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Posted in: The Green Room
SOUND OF THE UNDERGROUND: S3E37 - Ultima Lucha Tres Part 1
By Ryan "Leaf" Plant
Sep 30, 2017 - 3:33:27 AM

Season 3, Episode 37
Ultima Lucha Tres Part 1

Hello my friends. This has been uploaded one day later due to revising for my driving theory which I ended up failing anyway... by one mark! Anyway, something that rarely misses the mark is Lucha Underground and this week's show featured the first night of ULTIMA LUCHA TRES! The show is headlined by Dante Fox and Killshot's awesomely-named Hell of War match in what has to be the best-developed story of the entire season. I'm excited, you're excited, so how about we do this thing?

Melissa Santos is in the ring to start off this show, welcoming us all to Ultima Lucha Tres! With that, Mariachi El Bronx play and the vocalist looks like a Konnan-Pitbull lovechild. Matt Striker and Vampiro are absolutely thrilled to bring us the first night of Ultima Lucha Tres, as Striker explains that we are going to have four epic nights. Vampiro explains the Hell of War match – it's three stages of complete and utter Hell: First Blood, No DQ and if necessary... a Medical Evacuation match! Matt tells us though that “when there is destruction, there's also beauty” and what better way to cut to Melissa Santos than that?!

Melissa tells us that for our first match, if Famous B is victorious than Texano has agreed to sign a contract with Infamous Incorporated. Well Melissa, technically, his own contract is going to be handed to the Famous one by Dario, but that's close enough! Both men are already in the ring and Famous looks pretty damn smug despite his cast. Is he going to go full-on Bob Orton against this cowboy?

Speaking of which, when Texano is introduced by Melissa, he lowers and removes his ten gallon hat for the Believers. For once, it looks like Famous B is going to allow Melissa Santos to complete her introduction. He does, surprisingly, only to tell her it was mediocre at best. Grabbing the microphone, he tells Texano that he's still injured and “there is no way he can defeat a cowboy as rough and tough as you in this condition.” Because of this, he made a few calls to Dario Cueto who agreed to let him have a partner to make this a real handicap match. He dialed his partner's pager and “luckily for me, he makes house calls. My partner... DOCTOR. WAGNER. JUNIORRRR!”

With that, out comes the good Doctor, accompanied by the nurse that is Beautiful Brenda of course. Matt Striker announces him as making his return as he hasn't been seen for the majority of this season! The Believers are appreciative of this Lucha legend in spite of his alignment, and he certainly doesn't shy away from the fight here; he's starting this match off!

Handicap Match for Texano's Contract
Texano vs. Famous B and Dr. Wagner Jr.

The masked man runs right into a big back body drop from the Blue Collar Brawler to begin the match. An arm drag sends him flying too before he is able to avoid Texano's next attempt, kicks him in the ribs and poses. He doesn't have too much time to do that before Texano monkey flips him across the ring and clotheslines him out of it too. He unleashes one hell of a senton that draws an early “Lucha” chant tonight!

The tecnico sends his opponent back into the ring but makes the mistake of going too close to the ropes, allowing Famous B to strike him in the back with that cast! Actually, who's made the mistake here? This just means that the promoter has to leg it up the steps with the big man in pursuit! What could be the worst thing that could happen? How about his cast being ripped right off his arm, his hand being slammed against the rail, before Texano THROWS him right down the steps to the floor? Yup, that all just went down!

The “HOLY SH*T” chant fills the arena now but are quickly quietened by the momentum of Dr. Wagner, who has recovered during this time and takes it back to Texano in the ring. Brenda's shrieks take their place in the Temple as she wills Famous B back to the apron. A Magistral Cradle gets a two for Wagner as the fans chant his name at his point! His manager also shouts it, asking for a tag. Wagner looks around the arena, gives Texano a kick for good measure and tags in his loudmouth teammate.

Famous continues to boot at Texano and asks him why he doesn't just sign. This seems to awaken something in the big man who springs back into action with raised boots and clotheslines before whipping Famous B into the corner.. An enziguri stuns him before a Dominator gives Texano the 1... 2... but Dr. Wagner breaks up the count! That finally earns Wagner some heat now and he gets a Sit-Out Powerbomb from Texano, but he's not the legal man of course! Instead, the Cowboy lines up Famous B for his trademark 'Bomb instead, only for Nurse Brenda to get on the apron. She supplies mouth to mouth resuscitation to the tecnico and both of them seem to like it, but wait! Famous B has got the roll-up! 1...2...3! Oh My God! Famous B has pinned Texano!?

WINNERS: Famous B and Dr. Wagner

Mr. 423-Get-Fame is overwhelmed here. His face is a picture. He looks around the ring with his mouth wide open. Texano has taken to pacing around the canvas during this time, looking just as bewildered. It could be worse though, he still has a job at least and he has a manager who really wants to work with him. Famous B gestures for the Beautiful Brenda to enter the ring and we cut away to an advert for our main event. For those wondering, Wagner left the ring promptly and that was that!

And there we have it. I've seen some people complaining that this match was on this particular show and that the Hell of War match should have been all episode long. This only took up ten minutes of the episode and if what I've heard about the Hell of War match is anything to go by, it's probably a good thing they didn't have those extra ten minutes! Safety is paramount!

I think this was actually in the perfect slot. It was a decent enough opener to the whole of Ultima Lucha Tres with a stipulation added to at least garner some interest. I have to wonder if this was Dr. Wagner's last appearance. He hasn't been seen all season and he just seemed to exit straight after the match rather than sticking around. If so, it makes sense for Texano to join Famous so he at least has one client. Otherwise, what would be the point?


After a brief break, our commentary team runs down the rest of the Ultima Lucha card. There's not been anything new added since we last discussed this and there's no confirmation of which matches will feature on which show... well at first anyway!

When we get to Ivelisse vs. Catrina, we hear that one of the longest feuds in Lucha Underground gets settled next week. Also featuring on that show is a Unique Opportunity Battle Royal featuring The Rabbit Tribe, Argenis, Cortez Castro, Son of Madness, Vinnie Massaro, The Mack, Joey Ryan, Ricky Mundo, PJ Black, Masarita Sagrada and Pimpinela Escarlata?! Of all the characters to bring back?! Nevertheless, the winner of that match receives a Unique Opportunity, which I can only imagine is a Trios Title Shot given their absence on the card, but we all know that Dario's opportunities come with a twist.

Next week though, the show is headlined by Fenix taking on Marty “The Moth” Martinez in a Mask vs. Hair match. One of these men will never look the same again! It's probably the best feud to ever take place over a ring announcer ever and I personally can't wait.

Killshot can't wait either, but his anticipation revolves around being able to get his hands on Dante Fox. Melissa Santos introduces the Hell of War match and this first competitor. He comes out to a decent reaction but the Believers have been favouring Dante Fox lately. I hope they show both men the respect they deserve here. He enters the ring and holds his shotgun hand to the sky.

Melissa Santos' introduction is the trigger that brings Dante Fox out. He emerges to a rousing ovation from the Believers apart from a guy who looks like Kassius Ohno in the crowd who seems to be flipping him the bird. He skulks down the steps before staring at his rival. He removes his dogtags and both former brothers in arms take a moment to weigh each other up before running at one another. We're on!

Hell of War
Killshot vs. Dante Fox

First Blood

The feeling out process begins but just like anything else that these two do, the tempo is a lot more upbeat than what others can offer. Killshot thinks he has his foe with a headscissors attempt but Fox cartwheels out of it. This only earns him a spear takedown from Killshot and some mounted punches. He gets kicked right out of the ring before being thrown into the wall. Killshot sets up some weapons here, which makes me wonder what is the point of the second fall now. I mean I know I've never seen a First Blood match WITH disqualifications, but I digress!

Killshot leans a ladder over the apron and the barrier and grabs a chair. Fox avoids the chair shot and decides to goad his former friend. He places his head in between the rungs of a ladder as if he is the Mole from Whack-A-Mole, only for Killshot to miss wildly. He shoves the ladder right into the upper torso of the masked man before throwing the chair right in his face. Striker wonders how we'd be able to see the blood of Killshot but Vamp makes a great point, crimson red is crimson red.

The One Man Army places his rival onto the ladder before taking to the apron. He steps up off the ring post to hit a moonsault to his nemesis on the ladder! The fans are stunned before their gasps turn into “THIS IS AWESOME” chants. He continues on the offensive here but is suddenly lifted up and is flapjacked onto the apron. That's certainly given Killshot a way back into this match. As the announcers debate comic book fights between Wolverine and Sabretooth, the real fight is going on right now! Killshot tries to repay the favour from earlier, throwing a chair right at Fox's face. Fox catches this, and looks to throw it back. He fakes out as the last second, potentially knowing that his partner was going to duck and kip up, so that's when he aims his steel missle! Rick Knox tells us that there's no blood as of yet so Dante simply throws the chair high up into the air; it crashes onto the canvas. He sends Killshot into the ring, sets up the chair in the corner and tries to throw his opponent into the buckle-placed weapon. Killshot reverses the whip though, gets behind Fox, and hits a huge shotgun dropkick right to the back which sends Dante Fox's face crashing into the chair. He could be busted open right here!

Rick Knox assesses the potential blood once more. Nope. We carry on, for what it's worth as this is already lethal! The next big spot occurs when Dante Fox tries to powerbomb his opponent from the apron to the outside with a sunset flip bomb. Killshot holds on to the rope, stomps his opponent right in the ribs and tries to go for a leg drop but his legs simply eat the apron. Killshot had dodged the attack and now kicks Killshot square in the masked face! Fox has dangerous intentions here as he places one steel chair under the mask, another above it, and he takes to the raised seating area. He stands on the rail before delivering one HELL of a leg drop all the way to the apron. Wow! We see the stunned Believers as they chant about holy fecal matter once more!

How do you follow what just happened? Fox brings out the glass that is used to replace Dario's windows! He asks Knox if he's going to help him or if he's going to bleed and with that, Rick Knox is forced to help Dante set up his sick contraption! The glass is placed across two unfolded steel chairs. Oh my! With Killshot and Fox now hanging precariously on the apron together, it's actually the tecnico who gets the upper hand as he places his former friend upon his shoulders for what looks like a Death Valley Driver. However, Dante manages to slide off his shoulders and springs back into the ring. He leapfrogs over the rope, kicks Killshot in the face once more and goes for a cutter. He is shoved away though and is the victim of a URANAGE ON THE APRON! Ouch! The Believers think this is awesome and I must agree!

Killshot places Dante Fox on a chair and goes up to the top rope. Before he can take any action, Fox springs up to join him. Both men leap off the top rope and Fox catches Killshot with a C4 in mid-air! That was beautiful. Who says we can't have beauty within the Hell of War, hey? I think things are about to get ugly though as Fox sends two chairs in to the ring along with the glass, and his contraption has been set back up within the squared circle! Matt Striker puts it best: “Dante Fox has created his own weapon of mass destruction.” He brings Killshot to the top rope, looks him square in the eye as if to say “are we really going to do this?” and looks to send his rival over. Killshot locks the wrist of Dante and tries to break out of it. He manages to lock Dante's arms in a double underhook position but makes the mistake of positioning himself higher than his opponent, which gives Fox the opportunity to flip him overhead, RIGHT THROUGH THE GLASS! Oh My God! Did you hear that sound?! His back is bleeding and therefore Dante Fox has won the first match! I don't think I've ever seen a First Blood match settled by blood from the back before! We cut to a brief break as Match #1 has been settled in the favour of the One Man Army.


No Disqualification

If you thought that these two have been vicious so far, just imagine what they may bring here. It's AMAZING how much Killshot is bleeding here, as his back looks like a crimson maze and his elbows and legs are certainly not unscathed either. Fox takes pleasure in the blood of his foe now decorating his own arm as he kicks him hard. It's unnerving to watch as you can see his body physically shaking from the impact. Despite all of the fragments of broken glass in the ring, Dante chooses to keep the fight within the squared circle. He brings in a chair AND a ladder before lifting Killshot onto the top rope. What follows next would have been painful without the sliced back, but yes, Dante Fox hits another top rope C4 but with Killshot's back crashing into the steel chair. Jesus Christ almighty!

A pinfall is attempted. 1...2... But Killshot won't lose this war that easily! Would he have been wise to though?! With Killshot now positioned onto a ladder that scales from one side of the bottom rope to the other, he falls victim to a 450 SPLASH ONTO THE LADDER! OH MY GOD! Fox looks like his hand crashed into broken glass and judging by the blood that has quickly started pouring from there, that certainly seems to be the case. Anyway, within all this madness, a pinfall has been made! 1... 2... And STILL KILLSHOT KICKS OUT! How is he still fighting?! Not only that, he seems to find some new life as when Dante Fox goes to the top rope again, he kicks at him repeatedly before drilling him with the most vertical of all DDT's right from the top rope! Glass could have gone right into his brain! He gets a 1...2... No! We also get one of the only “Fight Forever” chants that the Temple has received, and it seems like the fans are getting their wish when Killshot pulls out a wooden board wrapped with barbed wire. Words are almost failing me right now but it would be a pretty awful column if I don't type anything!

The board now leans against the turnbuckle, but for how long?! Killshot tries to whip Fox into the board but Fox hangs on for dear life. Who can blame him? He avoids a clothesline by leaning back and kipping up on the glass, which tells you everything about which is the lesser of two evils here, yet he is superkicked as he pops back up. Fox leans himself against a different corner and receives a trifecta of swift thrust kicks in the face. He falls backwards and Killshot instantly brings himself to the top rope for the KILL STOMP! You can literally see the glass stick to Fox's back as it crashes back down to the canvas. Here's the cover...


You can see the hatred in Dante Fox's eyes and instead of shock, that same fury is shared in the eyes and grimace of the masked man. Without any hesitation, he lifts the One Man Army up into a powerbomb and SLAMS HIM THROUGH THE BARBED WIRE! Even Rick Knox has his face in his hands and he has seen it all! As Fox looks up at his attacker whilst in another world of pain, he is lifted up high into the Storm Cradle Driver... ONTO THE GLASS! That gets 1... 2... 3! Fox's back looks EVEN worse than Killshot's earlier in the match – it's like one big crimson noughts and crosses board. We cut to another break before we return for the vicious final fall!


Medical Evacuation

We watch as a couple of servicemen bring in a stretcher before saluting their fellow brothers. In the ring, both men are knelt staring at one another within the field of broken glass. Does that same glass form a metaphor for their friendship: shattered beyond repair? The bell rings and both men lean up to deliver right hands to one another. Both men are sent crashing over the top rope when Killshot's suplex to the outside is countered by Fox's own! Dante tries to shove the stretcher into his rival but Killshot, even with all of the pain that he is in, is able to leap over the full stretcher all the way to Fox's face with an insane front dropkick. Damn! He moves the medibag with him and throws a chair in his rival's mush for good measure. They both find themselves on the top rope just a moment later and once again Killshot goes for that Death Valley Driver and he gets it! He gets this right onto the medibag! OH MY GOD, A LITERAL STRAND OF DANTE'S FLESH CAN BE SEEN ON THE BAG! That has to be it, right?! Fox is loaded onto that stretcher and is pulled away but wait, even in his predicament, he is kicking Killshot away. For that, the masked man takes to the raised crowd rail before delivering the KILL STOMP ONTO THE STRETCHER! This is the most insane match I have ever seen. Literally, in all of my years of watching wrestling, I have never seen a match like this and I watched a documentary on the Tournament of Death recently!

That move may well have been counter-productive however as Fox is free and just seconds later, he kicks Killshot in the face, slides back into the ring, and delivers a huge senton right to the outside! This is just mental. The One Man Army leads his ultimate rival to the band area. That probably doesn't sound too lethal, but a HUGE piece of glass supported by many chairs lies below! Fox takes a wire from the band and chokes him, letting his former friend look at the glass below. That wire is still connected to an amp and the feedback can literally be heard at that moment. Despite all of the blood, and in spite of the oxygen that he is struggling to breathe in at this moment, Killshot is able to see a glass bottle at that very moment and he SMASHES THE GLASS OVER THE HEAD OF HIS PERSECUTOR! Fox stumbles for a moment and...


I actually don't know what to type. Honestly, I've paused this and I've had to take a moment to even think what to tell you right now. I just have to tell like it is. The Believers have actually gone quiet. They are stunned. Their minds have been transported from the story being told straight back into the harshness of reality and the wellbeing of the performers. Killshot has slowly walked down and he carries his fallen former friend over his shoulder and simply lays him into the ambulance. He shows him some degree of mercy by not placing his back on the stretcher here; he simply places him on his front to keep his wounds away from hazard and closes the door. This one is over.


You can feel the pain of Killshot as he leans against the doors and bows his head, before his former brother-in-arms is driven away. You can also read the concern of Shane Strickland the performer as his fellow combatant will no doubt be rushed into immediate medical attention in the back. He certainly needs it himself, but for this moment, he struggles to get back into the ring as the fans thank both of these men. Retrieving his dogtags, he sits on the turnbuckle and reflects. He'll be looked at later, but for now, the victory is his solace.

I actually do not know what to say regarding that final spot. It took half of me out of the match, thinking about how the man behind Dante Fox must be feeling, whereas the other half of me stayed with it, knowing that this was the only possible way to stop the hatred: to simply immobilize Fox to the point that his anger could no longer fuel him. Overall, this match has shot up there into my Top 5 favourite matches of all time and I actually have to say that this is my favourite Lucha Underground match ever. I was hesitant to type this as there's been some outstanding matches such as THE Grave Consequences match between Fenix and Mil Muertes as well as the Prince vs. King clash from the last Ultima Lucha. Though it was short, you'd have to also put Vampiro vs. Pentagon up there.

Honestly though, it had the violence of that last match I mentioned, the story of Fenix vs Mil, and the in-ring skill of Rey vs. Puma. If you wanted to watch a wrestling match that embodied all of the elements that have made Lucha Underground must-watch over the years, this would be it. Yes, you may have to turn your head at some of the spots but only for a moment; the story wills you to look on. This was war and both performers had you believing that from bell to bell, several times. I just want to take a moment to thank both of these men for their dedication to telling this story. Thank you from the bottom of my heart as a fan of the show and as a die-hard wrestling enthusiast.


27th September – Killshot (2) and Dante Fox (2)

20th September – Pentagon Dark (2) and Son of Havoc (2)
13th September – Matanza Cueto
6th September – Cortez Castro
30th August – Son of Havoc
23rd August – Prince Puma (4)
16th August – Dario Cueto
9th August – Mil Muertes (2)
2nd August – Prince Puma (3)
26th July – Pentagon Dark
19th July – PJ Black
12th July – Marty “The Moth” Martinez (2)
5th July – Dante Fox
28th June – Jeremiah Crane (2)
21st June – Marty “The Moth” Martinez
14th June – Cage (3)
7th June – Prince Puma (2)
31st May – Johnny Mundo (4) and The Mack (3)
11th January – Dragon Azteca Jr.
4th January – Johnny Mundo (3)
28th December – Cage (2)
21st December – The Mack (2)
14th December – Jeremiah Crane
7th December – The Mack
30th November – Vampiro
23rd November – Johnny Mundo (2)
16th November – Sexy Star
9th November – Mil Muertes
2nd November - Rey Mysterio Jr. (2)
26th October - Johnny Mundo
19th October - Drago
12th October - Chavo Guerrero Jr.
5th October - Cage
28th September - Prince Puma
21st September - Jack Evans
14th September - Killshot
7th September - Rey Mysterio Jr.

I can't believe I've had to do this again, and this is now two weeks in a row.

Yes, only one man could have won the war, but both men sacrificed so much that I just cannot justify giving this to just Killshot.

Folks, forgive me that I cannot type a lot here but after what we've just seen, I've shared my thoughts above and now I'm emotionally spent. Maybe I will come back and edit this, maybe I won't, but we just witnessed a masterpiece and I just can't even begin to cope with it. Maybe just maybe, I'm being over-dramatic but from being sucked into that incredible story, to being heavily concerned for both performers, I just don't have a lot in the tank at this point. No pun intended.


At the start of the season, I asked commenters on Lordsofpain and Twitter to predict when they believe the “Lord” will appear during this season. The winner will receive a one-time joint column with myself on this very website AND a special prize that I am keeping as mysterious as the Lord itself. Sorry Ralph83, I guess it just wasn't meant to be my friend, but I don't reckon you'll mind too much after the episode that we just had!

38- TheImplications
39- JSR-13
40- BeaverCleavage


I'm going to leave it short here my friends, because my mind isn't offering me any other way.

If you haven't already,


And when you do, I want to hear your thoughts below. I'd love to read your comments or your tweets. There's been a real decline lately with the interaction, not just with my column before you think I'm pointing fingers, just with Lucha Underground in general. I hope a spectacle like that has provided an absolute talking point for everybody!

Sorry that I really can't formulate many more sentences guys. If you watch that match, you'll understand. Never before have sheer brutality and emotive story come together to form such a beautiful yet necessarily deadly combination.

Well, this columnist is off to celebrate his 26th birthday today, and I imagine that I'll probably be feeling rough as these two men tomorrow!

Until next week my friends, comment below or catch me on Twitter @ Leaflop and remember, don't stop believing. Thank you for reading.


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