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Posted in: The Green Room
SOUND OF THE UNDERGROUND: S3E14 - Bulls of Boyle Heights
By Ryan "Leaf" Plant
Dec 12, 2016 - 2:30:55 AM

Season 3, Episode 14
Bulls of Boyle Heights

Author's Disclaimer: I cannot apologize enough for my absence, SOTU fans. The situation with my workplace has now been resolved and you'll find me writing regularly once more. Here's three columns in the same day!

Dario is in his office. Well, we know what comes next don't we? Ah, there's the knock. And there's Angelico!

He doesn't look in the mood for any games. He wants Mundo tonight, and he doesn't even care if it's for the title or not. Cueto would give him the match but Mundo's lawyer is a real shark. This gives Angelico an idea, how about he gets a lawyer too as he was injured twice whilst working for Dario by those punks and he didn't do a single thing about it.

Cueto does not take any responsibility. He knows the dangers of competing in the Temple. It's not Dario's fault. He tries to shake the hand of Angelico who quickly slams it down onto the table.

“It WILL be Dario Cueto's fault when I give you the Fall of the Angels through your desk.”

Dario Cueto quickly changes his mind. He can get his shot as long as he wins Dario's new tournament. It's called the Battle of the Bulls, and Angelico's match is next week! The newly serious Angelico is pleased with this and taps Cueto on the face, telling him that Mundo will need a undertaker.

“Stupid...” Dario says out loud. Oh what is he up to this time?

It was nice to see this side of Angelico. Too many times, tecnicos or babyfaces in wrestling get beaten up and they just appear like their old selves. It feels like something has changed within the South African as his entire persona seems deeply affected by everything that has happened. That was awesome.


Matt Striker and Vampiro introduce us to not only the show, but the Battle of the Bulls tournament! The winner of the four one-fall fatal four way matches go on to one final elimination fatal four way to crown a new #1 contender. This could be a lot of fun! I'm sure Melissa Santos agrees, looking ravishing red, about to announce the first match.

She cannot hide her smile as she announces the man from the 559, they call him... CAGE! His next opponent is also in the ring, it's none other than Texano who he has been battling for the ULTIMATE Opportunity lately. Next, she introduces Joey Ryan who of course, makes sure he's well-oiled before taking on a Machine amongst many others. Lastly, Famous B takes the microphone and Melissa and begins to announce his client but... well... that same Machine takes him out before Dr. Wagner Jr. can truly be announced! And we're off!

Battle of the Bulls Tournament Match
Cage vs. Texano vs. Joey Ryan vs. Dr. Wagner Jr.

Cage and Wagner are fighting to begin with but a Shining Wizard stuns Cage to start! Joey Ryan goes away from Texano to dropkick Wagner! The confident Ryan is rocked with a spinning wheel kick and yes, this means we're getting Texano vs. Cage. The rivalry continues as each man unloads a series of strikes on the other before Texano overcomes the Machine with a leg lariat. He's going for the rope out of nowhere and seems truly poised to use it! And he does! He strikes the Machine with the rope, not once but twice! Ryan makes the mistake of trying to go after the Blue Collar Brawler and he is thrown out into Wagner. Texano then hits both of the men on the outside with a senton. He's fired up tonight!

Cage then takes to the top rope and hits a Moonsault from the top rope to take out three men! Jesus Christ! I'm not too sure why neither man ran there but they certainly paid for it. Texano is whipped back into the ring and falls victim to Cage's Pumphandle Slam. 1...2... No! Wagner tries to join the melee and he gets rope suplexed for his troubles. It's Joey Ryan of all people who manages to land a move on the Machine with an elbow but he too is slammed to the mat with a Jackhammer. 1...2... Texano breaks it up!

Wagner grabs Texano and Cage looks to double team the ferocious tecnico but he kicks the Machine and flips him over at the second attempt. He hits a White Noise on Wagner before sending Ryan to the mat with a spinebuster. 1...2... Now Cage breaks it up! It's as if it's the Cage and Texano show here. Just as I say that, Wagner hits a beautiful DDT on Cage which sends Famous B into elation. He catches Texano's foot for a Dragon Screw. An Enziguri to Texano leads him perfectly into a top-rope cutter. He even sends Ryan into the corner, strikes him, and brings him back to the middle for a Samoan Drop. Saying that, Ryan just slammed Wagner out of nowhere and even hit a Spinebuster on Texano. Cage breaks up the pinfall attempt though and gets the better of Ryan by thrusting him into the corner. These matches are always the hardest to cover, you know that?!

Swinging Neckbreaker from Ryan! 1...2... No! How is Joey Ryan the one man standing right now?! The crooked cop takes to the top rope once more and, well, Texano is up and stuns him with a forearm. Wagner joins him and wait... Cage lifts all three men up for the Tower of Doom! Famous B calls for his Doctor but he's out of it, along with the other two men! Famous B makes the mistake of going after Cage and he gets double Fall Away Slammed with his client for his troubles. Cage goes for a Fireman's Carry on Texano but Joey Ryan superkicks him! Texano takes advantage with a release German Suplex as Wagner hits a Sidewinder Spear on Ryan! Texano charges at Wagner next with several splashes, he stomps Cage for good measure, and slides into the Doctor in the corner. Ryan stupidly tries to stop this in-form beast who sends him down to the mat with a huge Sit-Out Powerbomb but it's broken up by Cage... WITH THE BULLROPE?! He strikes Texano with his own weapon and pins Ryan himself! 1...2...3! That's nasty from the Machine!


Cage just stole an opportunity from his rival, but can the same be said for their series?! We'll find out soon I'm sure!

Speaking of the series, that was the main thread for this match as it was always Cage and Texano in control, letting the thrill of their competition almost guide each man to victory. In the end, Cage stole the victory and you just know that their next encounter will be truly heated. I don't think the Machine will win the tournament as he is too heavily invested in this storyline, but I'm definitely intrigued to see if it's Texano who will cost him.


In the Office, Dario Cueto admits that he has always liked Sexy Star. She's a fighter and in his estimation, the title was taken by the Worldwide Underground.

“Dirty Bastards!”

That's why tonight, she's going one on one with PJ Black, and if she beats him, she gets a Lucha Underground title rematch with Johnny Mundo. Even better, if she beats PJ, she gets Mundo in a steel cage!

Of course, if she loses, she never gets a Lucha Underground Title Match ever again.

With that, Star warns Cueto, though he has escaped his troubled past, he may well have a troubled future. Well, with the cop case I imagine that to be true anyway! Cueto doesn't seem too phased though as he looks at the Bull that this very tournament is named after.

Alright! It's nice to have a personal match inbetween these tournament contests. I can live with that. I like that they use these Cueto-Star segments to continue to tell the backstory and foreshadowings of Dario as well. It's very smart indeed.


“Dario knows.”

Reyes is forced to admit this to Vasquez who shakes her head. She was wrong about Detective Meehan. She no longer trusts him. He is not a good man, but Officer Reyes is. She needs Reyes in that Temple.

“How can I go back there?”
“Well, you'll just have to go in deeper.”

When that arm heals, he will return to the Temple, as a whole new man... apparently. Whether Dario sees through this or not remains to be seen, but speaking of seeing through, it's going to be a mask that Reyes looks out of going forward. He seems to like that.

Reyes in a mask? It's such a simple idea but I absolutely love it all the same. I hope they go all out with this and have him pretend to be a member of one of the Tribes. Dario is interested in seeing these Tribes fight in the modern age, just like his father was. That would be a great way for Cueto to be enticed by the new Luchador.


Back in the Temple, Melissa Santos introduces Sexy Star. Well, we now know the match coming next! She holds her staff up high but we all know that she wants to be holding the gold once more. That's why she makes her way to the ring this week to gain an opportunity at that very feat once more! The Believers are going wild for her and I have no doubt that they'll jeer the living daylights out of her opponent.

Speaking of which, from Cape Town South Africa comes the “Darewolf” PJ Black! He takes to the corner and raises his arms before cartwheeling to the mat. Laughing at his foe, he doesn't seem to take the masked woman seriously. But he should, as their match is NEXT!

Sexy Star vs. PJ Black

Sexy starts things off with a kick and a bridge, but PJ reverses it, only for one mind you! He tries to lift her into a full nelson yet Star is able to not only get out of this but deliver a mule kick to the lower abdomen, following this up with a hurricanrana! She waits for PJ to get back to his feet before charging at him, only to be kneed in the ribs and then clubbed viciously. He holds onto the arm of Star before running the ropes to deliver a buckle-assisted arm-drag. The Darewolf takes far too long with gloating though which allows Sexy to gain a second wind, delivering strike after strike and then interestingly enough, she grabs the arm and runs at the corner herself, turning it into a hurricanrana. Problem is with these type of moves, the opponent springs up quickly, and Black is quick to come back up and lift Star up into a Widow's Peak-like position before dropping her full-on down to the mat. If that wasn't bad enough, he then gets Star in the Pretzel stretch and uses it to slam her head back and forth against the corner!

A frustrated Star tries to lock in a headscissor takedown into guillotine but Black lifts her high to suplex her to the mat before delivering a beautiful rope moonsault! Inbetween all of these moves, PJ is gloating, grinning and blowing kisses to the audience. This Worldwide Underground association has benefitted Black the most as he has really found a character through them! Heading to the top, his cockiness is quite simply halted as the former Lucha Underground Champion recovers to kick the ropes, sending the South African balls-first onto the top buckle. Have mercy! A stunned Black is slapped repeatedly, probably not for the first time in his life, before Star hits a 'rana. But wait! PJ holds on, rolls through and hits... A STYLES CLASH?! That was amazing! 1...2... No. It wasn't enough but wow, he just hit that beautifully!

Black goes for the moonsault but crashes and burns. His opponent comes back with a kicking combination, a scream, and then a flurry of strikes. Then comes the knelt DDT! 1...2... Not yet! Just as she gains some much needed momentum, Jack Evans appears on the apron, looking very much like Arrow! He comes bearing a weapon too, which the referee quickly goes to dispose of! Of course, this was a ploy for Jack to hold Star back but wait... She breaks free!! And the Darewolf strikes the Dragon Slayer instead! Sunset Flip! Could it be?! 1...2... IT IS! 3!

WINNER: Sexy Star

The happy-go-lucky theme of the former Champion plays out loud as the Darewolf beats the mat. He gets into an argument with a protesting Evans as Star raises her fist. She knows that she has just clenched a steel cage rematch with Johnny Mundo for the Lucha Underground Championship.

Yet again, a different member of the Worldwide Underground got a better match out of Sexy than Mundo has had at this point, but I have no doubt that the steel cage will be awesome. Depending on whether it's escape-only or not, we may see a different kind of match as thus far, the two earlier contests were all about an array of pinfall atttempts. As for this match, that Styles Clash was a thing of beauty wasn't it? Great match and PJ Black's best showing to date.


We come back to the sight of a large golden bull and... wait... that's not a bull, that is the throne of a snake!


We see exactly why Kobra Moon described herself as a Queen a couple of weeks back, as he looks every bit a monarch right now as she tells her loyal subjects that a millenia ago, their Tribe ruled the Aztec Empire. Their three generals were beyond deadly. The problem is, when the Great War broke out, one of the generals deserted us. Thankfully, her two subjects survived and it means they can serve their ancestry. Now, they need to bring back the man who once deserted them. Make him kneel before the Queen.

The two men rise, or should I say animals. One is a lizard, the other looks to be some form of dinosaur. Together, this Reptilian Tribe seem to have one goal: re-unite their roots and take back what is theirs.

Well, all of this makes a lot of sense now! Considering it looks like Drago was being tortured within the trailer, it looks as if these two new characters will find a way to lure the Trios Champions to this no-doubt chamber of doom. I fear a Drago rudo turn due to his fear of the aforementioned Pindar but we will soon find out! This has all the makings of a great story and this is the most invested I've personally been in the Kobra Moon character since her debut. Brilliant.


“Are you sure you don't want to be in my Battle of the Bulls tournament?”

Dario Cueto tries to talk sense to his monstrous brother, who continues to demand one name and one name only: Rey Mysterio. Try as he might, Cueto cannot guarantee him this as Rey is still recovering from his injuries. He tries to reason with his brother, comparing his pursuit of Mysterio to that of Dragon Azteca's quest for revenge, which almost cost him his career.

An outstretched hand greets Dario as it carefully caresses the neck of the promoter. He hopes that Matanza doesn't make the same mistake.


He reaches for the key...

We have a Monster that quite literally kills people on the loose. I repeat, we have an actual killer on the loose. We've watched Cueto's hold over Matanza be, for lack of a better term, wrestled away from him over the last few weeks. Tonight, he harmed his own brother to get what he desires: the absolute destruction of Rey Mysterio. Surely no hospital will allow Matanza to just stroll in looking like that, right? Saying that, how do you stop him? How does ANYBODY stop him?


We go from that segment to the extremely upbeat sounds of our band tonight! Melissa Santos does her best to introduce this next match, and the reason I say that is because she has Marty “The Moth” Martinez flapping his apparent wings behind her. Dragon Azteca Jr. is back in the ring after a couple of months now that he has broken the arm of Pentagon Dark, and he gains a rousing “AZTECA!” ovation from the Believers. The Mack is introduced to the fray next, as the crowd all roar out in appreciation for the man who does many things that a man his size should not be able to do. With the pick in his hair, you have to wonder if he will be able to brush off the competition tonight. And of course, last but not least, from Beyond The Grave comes Mil Muertes. He's accompanied by Catrina as always, of course. He seems to salivate at the thought of decimating the men before him. But will that happen? He enters the ring and Marty sounds the bell. Lets find out!

Battle of the Bulls Tournament Match
Marty “The Moth” Martinez vs. Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. The Mack vs. Mil Muertes

To be gin with, all three Luchadors pounce on Mil Muertes but he gives all three of them uppercuts, flips Azteca over on the rebound, strikes Marty back down and hits a powerslam on Mack! Wow. Azteca goes for yet another bite but his dropsault does nothing. A double kick from Marty and Mack seems to do the difference here and surprisingly, they also team up in spite of their history to slap Azteca down to the canvas! The two men whip Azteca into the rope but he moves out of the way which sends Mack's leg lariat into Marty! Well, he's going to want revenge.

Azteca hits the Tijuana DDT out of nowhere on the Mack but the Reaper's Trident from a returning Mil DESTROYS HIM! Marty hits a top rope arm drag, a basement dropkick AND a back elbow on Mil before ASKING for a punch and a headbutt to his own laughter. This doesn't go well as Mil gives him more than he can chew with a “ten punch” in the corner. Mack comes back into it with a running knee to the back and an exploder back suplex. He can't pick up the pin and as Azteca tries to gain advantage on Mack, Marty runs in with a kick to deliver the same medicine back to the fellow big man. Azteca leaps over Marty and all the way to Mkack on the outside with a big senton!

This leaves Mil and Marty in the ring but not for long as Mil places Moth on the apron and HITS A REAPER'S TRIDENT ALL THE WAY TO THE FLOOR, KNOCKING THE OTHER MEN DOWN!

The Believers will on all of the combatants and it's Muertes and Azteca who take to the ring. Azteca hits a dropsault on Mil, this time to effect as he retreats to the corner, but he runs into a big right hand! It's his left that causes concern as he holds it with caution. Perhaps that's why he tries to hit the Flatliner straight away but Mack comes back into the ring and hits the Stunner on the Immortan instead! Mack takes to the field and hits a big TKO before Azteca hits a legdrop! A huge spinning kick takes Mack out of the ring and we're back to the two masked men! The “Azteca” chant rings aloud and is silenced almost as quickly as the Dragon's body with the spinning chokeslam. I say this, just as Azteca manages to reverse a move to send Mil's face into the corner. He then hits the 630 of all things! He learnt that from Puma! Instead though, he lets go of Muertes and goes for more. What an idiot!


He comes in and beats the living hell out of Azteca. He's the closest thing to Mysterio and Dario's speech didn't help! The Dragon tries to fight it off with the Tijuana DDT but it turns perfectly into the Wrath of the Gods for the Monster. But wait, here's Dario! WITH A BLOOD SOAKED TOWEL!

“Matanza!” he screams, holding the key up high. The Believers are stunned by this, as does Catrina who shoots the most hilarious “wtf” face I think you'll see all season. As he sends Matanza away, Marty sneaks in to pick up the pieces on Azteca. 1...2... No! Mack breaks up the pin! He goes for the Stunner on Marty who fights it off but wait... He runs against the ropes and... STUNNER! RUNNING STUNNER! 1...2...3!

WINNER: The Mack

The Mack celebrates his huge win and that, my friends, is enough to close the show!

This was a fun match. I wish it had more time but the stories were there throughout. Mil had to fight off all three men, Mack and Moth resumed their rivalry at the end and Azteca was destroyed by Matanza to send a message to both Mysterio and Dario. I love that Mack won here as he is certainly talented enough to flirt with the Championship picture but he hasn't really had that shot. Well now he has!


7th December – The Mack

30th November – Vampiro
23rd November – Johnny Mundo (2)
16th November – Sexy Star
9th November – Mil Muertes
2nd November - Rey Mysterio Jr. (2)
26th October - Johnny Mundo
19th October - Drago
12th October - Chavo Guerrero Jr.
5th October - Cage
28th September - Prince Puma
21st September - Jack Evans
14th September - Killshot
7th September - Rey Mysterio Jr.

I could have awarded this to Cage who outwitted his rival to move one step closer to the Gold or to Sexy Star who got closer than anyone else as she now has a cage match with Mundo in her future.

In the end, I gave this to The Mack who has never won one of these as if you can't give it to The Mack on this night, then when can you? Just like the other names mentioned, he has gold in his sights and he defeated some big names to get there. Mil is a former champion, Moth has been in several high-profile matches and Azteca is a former Trios Champion. In some ways, this fan favourite was the big underdog of this match but he did it.

Whether he wins the Tournament or not is another story, but tonight, Mack, you are a God.


We say goodbye to Twitter reader LozEWright this week who thought the Lord would show his face tonight. I’m afraid not. The numbers are dropping heavily here. There's one more week before we have a brief break from this. Come on MM, I’d love to get this sorted before Christmas!

15- MisterMizery
20- KamNewton
21- g3sshoku
22- RVDMark
23- Maximilliean
24- @HBK4EVER17
30- Kblitzko
34- TNJacktion
35- StuartGosling
36- Grimjac
37- Ralph83
38- TheImplications
39- JSR-13
40- BeaverCleavage


This was a big show as every match had title implications. I fully expect Mundo to retain against Star as it makes sense for Johnny to then defend against the Battle of the Bulls winner rather than there being yet another rematch if Star was to pick up the win.

All the matches were solid if not spectacular, and with strong segments such as Angelico’s demand, Kobra’s quest and Matanza’s escape, there's really nothing to complain about here.

I certainly enjoyed this one, and I hope you did too.

For that reason Believers, what I want to know from you this week is who do you think will round out the final-stage fatal four way, and who will win?!

I personally think this is Mack’s time as it makes perfect sense from a storyline perspective for Mundo to go from Sexy to her friend. It could however be Angelico with revenge on his mind. We’ll have to see!

As always, hit me up below or on Twitter @LeafLOP. Thank you!


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