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Posted in: The Green Room
SOUND OF THE UNDERGROUND: S3E40 - Ultima Lucha Tres Part 4
By Ryan "Leaf" Plant
Oct 20, 2017 - 5:52:31 PM

Season 3, Episode 40
Ultima Lucha Tres Part 4

This. Is. It. You don't want to hear from me, there's enough bloody words below as it is. Let's party like this will never end.

For one final night, we hear from Mariachi El Bronx before cutting to Melissa Santos: “Welcome to Ultima Lucha Tres!” She stands within that unforgiving steel structure – the cage- assuming then that tonight we start off with El Dragon Azteca vs. Matanza!

Vampiro, dressed to the nines in a tuxedo, tells us all that we need to know. He calls himself handsome but most importantly, he tells us about our main event. Matt Striker continues as he reaffirms that tonight it's Career vs. Title for Puma vs. Mundo. It's not all about that right now though as we switch back to Melissa Santos for our first match of the evening!

The cage match can be won by escape, pinfall or submission! Melissa introduces the first competitor and out comes the second gentleman in a tuxedo this evening – Dario Cueto! Matanza walks out behind him, his arms looking tense as he thinks about all of the damage that he can cause. He follows the key as if it is the only thing that matters to him in this world. The Monster enters the structure and stands directly on the seal, breathing heavily.

His opponent makes his way out to a fairly decent ovation from the Believers. El Dragon Azteca Jr's trademark robes tell of his family legacy but will there even be anything left of him to pass onto the next generation following this match? It doesn't take too long for him to enter the cage and the bell rings immediately!

Steel Cage Match
”The Monster” Matanza Cueto vs. El Dragon Azteca Jr.

Azteca completely launches himself at Matanza and uses his vast frame to make his way to the top of the cage already. He could have escaped right there but it's not about escaping the Monster for Azteca, it's about destroying him. He therefore hits a standing moonsault back onto the behemoth before kicking him repeatedly. Matanza throws Azteca into a corner but meets a boot to the face and gets headscissored too! Before the tecnico can follow up on this momentum, he is clotheslined all the way to Hell!

It's the Monster in control now as he throws Azteca into the cage. I tell you what, Matanza may not be a member of the Reptile Tribe but he sure knows how to give a good Snake Eyes against the steel. He's not done here. He throws Azteca right up against the side of the cage one more time. The Monster stomps away at his prey but makes the mistake of lifting Azteca off the ground. The agile protégé of Rey Mysterio is comfortable on his feet and finds the strength to keep hammering at the Monster. He runs against the ropes and... MATANZA LAUNCHES HIM THROUGH THE CAGE! Azteca's feet touch the floor and Melissa is about to announce the result!

“Here is your winner... EL DRAGON AZTECA-”

Dario cuts her off though!

“No, no! I'm sorry El Dragon Azteca. There is NO escaping your destiny. There is NO escaping Matanza. There is NO escaping this match... is going to be restarted RIGHT NOW, and pinfall and submissions are the only way to win!”

With that, a bemused Azteca who had probably accepted that escaping the cage was a worthwhile way to win after all, now has to make good on his promise to truly defeat the Monster. He gets off to a bad start when he is thrown right up against the railings, and then the cage itself! Matanza charges but runs right into the steel as his opponent avoids his dashing nemesis. The Monster is floored by the DDTJ and with him down, Azteca grabs Dario! For some bizarre reason, Azteca wishes to strip Dario as he starts ruining the tuxedo. This is only going to make Matanza madder and yup, just as I predicted, the Monster roars back into action with a clobbering blow.

The luchador eats the boot of the beast for his troubles before he picks him up, runs, and crushes his body against a barrier. Next, his head is pressed right up against the steel cage itself. Matanza's next destructive move is to throw Azteca right over the ropes to crash land onto the mat. Again, the mask of Azteca is shredded against the cage but from the inside this time and Matanza decides to pick the mask apart. I don't think it's for a psychological advantage, I think this untamed weapon of destruction just wants to inflict more harm. Before Azteca can react to all of this, he is hurled across the mat by the beast before he is picked up for another huge German Suplex. He is thrown once more, into each corner for a clothesline as it happens. Azteca tries to fight back at one point when he avoids one of the behemoth's charges and he tries to flip the Monster over in the middle of the ring but wait... is that BLACK LOTUS?!

Amazingly, Azteca manages to fight off the Monster and sends him into the turnbuckle, giving Black Lotus a free target from the top of the cage for a HUGE crossbody. She kicks Azteca square in the face and Matanza comes back with the WRATH OF THE GODS for 1... 2... 3! Damn it, not that way! Don't tell me this continues in Season 4 as well?!

WINNER: “The Monster” Matanza Cueto

As Dario Cueto announces his brother as the winner and reaffirms that the Temple is his, the Believers roar as Black Lotus powerbombs Matanza from the top rope! How did she do that?! She snarls as she grabs Dario, calling him a liar! Cueto agrees to tell her something before agreeing: “I'M A LIAR! I'M A LIAAAAAR!” He can only grin as Matanza hits a shocked Lotus with the WRATH OF THE GODS ONCE MORE!

As she lies outstretched on the seal, Dario crouches and says menacingly: “I'm a Liarrrrr” one more time, as Matanza sniffs his victim. The two brothers leave the unforgiving cage and that is all she wrote.

This didn't set the world alight but they hardly had any time to do so. Not only that, but I think the false ending in the middle of the match really took me away from the action as that ought to have been the end. I mean it's still a win just by technicality. The fact that the Black Lotus story is STILL continuing without her getting her revenge is absolutely insane to me. That story started three years ago and if we do return for a fourth season, it might have reached three and a half – four years before it picks up again.


We return to Melissa and we are told that the following is a three-way match scheduled for one fall. Notice how she doesn't say that it's for the Gauntlet of the Gods as we're not really supposed to know too much about it! The first competitor is announced from the Last House on the Left and it's Jeremiah Crane! Vampiro tells us that Crane is clearly in the zone with his stare as the fans chant Death Machine repeatedly!

Melissa can't help but smile as she announces Cage! The Machine is fighting without the Gauntlet tonight and you have to wonder whether his humanity will cost him in this environment. It seems weird to say that about a Machine actually, but there you go.

The last entrant is Mil Muertes who makes his way down the steps with Catrina by his side. This week, he doesn't seem to push the camera to one side, perhaps he's saving all of his aggression for later. As Muertes enters the ring, Crane can only smile in the corner, making a sly wave at Catrina. Vampiro asks us what would happen if an avalanche, a tsunami and a tornado all hit at the same time. I think we're about to find out!

But wait, here's Dario Cueto to tell the three men that ever since he debuted the Gauntlet of the Gods as the Ultimate Opportunity, it has consumed all three of them. Cage screams that it is his, but just to settle things, Dario makes this an elimination match to crown the undisputed holder of the artifact.


Three-Way Elimination Match for the Gauntlet of the Gods
Jeremiah Crane vs. Cage vs. Mil Muertes

Cage floors both of his opponents to begin with before a superkick from Crane and a spear from Muertes take him out of the action for a moment. Crane superkicks Muertes too for good measure but gets chokeslammed by the Immortan. Mil hammers on a prone Cage with right hands but Jeremiah lifts him off in order to goad him into a corner. The Machine runs into both of these men before delivering around fifteen punches to both men! Crane finds a way to escape, kicks Cage square in the head before hitting a running boot. The smallest man in the match-up manages to take it to both gargantuans as he kicks and knees Muertes in the head and hits a Suicide Dive to the fighter from the 559!

Just when Crane had the momentum, Cage sneaks back into the ring to hit a senton! If that wasn't crazy enough, Mil Muertes flies with a crossbody onto the pair of them! That's taken Crane out of the match for now as Mil and Cage duke it out in the middle of the ring. A pumphandle driver destroys Mil which allows the Machine to grab a table. Make that two! As the Believers chant “Cage is gonna kill you!”, a surprisingly bloody Jeremiah Crane comes out of nowhere with the trash can and even blasts Mil Muertes with it when he comes to the ropes. How did Crane get so busted open? He's absolutely pouring blood here!

Jeremiah takes advantage of his separation from the giants to set up a table. He again goads Mil to try the Reaper's Trident through the ropes, but jumps out of the way of the Immortan and kicks him in the head repeatedly. Big mistake! Mil absorbs the blows before sending Crane right off the apron and through the table with a chokeslam! The Machine looks to strike Mil when he doesn't expect it, but speaking of unexpected, Mil stuns Cage with the tilt-a-whirl headscissors! What?! Just to get back to normality, he gives Cage a huge uppercut before bringing him into the ring. A powerbomb gives us our first cover of the match for 1...2... No! The commentators bring up how calm Catrina is here but should she be? After all, the Machine has now just delivered a frankensteiner... and a LIONSAULT?! Wow! What even is this match?! 1... 2... Kick out!

Cage throws Mil over the rope but the camera quickly pans to what's left of Jeremiah Crane, pulling out some form of foreign object. As Cage pulls him to the apron, Crane drills wooden skewers through the skull of the Machine! Ouch! It's a good job he's not human! This is just brutal. A superkick brings Cage to his knees and a second kick to the face plus a DDT give Crane the 1... 2... But not the three! Kick out! There's still a skewer stuck in Cage's head and the blood that's pouring from his skull would seem extreme if it wasn't for the face of Jeremiah Crane here. He looks exactly like Wolfpac Sting!

This brings about the “YOU SICK F*CK” chant which certainly doesn't deter Crane here, as he rolls the same ballhammer that he used on Ivelisse into the ring before he goes to the supply closet and brings out yet another sheet of glass! I say “yet another” because of Hell of War of course. Surely he watched that match?! Crane is smiling from ear to ear but wait, here comes Mil Muertes... HE RUNS! BUT CRANE AVOIDS HIM AND GLASS SMASHES EVERYWHERE! Jeremiah looks to dive onto the wounded Mil Muertes who has blood simply trickling from his arm, and yet the Man of a Thousand Deaths still has enough strength to hold him for a powerbomb and to slam him onto the apron. Damn!

Before Mil can follow up further, Cage slams Mil to the ground and hits him with the hammer! Striker speculates what kind of power the Gauntlet possesses considering how far they are willing to go, as Cage places Mil across two tables. Before Cage can follow further, Crane shoves The Machine onto the canvas, looks at Mil, and wants to send him flying through broken wood himself! This only angers Cage who kicks Crane in the ribs and delivers the Electric Chair Driver to Crane. With one hell of a superplex, the Machine sends himself but mostly Crane through the tables, sending Mil Muertes to the ground too! Wow! Any of these men could be out here! The Machine gets to his feet and acknowledges the Believers before sending Crane into the ring for Weapon X! That's one, that's two and HE GETS THREE!


It's a full-on fist fight now as both Cage and Mil strike one another in the ring. Mil gets the powerslam for 1...2... Not enough! The Believers are chanting for Mil of all people here AS WELL as Cage. They respect what both of these guys are giving us here as Mil brings in a wooden chair. The Machine welcomes him back to the ring with an apron suplex before delivering the most devastating looking elbow I've ever seen for 1... 2... No! Still, Cage wastes no time in bringing Mil back to his feet and signals for the end but wait, Crane is back! He slams a steel chair across the back of the Machine and eats a Discus Clothesline for his troubles. Mil tries to take advantage of the distraction but he falls to a Discus too! Just as he goes for one more Discus though, Cage is caught by Mil and is sent flying into the steel chair by way of a FLATLINER! Is that it?! 1... 2... 3! It is!


Dario Cueto must be relieved now as surely the Lord is pleased with this. The Man of a Thousand Deaths is about to become the God of a Million Deaths given how many he's going to cause with that thing. Dario brings out the artifact and Catrina takes it. Now then, is she going to let Mil keep it or will she present the Gauntlet to her mother? That is the question! I wonder if we have found our answer as the Gauntlet is placed upon Mil! Just as he looks to fasten it...


They come back on at around 30% power and through the darkness a man can be seen attacking Mil.


He scoop slams Catrina and kicks the bruised Muertes repeatedly. The Thrill of the Hunt lays out the man who cost him what must have been a year of his career at the very least! He takes the Gauntlet for himself, stares down Catrina and raises his now-equipped hand to counteract her stone. With one more vengeful look, we cut to a break!

They couldn't have booked that more perfectly. The violence was necessary to show exactly how far these men were willing to go for either power, love or both. Crane still looked strong in elimination because he spent a great portion of the match on top, and he also factored into the finish. Cage was protected because he lost due to the distraction and though Mil won, he still retains his own sanity. After all, he won't be driven insane with the God's power thanks to Cuerno's intervention.

What was interesting is that it looked like Catrina tried to reason with Cuerno at first. She used him as a pawn against Fenix in Season 2 so perhaps she had tried to cut some form of deal again in order to end up in possession of the Gauntlet without Mil being aware. That way, she could present it to her mother: Officer Vasquez. The more likely option was that Cuerno was working for himself – working out of revenge, wanting his most mysterious prize of all, or both. I hope he knows what he has gotten himself into!


We're lucky enough to be presented with the Johnny Mundo story directed by Taya next.

Johnny Mundo is seen training intensely with a punching bag. He is asked what he says to people who question his claim of being the best Luchador in the world.

“Should I start?”

He takes the moment to tell us why he's the best in the world. “It's so freaking obvious – this belt – this is my proof.” He tells the viewer that they want it before we cut to the Prince of Parkour walking on the roof of the Temple.

Taya continues to narrate: “Strong! Agile! Controversial and Totally Hot!”

With a number of 80s B-Move transitions, we are told that he became the greatest luchador in the world without the support of the so-called Believers.

Mundo tells us that he will “Drop some truth that's as rock solid as my abs”. He calls the Believers basement-dwellers, wanting to know why their life sucks whilst he is special. He was born better. He's the one percent of the one percent.

“What is a man without the other people he associates himself with?” Taya asks.

PJ Black tells the camera that himself and Evans thought “Sweet!” when they were recruited. The wired-jaw Evans knows exactly how to reply to that on his whiteboard: “RIGHT!”

We're told that Johnny is great to do battle with and that Mundo lets them do whatever they want.

“I... don't... let them do whatever they want.” Mundo reaffirms.

We cut to the still-legally named Ricky Mundo now as classical music fills the scene. He is billed as the 'Worldwide Underground Poser'.

“Johnny is seriously the best. Like, I can't even tell you but he's so good and when you have an opportunity to intern for someone like that, you take it. Being around Johnny is probably what people felt like being in the presence of Jesus, or Buddha or...”

He looks at his official license.

“Actually, this is way better.”

We now cut to Mundo strolling on the beach for a moment before Taya asks the Worldwide Underground why being the best is so important. PJ Black answers the question.

“Oh, it's very important. If you're not the best then, what's the point?”

“Well said Darewolf.” Mundo compliments his fellow member.

Jack Evans must agree, etching “DITTO!” onto his whiteboard.

“And well said Jack! Well said!” Mundo is equally kind here.

Taya has one final parting question for Mundo. With money, championships and fame, is there anything left for Johnny to want that he doesn't have?

“I want to be where I belong and that's in the Main Event of Ultima Lucha. I am Lucha Underground's big money player. I put this place on the map and as far as I'm concerned, without Mundo, there IS no Ultima Lucha. I'm DONE curtain jerking the big show. I AM Ultima Lucha Tres. The night ends with Mundo, and when all is said and done, I will still be champion and Dario Cueto will have just put on the show of his life.”

“You really are an arrogant son of bitch aren't you Johnny?” Questions Dario Cueto, having just cut to him.

Mundo can only shrug and grin.

Dario tells us that Mundo hadn't main evented Ultima Lucha before because he didn't earn it. Now he's the champ, and he can't wait for him to fight and watch Prince Puma, the winner of the Cueto Cup and the ONE MAN who Johnny's so jealous of... eat him alive!

We quickly cut away from Dario's line to watch Mundo training with his boys. Another quick transition, this time with a nice pink star, sees Mundo posing and holding his title high on top of the building.

He tells Prince Puma that he's going to end his career in an amazing way – losing to the best:

“Me, Johnny Mundo.”

We end with one final shot of Mundo's outstretched leg in the sun.



I'm not quite sure what I just saw but I'm pretty sure it's the best segment I've ever seen. I'll have more of this in the Top 10 Segments column as for now I'm far too busy laughing at what just transpired to even talk about it. That was GREAT.


For one last time tonight it's Mariachi El Bronx and they play a more somber tune here, perhaps because we might end up saying goodbye to the Temple's franchise star!

And for perhaps the final time ever too, Striker and Vampiro promote the craziness and intensity of Lucha Underground before what could also be our very last main event. Maybe just maybe I'll look back at this several seasons later and wonder why I thought this was the end, but we're still yet to hear of a season four.

All that matters is now though, as Melissa Santos introduces the challenger who is putting his career on the line! Prince Puma comes out to his faithful and they give him the wildest of ovations. Tonight, he is in his trademark colours and robe. It all goes back to the start tonight as the original rivalry is renewed.

Out next competitor is the champion Johnny Mundo, who raises his title to his usual rudo reaction but perhaps its louder than ever tonight given the potentially-retiring hometown hero. Marty Elias raises the title in the ring and our main event is underway!

Lucha Underground Championship
Career vs. Title
Prince Puma vs. Johnny Mundo (c)

Vampiro wonders what is going through Puma's mind right now. He should know better than anyone else. The two tangle up as the Believers chant “LET'S GO PUMA!” vivaciously. Mundo locks in the early headlock but Puma pushes out of it. He is tackled by the champion but kips up, only to get kicked in the ribs. Puma's next array of athleticism works better for him though as he consistently leapfrogs and ducks over Mundo's offense before sweeping his leg for a cover- no! Johnny Mundo replies back though with a cartwheel before they stare each other down. Puma is matched in athleticism here! That's different for him!

Puma uppercuts Mundo next, and though Johnny is able to recover and leapfrog the champion, he is caught in a modified powerslam. Rolling out of the ring to recover, Mundo manages to lure Puma in as he avoids a senton from the challenger and kicks him square in the face. The Worldwide Underground leader is bleeding here as he stamps away at the member of the Jaguar Tribe. Mundo whips Puma into the railings but the tecnico jumps up. He tries to knock Mundo off his side of the railings but Mundo strikes him. Eventually, Puma battles back and sends the champion flying backwards into the apron. He goes for a huge double stomp but Mundo avoids it. He probably wishes he hadn't though as he is sent flying by a standing shooting star press! Oh my!

Puma rolls in the Worldwide Underground leader and tries to beat him where it counts – between the ropes. Marty Elias stops Prince Puma from attacking Mundo further as the champion grabs the ropes, which then allows the rudo to spring back up and hit a cheapshot. He goes for Moonlight Drive but Puma fights out of it, only to be rocked by... a Superman Punch?! Puma doesn't take that lying down, so he unleashes one hell of a cutter and a standing Shooting Star Press for 1... 2... No! Mundo kicks out. He's always been resilient; you have to give him that!

The challenger goes for the double Northern Lights Suplex bridge combo that we've seen throughout this season but Mundo breaks out of the second. Johnny is instead sent to the mat by a spinning sit-out sideslam for 1... 2... But still not three! The olé chants break out in the arena but are soon silenced by a flying chuck kick from the champion and another kick to the head! A corkscrew fist drop is good for 1... 2... But it's not good enough for the three count! Wasting no time, he drags Puma to the corner and goes for the End of the World but stops himself hitting it when he sees that Puma is not prone enough. The Prince recovers and delivers a couple of hard chops in the corner but is caught by Mundo's Standing C4 when the two make their way to the middle of the ring! 1... 2... Just a two.

Mundo goes for a flying kick next but is stopped by Marty Elias when he almost clatters into him instead. For once, Johnny actually seems somewhat apologetic before he ducks a Prince Puma roundhouse, and in a cruel twist of fate, THAT is what knocks out our referee! Now we see the real Mundo. The Prince catches a kick to his crown jewels and delivers a huge clothesline to the champion. He takes to the top rope but we know what's going to happen next. Yup! There's Jack Evans on the ropes in luminous green attire. He gets rocked by a kick from Puma but PJ Black strikes down the challenger, in matching attire to his teammate I must add! Mundo celebrates the appearance of his stablemates as PJ continues to stomp on Puma. Mundo holds Puma up for the suspended suplex, superkick into backbreaker combo that we've seen all season. If that wasn't enough, Jack Evans can talk again!


Evans leaps off the ropes and delivers one hell of a spinning kick to the face of Lucha Underground. Taya appears with Rick Knox and throws the referee into the ring, just as Puma gets dropped by the Cradle DDT from Black. Mundo goes for the cover and surely it cannot end this way. Not tonight. 1... 2... BUT PUMA KICKS OUT!

Even Rick Knox looks shocked as the challenger remains in this match. Johnny Mundo continues to argue with the official but not only that, he slaps him in the face. If that wasn't bad enough, Black superkicks him and the entire Worldwide Underground berate the referee before sending him out of the ring. Taya throws not just one but two chairs into the ring as Mundo and Black line up the conchairto!

But “THERE'S ANGELICOOOOOO!” as Vampiro screams aloud.

The man who was injured at the hands of the Worldwide Underground returns for the second season in a row at Ultima Lucha to thwart Johnny Mundo. The Worldwide Underground look like they've seen a ghost as he delivers knees to both Black and Evans. Taya goes to slap the intruder but the hand is caught and Mundo inadvertently slams a steel chair across his own girlfriend's face! Angelico delivers one hell of a high kick to Mundo to knock the chair out of his possession and with Mundo now facing the steps, there's only one thing left to do: Hit a senton! Suddenly...


Puma has recovered between the ropes and nails a rolling Johnny with a double knee press from the ropes! Then, he hits it! THE 630! FOR ONE, TWO... KICK OUT?!

How did Mundo kick out?!

Out of nowhere runs out Ricky Mundo with a kendo stick but Angelico lays him out easily with a kick. Putting the stick to good use, Angelico chases the entire Worldwide Underground out of the arena, especially keeping on Jack Evans who turns in a different direction but with the Temple's highest-flyer still in pursuit.

We're back to a one-on-one fight now as Marty Elias is ready to call this down the middle once more. The two men strike each other repeatedly until finally, Prince Puma gets the advantage! He punches Mundo all the way into the corner but he has to collapse right by him, exhausted. Puma is rocked by a kick to the face, or so it looked like, but he delivers one hell of a spinning kick to Mundo for a cover just one moment later. 1... 2... No!

What's next for both of these men? They both ascend to the top rope and... wait... is Johnny going for..? He is! THE SUPER MOONLIGHT DRIVE CONNECTS! 1... 2... THR- NO! PUMA KICKS OUT!

How is he doing this?! I think I might have said that before but how!? Wherever he's finding his resources, he needs to dig deeper now as Mundo instantly pulls him into the corner to go for another End of the World. Johnny goes for it but watches Puma roll away so flips to his feet. He quickly goes for it again- END OF THE WORLD! THAT ONE CONNECTS! 1... 2... WHAT?!

How did Puma kick out of that one?! The Believers chant for these men to “Fight Forever” and I don't blame them. This has been one hell of a match. Whilst this is happening, Mundo hammers away at Puma and drags him to another corner. END OF THE WORLD – KNEES UP! Puma recovers to hit a pump kick, a roundhouse kick AND a knee to the face. Mundo is still on his feet but is as groggy as anyone I've ever seen. He is floored by the shotgun dropkick which sends him into the corner! Could it be?! He looks to his people and delivers the 630 SPLASH TO END ALL 630 SPLASHES, BUT DOES IT PUT AWAY MUNDO?!



The Believers ROAR with the announcement that Prince Puma has won his second Lucha Underground championship. They cannot believe it as they chant his name aloud. Vampiro looks as proud as anything. Is that pride though? Matt Striker tells Vampiro he should be proud but wait, there's another voice, and it's Dario's!

“Hold on, hold on, hold on!” El Jefe appears from his office.

“You have made your hometown and your ancestors proud. You still have your career and you are the first ever two-time Lucha Underground Champion. BUT! The night is not over! Because we're having ONE MORE MATCH.”

The Believers seem to have clocked on to what has happened here as they're chanting CERO MIEDO in their droves... Could it be?

I want to take a moment to interject here and praise that match. It almost felt as if all of the interference this season had one big pay off and that was this main event. We had Angelico return to take his revenge against the Worldwide Underground, we had an official decide that enough was enough finally, and we had a clean win in spite of everything that went down. Johnny, Puma, thank you very much for this one. Again, look for this to be charting pretty highly in those end of year lists...


Returning to the Temple, Dario Cueto introduces the current Lucha Underground Champion who is already in the ring, PRIIIIINCE PUMA!

Puma raises the belt along with the two-time symbol, yet he doesn't seem to know exactly what's going on. Dario is more than willing to explain.

“As for your opponent, this man came to me last week after his victory and wanted to challenge the Lucha Underground Champion tonight. Now, usually I'd want to promote something this gigantic, especially since I'm the one who made the rule. But, rules are like bones, they are made to be broken! AND... after all... It IS Ultima Lucha. SO, please welcome, Puma's opponent is... THE GIFT OF THE GODS CHAMPION... PENTAGON DARK!”

With that, out storms Pentagon to the Believers who have VERY QUICKLY starting chanting for him. Dario Cueto is seen smirking as Pentagon slides into the ring and holds his title in front of Puma's face, and yet we STILL can't begin here.

“OH!” Dario remembers. “And one more thing, not only is the Lucha Underground Championship on the line, so are BOTH of your careers. That's right, tonight, one of you will leave my Temple with the Lucha Underground Championship. The other will leave my Temple... FOREVER!”

Matt Striker's voice starts to falter here as he tells us that one of these men will be the champion and one will be nevermore.


Lucha Underground Championship
Loser Leaves Lucha
Prince Puma (c) vs. Pentagon Dark

Just like their previous battles, Puma blasts Pentagon in the face with a kick before sprinting and unleashing a senton on his opponent. He throws Pentagon back in the ring, takes to the top rope, jumps and gets absolutely pummeled with a thrust kick to the face. With what looked like a double knee variation of a rolling piledriver, he sets up Puma for the arm break and... surely he doesn't get it mid-match... BUT HE DOES! HE BREAKS PUMA'S ARM!

Puma has to wrestle the rest of this match with just one arm! The trainers come to Puma who pops his arm back in to place, tapes it up and agrees to continue fighting! Pentagon takes to this well and slaps the champion in the corner. He takes him into the corner and kicks him on two occasions. When Pentagon goes for another, he is sent to the apron and dropkicked right off it! Matt Striker asks Vampiro which of his two students are better but he refuses to truly answer that as we have to wonder if the fix is in. Puma goes for a moonsault off the apron but eats the feet of Pentagon!

With Prince Puma rolled into the ring, Pentagon goes for the Package Piledriver, but the champion breaks out! He manages to hit the Northern Lights Suplex and manages to use his abs and legs to deliver the other! What strength! The standing Shooting Star Press could do it here! 1... 2... NO!

Both men get back to their feet and engage in a battle of fists and slaps. Pentagon manages to come out on top though as Puma cannot put any force behind one of his arms. The skeleton ninja takes advantage, untapes his arm and goes for one definitive slap but Puma kicks his way out of the predicament, tries to retape his limb, and continues to kick. He is fighting for dear life here, not just his career! When he takes to the ropes however and flips 180 degrees, a slide dropkick from Pentagon nails him right in the face! 1... 2... NO!

In one hell of a metaphor for what has happened here, the crowd have changed the Olé chant to end in the trademark CERO MIEDO call of the challenger. The crowd have turned against their hometown hero here for the darkness of Pentagon. The Breaker of Bones goes for the Mexican Destroyer and yet Puma rolls out with a kick. Pentagon ducks and tries the Package Piledriver yet the champion breaks out again! With a kick to the ribs, Dark tries to stun Puma but he is unable to do so... FLIPPING PILEDRIVER! Puma NAILS Pentagon. He gets the challenger up on his shoulders, drops him to his feet and delivers a HUGE superkick out of nowhere. 1... 2... KICK OUT! HOW?!

The fans think this is awesome even though one of their favourites is destined to lose their career. Prince Puma takes to the top rope and looks for Vampiro's approval who has walked towards the turnbuckle. He nods and with that acknowledgement, Puma goes for THE 630 SPLASH -


Matt Striker has realised now. “YOU PULLED HIM OUT OF THE WAY! YOU PULLED HIM OUT OF THE WAY!” The Believers are stunned by this sudden turn as Pentagon loads up the inevitable PACKAGE PILEDRIVER for 1... 2...


Striker cannot believe it! He cheers on Puma and refuses to let Vampiro near him, just as Pentagon loads up one more PACKAGE PILEDRIVER for 1... 2... 3!

He's finally the champion! It's over! Puma is gone!


Vampiro enters the ring, takes one look at Pentagon and he delivers that trademark Cero Miedo gesture! The two embrace and just like that, Vampiro is now wrapping the belt around Pentagon's waist!

Matt Striker wishes Prince Puma well from the announce table as Pentagon gives him the Cero Miedo hand symbol right in front of his face.

Puma slowly makes his way to the back, holding his arm in agony. He takes one last look back at the ring he made his own, the title that he held more times than anyone else, and the fans he once called his own but now chant for his goodbye. With his head bowed low, he makes his way through the smoke for one final time.

The fans chant “Thank you Puma!” now as they come to their senses for one final moment, until Pentagon takes the microphone however!

“My name is... Pentagon Dark! I am now the new champion of Lucha... UNDERGROUND! And therefore, this is my Temple and I rule it with CEROOOO MIEDOOOO!”

The Believers complete his phrase as Vampiro rubs his hands together. Is this the end?!

Folks, since I started watching Lucha Underground, Pentagon Dark has easily been “my guy”. Like many others, I have longed for a Pentagon title victory. Yet, Lucha Underground booked this so PERFECTLY that my overwhelming emotion was sadness for Prince Puma, who simply had his world ripped away from him in spite of his superhuman efforts! This was art, and again, whilst I collect myself, all I can do again is thank Puma and bow down to our new champion: Pentagon Dark!

Also, that Vampiro turn, it was kind of obvious but so, so worth it.



As Pentagon's theme rings out in the background, we watch as Prince Puma takes his final steps out of the Temple, looking into the harsh light of reality. With one half-look behind him, he removes the mask and pushes open the curtain for one last time, leaving us with nothing but the disguise on the floor that represented the character we knew and loved. Thank you Puma.

The Gauntlet surges within its case as King Cuerno takes one proud look at his prized possession, another focused look at the lens watching him, and tips his hat, finally victorious.

At the Lucha El Rey press conference, Sexy Star poses for photographs and is happy to sign anything that the fans present to her. One such fan is a young girl who provides Sexy with a beautiful floral box. Star is more than happy to see this young fan and leans in to allow her young admirer to speak: “She hasn't forgotten about you.” With that, Sexy opens the box to find yet another Tarantula; she lets out the most enraged scream.

The Rabbit Tribe bow down to leader, the White Rabbit himself! Or so, they thought. Mascarita Sagrada continues to protest that he is NOT the White Rabbit... but he WILL take them to him. “Follow me.” London and friends don't need a clearer instruction as they happily run after the little grappler.

Melissa Santos looks to leave the show and Fenix makes sure to kiss her before they depart for the night. They ride off in the Firebird, watched by Catrina, perhaps looking at the one she truly loves. Speaking of which, Jeremiah Crane watches her in turn, knowing what he has to do next.

Daga is seen swinging a sword as he looks at Kobra Moon for orders. “Now, take your place as my new King.” He happily obliges. “Yes, my Queen!” With that, it's revealed that Daga has been alive all of this time as Vibora, Kobra and Drago watch the chained Pindar meet his demise. The latter of the watching trio has his chain yanked to his frustration and he grimaces once more when a screaming Pindar's head is swept by the blade.

Vampiro kneels within the Dojo: “I have done as you instructed. Puma is gone forever. Pentagon has ascended to new heights.” It seems to please his Master who tells him that he will be the one to make Pentagon fall. “You have done well.” He tells Vampiro who is quick to thank him. We see the skeletal face of the Master before both of them disappear completely within the smoke.

Matanza rattles the chains of his prison and is watched by none other than Rey Mysterio. He is alive, but just as doomed as his rival.


Dario pours out a drink for him and one for Agent Winter. Holding the Red Bull in his other hand, he assures Agent Winter:

“Please, tell your Boss I will get the Gauntlet back.”

The Agent sighs after downing the drink before smiling, being rather reassuring himself.

“Don't you worry, you get a pass.”

Dario questions the charming agent at this moment:

“I do? Why?”

The right-hand man of the Lord stands up, adjusts his suit and is keen to explain the Lord's reasoning.

“'Cause you'll be dead.”

With that, he pulls out a gun and before Dario can react, we hear the sound of, and see the light of two bullets from outside Dario's door.

Adjusting his suit once more, Agent Winter informs the dying Cueto that new management will take care of the Gauntlet and all of his other messes. Still, he still has the decency to show common courtesy.

“Thanks for the drink.”

As Agent Winter leaves, an unconscious Dario comes to whatever senses he still has. He clutches the Red Bull with one hand though has to painfully remove it so that his blood-stained hands can reach the equally scarlet phone. He desperately breathes and stutters as he makes a call using the rotary system. He tries to utter a phrase to the recipient.


The rest is inaudible, before all sound is silenced when he collapses back into his chair. All except the voice on the other line, who desperately screams out for his son.

YES! We didn't get this in Season 2 but finally, we have the big Tekken style ending again as we now learn of the characters' individual stories following Ultima Lucha.

Prince Puma's ending scene was perfect. I love how he left the mask in the Temple, which is fitting as he won't be using it elsewhere.

Cuerno's scene was short but sweet as it looks like he is going to refuse the power of the Gauntlet and will simply keep it as a possession, protecting the Temple from the power behind that glove, whether he knows about it or not!

F*ck Sexy Star. I did not expect to have to talk to her again. I can only assume they left her in as she'll be killed off-screen by this spider character.

It's amazing to think that The Rabbit Tribe might have been somewhat right about Mascarita after all this time. It's either that he seemingly knows the Rabbit at least or he's going to lead them somewhere away from the Temple in the hope that they don't come back and pester him. I do think it's the former though as they have carried him away from beatings on numerous occasions over the past few weeks so I do think the little man will show some gratitude. I actually wouldn't mind an Adam Rose debut here, as he is one of the people who makes the most sense for the role!

The Melissa Santos scene was a beautiful reveal to show that Fenix is the man that Catrina loves, and also that he'll be stalked by Crane because of it.

I actually somewhat called the Daga scene here when I said in my previous column that he would not only be alive but he would kill one of the Reptiles! The only part I got wrong was that I also said he would find his freedom! Instead, it looks like he has found his destiny, brainwashed or not, as he gets to have creepy snake sex with Kobra Moon as her King! Drago's expressions show that maybe HE is not as brainwashed as we thought, and perhaps he just fears for his own life going against the Tribe.

Vampiro's Master isn't Pentagon?! Pentagon has been set up to fail as well?! That's a cruel twist of fate, but it will certainly make one hell of a story. I spoke to my buddy Cult Icon about this and we're pretty convinced that the Master was Bestia 666 who has his own history with Pentagon and certainly works on a satanic level. Awesome!

Wait until Matanza finds out what has happened to his brother. Rey Mysterio still being alive but imprisoned was a great reveal, and if he has signed on for another season, I think he'll be able to tame the Monster given the look of pity that he displayed at the end for him. I truly think we'll start to see a humanized Matanza or a monster face going against the new management.

And ah yes, new management! Do we all believe Dario to be dead here? I don't! I don't know see Luiz Fernandez-Gil giving up the Lucha gig considering the identity the Dario Cueto character has given him! It looks like we're going to see Cueto Sr. at some point, the same man who sacrificed Matanza to the Gods. This is going to get good... if we get a fourth season that is!


18th October – Pentagon Dark (4)

11th October – Pentagon Dark (3)
4th October - Fenix
27th September – Killshot (2) and Dante Fox (2)
20th September – Pentagon Dark (2) and Son of Havoc (2)
13th September – Matanza Cueto
6th September – Cortez Castro
30th August – Son of Havoc
23rd August – Prince Puma (4)
16th August – Dario Cueto
9th August – Mil Muertes (2)
2nd August – Prince Puma (3)
26th July – Pentagon Dark
19th July – PJ Black
12th July – Marty “The Moth” Martinez (2)
5th July – Dante Fox
28th June – Jeremiah Crane (2)
21st June – Marty “The Moth” Martinez
14th June – Cage (3)
7th June – Prince Puma (2)
31st May – Johnny Mundo (4) and The Mack (3)
11th January – Dragon Azteca Jr.
4th January – Johnny Mundo (3)
28th December – Cage (2)
21st December – The Mack (2)
14th December – Jeremiah Crane
7th December – The Mack
30th November – Vampiro
23rd November – Johnny Mundo (2)
16th November – Sexy Star
9th November – Mil Muertes
2nd November - Rey Mysterio Jr. (2)
26th October - Johnny Mundo
19th October - Drago
12th October - Chavo Guerrero Jr.
5th October - Cage
28th September - Prince Puma
21st September - Jack Evans
14th September - Killshot
7th September - Rey Mysterio Jr.

I was SO CLOSE to giving this to Puma for one final time, so close!

Away from all of the nostalgia though and two BRILLIANT performances, I couldn't bring myself not to give this to the man who has finally achieved his goal after coming up short a few times over the past few seasons.

Plus, if I gave this to Puma, he'd be on 5 for the season, and there'd be no reason for anyone to find out who my SEASON GOD is. Am I right?!

With Mundo, Puma and Pentagon on four a piece, anything can happen. Even I am not sure of the criteria yet that I'll use to separate them.

So for perhaps THE VERY LAST TIME, but at least for the last time this season, I hand this week's award to Pentagon Dark for finally capturing his elusive title.


At the start of the season, I asked commenters on Lordsofpain and Twitter to predict when they believe the “Lord” will appear during this season. The winner would receive a one-time joint column with myself on this very website AND a special prize that I was keeping as mysterious as the Lord itself.

I've changed the tense there, because, well, nobody won! BeaverCleavage had the smart idea of going with Episode 40 but it still didn't pay off as the Lord amazingly did not appear all season.

I guess the very least I can do is reveal that I was going to buy an official Lucha Underground t-shirt for the winner as the special prize.

I wish I could just choose someone here but there's no way of me doing that with me being fair to everyone else. Maybe next season?


Lucha, if this was potentially the final episode ever then what a way to go out. You gave us throwbacks to the first season – with Black Lotus reappearing, and Mundo and Puma squaring off. You gave us huge moments to remember – with Dario's potential death, Cuerno's return and Pentagon's title win. You even gave us so much to await, with Daga's King reveal, the idea of new management and well... let's forget about that tarantula. Please!

Most of all though, you gave us reason to watch, to cheer, to be absolutely overwhelmed. You gave us reason... reason to believe.

And for that, more than anything else, I thank you.

Thank you to the talent, the writers, the producers, the directors, the Network, any other financial backers and to any other behind the scenes personnel. Most importantly, thank you Lucha Underground.

But hey, it may not even end here.

And you know what?

It doesn't have to.

Follow me on Twitter, you'll soon see exactly what I mean...

At the very least, I'll be back soon with my End of Season Review columns. Until then though, don't stop believing and thank you for reading.


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