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Posted in: The Green Room
SOUND OF THE UNDERGROUND: S3E12 - Every Woman is Sexy, Every Woman is a Star
By Ryan "Leaf" Plant
Dec 12, 2016 - 1:42:12 AM

Season 3, Episode 12
Every Woman is Sexy, Every Woman is a Star

Author's Disclaimer: I cannot apologize enough for my absence, SOTU fans. The situation with my workplace has now been resolved and you'll find me writing regularly once more. Here's three columns in the same day!

In a ring that's seemingly distant than the one that we know and love, the Rabbit Tribe spar.

“The white rabbit called to me, and I followed him.”

The joyous Paul London beams at his new found future.

“He showed me my destiny.”

He reaches out to the shadows.

“And I accepted it.”

And embraces them.

“He asked me to let go of who I was, and become, who I am.”

He holds out the carrots, and that's more food for thought.

“Now, together, we will journey to places that we never dreamed. El Bunny will lead us, and we will follow him...”

The shades are removed, and the hat of course.

“Even if that means into war. Tick, Tock...”


Wow. Just wow. I absolutely loved that. Knowing that The Rabbit Tribe will debut on this episode makes me a very happy columnist. Surely I'm not the only one who gets excited every time a new tribe gets introduced? It just feels like all the pieces are falling into place before the bigger revelations in Lucha Underground are revealed, such as the Gods of the tribes uniting or embarking in all out war, as has been hinted about several times over.


The Temple has a very different feel compared to the mystery that shrouded the opening segment. It's party time in the Temple as Matt Striker calls this a very special edition of Lucha Underground whilst Vampiro drums on him! Vampiro gets the crowd cheering for Sexy and he cannot contain himself as he cuts Matt off and directs us right to Melissa Santos!

The following Lucha is scheduled for one fall and is for the Trios Championship apparently! Wow, are the Rabbit Tribe getting a title shot on their debut?! The crowd are very confused as the words Mala Suerte and Saltador leave her lips though the Believers certainly cheer at the mention of Paul London. Striker is taken aback by the long white coat wearing, shade-emblazoned, Mad Hatter version of this decorated athlete, as he lends his foot to the rail. The Luchador in black slides down the rail backwards whilst the checkered companion scales the railing too. Striker notices the most important thing though, the fact that one of these men wears a t-shirt with the words “I Do It Like A Rabbit”. The penny drops and Vampiro refers to the annuals of war and deduces that these psychotic beings are The Rabbit Tribe, and they've been munching on more than just carrots. As they circle around Melissa, it looks as if Santos has found yet another person to fear in the Temple. They bask in the lighting and await the Champions.

As we know, that team consists of Fenix, Drago and Aerostar. This time, Vampiro calls them Space, Fire and Brimstone. Yeah, I prefer Fury! Drago is out first, spreading his wings to the Believers as Aerostar salutes them. Fenix breathes fire of his own, or a red mist at the very least! Paul London sarcastically applauds them as they make their way to the ring, though his manner changes completely when he lifts the shades and looks incredibly surprised at his surroundings. He'd best get back to it quickly, as there's the bell!

Lucha Underground Trios Championship
The Rabbit Tribe vs. Fenix, Drago and Aerostar (c)

As both the referee and the Champions try to work out which challenger will start off the match, the patience wears thin and both teams begin to brawl with one another. Quickly enough, it looks like London and Fenix will start, and as the eccentric Paul London brawls, the equally out-there checkered member of the team imitates his punches! In fact, he does more than just that as when London throws Fenix over the rope, this member sentons onto the entire group of Trios Champions on the outside! London's partner then enters the ring to assist the apparent leader with his jacket whilst the third member in all black jumps out to join the fray. Just as it looks like Fenix has escaped the melee and looks to join the springboard party himself, London kicks him right in the mush, hits a moonsault, and gyrates repeatedly! Well, you know what they say about rabbits.

London gathers his teammates and whips them into the ring in order to attempt to outnumber Fenix. It's good that Striker cleared up that the Rabbit Tribe received this shot due to London's reputation. You see, it's little bits of story like that which make Lucha so damn great. Fenix might disagree at the moment, as Saltador – now identified as the checkered fighter – assists Paul London in wrenching his arms, allowing Mala Suerte to dive. Well, maybe not! The two men send Fenix so far back that the member of Tribe has no choice but to anti-climatically jump to the mat before running and kicking the Firebird with a front dropkick! London celebrates this as Striker is once again on top form, telling us that Mala Suerte translates to bad luck. That gives us an idea as to what may happen in terms of comedy with his character. Speaking of comedic moments, as the three men join hands once more and circle around Fenix, a very out-there bassline mysteriously plays. As Striker and Vampiro allude to the group finding all kinds of good vibes in their spare time, Drago gives London a trip of his own with a dragon screw. Aerostar also sends Saltador rashing down to earth with a diving front seated kick. Mala Suerte gets some good luck though as when he hoists Aerostar into the air, he cannot stop himself from hitting his own partner Drago with a dropkick. Odd spot! Fenix hits a huge superkick however, Mala Suerte recovers to unleash a quick powerslam. As Suerte gains a two count, Vampiro has a great theory. Does the bad luck apply to absolutely anyone around him?

Mala sends Fenix into the ropes though the Firebird contorts his body through them, yells out a battle cry and once again rocks his opponent with a kick. Suerte takes a moment to fall, but he certainly wastes no time in making a mistake as he gets back up, stops Fenix from tagging in a partner momentarily, and gets his face slammed against the turnbuckle and once again kicked in the face for his troubles! Actually, maybe it wasn't such a bad move, as Saltador and London drag Fenix's partners and pretend to reach for the tag, leading The Man Of A Thousand Lives to provide the biggest “wtf” face in all of wrestling. Suerte looks to take advantage with a roll-through but that's not enough. The Rabbit Tribe try to triple team Fenix now and take turns on him in the corner. Suerte has bad luck as he runs but is flipped onto the rope and stunned with a strike. London runs next and is flipped over and superkicked but stays stationary whilst holding the ropes, leading the Believers to laugh at this mannequin-challenge-like pose! Saltador claps, spins and goes to spring too but the Champion rolls out of the corner. As the checkered man stops himself, he gives his partners a triple high-ten before a trio kick combo from the Champions sends two out of three members of the Rabbit Tribe falling off the apron.

It's now Saltador who finds himself triple teamed as the Dragon charges with an elbow splash, Fenix runs with the high knee and Aerostar bursts into a running leg drop. He even arm drags his partner into Saltador for good measure! Drago and Aerostar take out the traffic with stereo vaults over the top rope whilst Kobra Moon is seen watching on from Dario's office. Fenix though cannot take advantage of the one-on-one opportunity as his opponent plants him with a DDT out of nowhere and gets a two! Drago sits on the Temple floor absolutely spooked as Moon just laughs and wags her finger at him. This Pindar character must be the strongest being on this planet to make the Dragon petrified like this! Thankfully, Fenix is now doing the business in the ring as he breaks out of a potential suplex to knee his foe in the face and hit a handspring back elbow, or not, as he caught! Wait though, Fenix reverses and turns it into the same bridged pin he won the Lucha Underground Championship with! If it can pin Mil Muertes, it can certainly pin Saltador. And it does! 1...2...3!

WINNERS: Fenix, Drago and Aerostar

As the three champions celebrate together, their joy is cut short by the screech of Kobra Moon: “DRAGOOOOO! Sooner or later... you will bow... in front... of your Queen.”

He defiantly stares back and this time, it's the break logo appearing to cut this tension, and not Vinnie with this week's food of choice.

The Rabbit Tribe became the latest of debutants to lose their first match in the Temple. Still, during this match they proved that they were highly entertaining and that their offence was unique so hey, did they really lose? The focus was once again on this Drago-Kobra feud and you just know it's going to have Trios Titles implications. Bring it on!


Sexy Star is in the back admiring her newly-won title. Speaking of which, someone enters the scene to dispute this! It's The Mack, as he tells her that the belt should be his!

He's just playing though, and invites her for a hug, which she gladly accepts.

Having heard the rumours, The Mack is quick to find out whether Johnny Mundo is challenging her tonight. He is. In any case, Sexy Star puts The Mack straight. He cannot interfere!

“I have to prove to the world that this was no fluke.”

Her friend understands, “Aw hell yeah” he utters as they ceremoniously bump fists.

There's been many great friendships in Lucha: Drago and Aerostar, Havoc and Sagrada, but I genuinely think this Mack and Star pairing is the best. It's refreshing to see this in wrestling without any hint of a sexual relationship taking place. Maybe I'm just speaking from the perspective of a guy who has been friendzoned more times than Dario Cueto has unleashed a shifty grin, but I like it nonetheless!


We cut back to the Temple and that of course means that we're back with Melissa Santos, who introduces our first combatant of the next match: Dante Fox! He scowls as he makes his way down to the ring. Striker tells us what he knows, and it's not much more than what we already have found out through the vignettes- Killshot left him for dead. Speaking of which, here comes that very fighter: it's Killshot! He aims his finger gun towards his former friend, someone who he still considers his Brother In Arms in spite of everything.

Dante Fox vs. Killshot

Killshot tries to reason with Dante but all he gets is a shove, and another. He's clearly reluctant to fight his former friend but he's going to have to, so he gives him a shoulder block. He receives a kick to the stomach for his troubles though manages to leap frog any more offense, hits a headlock takedown and superkicks Fox for good measure! 'Shot places Fox onto the ropes and tries to 'rana him from the top though Dante flips over his foe. Instead, it's him who hits some top-rope offense as he connects with a double knee to the back! I love seeing new Luchadors and seeing what new offense they bring.

In fact, speaking of new offense, I also like to see what Temple staples they can bust out. Fox hits two suicide dives in succession to Killshot, similar to the likes of Son of Havoc and Prince Puma who I have known to hit this combo before. A third is one too many though, as the masked man catches it with his outstretched leg for a big leg lariat! Killshot still can't take advantage though as he's kneed on the apron. As Dante springs off one set off ropes and leaps onto his rival, the sniper artist backflips onto the Temple floor, thwarting Fox. At least for a moment. He hits a stiff kick to the chest and hits the quickest running apron Shooting Star Press I think I will ever see! That was madness. He gets up as if it is nothing. Equally impressive, Killshot recovers to hit an apron neckbreaker too! Not to be outdone, back in the ring, Fox leaps from the rope to hit a diving cutter! 1...2... No!

Vampiro makes an excellent point: Dante Fox's expression has stayed the same, and it's one of pure relentless hate. Striker notes that he's about to go for that Fisherman's Suplex – The Fox Catcher. Alas, it's not meant to be as Killshot headbutts his friend's torso to protect himself. A war of strike ensues and finally Killshot is showing the fire that's needed to take it to Fox, as he takes a pump kick to the face with ease before showing how much of a glass jaw he possesses, in order to hit a spinning wheel kick out of nowhere. That isn't enough to stop a man possessed though, and Dante is able to hit a second successive kick AND RUNS RIGHT INTO ANOTHER CUTTER! This is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Of course, it was always going to be as these two men have worked together within CZW so the chemistry is there just like it is for their characters here.

Perhaps this familiarity is how Killshot is able to thwart a diving Fox's jumping back elbow attempt by leaping himself and wrapping his legs around his opponent's falling arm in order to lock in an armlock. Nice! Fox will not go down though! He simply takes the pain and rolls his opponent over before stomping on him. It's like he's been thinking of this day for so long. He has studied every counter and will endure any pain. Hopefully for him, that includes a leaping Death Valley Driver off the top rope and onto the apron!!!!! WOW! Killshot was incredible there! He hits his double stomp on Fox for what will be a definite three. Here it comes. 1...2... NO! WHAT?!

Normally, I can see a false finish in the Temple coming a mile away. That was just extremely crazy, considering that Death Valley Driver was one of the most brutal pre-finisher moves we have seen in all three seasons of this show! It works with the story though as Dante is fueled by such utter rage. It's that same rage that gives him the ring awareness to reverse the Storm Cradle Driver into a roll-up. Not today! He next aims a clubbing blow at Killshot who reverses via the Matrix stance only to be kicked in his face on his way back up! Fox places his opponent on the corner, runs at the Turnbuckle, leaps, and hits Killshot with what I can only describe as a 'rana with the arm hooked instead! Awesome! 'Shot is back up but I think it's the momentum of the move which launches him up rather than anything else, and he is mercifully ended with the FOX CATCHER! 1...2...3. Dante Fox disposes of his rival in first solo outing, but is that enough?!

WINNER: Dante Fox

He lets Killshot live, for now.

Once again, Killshot is involved in one of the matches of the season thus far! However, just like last time, he cannot take all of the credit here. This was an insanely great debut solo match for Dante Fox, who looked beyond great out there. If these two men can bring that chemistry to a match longer than around eight minutes, who knows what they can do? This was majestic to say the least.


Dario is trying to mind his own business when one of the main event combatants comes to see him, and they're not in a good mood. Of course, it's Johnny Mundo, who is continuing to be a thorn in the side of our owner and promoter. He accuses Cueto of having Angelico screw him last week but Dario comes back with a very good point, for he would have granted the high-impact Luchador a spot in Aztec Warfare had he have known that he would return.

“Is that right?”
“Yes Johnny, that's right...”

Though Dario lays down his authority, Mundo quickly tries to recapture it by telling Cueto that as per the fax that he sent him, the Worldwide Underground leader now has a restraining order against Angelico. Smart! Dario warns him that Angelico will still try to get to him in spite of the order. When that day comes, Mundo threatens to take him to Slam Town but for now, he's about to become Lucha Underground Champion. Maybe then, Cueto will treat him with respect.


Mundo catches the insult and asks if Dario said anything. Nope. He leaves the office. Business as usual then.

“What a prick...”

I loved this segment, even though it set up the fact that Mundo was obviously about to win the belt. I mean, these interactions have been happening all season and they laid in place the fact that they will happen even if Mundo claims the belt. He's going to be a Ric Flair type champion who finds a way to escape with the belt at all times and pisses off just about everyone in the process, including Dario it seems. Maybe it's not so much a foregone conclusion, but I truly think it is. Well, we're about to find out anyway!


Speaking of Dario, his night isn't over here. He bumps into Black Lotus who has now taken his seat. She doesn't want to watch the main event with Cueto though, she wants a match with Pentagon Dark for the Black Lotus Triad. That's why next week, he sets up a Gauntlet Match for next week in which Pentagon Dark has to face every last one of them before the match truly ends. That ensures that all of them get their revenge, as Cueto's smirk now matches the smallest of movement etched upon the face of Lotus. I take it she likes that!

Next week – Ninjas! It's interesting to see the dynamic change between these two this season, as Lotus seems intent on not doing Cueto's bidding this time around.


It's Main Event time, as Melissa introduces the combatants of this all-important Lucha Underground Championship match! Firstly, please welcome, the new Lucha Underground Champion... SEXY STAR! With a staff in her hand, a cape around her shoulders but more importantly, the belt around the waist of Sexy, she smiles knowing she is now every bit the hero that she has represented from the beginning. The Believers chant her name repeatedly as Striker and Vampiro speak of the hell that she has been through, but certainly, that hell is now heaven. That's if Mundo doesn't send her from the clouds to Slam Town that is!

Her opponent is the Gift Of The Gods Champion, Johnny Mundo! Let's not forget, Mundo beat Sexy for the Gift of the Gods Championship so we know that he certainly has Sexy's number. He's trading in that very belt for the title shot tonight and could well walk out with the main gold of the Temple! He instantly stares down the champion before giving his title to Marty Elias to exchange. The Lucha Underground Championship is then raised and we are off!

Lucha Underground Championship
Johnny Mundo vs. Sexy Star (c)

It's interesting to note that Mundo claimed Dario is not giving him enough respect yet he was allowed to come out last for this match! Just saying! He looks like he demands the same respect from Sexy who doesn't seem impressed. The two lock up with a collar and elbow tie-up which Mundo gets the best of by turning a modified tilt-a-whirl into a grounded submission. He changes his arm and headlock into a modified surfboard stretch submission. As Star fails to give up, he tries for two different pinfall attempts, each were a two! He hits a suplex of all things before going for his next pinfall. Not even one! He kicks Sexy in the head for another pinfall attempt and that's a two! He's just looking to put this away straight away. He even drags Sexy to the corner ready for The End of the World, but Sexy rolls him up! 1...2... No!

Mundo smartly keeps his arm close to lock in a modified Yes Lock! Sexy reaches the ropes but the damage looks to have been done as the Worldwide Underground leader kicks Star in the face, strikes her repeatedly and goes for the pinfall. That's his sixth of the match and it's another two count! The Tree of Woe is his next idea, hanging the Champion from the turnbuckle before again kicking the ribs. Star breaks out though and sends Mundo into a different corner herself before hitting him with her Bronco Buster like body-thrust combo. The second of these moves is already thwarted with a double kick to the ribs once more! Mundo stalks his prey, scoops her up and hits a World's Strongest Slam! In this case, the World's Most Egotistical Slam! He then goes for the End of the World but Sexy once again stops the apocalypse, this time by rolling out of the way! X-FACTOR! 1...2... NO!

Star goes for a suplex and a pin herself. 1...2... No! I'm liking the story told here. Remember that Mundo went for a pin off just a suplex earlier and now Star has too. She's matching the desperation of her opponent here after being on the backfoot for so long. Johnny rakes the eyes of his opponent and in some ways that is more deadly for a masked superstar as it's harder for them to try to rub the eyes and bare their wits once more. She is neckbreakered but not put away for the pin! Mundo lifts the Champion up but is Sunset Flipped for a pinfall. 1-2-No! How about a roll-up? Same result!

This is all Star now as she kicks Mundo and hits a Backstabber! 1...2... Not quite! Sexy Star realises where she is as she is, well kicked in the ribs and hit with a backbreaker. 1...2... Nope. Has there ever been this many pinfalls in a Lucha Underground Match? Sexy sweeps the leg of Johnny and his own legs end up lying upon the ropes. Double Stomp! She goes to hook both legs but that doesn't work and she is booted in the face for even trying that! Mundo continuously stomps on his rival. He tries to drag her out to the floor but STAR KICKS HIM INTO THE BARRICADE! She hits a huge senton before unleashing many a punch on Johnny. Wait, what's this?! Mundo just took a crutch from a fan! He goes to hit Sexy with it and now Star has the crutch! Mundo avoids it as Sexy goes to help the fan. BUT THE MASKED FAN STRIKES HER BACK! Wait, who had a leg injury recently and would want to help Johnny? Of course, it's going to be Taya isn't it?! Even worse, those were brass knuckles!

Mundo rolls Sexy into the ring and of course, this time it's the End of the World! 1...2... 3. The title changes just like that.


The masked fan is cheering the result and they enter the ring to celebrate. Of course, just as suspected, it's Taya! She unmasks just as Evans and Black come to join their triumphant leader. Mundo has done it! The Worldwide Underground have done it and that, my friends, is a wrap!

It wasn't up there with Sexy's match with Jack Evans but this was a fun match with Mundo and was better than their last encounter. I'd say that's down to the story, as Mundo's desperation was then mirrored by Star, which allowed her to take her mind off the match for one minute to be blindsided by Taya. Mundo will more than likely hold the gold all season now as let's face it, he will surely be booked like a heel Ric Flair-type champion who the fans will wish to see defeated. There's no way a short reign benefits anyone here.


23rd November – Johnny Mundo (2)

16th November – Sexy Star
9th November – Mil Muertes
2nd November - Rey Mysterio Jr. (2)
26th October - Johnny Mundo
19th October - Drago
12th October - Chavo Guerrero Jr.
5th October - Cage
28th September - Prince Puma
21st September - Jack Evans
14th September - Killshot
7th September - Rey Mysterio Jr.

Johnny's second taste of gold of the season earns him his second Temple God. This time around, he finally captured the Lucha Underground Championship! Though Dante Fox won an arguably greater match against Killshot, you just can't deny giving this to someone who has just captured the greatest prize in the promotion. He already puts himself amongst the front-runner for this season: Rey Mysterio! That's two a-piece ladies and gentlemen!


We say goodbye to JindoTroy this week who predicted the Lord would appear here. Let's see if JohanyUsoF85 fares any better next week. He'd best show shortly if I'm to get something sent out promptly with the Christmas posting timescales!

14- @LozEWright
15- MisterMizery
20- KamNewton
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39- JSR-13
40- BeaverCleavage


Due to the lateness of this column, I won't be saying anything significant in this section to allow me to get all three later columns out in one day.

As always, hit me up @ LeafLOP or comment below! Thank you.


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