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Posted in: The Green Room
SOUND OF THE UNDERGROUND: S3E39 - Ultima Lucha Tres Part 3
By Ryan "Leaf" Plant
Oct 14, 2017 - 5:38:06 PM

Season 3, Episode 39
Ultima Lucha Tres Part 3

It's the penultimate part of Ultima Lucha Tres and depending on who you speak to, the penultimate episode of Lucha Underground itself?! Now, I don't know that for sure, and I'm sure we all hope that not to be the case. What I do know is this should be fantastic, so let's do this!

For the third successive week, the sound of "WELCOME TO ULTIMA LUCHA TRES!" kicks us off. Melissa Santos introduces us to the show and Matt Striker gives his thanks to Mariachi El Bronx. Tonight, we have the Gift of the Gods Ladder Match, a Trios Championships Match but as Vampiro tells us, it's the Last Luchadora Standing match that gets us underway. Despite the fact that Sexy Star cannot put the word 'professional' in "professional wrestler", let's do this!

Santos tells us that our first competitor represents the Worldwide Underground and out comes Taya! She is primed and ready with a bat in hand. The Believers are absolutely behind her in this one with the Wera Loca chants being almost as loud as the Cero Miedo counterpart. Maybe Sexy's recent actions have been a good thing here if the crowd were going to be against her anyway at this taping many moons ago!

The sound of "Sexyyyy! Starrrr!" means that the former Lucha Underground Champion is here to a lesser reaction than her opponent. She looks mad here as she disrobes from her entrance idea. She's so mad that she might just break an arm...

Surprisingly, both women wait for the bell before they attack each other!

Last Luchadora Standing
Taya vs. Sexy Star

The two luchadoras compare brass knuckles but neither can come into play just yet as Star kicks Taya right in her Canadian ribs. A takedown from the Worldwide Underground member gives her the brief change in momentum before Sexy kicks her square in the face. She follows this up with a hurricanrana as I struggle to care less. Sorry, but after Triplemania, I really am struggling here.

Of course, my emotions quickly change when the fight spills to the outside and Taya slams Sexy right up against the unforgiving fencing. Before she even has chance to recover, a very stiff kick to the ribs causing Justin Borden to count. Taya makes the right decision by breaking the count as it wouldn't have been enough. Sadly, her next decision isn't too smart, as she props Sexy against the wall ready for cannonball, but her target's avoidance means that she ends up spilling through several chairs before taking a hard landing. The two ladies get into a fist fight and even push open a door to a lesser-realmed part of the Temple before the action spills back to the announce table.

Justin Borden is counting away now as Taya has been smashed against the table. Actually, on the subject of smashing, a bleeding Taya makes it to her feet but is blasted by a glass bottle! Still, Wera Loca makes it to her feet just as Sexy Star unfolds a table. A big kick to the face seems enough to stun Johnny Mundo's main squeeze. I only said “seemed” though, as she somehow finds it within herself to turn the tables against Star and drag her by her hair away from the wooden weapon. I'm sure we'll return to that later. For now, they slap each other silly on the stairs before Taya throws Public Enemy Number One down every step.

In an interesting call, Matt Striker actually gives the tables a story, as he explains that they were under the ring for the Lucha Tres afterparty. Reasons for weapons being under the ring?! We should do that more often! I've never really understood why wrestlers set up several tables when they already have the chance to slam their opponent through the first one. Sexy Star takes advantage of the momentary interruption as she begins slapping Taya's chest for her life. The rudo runs away and climbs into the upper seating but Sexy clambers up to resume their battle. Slaps turns to punches as the former Lucha Underground Champion hammers away at the busted wound. Suddenly, Taya grabs the throat of Sexy and this cannot be good. One of those tables lies just below them, and with Sexy's struggle, BOTH of these women fall through the wood together.

Justin Borden has to count here, and we're up to nine! With one hand on the table, Sexy manages to put her hand to better use than breaking an arm illegally. She uses it to grab onto the ringside table to pull herself up before the ten count. Taya hadn't been so lucky though. It's over!

WINNER: Sexy Star

Sexy Star seems relieved and so am I as that's the last time I'll ever have to comment on one of her matches. Go figure!

Folks, the fact that I actually enjoyed this brief brawl between these two fighters says it all about the match that they delivered, considering I had no intention of getting into this contest following Sexy Star's recent publicized actions. Both of them performed well here, and I'm not even going to make any excuses about this all being Taya as it wasn't. It's a shame about what has happened, but I'm also glad now that we can all move past the Sexy Star chapter of Lucha Underground together.


We return to the Temple without a single moment of hesitation. Melissa Santos announces another huge match and it's the champions that come out first! Accompanied by Kobra Moon, it's the Reptile Tribe of Drago, Pindar and Vibora. Kobra and Drago look especially vibrant today, wearing special outfits for this big Ultima Lucha Tres event I imagine. Kobra's headdress is something that has to be seen to be believed. One thing to note here is that they were not announced as being from When Reptiles Ruled The Earth. Is that a foreshadowing for the fact they will no longer rule Lucha Underground following this match?

Coming out to The Mack's downbeat theme are The Mack, Killshot and Dante Fox! In a nice piece of continuity, The Mack and Killshot come down the steps the same way that they came into Lucha Underground: TOGETHER. Dante skulks behind and it's hard to read his expression. He doesn't seem to be keeping his distance now though as he catches up with his former Brother In Arms. Both men are taped up here and Dante even has a vest on. I was hoping that this match was taped BEFORE their Hell of War but I heard that this was done a mere 24 hours after their contest. Yikes!

The bell rings now and surely the pain that these men have put themselves through already will have been more than what the Reptile Tribe can dish out. We shall see.

Trios Championship
The Reptile Tribe (c) vs. The Mack, Killshot and Dante Fox

Just when it seems like Drago would start this match, Pindar jumps over the ropes. Likewise, just when it seemed like The Mack is ready for battle, Dante Fox blind tags himself in to oppose the Lizard. Killshot is just as bemused as The Mack but the Believers have come alive for Fox. He's easily overpowered at first as he winces when whipped into the corner. Let's not forget what his back looks like. He tries to keep himself in this match already with a kick to the chest and an enziguri but surely those injuries will catch up with him. Speaking of which, he holds his back in sheer pain following a hurricanrana, and either for his own safety or due to their immense rivalry, Killshot tags himself in when Fox backs into the corner.

In a surprising move, the Reptiles are stepping over their own toes as well, as Vibora tags himself in to deliver a double chokeslam to both of these war-torn rivals. Killshot is dragged around the ring, his back scraping against the canvas. Drago comes in to the match and wastes no time with a kicking combination including one hell of a roundhouse kick to the face. A hurricanrana sends Killshot to the canvas as Matt Striker tells us that Drago is undefeated at Ultima Lucha. He must have heard my question from last week. Killshot is prone to a double team now as the perhaps-brainwashed Drago surprisingly becomes the first man for the Reptile Tribe to tag in his partner the old-fashioned way.

The two Reptiles try to pick at Killshot together but he fights them off before falling to a big Pindar powerslam. Backed into the corner, his already busted ribs are decimated by a couple of slaps before a Pop-Up Cutter more than likely opens up some old wounds! We get our first cover of the entire night for 1... 2... But Mack breaks it up! But wait, on the subject of teamwork, Fox is begging for a tag from Killshot. Pindar manages to drag Killshot into Vibora's path though who chokes him in the corner. Just when Pindar tries to take advantage, his chest becomes a springboard for a Killshot backflip dropsault before the Hero of War tags in The Mack. Game on!

It's the return of the Mack as he hits what looks like a Superman Punch to Vibora in the corner to send him all of the way off the apron. A clothesline floors Pindar before an enziguri decimates Drago! He delivers repeated fastbreak clotheslines to both Pindar and Drago in respective corners before delivering a huge Samoan Drop to Drago. Speaking of huge though, a vengeful Vibora almost knocks the fan favourite's head off with a big boot. Damn. Wait though, here springs Dante Fox who gets caught with the chokeslam, but manages to backflip out of the chokehold and even leaps back and kips up to avoid a clothesline attempt! He delivers his own enziguri which is followed by a Killshot knee to Vibora's face. Both of these men look at each other and could it be, they're working together?! Or should I say 'were', as Vibora double clotheslines the pair of them, sending them rolling to separate corners. United they stood, divided they fell.

It's absolute chaos now as Mack delivers a knee strike to Vibora's ribs, but he is in turn struck by Drago's enziguri. Dante Fox blasts Drago with a superkick. Pindar sprints at Fox who lifts him onto the apron, ready to be blasted to the outside by Killshot. A standing moonsault from the apron sees Fox take out Pindar, but an equally impressive dive to the outside from Drago takes out the One Man Army too! Before Killshot can join the fray, his run is cut off by ANOTHER huge clothesline from the beast that is Vibora. The “Luchasaurus” looks to make a surprising entrance to the splash party but his attempt is gatecrashed by the Pounce of The Mack! Vibora rolls to the outside and both Killshot and Fox roll in! In an AMAZING piece of teamwork, Killshot points at Fox before running and backflipping onto Drago while the elevated Dante Fox springs over his body to take out Vibora with the highest of sentons. Oh my!

Matt Striker tells us that “THIS IS LUCHA!” as the fans decide that this is in fact awesome. After Fox had removed his top just moments ago, we now see a close shot of his ripped back, still missing pieces of his own flesh of course. Given their injuries, it makes sense that it is The Mack who enters the ring following his teammate's death-defying stunts. Pindar delivers a Shotgun Kick a moment later however. In spite of this reptile's advantage, Kobra Moon tries to present him with the chain that is used for Drago's transportation. He refuses though, wagging his finger at the Queen. He tries to load up a powerbomb but the distraction has allowed Mack to recover. He shoves Pindar onto the top rope and he in turn is shoved back by the Lizard. Out of nowhere, Dante Fox runs up to deliver DANTE'S INFERNO to Pindar, sending him crashing back down onto the canvas. If that wasn't enough, the champion gets a STUNNER FROM THE MACK! And if that STILL isn't enough, he sits up ever so slightly only for the KILL STOMP to send him back down to the mat again. Killshot's final move allows Mack to dive across the ring to go for the cover. 1... 2... 3... They did it! They actually did it!

WINNERS AND NEW TRIOS CHAMPIONS: The Mack, Killshot and Dante Fox

Killshot and Mack are absolutely elated in the ring, and the bleeding Fox on the outside cannot quite believe what has happened. He rolls back in to meet his partners who hold their belts up high, the plates against one another. They look back at him and Killshot gestures for him to join, and with just a moment's hesitation, HE DOES! The three men look to the camera and celebrate. They did it... together.

What a match! I'm glad that they didn't go down the formula of the Mack playing a face in peril, carrying the load because his partners were too injured, or The Mack being kept out of the match for a long period because he is the fresh one. Each man got substantial time within the match but Fox and Killshot still managed to sell their injuries so beautifully, wincing at every possible moment. This was a great match, and it was so good to see two unsung heroes of Lucha Underground from Season One until now – The Mack and Killshot – get their first taste of gold. Not only that, but arguably one of the, if not THE in-ring performer of the season Dante Fox gets his well deserved prize as well. Are we seeing a split with the Reptiles? What was that Daga sword clip about in the Season 3 trailer? Will we ever find out?!


It's not Ultima Lucha without Striker and Vampiro running down the rest of the card, and Striker tells us that we once again get two hours for the final part of the Season Finale. We only have three announced matches though: El Dragon Azteca Jr. and Matanza taking their long heated rivalry into a steel cage, Cage defending his Gauntlet of the Gods against its two pursuers Jeremiah Crane and Mil Muertes, AND Prince Puma putting his career on the line to challenge for Johnny Mundo's Lucha Underground Championship! Surely we'll get plenty of revelations along the way too then given the fact that we have an extra hour available!

Speaking of revelations, we'll about to learn who is the next Gift of the Gods Champion. Melissa Santos introduces Son of Havoc who is greeted by an absolute roar from the Believers. For perhaps the only time since turning tecnico though, he might be outmatched in popularity! The dueling chants have already started with Cero Miedo being the counterpart to the fans chanting his name.

Those words only become louder when Pentagon Dark is announced. He is wearing his trademark tee this time around for the first time since adopting this new persona for himself. Well, or so I thought. He enters the ring, rips the vest right off himself, and stares at Son of Havoc like the badass Darth Vader of the Temple that he is. Here we go!

Ladder Match for the Gift of the Gods Championship
Son of Havoc vs. Pentagon Dark

The two fighters trash talk with one another before shoving ensues. A superkick from Pentagon is traded with a pump kick from Havoc. A corkscrew plancha from Havoc to Pentagon to the outside may look beautiful, but his following offence is anything but, as he sends Pentagon into two respective ladders! Havoc continues his onslaught, slamming Pentagon onto the table and then into the fencing! With a ladder in hand, the Biker throws the end-game weapon right into the back of his opponent. He attempts to go for the early win here but just as he slides into the ring and tries to take the ladder that he is just propped against the ropes, the Skeleton Ninja guillotines it right into his face.

It's Pentagon in control now as he too slams the ladder against the back of his foe. Is as if stacking two crisscrossed ladders was not enough, he brings in two more! Suddenly, a fifth ladder is literally thrown between the ropes and a crazed Pentagon decides that now is the time to join it. The man with Cero Miedo props up two ladders in two corners and delivers a HUGE thrust kick to the ribs of Havoc. As he props up ladder three and then four, Havoc recovers and springs across the ring with the back elbow right into Pentagon against that final ladder. He kicks the man with Cero Miedo square in the face for good measure and now it's Havoc's fight to lose.

The bearded former Trios Champion goes to the outside and brings in yet another weapon. This time he props a chair against the corner. He tries to whip Pentagon who manages to reverse the maneuver. Havoc stops dead in his tracks though and avoids the charging Dark in order to send his face right into the steel. With a ladder propped right between the groin, Matt Striker gets to make his very rare Steely Dan call as Son of Havoc continues to send the ladder into the spuds of Pentagon by way of several steel chair shots. For the first time in the match, Havoc tries to climb a ladder but falls away from the rungs by way of two steel chair shots from the skeleton ninja himself.

Vampiro announces that he's liking Pentagon which should tell you everything about what direction the end of the season might be going in. Pentagon Dark slides out of the ring, slides back in with a table to the Believers' delight, and sets up his opponent nicely. As he looks to climb up a propped ladder in the corner, his opponent breaks out of his groggy state, jumps off the wood, and climbs up a few rungs to send Pentagon through instead thanks to a big back body drop! As the Believers chant “LUCHA”, there's a very different voice in Havoc's head telling him to lie a ladder across the chest of his fellow challenger. He takes to the top rope now and goes for the SHOOTING STAR PRESS – CAUGHT INTO A CUTTER BY THE EMERGING PENTAGON DARK! What a move!

Pentagon stocks up on chairs but surprisingly rolls Havoc out of the ring. It all becomes clear when he goes for a dive to the outside but he must have forgotten about one chair as Havoc blasts it right in his face! The biker slides back into the ring and begins to make that dreaded two-chair contraption right in the middle of the canvas. Like a wild west standoff, only with steel chairs, both men hold their weapon and go to draw. Pentagon's attempt is ducked and Havoc blasts him in the face once more. That makes both of the weapons his prize and suddenly we have a bed of four chairs right in the middle of it all. Pentagon still manages to recover though and he joins Havoc on top of the four weapons to deliver a PACKAGE PILEDRIVER THROUGH FOUR STEEL CHAIRS! Wow! That HAS to be it.

In spite of everything, he refuses to make his way up the ladder. Instead, he props up a horizontal ladder between its centrally propped counterpart and the ropes. He even slides in a brand new table and sets it up accordingly. As Striker cannot believe what Pentagon is doing, Vampiro is smiling from ear to ear. Pentagon lays out Havoc on the table and climbs the main ladder, yet his opponent recovers and joins him. Havoc holds onto Pentagon as the determined skeleton ninja thrust kicks backwards. Eventually, both men end up on top of the platformed horizontal ladder and try to force each man off it, when all of a sudden, Havoc is URUNAGED THROUGH THE TABLE! Now THAT, yes THAT has to be it. Pentagon finally decides that now is the time as he slowly climbs up rung by rung and grabs the title! He has finally done it! He is just one match away from becoming Lucha Underground Champion!


The Believers absolutely erupt as Pentagon holds his new gold high. He knows how close he is now. He can taste it. Vampiro is stangely quiet during this moment as Matt Striker tells us to beware of things that go bump in the night and beware of Pentagon Dark!

Real talk now my friends. I have seen a lot of people call this match boring or disappointing online, which is strange as I absolutely enjoyed the hell out of this one. I don't think the pace was too slow at all, I just think it wasn't completely fast-paced either because they went for the methodical ladder match approach. Saying that, I'm the man who loved the Cuerno-Fenix ladder match when others disagreed, and this followed suit.

It's a shame to see Havoc come up short as his story also made sense to culminate with a Gift of the Gods Title win on this show, but his time will come. Pentagon's has finally arrived and you have to wonder if he will cash in next week. I think he will, and I'm certainly even more convinced after what comes next...


We see the half-lit moon in the sky but it's all about the mysterious beings that lie below it.

Prince Puma sits cross-legged within the Dojo. The candles and what is shown of that white sphere in the sky are the only things that light up this room of unearthly meditation. Vampiro's words though have a way to fill the air.

“Next week, all of this comes to an end. These are the last steps of our journey. You will not let Mundo take your career. You will take his title, no, YOUR title, then the circle will be complete.”

The face-painted Master of Prince Puma asks his protégé one final definitive question.

“Do you understand?”

Grimacing, the former face of all that is good in Lucha Underground replies...

“I do.”

“Then you are ready, so go...”

The building drums in the background of the scene could not be more fitting as we lead to a sense of impending danger. Vampiro adjusts his robe and crouches within the flames when another ominous voice can be heard.


A smirk emerges from Vampiro's undead lips as he blows out the candles. He now sits only illuminated by the lightbulbs that have been lit up in his head all along, helping their plan come to light.

“Thank you... Master...”

In spite of the fact that the voice sounded exactly like the Lord, and also in spite of the fact that Agent Winter is a huge Pentagon Dark fan, I don't think the Master was either of these two men. Given the end of Ultima Lucha Dos, I think that was Pentagon himself speaking to Vampiro, confirming that the end of the last season was simply the passing of the torch and Dark managing to usurp Vampiro as the Master in their relationship.

What a segment. I'm absolutely stoked knowing that next week's show will be off the charts and maybe, just maybe, we'll get that Pentagon title fan that we have all wanted to see.


11th October – Pentagon Dark (3)

4th October - Fenix
27th September – Killshot (2) and Dante Fox (2)
20th September – Pentagon Dark (2) and Son of Havoc (2)
13th September – Matanza Cueto
6th September – Cortez Castro
30th August – Son of Havoc
23rd August – Prince Puma (4)
16th August – Dario Cueto
9th August – Mil Muertes (2)
2nd August – Prince Puma (3)
26th July – Pentagon Dark
19th July – PJ Black
12th July – Marty “The Moth” Martinez (2)
5th July – Dante Fox
28th June – Jeremiah Crane (2)
21st June – Marty “The Moth” Martinez
14th June – Cage (3)
7th June – Prince Puma (2)
31st May – Johnny Mundo (4) and The Mack (3)
11th January – Dragon Azteca Jr.
4th January – Johnny Mundo (3)
28th December – Cage (2)
21st December – The Mack (2)
14th December – Jeremiah Crane
7th December – The Mack
30th November – Vampiro
23rd November – Johnny Mundo (2)
16th November – Sexy Star
9th November – Mil Muertes
2nd November - Rey Mysterio Jr. (2)
26th October - Johnny Mundo
19th October - Drago
12th October - Chavo Guerrero Jr.
5th October - Cage
28th September - Prince Puma
21st September - Jack Evans
14th September - Killshot
7th September - Rey Mysterio Jr.

Firstly, f*ck Sexy Star.

Secondly, as great was it to see The Mack, Killshot and Dante Fox get rewarded for everything that they have done for this show, this night was about Pentagon Dark.

As I said earlier, some of you may have loved that match – I certainly did, but some of you may have felt slightly let down. What can't be denied is that the victory has propelled Pentagon ever closer to the Championship that has eluded him ever since the beginning of Lucha Underground. Yes, the Gift of the Gods always means that the holder is one match away from a Championship win, providing they don't lose the belt whilst defending it, but it really feels like the ball is in his court. He has the ability to cash in on a show with an already announced title match and the fix might be in!

Does he turn the Main Event into a triple threat? Does he cash in afterwards?! Or does he wait until next season as he either gets into his rival Prince Puma's head by making him question whose side Vamp is really on, or threaten Mundo by breaking the arm of a new Worldwide Underground member by the week, depending who emerges victorious at Ultima Lucha.

Pentagon with the Gift of the Gods is a dangerous thing, and that suits him just fine.


At the start of the season, I asked commenters on Lordsofpain and Twitter to predict when they believe the “Lord” will appear during this season. The winner will receive a one-time joint column with myself on this very website AND a special prize that I am keeping as mysterious as the Lord itself. There's only one man who can win this now and he has one hell of a chance considering the Lord is visiting the Temple this week. BeaverCleavage, it's all down to you now!

40- BeaverCleavage


I'm going to do something different this week my friends. You've heard my thoughts throughout the column, and I'm sure next week's show doesn't need any further hype from myself. If Lucha Underground potentially never returns following this big extravaganza, then I want this man to be the one to hype up our final show... It wouldn't be right hearing this from anybody else. Enjoy.

Now who could have been knocking, and do they have Cero Miedo?

Anyway, as usual, this has been “Mr. Alternative” Ryan 'Leaf' Plant, and as always, don't stop believing and thank you for reading.


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