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Posted in: The Green Room
By Ryan "Leaf" Plant
Aug 25, 2017 - 8:50:49 AM

Season 3, Episode 32
The Cueto Cup

What a show this could turn out to be my friends. Sure, we have a Mask vs. Mask match pitting Sexy Star against Veneno. The focus though is on the Cueto Cup Final between Prince Puma and Pentagon Dark AND the Lucha Underground Championship match between Rey Mysterio and Johnny Mundo. I’m Ryan “Leaf” Plant, this is Sound of the Underground and it’s time to start believing.

Slapbak open the show with one hell of a song that I know I'll be Spotifying later. Tonight is not about music though, tonight is about wrestling and the formation of the Ultima Lucha main event! Striker and Vampiro take us through the Cueto Cup Final featuring Puma vs. Pentagon and the Lucha Underground Championship match between Mysterio and Mundo. Vampiro asks if we're ready. Of course we are! Melissa, take it away!

Melissa Santos introduces our first contest and it's the other bout of the evening: the Mask vs. Mask match! Veneno is already in the ring and we already know that he's losing this one. Let's be honest. I'm intrigued wondering if the Believers know that it's Reyes. They've got to, right?

Sexy Star is introduced next and she bursts down the steps to her happy-go-lucky entrance music. At least it suits her, unlike Prince Puma's with his dark persona. More on that later! She puts her staff away, which is probably the most disturbing sentence I'll write all day before running and front dropkicking Veneno. It's on!

Mask vs. Mask!
Veneno vs. Sexy Star

Sexy stomps away at Veneno before choking him with her foot in the corner, clearly having the Tarantula on the brain. As the referee holds her back, Joey Ryan appears and unmasks Veneno to the “OHHHHHs” of the Believers. Striker says in the most deadpan way possible: “That's Cortez Castro.”

The man also known as Officer Reyes unloads on Ryan as Justin Borden throws this match out.

WINNER: Sexy Star

The two men get up onto the announce table before Joey Ryan hits the low blow to escape. He holds up the Veneno mask and escapes with it.

This was an insult to everyone watching. I'm actually pretty glad it was kept short so that the other matches get more time but it was ridiculous to even have a billed match for this as opposed to some form of segment. That's Season 3 for you though.


Dario Cueto is in his office as always when Johnny Mundo rolls in to the sound of some thrilling hard rock.

“Oh there's my champion. All ready for my big main event tonight?” Dario grins.

We cut back to Mundo who suddenly has Benjamin Cooke emerge behind him.

“I'm not so sure about that Dario.”

Both men remove their glasses at the same time as Cooke reveals that it's clear that Dario does not value his client. He advises that Mundo saved Lucha Underground by taking the title from Sexy Star. As Cueto says that's not entirely the case, Johnny Mundo accuses him of being a lax boss by letting the whole locker room run wild last week. He could have been seriously injured. Cueto tries to interject...

“Johnny. Listen...”
“No you listen Dario. Do you realise what a hot commodity I am? I could take this aztec gold wherever I want. You don't think I've been getting other offers?”

Cueto advises that though they may be worried about people getting involved in the main event tonight, he has made sure that if anyone gets involved, they will be fired personally. Mundo and Cooke seem pleased with this and the former assumes this does not apply to Worldwide Underground.

“Well, I did say everyone, so it would be unfair to let them be out there.”

Before Mundo and Cooke can voice their displeasure, Dario Cueto tells them that Johnny Mundo does not need them. He's the Mayor of Slam Town.

“Fine.” Mundo states. “But consider this a warning.”

He tells El Jefe that if anything causes him to lose unfairly tonight, he will take his title and the next time he'll see him and the gold will be in another promotion.

“Damn right you will.” Cooke adds, smugly. He tells our owner and promoter that it's in his best interests then to make sure that Johnny Mundo leaves as Lucha Underground Champion. With that, he runs to get the door for his client as it becomes clear that Cueto now has a lot on his mind.

Great. So it looks like another form of screwjob is on the cards. At least this segment was longer than the last match we saw. I don't mean to sound negative tonight my friends but I've rapidly started to join the camp who is absolutely sick of the overload of interference now in Lucha Underground. I understand that Mundo's type of reign requires some, but there has been so much over every show lately across the board. That ending suggests that something is still going to go down. I guess we can only wait and see.


Melissa Santos introduces the participants of our next contest and it's the match for the Cueto Cup! Rick Knox holds the cup behind her which gets a big cheer from the Believers. Puma's introduction gets an even bigger reaction as he still doesn't have new music. He skulks his way down to the ring in his dark attire as the musical equivalent of sunshine and lollipops plays.

Santos introduces Pentagon Dark next and her voice falters at the end of the introduction. He is shown briefly within the red smoke and looks hyped before we cut to a break. When we return, we see both men squaring off and it looks like we're getting a fist fight to begin with!

The Cueto Cup Final
Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Dark

The two men exchange blows and most notably kicks before Puma catches Pentagon with the backbreaker. Dark rolls to the outside to recover. Never a good idea. He gets a senton just for that. The fight rolls back into the ring as Pentagon is chopped by Puma. When he is whipped into the corner, he avoids the sprinting Prince and hits the lungblower. With a Cero Miedo taunt, he delivers a double stomp to the ribs before delivering a chop of his own. It's a chop fight now, Ric Flair style, which Pentagon easily wins!

Kicking Puma square in the mask, Pentagon seems happy with his handiwork and takes a moment before lifting Puma up. Big mistake. The first ever Lucha Underground champion delivers strike after strike. He hits a huge flying knee but Prince Puma collapses after it himself. Both men take their time to reach their feet as the fans chant for both men. A thrust kick and a 619 allow Prince Puma to hit a big crossbody for 1...2... Kick Out!

It has been all Puma here for some time, so you know that must come to an end. When he goes for a tilt-a-whirl move of some variety, it is countered into a backbreaker for a hopeful two count. Pentagon chops Puma but cannot follow up on it as his opponent hits one hell of a spinning kick. He delivers his Northern Lights Suplex into a standard suplex combo for 1...2... No! He goes for an aerial move next, rolls to his feet when he realizes his foe has recovered and instead arm-drags Pentagon and hits the jumping pump kick. Out of nowhere though, that's the PENTA DRIVER! 1...2... AND A HALF! No!

The Believers are going crazy for both men, as Penta hits a Mexican Destroyer! Puma rolls to the bottom rope though, kicks Pentagon and hits a Mexican Destroyer of his own! I have never seen trading Destroyers before! Both men are laid out now. The “Holy Sh*t” chants fill the arena as both men reach the nine count. They're groggily back to their feet and are exchanging blows once more. It seems neither man can hit a move on another now. When Pentagon is on the top rope, he is struck by a rolling forearm followed by a kick from Puma on the apron. What is happening now?! SUPER HURRICANRANA!

Vampiro gives the nod at ringside and just like that, Puma goes for the 630 Splash for 1...2...3! It's over already?!

WINNER: Prince Puma

Prince Puma locks eyes with Vampiro, and the latter enters the ring to raise the arm of the Cueto Cup winner. Speaking of which, we're told that Dario will present the Cup... NEXT!

I might as well carry on talking about it here as Puma is still in the ring after we come back from a break. Dario Cueto holds his namesake cup in his hands.

“Puma, I just want to say congratulations. You have won the first ever Cueto Cup.”. Prince Puma takes the cup and holds it high. Remember when I said the cup was in Puma's colours when we first saw it? Yeah. It looks even more blatant now that he's holding it!

Cueto announces that tonight we will find out who Prince Puma is facing at Ultima Lucha, and he wants that moment to be RIGHT NOW! He leaves, as does Puma and in steps Melissa Santos. I'd best give some thoughts before this next match then!

That match must have been below ten minutes. It was pretty good for that amount of time, although we've seen some better matches in the Cup. I think without the trading Destroyers spot, I might have just been calling it an above average match. I'm a huge fan of both men involved here but again, it just seemed rushed to make way for the Championship match. I'm worried about that as I definitely don't sense a clean ending for that one.

I think the right move was made here with the Puma victory as the history that he holds with both Rey and Mundo will make for a great story. Where Pentagon goes from here is anyone's guess. Gift of the Gods perhaps?


For one final time tonight, Melissa Santos introduces the combatants in our last match of the evening. She introduces the challenger first to a huge ovation. Out comes Rey Mysterio! He looks insanely focused with the hood over his head and the words I Am Lucha emblazoned on the back. Just look at those eyes through the mask. He's focused. He slaps the hands of the fans and makes his way onto the apron. To say he looks ready is an understatement.

His opponent is the Lucha Underground Champion, Johnny Mundo. He comes out to his rare lyrical theme, the only one in the Temple barring intros! Striker has been handed a note and the commentators have been made aware that outside interference has been banned. Mundo raises the title high and that's what it's all about. We're ready!

Lucha Underground Championship
Rey Mysterio vs. Johnny Mundo (c)

This is an absolute slugfest to start and that's what it should be after Mundo took it to a personal level. When Johnny rolls to the outside, Rey slides to the outside and flips his opponent into the surroundings. You could hear Mundo hit the steel there. He throws Johnny into the fencing and continues to unload before sending him into the ring. A big crossbody gets a two count already!

Mundo finally gets a kick in but it's only a kick as Mysterio strikes him from the apron. The two men take to the top rope before Johnny brings him onto his shoulders and hits a super gutbuster! The mounted punches lead to a choke that Marty Elias is quick to break up. The sleeper hold is the more legal option. Eventually, Rey powers out, flips Mundo over from a waistlock and goes for a bridging cover for a quick kick out.

Mundo thumbs the eye now and a flying chuck kick gets the two count. The Mayor of Slamtown hits the running knee strike and locks in a modified camel clutch that develops into a rear naked choke. He throws Mundo right out of the ring, takes a moment to pose, and then crashes and burns after missing with the corkscrew body press. He catches Rey a moment later but as often happens with Mysterio's opponents, he is soon countered and sent flying. Speaking of flying, Rey unleashes a senton before punching Johnny Mundo repeatedly. When they both make their way back to the ring, a flying Rey is struck down by a superkick from the champion! 1...2... Kick Out!

The Worldwide Underground leader makes the mistake of trying to drag his opponent into the corner for the End of the World and gets caught in a cradle. He quickly kicks out and superkicks Rey for another two! The Moonlight Drive off the second rope might put him away though! 1...2... Not yet. Johnny starts disrespecting Rey further now, as if striking his family wasn't enough. He takes his opponent to the top rope and begins ripping the mask!

The champion takes too long by ensuring Rey is in a Tree of Woe and his opponent is then able to press himself up and not be caught by the running kick. The challenger soon finds himself pulled off and he hangs on for dear life to his opponent as Johnny aims to perform an Alabama Slam. Flipping to the shoulders, Rey hits a Code Red, a modified Canadian Destroyer if you will, for 1...2... No, still! Ivelisse would have been proud of that Code Red I must say.

Rey locks in the Octopus Stretch next but Mundo breaks out. He's thrown into the ropes for the 619 but again Johnny springs up from his predicament and stops that too. A Helicopter Backbreaker from Johnny Mundo gets a two and still this match continues! A split-legged moonsault can't connect as its target bounces up and knocks the champion off the top-rope. Rey goes for a split-legged moonsault of his own! 1...2... The hand is on the rope! Rey thinks he's won it but Marty points this out. Mysterio wastes no time though as he hits a big senton to a recovering Mundo on the outside!

The fight comes back to the ring now. A big pop from Mysterio and a Tilt-A-Whirl DDT get 1...2... Another kick out! The fans think this is awesome. I certainly agree. Both men try to get the better of one another, with Mundo trying to slam Rey off his shoulders and Mysterio desperately trying to reverse the move and free himself from his predicament. Eventually the challenger flips Mundo into the ropes but it also takes out Marty Elias. Oh no...

Rey goes for the 619 but Johnny Mundo again escapes, kicks Rey in the face but most notably, HE KICKS HIM IN THE GROIN! Ffs are the three letters that spring to mind here. After a suplex, Mundo goes for the Lucha Underground Championship belt. He's grinning as he gestures for the Lucha Libre legend to get up. Someone stops the champion though and it's Dominic! That's Rey Mysterio's son! He can't be fired of course. He takes down Johnny as security chase after him. Dominic gives them a good fight before he is escorted away. This allows Rey to recover, hit the 619 and the big splash. Marty has recovered! Here it comes. 1... 2...


Rey Mysterio is beside himself. He shakes his head. Why has he ruined this match? Dario Cueto tells Mysterio that he's the King of this Temple and he hits Rey! We now know why he's doing this but our commentators and the Believers are stunned by this behaviour. Mysterio lines him up for the 619 as revenge and he hits it! As Marty Elias tends to Dario, Johnny Mundo uses the belt to strike Rey's head. NO! Not this way! It's the End of the World and it looks like the end of Mysterio's shot too. Marty turns around and counts the pin.

1...2...3. God damn it.

WINNER: Johnny Mundo

Matt Striker sums things up again as he says this was supposed to be a classic. It was supposed to be anyway. The Believers chant “This is bullsh*t” as the show simply ends with the champion holding his belt and gloating. To Hell with that.

That was a great match until the ending of course. I feel far too drained to say much more than this. It just sucks when you review a show every week that you really enjoy without fail, or at least used to, and you get so excited for the matches that look damn good on paper only for interference to ruin every match. I get that Mundo's reign needs some interference otherwise his group just looks pointless. Believe me, I get that, even though it wasn't the Worldwide Underground who interfered tonight.

It's just happening far too often. Other great matches are cut short too for the sake of another match that will include this interference. I just can't be doing with it anymore, honestly.


23rd August - Prince Puma (4)

16th August – Dario Cueto
9th August – Mil Muertes (2)
2nd August – Prince Puma (3)
26th July – Pentagon Dark
19th July – PJ Black
12th July – Marty “The Moth” Martinez (2)
5th July – Dante Fox
28th June – Jeremiah Crane (2)
21st June – Marty “The Moth” Martinez
14th June – Cage (3)
7th June – Prince Puma (2)
31st May – Johnny Mundo (4) and The Mack (3)
11th January – Dragon Azteca Jr.
4th January – Johnny Mundo (3)
28th December – Cage (2)
21st December – The Mack (2)
14th December – Jeremiah Crane
7th December – The Mack
30th November – Vampiro
23rd November – Johnny Mundo (2)
16th November – Sexy Star
9th November – Mil Muertes
2nd November - Rey Mysterio Jr. (2)
26th October - Johnny Mundo
19th October - Drago
12th October - Chavo Guerrero Jr.
5th October - Cage
28th September - Prince Puma
21st September - Jack Evans
14th September - Killshot
7th September - Rey Mysterio Jr.

I originally had this typed as Johnny Mundo but then I thought, considering I could barely separate him and Puma tonight (or throughout this season), it would be wrong to give Mundo the award when a Puma win puts them on level pegging.

Both men achieved big things tonight, but Prince Puma did it without interference. Yes, I get that he's a tecnico so maybe it's wrong of me to say that when a rudo's gotta do what a rudo's gotta do. Honestly though, winning a 32-person tournament is far more impressive in my eyes than winning one title match thanks to the assistance of the owner of the promotion.

This is only going to make things even more interesting as the two gear up for their Ultima Lucha clash at the end of the season!


Am I being too negative? That's what I really want to know this week. I'm not often a negative writer and I have adored Lucha Underground ever since I watched the very first episode. Something has changed though, and it's a shame when you look at a match like Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Dark and think “that was good, but they needed more time”. They had an eight minute thriller in Season Two and that wasn't an issue at all as it led to a triple threat with Mil Muertes, but when you think of why this match was also relatively short this week, you just have to think of all the time afforded to a main event that was practically ruined by more unnecessary interference.

I get that this may lead to Rey Mysterio vs. Matanza. Couldn't there have been another way though?

Either way, the good news is that we now know our Ultima Lucha Tres main event and it's Prince Puma taking on Johnny Mundo for the Lucha Underground Championship. The rivalry from the beginning of the show will headline the third season's final event.

How do you feel about Lucha Underground at the moment? Drop me a comment below or hit me up on Twitter @ LeafLOP. I'll look forward to hearing from you.

Until next time, don't stop believing and thank you for reading.


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