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Posted in: The Green Room
SOUND OF THE UNDERGROUND: S3E33 - Havoc Running Wild
By Ryan "Leaf" Plant
Sep 2, 2017 - 2:18:40 AM

Season 3, Episode 33
Havoc Running Wild

Hello my friends, and welcome to what is a regrettably later but what I hope is a more positive edition of Sound of the Underground. It's definitely not like me to be negative but last week it seems I was hit by the realisation behind the flaws of this season. I hope that isn't the case for this edition. Judging by the name of the episode, I think it's safe to say that we're due a Biker-heavy show! Let's waste no time then and take to the Open Road.

“Brother I was wrong. I thought I knew best, but I did not.”

We begin the show with Dario standing quite some distance away from the bars of his Monster's cage. Matanza is snarling at the Rey Mysterio logo he painted in blood.

Dario explains that he kept him away because he thought his brother's obsession with Rey would hurt the family, instead he realized that Matanza wanted to protect Dario.

“Rey gave me a 619. He humiliated me. He humiliated the entire Cueto legacy, but now he must pay!”

He stands closer to the bars, reaches out and touches his mask. The Monster leers closer, to be told that on the 100th episode he will get to face Rey Mysterio one on one!

“I need you to do one thing for the family... DESTROY HIM!”

Matanza's reaction causes Dario to stand back as he watches the entire room shake with the force of the Monster shaking the bars.

He grins.

That's a great way to start off this week, with the reveal that we're building towards what seems like another “big show” despite us being so close to Ultima Lucha: the 100th episode of Lucha Underground! I've missed seeing Matanza in the ring and I think this hiatus has done him a world of good. No complaints here.


We're in the Temple now and the sound of some funky rhythms inform us that Slapbak are indeed still here to welcome us to the show. The main introduction, as always, comes from Matt Striker and Vampiro. Vamp drops another bombshell – this season's Ultima Lucha is FOUR weeks long! We get the first graphic with Prince Puma vs. Johnny Mundo being official! Let's talk about tonight though, and for that, we need Melissa Santos.

She introduces the combatants of our first contest; the first of which is from the Open Road. It's not the fan favourite though, instead, it's the rudo Son of Madness. He holds his rival's vest high before placing it on the turnbuckle.

Speaking of vests, his opponent Mascarita Sagrada is wearing his own! Madness does not seem impressed that Sagrada is wearing his honorary colours given to him by Son of Havoc. He slaps the hands of the fans to a HUGE ovation. Seriously, that was one of the loudest ovations in Lucha Underground. To be honest, it's deserved. He plays his part extremely well. Of course though, one man who isn't a fan of Sagrada is Son of Madness and he strikes the faux biker before the bell.

Son of Madness vs. Mascarita Sagrada

The biker chokes the supposed White Rabbit in the corner. He boots his face before stomping on his head repeatedly. He takes exception to the vest before slamming him with a backbreaker. In spite of this onslaught, Sagrada manages to avoid an elbow before hitting a tilt-a-whirl DDT on his crouched opponent. He isn't able to put him away though, and when he gets elbowed square in the face, the momentum is quickly thrown back to the bigger man. A huge boot followed by a stalling Fisherman Buster give Madness the 1-2-3 easy win.

WINNER: Son of Madness

Before he can give too much of a lecture regarding his vest, Sagrada is spared the wrath of Madness by a raging Havoc. He takes to the ring and the brawl is on! Out comes Dario Cueto to ask for security to break up the brawl. Interestingly enough, Paul London carries his supposed Rabbit away!

Dario Cueto has one hell of an announcement though: In tonight's main event, it's going to be these two men fighting for an Aztec Medallion. Not only that, it's going to be in a Biker Brawl! Both men seem pleased with this, Havoc especially as he smirks at his rival. Revenge is sweet.

This set up the main event perfectly. We got a pay-off to Havoc giving Sagrada his own cut and on a personal note, I'm kind of happy that I called it when Madness first arrived here. I knew that must have been the straw that broke the camel's back, or the biker's in this case! There's not much more to say than that.


We immediately cut back to Melissa Santos being flanked by Mariposa and Marty “The Moth” Martinez and the poor woman can barely introduce the fighter as he continues to creep on our ring announcer. Vampiro simply states that he's showing affection. It's The Moth who is in action tonight!

Perhaps if it was any other fighter already in the ring, they'd do the right thing and stop this. Unfortunately, it's Argenis – back from his broken arm I must add - and he's about as useful as melted ice cream. There's the bell!

Marty “The Moth” Martinez vs. Argenis

Matt Striker tells us who will have the various advantages. He fails to tell us that Marty has the “not a jobber” advantage, as he hammers away at the masked man. You just know he's thinking of Fenix as he absolutely destroys him with a jumping pump kick. He goes to the well one too many times and gets a boot to the face of his own, followed by a crossbody. Still, he slams Argenis' body to the mat and quickly regains control. He exposes Argenis' face through the mask and tries to take advantage of this, just getting a two count.

Still, the man who is apparently from the Heavens continues to bring the fight. He manages to send Marty to the outside and hits a big senton! Mariposa's distraction allows Marty a way back into the match and he slams the masked man into the steps. Still Argenis fights though, and as a big kick causes Marty to retreat, a huge 'rana sends him flying! This draws the attention of Mariposa who slams her brother's opponent into the turnbuckle. This earns her a kiss on the cheek and a lingering smile. By the way folks, if you haven't watched it already, watch Mariposa's interview on the official Lucha Underground social media pages this week, it turns out that these two are not blood related! Interesting. Creepy, but interesting.

The fight is back in the ring now and Argenis is bleeding. We know what the Moth is like when he smells blood! He beats on his opponent and he is covered now in the blood of his fellow fighter. In spite of this, the busted open luchador hits a neckbreaker for two! A tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Martinez though leads to that double underhook set-up Codebreaker for 1...2... 3. That's it!

WINNER: Marty “The Moth” Martinez

The disturbed Moth is not done. He takes the mask of his opponent, delights himself with what he has done, and covers himself with some more blood. Melissa screams “No!” and that earns her a stern warning from Mariposa who takes the microphone and hands it to her brother.

“Hi Melissa... I SAID HI MELISSA! Did you like me taking this mask off of his head?”

He throws the mask at our ring announcer before telling her that it's not the mask he wants.

“I WANT FENIX'S MASK! And I'm gonna get it... at Ultima Lucha Tres. Fenix... Fenix... I'm challenging you...”

He laughs and sneers, telling the Firebird that he's going to show him how ugly he really is. Fenix comes out of nowhere though and knees Marty out of the ring and superkicks his sister for good measure. Melissa takes to the ring to join the first-ever Lucha Underground triple crown winner:

“You really think you can take Fenix's mask. I don't!”

Fenix has a challenge of his own though: “My mask versus your hair! See you at Ultima Lucha!”

The Believers erupt at this, and just like that, we have our second announced match for the four episode phenomenon!

Argenis did great out there but it is just so hard to buy into him when you know he's going to lose every time and there's no explanation as to why he is from the Heavens. In a promotion that gives us a real life time-traveller, you can't say someone is from the skies and not give some awesome backstory to it.

Again, this match was logical, as it gave Marty a masked opponent to decimate without giving him anyone whose stock he could cause lasting damage to. The mask vs. hair reveal is quite brilliant, I must say!


These matches are coming on thick and fast tonight! The lovely Melissa Santos is back and it says a lot about this show when Melissa is not freaked out by the oil-pouring Joey Ryan! His opponent is Sexy Star. F*ck Sexy Star. It's a shame that she's not facing Pentagon this week after all that's happened. He’d show her how to break an arm or two. Anyway, here we go!

Joey Ryan vs. Sexy Star

Sexy Star strikes Joey Ryan to begin with and after this week, I couldn't care less. She hits a Tornado DDT for 1...2... Kick out. A satellite tilt-a-whirl headscissors soon leads to another pinfall. That's another two. Joey Ryan is on the offensive now everybody! He SLAMS Sexy to the mat. Yay! Suddenly, Taya bursts down the steps with a Go Sexy Star sign! She sarcastically plays cheerleader at ringside as Joey continues to slam his opponent. 1...2... Kick out! 1... 2... Kick out again! 1... Shoulder up!

The undercover cop goes “undercover” here as well, as he pulls the lolly out of his trunks and licks it. That spot never gets old. For that, he gets thrown around the ring a few times before a drop toe hold sends him into the ropes. 619! Only kidding. He is up to his feet only a moment later and is hit by what you'd probably call the Three Amigos if Sexy Star had any friends. She doesn't. 1...2... Kick out.

Star takes to the top rope now, and decides it's the perfect opportunity to attack Taya. She locks her in an armbar that she refuses to let go of! Just kidding. Instead, she boots her in the face and breaks the paper sign over her face. The devastation! Sexy heads back into the ring and gets kicked the f*ck off her feet for 1...2...3! Justice for all!

WINNER: Joey Ryan (and the wrestling business)

The victor decides that his defeated opponent must be punished (for what she did to Rosemary) and as a result, he dangles the lollipop over her mask. Suddenly, Cortez Castro takes to the ring with a kendo stick and absolutely hammers him with it. After choking him with the stick, Castro's target manages to scurry away and that's all she wrote!

We needed that ending this week. I'm sure you've all heard about what went down by now but for those that somehow haven't, simply google “Sexy Star” right now. Anyway, this match again served its purpose of advancing feuds. I definitely think you can pencil in Star vs. Taya for Ultima Lucha. I don't think Castro vs. Ryan is big enough for that stage but that's definitely coming too!


Dario Cueto is in his office like usual which means something is about to go down.

Castro storms in.

“Have to admit, for the first time in over a year you impressed me!”

Dario susses out exactly why Castro is here though – it's because he's a cop.

“You're damn right I'm a cop, and I should arrest your ass right now for what you did to Mr. Cisco.”

“How did that turn out last time?”

El Jefe grabs the red bull to make Officer Reyes flinch. Cueto admits that he loved what he did out there to Joey, who he knows is also a cop. In fact, he is going to give Castro a 5-0 Street Fight against him next week.

“I don't work for you.”

Dario knows this, but he also knows that the man before him loves to fight. He knows that he hates Joey, and he also knows that this is a chance to prove to everyone who the true badass is between the two.

“I'll even make it for one of the seven Aztec Medallions. What do you say?”

“I guess I'll see you next week.”

With that, the kendo stick in his hands is snapped in two and the red bull is placed on the table.

All is well... for now.

I love the struggle here between Officer Reyes and the man who he portrays: Cortez Castro. This internal struggle will no doubt lead to his demise but next week should be a fun way of building towards that. I have to praise Lucha Underground on their symbolism too – with Dario grabbing the very murder weapon that he used on Cisco. This was great.


We’re back for one final time tonight and the lovely Melissa Santos introduces two men with very similar names, from the same exact background but with two very contrasting personalities. The first of which is Son of Madness who is fresh off his victory over Mascarita Sagrada. He bites back at the Believers who antagonise him on the way to the ring.

It's going to be a different reaction altogether for Son of Havoc, who comes out to the crowd absolutely screaming his name! He slaps every possible hand as he makes his way down to the ring.

When we cut back from the break, Justin Borden holds up the Aztec Medallion and… Wait, Justin is doing a main event? That's interesting! Anyhow, we know what is at stake here but in spite of that, this is more than just a trophy match. This is war!

Boyle Heights Biker Brawl for an Ancient Aztec Medallion
Son of Madness vs. Son of Havoc

As the bell rings, Havoc absolutely flies towards his rudo doppelganger. Madness looked rocked there but he now flips Havoc over the rope and unleashes a huge double stomp. The Believers already break out a “holy sh*t” chant as Madness grabs a trash can. He goes for the shot but Havoc avoids it. The tecnico picks up the weapon himself, and absolutely clatters it over the head of his rival. The fight is taken to the Believers now as the former Trios Champ slams Madness onto the floor, takes him down to the steps, and sends him into the railing. He tries it again but is lifted by Madness and slammed into a can that’s propped against the wall; you can pretty much see the shape of his back in the crushed can!

Son of Madness has slowed down the pace of the match now: he stomps the carcass of his foe but when the Believers chant for their favourite, Son of Havoc manages to spring back into life! He goes for a number of shots and makes the mistake of clinging onto the rail, which allows Madness to shove him off. Striker makes a great point here: the fans have just protected the fall of the original Open Road temple dweller. Even the Believers couldn’t help Havoc from getting stomped on by Madness though. The rudo tries to throw his rival over the edge of the raised area and back onto the floor but he can’t! Instead, it’s Havoc who sends HIM flying! A huge Double Stomp leaves footprints on the back of his pursuer! Ouch!

Surprisingly, Madness gets back into the match almost immediately, which is soon halted when Havoc sends his body cannonballing against the fencing. The fight spills back into the ring as Havoc himself tries to flip this time, right off the top rope! Madness avoids this and floors him with one hell of a lariat for 1… 2… Kick out!

Almost immediately afterwards, Madness and Havoc begin to brawl on the apron. It’s Havoc who gets the best of this, getting a headbutt in before suplexing him to the outside. If that wasn’t enough, the suicide dive might well be! Once again, the action is taken back to the ring. A handspring back elbow and torpedo crossbody followed by yet another double stomp AND a standing moonsault form an incredible combination. In spite of this, this only gets a two count! The springboard cutter might do better! 1...2… Another kick out!

What does Havoc have to do here? Maybe he has to win a battle of strikes. He hits another big springboard elbow but Madness rocks him with a fiery dropkick. A pump kick sends Madness back but he rebounds with a clothesline. The Fisherman Buster that put Sagrada away earlier gets 1… 2… But nothing more than that! Madness cannot believe this. He storms to the outside, takes out a beer from underneath the ring, and he’s not done yet! He also brings in a tool box. Is it Marty’s? He even throws in a trash can. Why has no one used a motorcycle? The mad one tries to slam Havoc onto the can and is successful with a Death Valley Driver but STILL can’t put Son of Havoc away for the three! Wow!

Perhaps the sledgehammer will do the job here. He goes to sprint at Havoc who knocks it away from him. The fan favourite takes to the top rope and his rival charges at him once more, hammer back in his hand. He dashes into his archnemesis with the weapon but ends up smashing a bottle in Havoc’s hand. Falling onto the wreckage he has created, he becomes the latest victim of the Shooting Star Press! 1...2...3! It’s over.

WINNER: Son of Havoc

The Believers are absolutely roaring here as Havoc gains not only a Medallion but his vest once more! He simply greets the fans on the way to the back once more and that is where we finish tonight!

They should have used the bikes. That’s my only nitpick though! What a great match; it’s refreshing to see a match with a clear ending to it having been given quite a bit of time as you just know that with this roster, anyone can knock it out of the park. We know Son of Havoc always performs amazingly, though I was rather happy with Son of Madness whose mannerisms told the story throughout the entire match. I really enjoyed this.


30th August – Son of Havoc

23rd August – Prince Puma (4)
16th August – Dario Cueto
9th August – Mil Muertes (2)
2nd August – Prince Puma (3)
26th July – Pentagon Dark
19th July – PJ Black
12th July – Marty “The Moth” Martinez (2)
5th July – Dante Fox
28th June – Jeremiah Crane (2)
21st June – Marty “The Moth” Martinez
14th June – Cage (3)
7th June – Prince Puma (2)
31st May – Johnny Mundo (4) and The Mack (3)
11th January – Dragon Azteca Jr.
4th January – Johnny Mundo (3)
28th December – Cage (2)
21st December – The Mack (2)
14th December – Jeremiah Crane
7th December – The Mack
30th November – Vampiro
23rd November – Johnny Mundo (2)
16th November – Sexy Star
9th November – Mil Muertes
2nd November - Rey Mysterio Jr. (2)
26th October - Johnny Mundo
19th October - Drago
12th October - Chavo Guerrero Jr.
5th October - Cage
28th September - Prince Puma
21st September - Jack Evans
14th September - Killshot
7th September - Rey Mysterio Jr.

For the first time in weeks it looks like we have a clear performer of the week in Son of Havoc! However, if Son of Madness had won the match, it would have been a different story admittedly. By besting his rival, picking up an Aztec Medallion AND proving his decision to go nomad was the right one, he had one hell of a night.

It's amazing to think that this is Son of Havoc’s first win of the season, which I think tells you exactly how he's been used this time around. He's been a great supporting character for the likes of The Mack and even Mascarita Sagrada in their respective feuds with Johnny Mundo and Famous B, but he hasn't really been a leading star.

That's fine for someone like Havoc, as it's only going to make the Believers chant for him more, begging for him to get his chance.

With only the Rabbit Tribe as the other holders so far, he's got to be the favourite thus far for the gold!


This was somewhat of a return to form for Lucha Underground. There was nothing mindblowing but there was no interference unless you class Taya who was, to be honest, the victim of Sexy Star’s unprofessional attack! Am I right?

We got some compelling segments with Dario as he decided that he agreed with his brother’s plans to inflict his vengeance on Rey Mysterio, and he also managed to turn his own personal arrest into setting up a grudge match.

Most importantly, we actually had a pretty lengthy main event again that had a clear ending! Hoorah!

What I want to know this week is which Lucha Underground you prefer. Would you prefer a show without the likes of Puma, Mundo, Pentagon, Mil and Cage but also without interference, or do you prefer a show with some arguably bigger stars but is reliant on this same plot device? It's certainly a tough question. Drop me a comment below or hit me up on Twitter @ LeafLOP. I'll look forward to hearing from you.

Until next time, don't stop believing and thank you for reading.


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