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Posted in: The Green Room
SOUND OF THE UNDERGROUND: S3E16 - Battle of the Bulls
By Ryan "Leaf" Plant
Jan 4, 2017 - 2:03:01 AM

Season 3, Episode 16
The Battle of the Bulls

We're live in the Temple and is that La Bamba?! Metalachi are a brand new band within the Temple and they're playing an absolute classic here! Not only that, we have some no doubt classic matches as the Battle of the Bulls tournament concludes and we have a Lucha Underground Championship match contested inside a Steel Cage! In fact, one of those matches about to begin right now, which is it? It's the Tournament final of course!

Melissa Santos seems just as psyched as she introduces The Mack to a huge ovation from the Believers.
Speaking of ovations, the Believers mostly jeer the next competitor PJ Black, all except Vampiro who is very impressed with the Darewolf's lifestyle. Someone else that I'm sure he's about to praise is Jeremiah Crane. Actually he's really on point with his descriptions as he says that he believes he drinks a lot of energy drinks and is a guy who we don't know is a glass half full or half empty guy but isn't all there. God, I love Vamp. The Believers certainly love Cage who is our last competitor! The Machine is an absolute beast and to be quite frank, he has plenty of opportunities headed his way as he is still well within the Ultimate Opportunity tournament. All four men take a corner and we're off!

Battle of the Bulls Tournament FINAL
Elimination Match – Winner is #1 Contender for the Lucha Underground Championship
The Mack vs. PJ Black vs. Jeremiah Crane vs. Cage

They start with a four way test of strength which is fun to see, yet Cage breaks it down by kicing Crane and sending Black and Mack into each other. That's one way of getting the early advantage. He clears the ring of Black and German Suplexes his fellow big man, Mack. Nice! Black quickly comes back into the ring though to capeoira kick Cage and double stomp his back. That was a beautiful combo! The Moonsault misses though and it allows Crane to come back into the match and, well, get choked by Cage. Black saves him by breaking up the choke attempt and hitting a double pump kick with him on the Machine. Speaking of double kicks, both men take each other out with one and Mack tries to pin the fallen Crane. No! He hits a Samoan Drop on Black and tries to pin both Crane and PJ! 1...2... No!

Crane doesn't seem impressed with Mack's war of strikes and slaps him back, begging him to whack him once more. Mack goes for a kick yet he dragon screwed and stomped for his troubles. Black is back on the apron yet Jeremiah quickly dismisses him and vaults out of the ring. Speaking of vaulting, HERE COMES MACK WITH A BIG SENTON! Damn that always looks impressive. Cage is finally back to his feet in the ring and once again intercepts Black entering the ring and hits a huge senton himself onto Crane and Mack on the outside. This allows PJ though to hit a picture perfect Asai Moonsault to the two big men – Cage and Mack. What does he have in mind here as he looks to run up and hit a big kick from the apron onto Crane? Jeremiah catches it, lifts him into the Electric Chair and slams his head right onto the apron! Lord have Mercy! Crane looks to hit some apron-based offence himself as he runs back up and looks to vault onto Cage but instead he is lifted into the Falcon Arrow onto the Temple Floor. Ouch! Surely The Machine has to take advantage here. Interestingly enough, he doesn't roll Crane all the way into the ring and instead tries to lift him back in from the apron. Big mistake. It allowed Mack to come back in, intercept the move, lift Cage onto his shoulders and allow PJ Black to hit a crossbody version of the Doomsday Device yet CAGE TURNS IT INTO A POWERSLAM OFF MACK'S SHOULDERS! That was insane! Mack misses the Standing Shooting Star and Cage sends Crane onto the back of Mack for a pinfall attempt on the newcomer. No!

He seems incensed with the Machine as he gets back to his feet and he locks on a guillotine following Cage's powerbomb attempt. The Machine breaks out in the best way though as he pretty much hits a Warth of the Gods made famous by Matanza on Crane. Black launches himself off the top rope and he gets a Lucha Destroyer for his troubles. It looks like Cage is going to win this and WAIT! That's Texano! He's got the bullrope and he has just hit the Machine with it. He's paying him back for The Machine stealing his pin in their fatal four way and of course to gain an advantage heading into the next match of their series. This leaves Cage prone to a kick from Crane and most importantly the STUNNER from Mack! Here comes PJ with the 450 off the rope! 1...2...3! Wow, the man I believed to be the favourite has gone first! It HAS to be Mack now, right?!


Texano gloats at his part in Cage's elimination before leaving. In the ring, Crane has Mack and Black stacked up in a turnbuckle kick attack... word. Mack rolls out of the ring and Black is hit with a suplex and a rope-assisted DDT. 1...2.. No! Crane has one thing in mind now following the kick out and you just get the feeling this is about to go wrong so we have a final of Mack vs. one of Johnny's cronies. Right? Speaking of which, Mack boots his head off from the apron and, well, he gets headbutted by Crane in all fairness. Jeremiah drops lower and looks to powerbomb Mack from his top rope predicament. When that clearly doesn't start to work, he kicks the leg of his opponent to send him flying from the ropes and he is instead hit with a sit-out version of the powerbomb in the middle of the ring. Well that works too! 1....2... But sadly it doesn't work enough for Crane, that's only a two. Still, AGAIN Crane wastes no time as he turns that Powerbomb into the Stretch Muffler with the greatest of ease. I love how quickly he changes his offence. Where was this man in some old pastures? Black tries to take advantage by rolling Crane up but it's not enough. He gets Death Valley Drivered for his trouble and he then hits the Cranial Contusion on Black who rolls away! Smart, very smart. We're definitely getting Black vs. Mack then to end the match, I'm sure, and this is probably how it happens as Crane stands on the rope with Mack and OH MY GOD TOP ROPE STUNNER! I don't even need to tell you that's a pinfall, do I?


Black enters the ring and almost gets Stunnered himself! He sees it coming though and slaps his opponent, Mack slaps back too. Eventually a spinning kick from PJ gives him the advantage and a pinfall attempt, but it's exactly that, an attempt. What does he have to do to beat Mack here? He crotch chops before hitting the Stunner but wait, Mack never went down! PJ hasn't realised! STUNNER! Black just went flying and he gets covered. 1...2...3! YES! THE MACK HAS DONE IT!

WINNER: The Mack

The Believers are as loud as we've ever heard them as The Mack gets his big opportunity within the Temple. We quickly cut to the next segment rather than watching him celebrate more which is a big shame if you ask me. Nevertheless, congratulations!

I don't think Lucha Underground could have planned this match out more perfectly – they had the shock first elimination which added some further intrigue to Cage vs. Texano, they had a high impact elimination as Crane was stunnered from the top and of course, they had the ever-popular tecnico vs. the champion's stooge to end the match, which made the fan favourite's win that much sweeter when it happened. That match had everything, and other than wishing for a show-long elimination match to really make you remember the Tournament should they use it again next season, I think that was as perfect of a match that you were going to get here. Really fun stuff guys.


If you're going to look for a dragon, checking the toilet seems to be the best place, judging by Drago's past segments in the Temple. He's not in either cubicle apparently, as Fenix and Aerostar check four of them.

“Looking for Drago?” Kobra Moon appears and questions the other two thirds of the kidnapped tecnico.

She tells them that he is ready to bow to her again, something that Aerostar heavily disputes. He said that he would never return to the Reptiles and he made that vow a millennia ago.

Kobra tells the remaining Trios Champions that Drago is broken, and now... “Pindar and Vibora will break you.”

That's quite the prophecy, as both of these men appear behind her. The fight is on!

Vibora takes out a light and almost has his rocked by Fenix who strikes him repeatedly. Fenix scales the cubicle in order to get away from his foe yet Pindar is there to slam his back against the floor before standing on his mask.

Aerostar manages to take out the lizard surprisingly, at least for a moment, before taking on Moon. Big mistake. Vibora shows up and slams the Spaceman against the mirror several times.

Fenix is back up to fight off Kobra and does he just that, only to be destroyed once more by Pindar who dismantles the former Lucha Underground Champion with ease again.

Aerostar attempts to fight all of them three on one and to his credit he does extremely well, surviving for at least over a minute but the result is inevitable as Pindar slams him against the light. The Reptiles stand over the champions, knowing that they have some playthings for the man they are trying to break back to his old ways.

I love this feud. I really do. The Trios division needed something to grip into as since the emergence of the Disciples of Death, it has felt like we haven't had a big gripping storyline. This is that story, I hope Drago doesn't turn but I can't help but see it happening. They're making too much of a deal over the fact he never would, and you know what that means in wrestling, even Lucha!


We're seen that the cage awaits and speaking of which, Sexy Star awaits The Mack backstage! She screams aloud and embraces her friend following his win. She is so proud of him proving everyone wrong. Mack is proud too.

“It's time for Sexy Star to become the first ever two-time champion by defeating Johnny Mundo!”

With that, the two leave the room but we see that the tarantula remains.

It looks like Star is allowing Mack to accompany her tonight following on from the time she refused to allow that to happen. Wise move, you know the Worldwide Underground will be involved. As for the tarantula? Please make this storyline stop, unless you suddenly have Star no longer afraid of it, and she is taken out by the mystery fighter at that very moment.


Dario Cueto speaks to Jeremiah and asks if he is sure. Sure about what? It seems that Crane wants a match of his choice but Dario was hesitant as tonight “you got your ass kicked”. He is sure though, and Dario agrees to it.

What he doesn't agree with is Jeremiah Crane getting up, scaling the office and taking out a mystery item from behind a panel, which is something even Dario Cueto seemingly knew nothing about!

“It was here from when I was a kid.”

Crane walks down the hallway which turns black pretty quickly, just like his heart. He tells Catrina that he found what he used to always play with. Catrina tells him that he just lost a big match and he is still playing his foolish games, but no, Jeremiah retorts, he is going to make Pascal Mendoza wish he would die next week. It's going to be Mil vs Jeremiah next week and after he's done with Mil, he's going to have Catrina all to himself.

He walks off, no, through, a smiling Catrina.

Oh Ivelisse, this is not going to end well for you is it love? That being said, I am loving Jeremiah Crane's character. He belongs here in Lucha, that's for sure, and he apparently grew up in the Temple. I can't wait for the revelations to keep coming as far as he is concerned!


We're ready for the Steel Cage main event as Melissa Santos tells us that Worldwide Underground has been banned from ringside! As Sexy Star makes her way to the ring, we see that Mack is not with her either after all! You just know that all will get involved in due course somehow though! Sexy sits atop the cage and blows kisses to the Believers. Will Mundo give the kiss of death to her title aspirations tonight though?

Speaking of which, here is the Champion, it's Johnny Mundo! He holds the title that he chased for so long and basks in the jeers of the Believers. He doesn't seem too impressed as Marty accidentally knocks his glasses to the floor and that rage seems to carry him to the start of the match as he spits at Star following the bell!

Steel Cage Match for the Lucha Underground Championship
Sexy Star vs. Johnny Mundo (c)

Star absolutely unloads on Mundo and throws him against the cage yet Mundo rolls back to his feet and poses in true parkour fashion. His following pose is more Rick Rude as he shows off his muscles before Star does the same. Locking on an armbar, Mundo finally becomes all action though his opponent reverses it into an armbar of her own, alternating to a headlock when it looked like the champion was breaking free. Speaking of breaking free, he does just that and instantly tries to scale the cage yet Star knocks him right down! She hits a flurry of kicks as he screams aloud however it looks as if Mundo was playing possum in a sense as the very moment she tries to claim the cage, he runs like the wind and grabs her leg, pulling her all the way down by that limb alone. Smart. I hope he works on that all match now for it to make sense with the psychology!

Never mind, Mundo is instead choking Star's head against the cage. Please Johnny, just work on one body part, it would make a lot of sense. Instead, he spears Star against the cage to work on her back. She avoids the second spear and tries to climb once more. Told you, she has enough in her to literally run along the rope to avoid Mundo. Thankfully, he works on the leg again, dragging her by just the one limb once more. It makes sense to hinder Star's movement, though it hasn't worked in this instance as she was able to turn her predicament into a 'rana and send Mundo crashing to the mat!

Star tries to climb yet again but Mundo has the leg once more! Star has got as far as the very top here and even with Mundo's best efforts she is only pulled down as far as the ropes. She continues to kick and chop the champion who lands very precariously between the ropes, getting crotched! The Believers cannot believe this. Surely he's done. He takes a double stomp to the back and yet, he is STILL able to grab the leg, doing enough to stop Sexy as he tries to climb up gingerly, still using his other hand to caress his grapefruits. Eventually, Mundo is able to fully pull Star off by the leg and he hits a spinning backbreaker for good measure. Star points out what I said earlier, working on the legs is good cage match strategy, and breaking the back certainly helps too!

Johnny pulls out the most lethal move of the match next as he gets the challenger on his shoulders and runs from side to side of the cage, smashing her head against the steel repeatedly. The Believers try to will on Star who gets to her feet, only to get Flying Chuck'd against the steel. Still though, she rises to her feet to stop the rising Worldwide Underground leader and she even hits a turnbuckle-assisted powerbomb for two! Leg drop! That's another two! Star scales the cage next but Mundo somehow has strength in him to get back up again so quickly and grab the leg once more! Speaking of the leg, she uses that very boot to knock Mundo down and she could win here! Stupidly though, here comes the unneeded leap from the cage with a top rope crossbody! She hits it! But it only gets two! I hate that spot when a tecnico could win yet they go for that move, despite how much they want to play to the crowd. Personal pet peeve.

The former champion tries to climb the cage once more in this match yet Mundo is back to meet her. The two brawl now on the very top of the steel and yet Johnny wins the war of strikes. He ends up as far as the other side of the cage yet his foot is caught which allows Sexy to drag him back in. That was close! She kicks his ribs repeatedly and WAIT! MUNDO! JUST TOOK OFF THE MASK! With that, he gets to the outside and by the time she fastens the mask back up, Johnny Mundo's name has been announced!

There was no interference this time! Hurrah!

WINNER: Johnny Mundo

The Believers jeer the living daylights out of the champion who has just disrespected the Lucha tradition in order to retain the belt. I hope we get more of this as it would make him a unique rudo champion compared to the others and- wait! There's The Mack! STUNNER! Sexy an at least find a smile in watching her friend lay out the Champion. They share a look of respect and she nods approvingly as she poses on top of the cage and he raises the belt. Goodnight everybody!.. Of course, it's not really the end.

This was a half-decent match between the two. They're both great athletes but it has always felt like Star and Mundo haven't had a lot of chemistry. You probably gathered from my write-up that I enjoyed Mundo working on the leg though it felt like Sexy did nothing to sell that any point throughout the match. Thankfully, the ending and non-interference for either side from bell to bell surprised me heavily and really lifted this match up as a result, I feel.


“Ready to call me Queen?”

Too bad, Kobra Moon tells the chained Drago in her lair. She was going to let him gnaw on the bones of her Reptile Tribe's meal. Instead, Drago would rather starve, in his own words. She tells him that sooner or later a Dragon must feed, which he knows to be the case. With limited strength, he breathes fire as he looks conflicted about his predicament. Lets hope he doesn't feed on his friends.

You know, I genuinely think Daga won't be dead... yet. I think he will be fed to Drago and quite possibly eaten alive. Jesus Christ.


21st December – The Mack (2)

14th December – Jeremiah Crane
7th December – The Mack
30th November – Vampiro
23rd November – Johnny Mundo (2)
16th November – Sexy Star
9th November – Mil Muertes
2nd November - Rey Mysterio Jr. (2)
26th October - Johnny Mundo
19th October - Drago
12th October - Chavo Guerrero Jr.
5th October - Cage
28th September - Prince Puma
21st September - Jack Evans
14th September - Killshot
7th September - Rey Mysterio Jr.

It has to be the Mack again, becoming only the third two-time winner this season. He is now the #1 Contender, and he picked up 2 out of the 3 eliminations to get there. Furthermore, he ended the show on top of the Champion's body, having Stunnered him to what might has well have been the fourth dimension. He is game for a challenge, and I can't wait to see what he does with this opportunity.


No Lord, no potential winners for several weeks. That makes me a Sad Panda.

20- KamNewton
21- g3sshoku
22- RVDMark
23- Maximilliean
24- @HBK4EVER17
30- Kblitzko
34- TNJacktion
35- StuartGosling
36- Grimjac
37- Ralph83
38- TheImplications
39- JSR-13
40- BeaverCleavage


This was a very solid episode of Lucha – we crowned a new #1 contender, a definitive champion, set up a big match for next week and we saw exactly how mistreated Drago has been, all within fourty five minutes mind you.

As always, hit me up @ LeafLOP or comment below! Thank you.


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