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Posted in: The Green Room
By Ryan "Leaf" Plant
Jan 6, 2017 - 4:52:12 AM

Season 3, Episode 18
Evil Rising

Hey Luchaddicts. We're back in business now. My name is Ryan "Leaf" Plant, once again bringing you another rana-packed edition of the most in-depth Lucha recap and review on Lordsofpain, Luchadorsofpain, or just about any website you can think of, or even make up! This is Sound of the Underground and this is Season 3 Episode 17: Evil Rising.


Muertes roars out in anger within his shrine but his question is answered by the ever-present Catrina.

“It was Vampiro, he toys with dark magic.”

She tells Muertes that if he wants to get Puma, he has to get through Vampiro. With that, the candles are blown out, but is it Vampiro's life that is about to be extinguished?

As Catrina departs the scene and roams a hallway, none other than Jeremiah Crane appears behind her. He boasts that he beat Mil the last week – the man she loved.

“He's not the one I love...” She smirks.

As for Jeremiah, he can only place his head in his hands. He's reached square one once more.

Who does Catrina love?! I'm pretty sure she said “another man” a number of weeks ago, ruling out the opportunity of Captain Vasquez who happened to share the other half of the Amulet. There could always be Fenix, unless he was another toy. Want to hear my outside bet? Dario. There's always been a weird chemistry between the two, and if he is really the lynch pin to the end of the world, surely Catrina would be a powerful weapon in his arsenal. Either way, what an interesting development.


What's this?! Metalachi are playing something other than La Bamba?! This is madness. Speaking of madness, Vampiro is like a kid who can't sit still whilst Matt Striker introduces the show: including The Mack vs. Johnny Mundo for the title, TONIGHT! Sexy Star is mentioned by our commentary team and that's just as well as she's up next!

Melissa Santos introduces the first of our combatants and it's theeeee Mariposa! Of course, this match was requested by Star and given the anger she showed Dario, this could be an all out brawl between two former rivals. The Butterfly stares down Santos before spreading her wings.

Next, here comes the former Lucha Underground Champion, Sexy! Star! Real talk now SOTU fans, Matt Striker's hyperbole when it comes to Sexy Star has become a bit of a down point as of late: No Mas was great but it hasn't become “the stuff of legend” just because a couple of people have used it as their inspiration in wrestling. Cameron loved Melina vs. Alicia Fox, didn't she? I rest my case.

Speaking of rest, there's no rest for the wicked! Sexy Star takes down Mariposa the very moment the bell rings. It's on!

Mariposa vs. Sexy Star

Star hits her grounded opponent with several strikes, but Mariposa turns it around, then it comes back to Star! Sexy is enraged, she uses Mariposa's pigtails to toss her, runs against the ropes and hits a big hurricanrana. She barely remains stationary before sprinting to hit a senton to Mariposa who had just retreated outside. She starts slapping the living daylights out of the woman she believed planted the Tarantula and tries to whip her against the office. Big mistake, the Butterfly stops her own flight and sends Sexy into the wall instead. Smartly, Mariposa rolls in and out of the ring to break the count though it provided Star with time to recover. Never mind! She is caught and sent into the table several times from the wheelbarrow position, her face smacking hard against the wood!

The Moth Talisman rolls her prey back into the ring and goes for the Butterfly Effect early but Sexy rolls out of it, begs her opponent to charge and kicks her. A big arm drag sends the Butterfly to the mat as Striker tells us that Sexy has the Lucha advantage. How Matt, how? They're both fighting in the Temple are they not? Star strikes the ribs of Mariposa before snapmaring her, because nothing says that you're furious and demanded this match like a snapmare.

Here''s the venom we needed! When both women rise to their feet, they snarl at one another through their masks. Though Sexy gains the advantage in the war of strikes, she gets Samoan Dropped for her trouble when she tries to hit a running move on her opponent. We've seen this before from Mariposa – it's a modified Indian Deathlock! Sexy Star tries to get to the rope and after writhing in pain for some time, she does! Vampiro claims that this match might be more violent than No Mas – which had blood and Star being choked from the rafters. Okay then.

Mariposa is the one who gets hurt by her environment this time as she misses a moonsault on her rival. She recovers quickly though as Star tries to charge her in the corner and she reverses it. Taking Sexy to the corner and climbing wih her, she, well, never mind, she crashes and burns, falling to the mat! Sexy hits the double stomp, goes for the cover... 1...2...3. Really? That fast and that uneventful?!

WINNER: Sexy Star

As Sexy retreats, Mariposa is helped to her feet by her brother Marty. The Moth then chokeslams her out of nowhere! Perhaps his Aztec Pride has being dented by his sister's loss. Either way, he seems pretty pleased with himself as he flaps his wings and grins.

The most exciting development happened after the match as Marty attacked his own sister. Is this a tecnico turn for Mariposa? I think she could pull it off as I've heard some Believers chant for her already. The match itself was quite dull and was an anticlimax given the furious segment that Star had with Dario. You know I'm rarely negative guys, I'm sure you can forgive me on this one.


In the latest edition of “Sights You've Seen In Lucha Underground But Didn't Think You'd See Again”, Mascarita Sagrada is once again doing bicep curls with weights that are bigger than him! He is suddenly interrupted by Saltador and Mala Suerte, and only a split second later, Paul London!

“You've found him!” He gasps. “The White Rabbit!”

All three men bow at Sagrada who wags his finger.

According to London, Sagrada doesn't understand – they followed him here for he is their spiritual God, the leader of their Tribe. He is begged by London to join them at ringside, which resorts in Mascarita calling them crazy and departing the scene.

“He's incredible, isn't he?”

Why can I see it being revealed that Sagrada really is the leader and he somehow didn't know? Either way, I absolutely love the Rabbit Tribe. They're some of the most fun characters in Lucha and that says something!


We're back with Melissa Santos as she seems excited to announce the bizarre trio of Mala Suerte, Saltador and Paul London – The Rabbit Tribe! The Believers go crazy for these three as Saltador places his foot on the rail, Suerte slides down it backwards and London sways repeatedly down the steps. Striker tells us that they might well be chemically enhanced. I want what they're on. Vampiro asks for the same thing. They enter the ring and circle the lovely Santos. She's disturbed but is at least laughing, unlike when Marty makes her the object of his affection.

And their opponents, “From When Reptiles Ruled The Earth” (nice!), the team of Kobra Moon, Pindar and Vibora! Here come the Reptile Tribe as Kobra Moon walks out and wait... there's Drago on a chain! He truly has became their slave. He's one third of the Trios Champions and here he is without his belt or his dignity. He is led into the ring and is placed on the apron. The chain is removed and Drago has now joined Pindar and Vibora within the ring. Is he taking Kobra's place?! This is madness, but it's also official. Here we go.

The Rabbit Tribe vs. Drago, Pindar and Vibora

Pindar is starting off the match against Mala Suerte who seems very familiar under that mask, as if he could well be a certain someone who was killed off during Ultima Lucha Dos by Dario Cueto. Maybe I'm just smoking what the Rabbits are on... or maybe I'm not. Anyway, Suerte leapfrogs and ducks the lizard before hitting one hell of a headscissor as he makes a double tag. That is unique once more from the Rabbit Tribe! London and Saltador join Suerte in a triple punch as Kobra is heard begging the referee to sort this out. He does, and it's Saltador who is the legal man.

The checkered man gets caught with one hell of a powerslam by Pindar before tagging in Drago. That was quick!

The Dragon hits one hell of a shining wizard on Saltador before Pindar lifts him to hit a big assisted 'rana on his opponent. He is taken to his opposite corner though by the Rabbit Tribe member who is once again rendered illegal by way of a double tag. The Rabbit Tribe surround Drago with their trademark dance before celebrating, which allows the Dragon to sneakily tag in the giant Vibora. Most people would be scared when facing this man but the highly-influenced Paul London seems amazed by this creature and points at his chest. Big mistake. The big man scares all of them out of the ring.

The Believers chant Luchasaurus repeatedly and Vibora shuts them up with a double chokeslam on Saltador and Suerte. Paul London fares no better as he runs into a huge kick from the Reptile Tribe member. He already makes a quick tag to Pindar.

The lizard stomps away on London and well, he makes a tag for Drago too, or at least he tried but London got in the way of it. He gets choked on the rope for his troubles, and as the referee goes to lecture him, Kobra strikes the prone Rabbit Tribe leader. As Pindar returns to battling London, he chokes him against the buckle too. Somehow, London fights back for a moment but again is decimated in the corner as this time Pindar uses his foot to choke London. Again, Kobra gets involved with the chain around the neck as the lizard is once again lectured. The rudo climbs to the top rope but London manages to get his legs up and flip him over! London uses those same legs to kick Vibora from behind, and uses them to run and stomp Pindar who was on all fours in the middle of the ring! That's true Rabbit Style! And London manages to run and tag out! To both again!

Saltador and Mala Suerte take out Pindar which forces the lizard to tag in the dragon!

Drago is in the match next and he too gets floored by a double basement dropkick! Mala Suerte goes for the cover so I take it he's the legal one! 1...2... No! With that, Suerte tags in Saltador legally this time. Or a legal high should I say!

Saltador brings Drago all the way to one corner as Suerte climbs the other. Are we getting a coast to coast?! Of course we're not! The Rabbit Tribe member jumps off the buckle and runs to hit a big front dropkick in the corner, but Drago moved so it was Saltador that he took out! The Trios Champion hits the tilt-a-whirl headscissors on the man with the name that means bad luck and he makes a tag to Pindar.

The lizard is next in as he has Suerte in the Burning Hammer position. Instead, Vibora hits a huge boot and Pindar hits a sit-out powerbomb.

London makes the mistake of coming into the ring. Well, I say mistake, he hits Pindar and Vibora with superkicks. He even stuns the dinosaur with a second! Okay, now here comes the mistake. London dives off the ropes in the corner and gets caught and manhandled by the beast. Vibora hits the Tombstone Piledriver which Striker calls the Snake Bite. Good job Matt, I like that. Should he pin? No! Kobra is calling for Drago who is tagged in promptly.

Drago explodes with several kicks and hits the running blockbuster flip piledriver for the win! 1...2...3. He took his head off there!

WINNERS: Drago, Pindar and Vibora

Suerte drags Saltador out of the ring and to check that he's okay. It even looks as if Drago is smiling as he talks to his fellow reptiles. He goes back into his trance as Kobra locks on the chain but wait, here come Fenix and Aerostar!

Fenix explodes off the rope as he hits a big front dropkick on Vibora but the big man stays up. Aerostar tries too but the big man amazingly catches him purely by the legs and lifts him high, only for Fenix to superkick him and cause him to drop his partner! Pindar enters the scene next and tries to hit a Crucifix Bomb on Aerostar who corkscrew flips off his shoulders all the way into an arm drag. The two tecnicos manage tp send Vibora out of the ring and Fenix even hits the Reverse 619! “916!”

The chain has been released from Drago's neck and as the tecnicos go to save him, he shoves both of them. The question is though, does he know who they are?! He still seems bewildered as they both grab him in unity and stare down the Reptiles, but perhaps they should be concerned with the one closer to home.

What a great match! I had an absolute blast with this one. Drago hit the flashy spots for his team, Pindar had all of the submissions and Vibora had the power moves. That team works, and I think it's something we'll see a lot of as it's becoming more apparent that Drago will turn on Aerostar and Fenix, either through brainwashing or his own personal choice. The Rabbit Tribe really worked as tecnicos here and I think that has to be their role going forward – especially if the champions split up. Great job all round!


Sexy Star greets The Mack in the back. This is no time for rhyming though, this is a time of great importance for Mack; he tells Sexy the same thing she told him, he needs to prove he can do this without her.

“No buts, just get your butt home.”

He asks if they are cool, which they are. And of course, the dramatic super handshake combination complete with multiple camera cuts and loud noises is a great way to symbolise that! Will Mack fall to obvious interference? Will Sexy Star actually go home? We find out next!

This just feels like a bad move by The Mack. He's either going to be outnumbered or is he going to be inadvertently cost the title by Star. You just know one of the two is going to happen!


The Mack is Back, no actually it's El Jefe, who admires those tagged words on the mirror but most importantly to him – himself. Liking what he sees, he greets the tecnico with “Mack Daddy”. Instead, Mack prefers the nickname “Champ”. In fact, Dario will be calling him that after tonight.

“No I won't!”

Cueto drops a bombshell as he tells Mack that the match is not for the title. Instead, he wants an epic match between the two for their future championship confrontation. Tonight's match is still important though, it's just that the winner decides the stipulation for next week.

“Are you a betting man Dario?”

Mack offers him the all important advice: “Always bet on Mack!”

Dario always seems to have the winning hand though, as symbolised by his signature smile.

I don't like this bait and switch but I do like the idea of tonight's stipulation. I just wish they told us that last week as opposed to getting right up until the main event before announcing this. I digress! Dario was great here. I love that shifty soul.


It seems Melissa Santos has got the message, as she just announces this as a normal one fall match when we cut back to her! She introduces Johnny Mundo first who I must say looks great with the big coat, shades and the belt. He suits being the champion but for how much longer will this be?

Next comes the man with perhaps the wokest theme in all of Lucha Underground – The Mack. He takes off his jacket though maybe its our fans who are now blue, given the fact that they now know what we already knew (but only a few minutes ago mind you): this is not a title match. Striker is certainly still upbeat because, well, he has to put a positive spin on everything I guess! It's pretty much his job, right?!

The two circle each other to start before Mundo hits a big forearm. Let's get this rocking.

Winner Picks Stipulation
Johnny Mundo vs. The Mack

Mack hits one hell of an arm drag before stunning Mundo with a big leg lariat. We get a cover but it's far too early for that! Mundo has too much life in him and can still get in his dirty tricks such as a rake of the eye. He takes advantage by kicking and striking Mack and sending that face into the corner. He even punches the face repeatedly, not allowing Mack to get his wits and vision about him. Mundo goes to run at Mack but the big man sends the champion onto the apron. That's just fine, as Johnny kicks him in the face from there anyway. He adds insult to injury by slapping his opponent in the face and giving him the one finger salute. Big mistake. The angered Mack departs the ring and hits a huge T-Bone suplex!

Striker asks which stipulation each fighter should pick. We'll find out in due course, or maybe sooner rather than later as Mundo recovers to send Mack into the barrier. Mundo goes for the cover after throwing his opponent into the ring bit it's not enough. Instead, he hits the Flying Chuck and takes too long to gloat before hitting the End of the World, AS MACK ROLLS HIM UP! 1...2... No! The big man is riled up now. He's hitting Mundo like a rabid dog. Repeatedly! Mundo tries to slow the Mack down with a kick but all he gets for his troubles is a clothesline so powerful that it flips his entire body over. A European Uppercut rocks Mundo as well before he falls to the People's Elbow! And a Dab! Mack samples other wrestlers but one thing that he cannot pick up here is the win as Mundo kicks out at two!

The tecnico lifts up the cocky champion and gets kicked in the face for his efforts. He has been rocked as he gets another boot to the jaw, and, well, I was wrong, he hits a Samoan Drop, kips up AND hits a standing moonsault! 1...2... Not quite! As both men rise to their feet, Mack looks to hit a uranage but a couple of elbows to the back of the head followed by a Bionic Elbow, which Vampiro alludes to, sees the Mack get stunned. Johnny tries to take advantage of this but he ends up being thrown into the air for a Pop Up Forearm! Nice! Mack hooks both legs in a pinfall which I'm sure Vampiro appreciates but Mundo still manages to get one on the ropes!

Johnny gasps for air on the rope and instead of air, all he gets is a leaping reverse STO from the rope to the canvas. Wow! 1...2... Still not enough! As both men get their feet, Mundo makes the mistake of using the ropes as it means he is in a perfect position to be caught against them. Mack punches the trapped champion but maybe I was the wrong as these same ropes allow Mundo to spring off them following a Stunner counter with enough momentum to send Mack all the way into Marty Elias! There goes the referee. A big crossbody is countered into a Sit Out Powerbomb but Marty couldn't count until Matt Striker's imaginary four count. Striker counts to six but for us that is just two.

With that, here come the Worldwide Underground. They were a little bit too late to attack behind the referee's back but they're here to distract regardless. As Elias gets caught up in the confusion, Johnny hits the low blow! Not this way! 1...2...3. Another anticlimatic ending I'm afraid.

WINNER: Johnny Mundo

Mundo celebrates with Black and Evans who hand their leader the title and lay siege to Mack as some form of lyrical theme plays. That's... bizarre. His two cohorts keep Mack grounded with double the submission.

“Hey Mack! You suck bro!”

Mundo has the mic now. He tells his challenger that tonight he could barely last ten minutes and as he's a fat piece of crap, he's taking his ass to Slamtown ALL NIGHT LONG! That's right, we're getting a match that takes place throughout the entire show next week! They continue to attack Mack as Johnny asks for someone to take out the trash.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Mil Muertes walks down the ramp and he is looking to reclaim that title, perhaps! This is surprising! The Worldwide Underground retreat. Wait!

No he isn't!

He's attacking Vampiro!

He is absolutely decimating him but here comes the darkened Prince Puma. This is what Mil wanted. Mil sets our twisted commentator up for the Flatliner as Vampiro begs Puma not to stop it. With that, Muertes hits the move as Puma looks on, devastated.

Was there a method to Vampiro's madness? We'll find out soon.

Just as I was starting to get into that match, that ending nullified everything. I get that we're going to see dirty finishes with Mundo, that isn't necessarily a bad thing, I just felt like there hadn't been enough happening before it. If there were some BIG near falls beforehand and a little bit more time invested into the match, that would have worked. Instead, I felt the same way that I did during Mariposa vs. Star - “Is that it?”

All Night Long makes perfect sense as Mundo believes that Mack is not conditioned enough for it, whereas Johnny works on his abs until the cows come home. That works for me.

As for the ending segment? That was particularly well done. Mil got to look like a beast and Puma was protected during that as Vampiro insisted on being that sacrificial lamb.


4th January – Johnny Mundo (3)

28th December – Cage (2)
21st December – The Mack (2)
14th December – Jeremiah Crane
7th December – The Mack
30th November – Vampiro
23rd November – Johnny Mundo (2)
16th November – Sexy Star
9th November – Mil Muertes
2nd November - Rey Mysterio Jr. (2)
26th October - Johnny Mundo
19th October - Drago
12th October - Chavo Guerrero Jr.
5th October - Cage
28th September - Prince Puma
21st September - Jack Evans
14th September - Killshot
7th September - Rey Mysterio Jr.

This one was pretty easy to call.

Sexy Star beat her former rival once more but she's probably gained nothing by doing so, as it's becoming increasingly obvious that Mariposa was not behind the attack. Mariposa showed no real venom when attacking Star and plus it seems like the Butterfly is now in a rivalry with her brother!

Any of the Reptile Tribe may be seen as solid picks. Pindar was effective with his submissions, Vibora looked great in his brief moments and Drago performed brilliantly, though can they really the trust man who picked up the win for them? In fact, can his Trios Champion partners trust him either?!

For me though, this has to go to Mundo, as he defeated the challenger for his title and subjected him to pure and utter humiliation by besmirching his physique and by picking a stipulation that allows him to continue to degrade his challenger.

The scary thing here my friends, is that Mundo's pace-setting three wins will more than likely become four next week as there is only one match. It's All Night Long and I can't see Mundo stumbling so soon!


Still no Lord, but maybe that will happen next week to close out the mid-season finale. It's a shame no one predicted that. Kam will more than likely hate me if that happens! One week off!

20- KamNewton
21- g3sshoku
22- RVDMark
23- Maximilliean
24- @HBK4EVER17
30- Kblitzko
34- TNJacktion
35- StuartGosling
36- Grimjac
37- Ralph83
38- TheImplications
39- JSR-13
40- BeaverCleavage


I didn't care too much for this episode of Lucha and it probably reflected in the write-ups. The beginning and closing match-ups felt like they ended far too soon and out of nowhere on both occasions. The middle match though was an absolute treat and I highly recommend checking it out for some great character work from all involved.

I don't mind though, as a “bad” episode of Lucha is not bad at all. I still enjoyed it, even if I was able to take nothing away from it.

Next week's will be different though. It promises to be something special as we get a show-long Championship Iron-Man match between Mack and Mundo. Lionel Richie says it best: All Night Long!

Until then, what I want to know is your prediction for the score? I'm going with 3-2 Mundo. These matches perhaps beg belief when their scores are so high purely due to the stipulation, but with all of the potential interference, I really fail to see anything more than several dirty falls for Mundo. As for Mack, he'll probably take the early lead with a Stunner out of nowhere before falling to a 2-1 deficit that he'll tie near the death - only to lose with mere seconds remaining.

How about you Believers?

As always, hit me up @ LeafLOP or comment below! Thank you for reading and don't stop believing!


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