked by Mascarita Sagrada!

“Havoc! What are you doing here? You have a big match up next!”
“I'm here on behalf of him!”
“Did you just say half of him? That's a little bit rude isn't it?”
“BeHALF of him!”

Havoc tells Mascarita that he wants a match with Famous B one on one. After a moment, Cueto agrees. Sagrada will get his match, but the stipulation will be picked by the winner of the Son of Havoc vs. Dr. Wagner Jr match! With the little man giving two thumbs up, as opposed to middle fingers this week, Havoc announces that it sounds good to them. With that, Dario Cueto makes one small joke as he says that he never does anything half assed!

“Get it!?”

As the two shake their heads, Cueto continues to roar. He's in a jubilant mood tonight!

Classic Dario! Last week he was leering on Sexy Star, this week he was making short jokes to Sagrada. He's certainly making no friends ahead of Aztec Warfare III, that's for sure! Most importantly, by allowing either side of that equation to pick the stipulation for an upcoming Famous B vs. Mascarita Sagrada match, he's allowing himself the chance of even more violence. It's win-win for him!

As for Joey Ryan, I enjoyed the chemistry he had with Dario there. I wouldn't mind seeing more of him as Dario's right hand man this season.


We cut straight to Prince Puma in the ring as Matt Striker tells us he's about to address the Believers. You know this will be good as he has cut just a handful of promos in his Lucha Underground career!

He tells us that he beat Mil Muertes two weeks ago, but beating him was not enough. He put his mentor Konnan in a coffin, and he will not stop until he does the exact same thing to him. He challenges Mil Muertes to his own specialty - Grave Consequences!

Catrina appears straight away to say that they gladly accept, and as she raises the stone, Mil Muertes appears from behind Puma dressed in a suit of all things! As Striker and Vampiro tell us that he looks like he's came from a funeral, he looks like he wants to send his rival to an early grave with a big right hand that floors the fan favourite. He picks him up with the intent of dropping him back down by way of Flatliner, but the Prince elbows his way out and sends Muertes flying out of the ring with a dropkick!

He sprints at the ropes, jumps, and flips backwards simply to stare down his rival! The fun and games end in Grave Consequences.

Be it Puma's fake-out at the end, Mil Muertes' suit or simply the fact we're getting Grave Consequences once more, there was a lot to love here. My favourite part though was that look of interest that Vampiro gave as he watched Puma speak. This idea came straight from his sick mind and with Puma taking it on board, despite showing reluctance to him during their conversation, it looks as if the masked man is trusting our demonic commentator. I can't wait for the next development.


We're back and so too is Dr. Wagner and his entourage! Melissa is ready to introduce the first man but of course, that never happens when Famous B is around! He takes the microphone and Santos politely smiles but you just know she's furious inside! He asks the fans if they have all called 423-GET-FAME before telling him that it doesn't matter as they are all destined for mediocrity, because he already HAS a world famous client. Accompanied of course by Nurse Brenda, paging Dr. Wagner Jr.! The fans are certainly appreciative of the Lucha legend in spite of his alignment but I'm sure that will change now that Melissa Santos has announced his opponent, the ultra-popular Son of Havoc!

Slapping the hands of the Believers, Havoc looks ready to take on the undefeated Dr. Wagner Jr. as Mascarita Sagrada claps repeatedly. Vampiro is the next one to make a joke, as he claims that Sagrada puts in half of the effort when he fights! Santos announces that the winner gets to pick the stipulation for the Famous B vs. Mascarita Sagrada match NEXT WEEK! Oh we're going to have fun next week, and that's without even knowing the chosen gimmick. We're going to have fun now too, as here comes the bell!

Winner picks stipulation for Famous B vs. Mascarita Sagrada;
Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Son of Havoc

These men waste no time as they sprint towards one another. Havoc ducks Wagner and hits him with a big pump kick. He sends the Doctor through the ropes, suicide dives, sprints back into the ring with ease, hits a second and runs right up the steps without even taking a single moment on the Temple floor! He sends Wagner against the post, the announce table and the railing! His cardio is truly insane! How is he doing this so fluently and flawlessly!? He even launches himself up onto the top of the rail and hits a huge moonsault to the standing Wagner, steadying himself almost instantly as he floors the Doctor!

Throwing in the undefeated client of Famous B, it looks as if he could put him away already. As he runs at the colourful surgeon, he is knocked silly by a huge clothesline. The Doctor hits a sit-out powerbomb but he can only get a two. He's doing a good job of slowing the match down now as he chokes Havoc on the ropes, allowing himself to be lectured by the referee, but most importantly, allowing Famous B to strike the badass. Sagrada runs at the promoter but he is kicked to the mat and tossed aside. Wagner is in control now. He sends Havoc to the top rope and hits a high-angle Ace Crusher! 1...2!

As Sagrada tries to will on Havoc, Striker and Vampiro debate how many sides are on the dice for Dungeons and Dragons, after Vampiro's earlier claim that Havoc would more than likely play it. The only game he is playing right now is a game of slaps, as himself and Wagner exchange hands! He seems to get the better of it for a moment as he sends Wagner into the corner with his hands. He manages to get the better of Wagner though with a boot to the face from a corner of his own, another boot from the apron this time, and then he dives with what would have looked like a blockbuster if it had connected but alas, Wagner rolls! That's not a problem for Havoc though as he hits him with a clothesline and a rolling forearm instead! 1...2.. No!

With both men back to their feet, Wagner falls to the springboard back elbow and a huge crossbody but that's just a 2! As Striker cites how intrigued he is by Beautiful Brenda, Havoc too lets his guard down as Wagner is able to choke him on the corner. However, he fends off his attacker and knocks him to the mat with a right hand! Then, IT'S SHOOTING STAR PRESS TIME! 1...2...3! WAGNER HAS BEEN DEFEATED!

WINNER: Son of Havoc

As the Believers chant the Open Road fighter's name, Matt Striker tells us that the Famous B vs. Sagrada match is coming up in the future. Thankfully, Vampiro corrects him and tells us that it's next week! What will the stipulation be? Boyle Heights Brawl? All Night Long? That's two of Vampiro's suggestions, but the men in the ring are the ones who get to decide.

Havoc asks Sagrada what he wants and he will pick it. The little man whispers in his ear and it looks like the biker likes what he hears.

“Famous B! Next week, Mascarita gets you in a Believer's Backlash match!”

He whispers once more though! He asks every Believer to bring whatever they can get their hands on and every weapon is legal!

This certainly makes a lot of sense! Famous B hasn't been playing up to the fans as much this season, in fact, ever since he has had Wagner he has been insulting them repeatedly. It's built up nicely to this match and you have to imagine that was the plan all along. With Grave Consequences and Believer's Backlash coming up, along with Aztec Warfare, we're getting some real throwbacks to what has made LU great and continues to do so. I love it.


Alone in the smoke, a familiar figure in a white coat crouches. He tells us that he always tried to understand his destiny, but he could never see clearly until he followed a certain animal. That animal was the White Rabbit, and as he was led down to the hole, his ancestry was revealed. He was told to compete in the Temple. The Rabbit was told that if he opened his eyes, he would find them, and he would see his destiny.

As the pair of white sunglasses are removed, a man comprised entirely of checks emerges from the shade, as does another man donning the Rabbit Tribe t-shirt and the most peculiar of black feathered masks. Paul London sits in between the two, looking as smug as humanly possible, knowing that he has found his destiny.




It's great to have another Trios team available in the Temple. It's a division that is sorely needing actual teams. Will they debut in Aztec Warfare? Who knows?


As we head back to the Temple, Matt Striker reveals that Grave Consequences is next week! That's right, we're getting a sure-fire classic next week between Mil and Puma, AS WELL as the Believer's Backlash match. This is very much like last season, in which we had many top main events just weeks before Aztec Warfare. Last week we had a Gift of the Gods title match lets not forget, and right now, well, we say goodbye to one Lucha legend, but who?!

Melissa Santos tells the shocked Believers that the following match is a Loser Leaves Lucha match and out comes the first competitor, Chavo Guerrero Jr.! Vampiro is fighting back the tears, is that a spoiler?! The crowd are a little more appreciative than usual, perhaps they sense it could be the end for Chavo!

Or is it the end of Rey Mysterio Jr. who Melissa Santos introduces next? The Believers roar as he makes his appearance. My personal prediction is that Guerrero will leave, as I think his more frequent role at the start of this season has purely been to lead up to one final match with his storied rival.

Marty calls for the bell and our fateful tale begins!

Loser Leaves Lucha
Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.

The two men start off slow as they circle the ring ever so moderately. Chavo takes Rey down and locks in a grounded headlock, rising with his opponent. He tackles Mysterio down the very moment that his rival broke the hold. Vampiro is loving the “Lucha Legends!” chant and so am I. What a fitting tribute that is to the departing fighter tonight, whoever that may be. As Chavo grounds Mysterio and hits the Handstand Knee Drop, he goes to the well once too many and his opponent manages to spring up and bring his foe down with a victory roll! 1...2... No!

A leaping arm drag sends Guerrero to the floor and a further slide sends Guerrero down. Mysterio dives off the apron as Chavo gets to his feet and another jumping arm drag sends Guerrero right into his Dad! Will that cost Rey? For now, Chavo Sr. understands the art of war as the fans chant his “Chavo Classic” name. With both men back in the ring, a moonsault to the standing Chavo gets 2 but again, that's not enough here! Our commentators discuss Chavo's jealousy and I have to agree. The relations between the two certainly aren't helped by Rey's slide into the crotch area of Guerrero in the corner. Rey tries to whip his foe out of the corner but the wily fighter blocks it. His opponent sprints at the ropes and goes for a 'Rana though Chavo manages to counter and send him to the mat with an Alleyoop! He sends Rey into one corner, then another, and knocks him right down with a clothesline! 1...2... Not yet!

Chavito is grounding his rival now with several stomps, and now he locks the leg! Rey breaks out but has enough damage been done? He holds the surgically repaired knee, the same knee that Chavo attacked just a few weeks ago. Though he manages to send the sneaky Guerrero out of the ring and vault over the ropes with a plancha, his knee is grasped once more. Chavo Sr. watches on and you have to wonder what he is thinking here. Mysterio sends Chavo into the ring and goes for a springboard crossbody though he gets dropkicked right in the ribs! Falling to the mat, he is prone to a big soccer kick from his heated rival. Now, he is able to slam the left leg, and most importantly his left knee into the corner. As the fans jeer Chavo, he stomps on the knee once more. Taking The Master of the 619 to the top rope, he attempts to slam him from a high angle. The two men fight it out and for one moment, it looks like Chavo wins the war as Rey falls and clings onto the outside, however, a desperate knee sends Guerrero to the mat. Mysterio looks like he's going for a moonsault though his adversary sneaks up behind and strikes him. However, as Chavo climbs, Rey is now able to swing his body around his opponent and slam him down onto the mat!

As both men strike it out, it looks like the masked man gets the best of the war of hands! In fact, that's confirmed when he runs against the ropes and is able to hit a crossbody. 1...2.. No! How about a pop from the apron?! 1...2... That doesn't work either! He runs against the ropes but Chavo slams him for a backbreaker. The “Eddie” taunt from Chavo signals the Three Amigos. There's one! There's two! But Rey slips out of the third! Not only that, but he gets the Tilt-A-Whirl headscissor, sends his opponent into the ropes and looks poised for a 619! But wait! Here's Chavo Sr.! He's sent a chair into the ring and threatens to strike Rey! Then, he turns and hits his son!!! What?! Wait! Vampiro realises what has happened after Chavo Sr. celebrates and after a second, so does Chavo too!


It's official from Melissa, so it has to be true right?

The two Chavo's laugh repeatedly but you know what, it seems like it's Dario Cueto who is getting the last laugh! He emerges from his office and asks Marty if he is kidding him! And you know why? He does not want a disqualification in his Main Event and a match of this magnitude. Has he forgotten how much Dario Cueto loves violence?! “This match is not over, and just to make it crystal clear, there will be no disqualifications as ANYTHING GOES! RING THE BELL!”

Of course, this means that Chavo Sr. now goes to hit Rey with the chair but Rey ducks! He sends Chavo Jr. to the ropes too! Double 619! No! Chavo Guerrero Jr. ducks but his father takes the strike! Rey still manages to strike Chavo from the apron though and he goes for the pop, but Chavo rolls through! Single leg crab! SINGLE. LEB. CRAB! Is this going to do it?! Is it?! Is it?! Will he tap?! After what feels like an eternity, he grabs the rope. Chavo locks it in again though! Somehow, Rey is able to get out of it with a kick but surely his knee has given up on him now. In fact, when Chavo picks up his rival, it looks like he is heavily supporting him. Here's Amigo #1!

There's Amigo #2!

And here's Amigo #3... no... he goes for the Gory Special instead and hits it! That's it!


Chavo goes for a powerbomb but Rey reverses it into a pin. 1...2... No!

Now it's Chavo with the Blockbuster but Rey rolls out of it and hits a big front double kick! The crowd believe this is awesome. I agree! Both men rise to their feet at the same time but Rey sends Chavo to the ropes out of nowhere! 619! Big Splash! 1...2... YES, THAT'S 3!

WINNER: Rey Mysterio
Chavo must leave Lucha Underground FOREVER.

As Chavo Sr. sobs in the corner and Rey acts as the conductor for the crowd's Goodbye chant, Chavo Guerrero Jr. takes a moment to collect himself. With that, our commentators say their own goodbyes and for this week, that's it.

That was a decent main event with an even better false finish. I'm happy that Dario is not a traditional rudo as his love for violence overrides any bad trait that he possesses, when it has to. It made perfect sense for him to restart this match just as it made sense for Chavo Sr. to interfere on behalf of his son, just as it made sense for Chavo Jr. to work on the knee... You get where I'm going here. It was paint by numbers but that's certainly not a bad thing. If that's the end of Chavo Guerrero Jr. in a competitive role in Lucha Underground, thank you for your efforts.


2nd November - Rey Mysterio Jr.

26th October - Johnny Mundo
19th October - Drago
12th October - Chavo Guerrero Jr.
5th October - Cage
28th September - Prince Puma
21st September - Jack Evans
14th September - Killshot
7th September - Rey Mysterio Jr.

Well what do you know? The man who surprisingly didn't pick up a Temple God last season now sets the pace as the first two-time winner of Season 3. I’d say Son of Havoc had a small chance of picking this up as he ended Wagner’s streak, though Rey’s main competitor was Dario Cueto who truly glued this show together with his numerous emotions.

Rey though, kept his spot in the Temple and vanquished his greatest living rival in the process. It's certainly hard to look past that from a character perspective, and with Aztec Warfare around the corner, he should have the chance to face Matanza that Dario has twice teased this season during the wheel segments, yet had denied on both occasions.


We have our first elimination! @ByLucha predicted The Lord would appear this episode but alas, it was not to be! I really liked their logic, choosing the number that has twice represented Aztec Warfare. That will take place on Episode #11 which strangely no one has predicted!

For those who are still in the competition. Here are your numbers:

10- DoctorDirtnap
12- JindoTroy
14- @LozEWright
15- MisterMizery
20- KamNewton
21- g3sshoku
22- RVDMark
23- Maximilliean
24- @HBK4EVER17
30- Kblitzko
34- TNJacktion
35- StuartGosling
36- Grimjac
37- Ralph83
38- TheImplications
39- JSR-13
40- BeaverCleavage


In terms of in ring action, this was a one match show, with stories being advanced elsewhere! Dario Cueto revealed to Cortez Castro that he knew who he was, Mascarita Sagrada earned the chance to face Famous B in a Believer’s Backlash match next week - thanks to Son of Havoc, perhaps most interestingly though, we also have Grave Consequences next time around as Mil Muertes accepted Puma’s challenge!

As we say goodbye to one star of Lucha, Chavo Guerrero Sr., what I want to know is who says goodbye to this world by way of casket? Who gets buried?! Puma or Mil?!

Also, if anyone has their favourite Chavo moment in LU, I’d love to hear it. I loved his match with Cage as everything about its presentation suggested it would be a squash but we were all pleasantly surprised with its execution.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Comment or tweet me, I’m all ears. Until next week though, this has been Ryan "Leaf" Plant for Lordsofpain.net. Don’t stop believing and thank you for reading.


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