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Posted in: The Green Room
SOUND OF THE UNDERGROUND: S3E28 - Booyaka! Booyaka!
By Ryan Plant (73AF)
Jul 28, 2017 - 2:23:13 AM

Season 3, Episode 28
Booyaka! Booyaka!

Welcome back to the Temple, my friends. My name is Ryan “Leaf” Plant and this once again is Sound of the Underground.

This week, we have the final two Second Round matches along with one hell of a main event. I’m sure Vampiro and Striker will introduce these in a moment’s time so all I have to say is Let’s Lucha!

“This is awesome” is a chant I'm sure we'll hear tonight but to be honest, it's also a lyric in El Conjunto Nueva Ola's opening song in the Temple. Matt Striker gets a little bit freaked out by Vampiro deciding to get as close to him as possible. Speaking of close, we're getting closer to the Cueto Cup Finals. We have two more second round matches – Mack vs. Texano and Pentagon Dark vs. Drago, along with Rey Mysterio vs. PJ Black in our main event. It's the cup that starts us off though and of course, Melissa introduces us to the combatants!

The Mack is already in the ring, and he gets a huge reaction from the Believers as well. His feud with Mundo has REALLY helped him, it seems. Judging by the shadow that I just saw in the ring, Texano is here too. I saw a hat! Yup, there he is, and he has a Texano Section. I haven't seen that one before! Nope, never. His reaction is pretty favourable too. The bell rings and we are off!

Cueto Cup – Second Round Match
The Mack vs. Texano

The two men circle one another before the handshake starts off the match. Vampiro speaks of blue collar men slugging it out as friends in the name of winning. That's what this is. It seems like a friendly duel so far but will it stay that way? Texano cannot get Mack down with a shoulder tackle but after a series of leapfrogs and ducks, it's Mack who gets the first move with an armdrag. Both men move faster than anyone of their size should, with chain wrestling cradles and flips all across the ring! They both look at each other with a grin and some respect, but who will be laughing when it is all said and done?

Another handshake leads us into our next sequence as Texano goes for the headlock. Mack breaks out and tries the same. A huge leg lariat stuns the Cowboy and a further kick off the apron certainly doesn't help matters. Nor does that plancha! A “Lucha Libre” chant breaks out in the arena as Vampiro questions Mack's choice not to try and pin his opponent. Big Willie hits a huge blockbuster to his sat-up foe to send him down into a pinfall attempt. 1...2... No! It's all Mack here though still as he gets his opponent back into the corner and chops at him repeatedly. That is until he charges into the next corner and gets elbowed! A crossbody gets two for Famous B's recent scouted talent.

The next big spot comes when Texano tries to jump off the apron but gets struck right off - all the way to the outside. He grabs Mack's legs to pull him out too and hits a big Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker. That was a dirty tactic but maybe just maybe, it's what he needs now to get ahead. The AAA megastar tries to suplex his opponent over the rope and into the ring, and looks to continue his offensive streak from there but a huge Exploder Suplex seizes his momentum. Mack gets the crazy eyes here and slams Texano down once more for a two count.

That's when Famous B appears!

With a water gun in hand, he tries to screw Mack! He squirts, only to be STUNNERED for his troubles!

But wait, here comes Texano with a Sit Out Powerbomb for 1...2...3! Just like that!

WINNER: Texano

Matt Striker puts it best: Famous B has allowed Texano to advance. For how long though can he keep looking to assist the big man without getting any answers.

This was a perfectly fine match. It didn't really get chance to get going due to the time provided, but it was nice to see a combination that we didn't get to see in the Four A Unique Opportunity Tournament at last year's Ultima Lucha. You have to wonder how Texano will react to this win but he didn't exactly complain just then when Famous B helped him. Interesting.


Son of Havoc is at the bar. Conveniently, the barmaid is wearing a Lucha Underground top. Even more conveniently, Son of Madness shows up out of nowhere to catch a sliding glass for himself. He half-smiles and drinks the beverage.

"I know why you're here." Son of Havoc tells him, before grabbing him out of nowhere. He tells him that he knows he's there on business and isn't going back. "Not after what happened."

As they tussle between various holds, Madness tells him that they can fight or he can hear him off.

"Just say it." Havoc demands.

Madness explains, he expresses his resentment for Havoc after he left the Invisible Cult. Again, the fan favourite biker states that he went nomad for a reason, though this doesn't bode too well with his pursuer.

"You're going to find your home eventually, even if it's just your head..."

A glass is smashed, the bar is beaten upon and a stool is kicked, but for now, his head remains intact.

This storyline is pretty awesome. Admittedly when I first saw this scene in the Season 3 Trailer, I thought Lucha Underground would just introduce a very similar character as some weird otherworld doppelgänger from some form of time portal. I mean, we have Aerostar on the show right? Thankfully, this story is so much cooler than that. I like the fact that they're not making Madness a pure rudo in the sense that he is just handling business. There's definitely potential for the two to team up in the future.


Under a green light, two Luchadors attempt to play checkers on a curved board. Scratch that, two Rabbits play checkers on the chest of Saltador!

"Better luck next time, partner." Paul London laughs at his defeated friend, though all three members of the Tribe turn their attention to the incoming Mascarita Sagrada.

Trembling, London admits they all failed him in the Cueto Cup. "Please don't be angry with us, oh great one..."

It's hard to tell what mood Sagrada is in. After all, he's previously tried to tell them that he's not the White Rabbit that they see, but at the same time, he comes bearing a gift that’s almost the same size as himself.

He exits the room with somewhat of a swagger, causing the three oddballs left within to be visibility excited. The gift tag reads "Hope this gives you better luck..." and though where we may know where this is going, it seems like the Rabbits do not...

"Open it!" London screams, as Suerte and Saltador unwrap the packaging and throw out all of the numerous unnecessary pieces of packaging. This leaves just one thing:

A Rabbit's Foot.

Screaming out loud, all three men seem either orgasmically overjoyed or scared and bewildered. Either way, this certainly doesn't seem to be the last interaction between Sagrada and the tripped-out trio!

I don't know what I just saw here. I'm really curious what the payoff is. Was that meant to be a gift or a deterrent? Will Sagrada join the Rabbits or not? How did they take the present?

I don't have the answer to any of those questions but I can't wait until we find out more! My own personal prediction is that it leads to Sagrada joining them to counteract the threat of Kobra Moon when they take on the Reptiles, but we'll see!


After all of that Madness, with some of it being quite literal, it's quite refreshing to get Melissa again. That is, until she introduces a Dragon being led to the ring by a chain held by a snake. The fans chant “You Sold Out!” at Drago, who is released just to be allowed to enter the squared circle. He poses to the jeers of the Believers, who suddenly light up at the moment when Melissa Santos cautiously introduces his opponent!

It's Pentagon Dark! Out he comes spitting mist into the air, an air that is populated with the “Cero Miedo” chants. He takes one look at the camera and states that same message, adjusting his hand as he does so. This match is coming up next!

Cueto Cup – Second Round Match
Drago vs. Pentagon Dark

The two men chain wrestle to begin with. There's numerous leg sweeps within this sequence, it has to be said. Pentagon resorts to his best friend though – his slaps! Drago manages to goad Pentagon however, sending him through the ropes after he evades his charge. That's when the dragon takes flight with a beautiful flipping corkscrew attack. He sends Pentagon into the railings before kicking him hard in the painted face.

The two men then try to stop each other's attempts at unleashing corner attacks. Pentagon is the most successful at this, as he stops Drago by running and hitting a thrust hamstring kick before belly-to-belly suplexing him right into the corner. He goes for the cover and gets an early two!

Vampiro is suspiciously praising Pentagon's orchestra of destruction here, but Striker might be right about the Skeleton Ninja being distracted as Drago almost pins him on three separate occasions within a minute – with victory rolls and sunset flips! Even when he attempts the Pentagon Driver a moment later, he takes the eye off the ball and allows Drago to not only arm-drag out of the maneuver but also to hit the running blockbuster for another two count! Of course, Vampiro doesn't agree with the no leg hook and Drago gets the Pentagon Driver only a moment later! 1...2... Almost three!

Pentagon is back with his signature offence now. There's a slap! He aims another, but Drago grabs the hand and the Trios Champion turns it into one hell of a Tornado DDT! 1... 2... That's another two! I wonder if the dragon has a tactic now as he has re-positioned Pentagon onto the top rope. A huge frankensteiner leads into a beautiful yet deadly splash for another two count. Actually, this doesn't seem to be the most sound tactic in the world as just moments later when Pentagon is rested on the top rope once more yet he jumps down and delivers a PENTICAN DESTROYER, as coined by Striker! Drago's neck is absolutely pummeled by the mat, yet he kicks out at two! How?!

Kobra's slave tries to fight back but you can tell how much has been taken out of him. He falls to the Package Piledriver and the rest, they say, is history! 1...2...3!

WINNER: Pentagon Dark

Almost immediately afterwards, Pentagon lines up the arm of Drago. Kobra slithers into the ring but her face is kicked right off by a Pentagon kick!

Suddenly, it's Aerostar who makes the save! It’s not the Reptiles but Aerostar, the same friend that Drago betrayed. He still believes in his former tag partner, despite the fact that maybe time has told him otherwise! He hits Pentagon with an Intergalactic Destroyer before lifting the Reptile to his feet. The fans are raining venom on the usual fan favourite for messing in Pentagon's business!

However, they soon direct their jeers to Drago as he refuses the outstretched hand and slams his former friend to the mat. It is at that point that Pentagon double stomps the back of the time traveller and breaks his arm for good measure instead! Dark seems happy with his accomplishments.

This was one of those matches that we come to expect from Lucha Underground in terms of quality. Drago really brought his A-Game tonight. I think because he has been in Trios teams for so long now, it's easy to forget exactly what he can do in singles competition. This was it. Pentagon was his usual stellar self. This match was very enjoyable, and I love the fact that Aerostar hasn't given up hope despite the fact that he can see the future AND because he seemed woefully uncertain about his friend just two weeks ago!


Pentagon creeps down the hallways after his match but the more he steps away from the light, he comes face to face with true darkness itself.

“Once upon a time, you took something from Mil Muertes... and Mil and I never forget a debt..” Catrina warns.

She's referring to Pentagon Dark costing Mil his spot in Aztec Warfare II of course, and it's something that the skeleton ninja shrugs off with his Cero Miedo pose. Catrina in turn reacts by teleporting behind him.

“Wouldn't it be interesting if you were lucky enough to advance in the Cueto Cup, and he won't just end your chance at that cup... he will end you.”

Pentagon shakes his head as she disappears. That's another arm added to his mental list then!

Continuity. It's what I adore about this show. Great, sharp segment here. I think that's definitely set up Mil vs Pentagon later on in the Tournament which by my calculations would have to be a semi final match. This unfortunately spells bad news for Crane who faces Mil in his next match!


It's time for our Main Event which once again means its time for Melissa Santos as well. She introduces the Darewolf who, despite the boos, is now getting an array of cheers too. He seems to be slowly gathering a following in the Temple. Speaking of followings though, only Pentagon's compares to Rey's, as the Believers ERUPT for his arrival!

When we return, both men are ready to go. So are we!

PJ Black vs. Rey Mysterio

Rey hits a hurricanrana but it doesn't stun Black enough who goes for a cover straight after a leg sweep. Not even a one count! Black tries to stomp the iconic Luchador but cannot swat him. Instead, he gets flipped out of the ring for even trying! It seemed like he was going to be in more trouble when Rey tried to flip all around his body but PJ turned it into a modified torture rack complete with the drop! He sends his Leader's next challenger into the ring and hits a straight up punch from the turnbuckle for two!

That submission looks to have worn down Mysterio, and Black continues his submission strategy now with a grounded wristlock. It looks like he's turning that into a double keylock before Mysterio powers out and drop toe holds his opponent into the rope. A big thrust kick from Black stops Rey from dialling his number and he gets a two!

Taking to the top rope, the Worldwide Underground member tells the fans to shut up as he dives... straight into a huge dropkick! This allows both men to recover until they find themselves in a battle of strikes! Punches turn to kicks, kicks turn back to punches, punches find their way back to kicks again! Eventually PJ lifts Rey onto the top rope but he is flipped to the outside and is the victim of a huge Rey Mysterio plancha!

Both men spill back into the ring and the Darewolf is floored by a springboard crossbody for two. Moments later, the Lucha Libre legend swings PJ into the corner but the wily South African drops Mysterio in there instead, hanging him in the Tree of Woe before double stomping the torso! 1...2... No! Black's cocky cover allowed Rey to break free, but he gets a kick to the midsection for good measure. When the rudo takes to the top rope, the fan favourite is willed back on before going for a Frankensteiner! PJ held on though and he hits, of all things, a Styles Clash?! That has to be it! 1...2... What?! That wasn't it?!

On paper, I would have predicted a Rey victory but now I'm not so sure. A pop followed by a springboard moonsault looks to give Mysterio the advantage but PJ manages to use his strength to keep Mysterio at bay. That's when the Master of the 619 turns his predicament into a DDT, but Marty Elias is struck as well! Oh no, we know what happens next...

Johnny Mundo slides into the ring and hilariously pretends to count the pin before stomping all over his future opponent. He earns the ire of the Believers for this of course before he wills PJ to his feet. Black seems more than happy with what is going on. In fact, the two men lift up Rey for what seems like a stalled suplex until a jaw-taped Jack Evans hits the ring with a huge superkick to the prone Rey Mysterio. He seems pleased with his accomplishments, rather, they all do as they pose together! That is until Dragon Azteca hits the ring and starts taking out all of them. Out of nowhere, Taya takes the fight to Azteca which allows Mundo to throw Black onto Rey. Marty Elias groggily counts the pin.


On the outside, a pissed off Dragon Azteca grabs a steel chair and chases after Johnny Mundo and the rest of the Worldwide Underground. We're back to a fair fight as Black goes for a crucifix bomb but is sent into the ropes by Rey for a 619! He splashes right onto Black for 1...2...3! He's done it!

WINNER: Rey Mysterio

Rey doesn't take the time to celebrate, instead, he grabs the microphone.

“PJ, this doesn't concern you.” He tells the Believers that this is about Johnny Mundo.

He tells Johnny that he won't be able to run his whole life. He’ll get tired of running and that time will be in four weeks. In front of his people, WE are going to make history as Rey Mysterio is going to become Lucha Underground Champion. Mundo won't be left empty handed though...

“The one thing you will take home is a 6...1...9!”

Now he celebrates.

That was fun and the interference didn't take away from it as it didn't lead to the expected result when it happened. I'm glad!

The promo was a nice touch to further sell this match. Lucha Underground have done a wonderful job to make this match seem like a big deal and Rey overcoming the interference of the Worldwide Underground was essential here to provide some tecnico momentum.


26th July – Pentagon Dark

19th July – PJ Black
12th July – Marty “The Moth” Martinez (2)
5th July – Dante Fox
28th June – Jeremiah Crane (2)
21st June – Marty “The Moth” Martinez
14th June – Cage (3)
7th June – Prince Puma (2)
31st May – Johnny Mundo (4) and The Mack (3)
11th January – Dragon Azteca Jr.
4th January – Johnny Mundo (3)
28th December – Cage (2)
21st December – The Mack (2)
14th December – Jeremiah Crane
7th December – The Mack
30th November – Vampiro
23rd November – Johnny Mundo (2)
16th November – Sexy Star
9th November – Mil Muertes
2nd November - Rey Mysterio Jr. (2)
26th October - Johnny Mundo
19th October - Drago
12th October - Chavo Guerrero Jr.
5th October - Cage
28th September - Prince Puma
21st September - Jack Evans
14th September - Killshot
7th September - Rey Mysterio Jr.

I almost gave this to Rey Mysterio but after breaking the arm of his first high-profile name in what seems like forever, but most importantly by advancing to the Quarter Finals of the Cueto Cup, Pentagon Dark picks up his first Temple God of the entire season.

Shocking, right?

With an inevitable confrontation with Mil Muertes in his immediate future, he has a chance to re-break the arm of arguably his biggest sacrifice to date, and this will finally give us that one on one match between the two which has been teased since last season!

Pentagon was great this week, as was his opponent Drago. They put on one of the better matches of the Tournament and it felt like they lit a much needed fire under Lucha with it. That was the type of match that allowed people to start talking about Lucha Underground in the first place.


Solid wrestling, solid segments; this week we had a very good show.

Think of all of the stories that were advanced this week within such a short time!

Famous B once again assisted Texano in his win over The Mack, we learnt more about Havoc and Madness, Mascarita is either embracing or playing games with the Rabbit Tribe, Aerostar tried to save Drago but had his arm broken as a result, Pentagon advanced and was reminded by Catrina about his past actions and Rey Mysterio fought off the Worldwide Underground with a little help from El Dragon Azteca Jr.


Not bad Lucha, not bad.

I guess what I want to hear this week is this:
Who wins in a future Pentagon vs. Mil Muertes match?

Me personally, I’m going for Pentagon. As soon as I saw the brackets and realised we could get a Pentagon vs. Puma final, I believed it would happen with Vampiro segments galore.

I get that Crane could still surprise us, and he's had a brilliant showing thus far, but I don't think we would be teased to this extent if we weren’t getting Mil vs. Pentagon as the semi final on their side of the bracket.

Until next week my friends, don't stop believing and thank you for reading.


Image isn't loading at the moment, not entirely sure why.

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