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Posted in: The Green Room
SOUND OF THE UNDERGROUND: S3E11 - The Complete Aztec Warfare III Column
By Ryan "Leaf" Plant
Nov 28, 2016 - 6:18:25 PM

Season 3, Episode 11
The Complete Aztec Warfare III Column

Author's Disclaimer: I cannot apologize enough for my absence, SOTU fans. My personal life has been a mess lately due to work. There was a failed system upgrade which resulted in national news coverage and many angry customers. I've been working overtime and finding myself in a highly-stressful environment to the point that I've simply crashed out the majority of nights when I've came home. I managed to write this over the weekend and planned to post this with last week's column but again, I've just been too drained to write the follow-up as of this time. I certainly hope to get that done tonight but in the meantime, here is the AWIII column.

As we hear the jangle of a familiar key, Dario Cueto walks down his hallway, ready to no doubt release the Monster who he believes will decimate nineteen other fighters. It's Aztec Warfare of course. As he walks down the hallway, one of these said fighters stops him. He tries to move, but Johnny Mundo stops him again, with his newly-won Gift of the Gods Championship on his shoulder.

Dario tells him to get out of the way in order for Matanza to commence Aztec Warfare, an event that a confident Mundo replies that HE will surely win. He believes he will be the first man to hold the Gift of the Gods and Lucha Underground Championships at the same time.

“Great job babe.” Taya emerges with a camera in hand.

Mundo reveals that she is making a documentary about the Worldwide Underground leader. He tells Cueto that IF he does not win Aztec Warfare, he wants his championship match next week! Mundo looks into the camera and proudly displays his number 12 entry. It's certain;y not a bad number, but Dario rectifies that.

“You think you can beat by brother. Well, you're about to enter Aztec Warfare at Number 2.” He smirks as he rips the entry in half.

Startled, upon hearing threats that he may well have to fight for his life, he tells Taya to turn the camera off immediately.


They're back! The Aztec tribesmen and women dance, drum and chant in the arena, as do the Believers who are screaming Aztec Warfare at the top of their lungs! Matt Striker tells us that Dario and Matanza are already in the ring before explaining the rules. As we know, Matanza is at #1, a new fighter emerges every 90 seconds, and from then on it's pinfall and submission eliminations only! Though this is a very special night, one thing remains the same as Melissa Santos is here to introduce the first combatant. He is the Lucha Underground Champion: “The Monster” Matanza Cueto!

As expressed last week, Matanza is ready for war, but perhaps the better question is are they ready for Matanza?! Or even better than that, is Melissa ready for Dario, as he tells her that though Sexy Star was supposed to be #2, it is now Mundo, and he berates her for wasting time!

The second entrant, by random draw of course, the Gift of the Gods Champion, Johnny Mundo! As Dario smirks, the expression of Mundo is the polar opposite. His cocky demeanor has been replaced with fear, straight up fear. He tries to hide his face from the shades but he's about to face some real darkness. “RING THE BELL!” our owner and promoter screams aloud!

Matanza defends the Lucha Underground Championship against NINETEEN combatants!

To Mundo's credit, he is trying to use his speed to outwit Matanza, and when he almost gets caught by a huge clubbing blow from Matanza, he instantly switches his tactics. A headlock to the Monster sees him lifted into the corner with ease. With that, he goes back to his parkour tactics and jumps onto the apron and slides under the monster. A kick is blocked and he finds himself T-Bone suplexed and almost German Suplexed too! What else can Mundo try? A rake to the eyes perhaps? It works momentarily but a crossbody attempt sees him slammed down to the mat. As the countdown reaches zero, it becomes apparent that we're leaving Slamtown for the Open Road! #3 is Son Of Havoc.

The Believers have exploded for the tecnico, and in an immediately awesome spot, he jumps off the top buckle and double stomps Mundo who lay atop the shoulders of Matanza! It looks as if the Monster tries to turn this into a Schwein to Mundo however Havoc floors him with the big boot and Mundo rolls up the beast! 1...2... No! That would have been a huge surprise! Havoc goes for the big Standing Shooting Star on Matanza for 2! Now he does the same to Mundo, also for 2! Matanza comes back into it by throwing Havoc into the corner, who is then whipped into Mundo, who sends him right back to the Monster! This is already crazy! Mundo finally does what I expected him to do, escape, before doing something I certainly didn't expect: running back in to help Havoc with a crossbody and leg sweep combo. That wasn't enough either, and both men get clotheslined for their troubles! Help is on the way though as here is our next fighter: #4 is Jeremiah Crane.

I hope the newcomer knows what he's getting into as he hits Matanza with two pump kicks! Havoc joins in!! AS DOES MUNDO with a big sweeping side kick! All three of them aim their kicks at the Monster who rolls out of the ring. Instead, these guys now fight each other, instead of trying to whip the Monster back in for an early potential elimination. I'm not sure what tactic is best, but what I do know is that Mundo sends Jeremiah's boot into Havoc before he tastes that same shoe himself! Jeremiah then goes after Ivelisse's ex boyfriend, as Striker makes the very non-PG comment about both men having a similar taste in their mouths. Havoc whips Crane into the corner and Jeremiah jumps up high. Suddenly Mundo sprints at the biker which sees him lifted up for a diving spear! They worked together! 1...2... No! And with that, our fifth competitor comes out and, YES! #5 is Pentagon Dark!

The man who was unable to compete last year has been granted a place by Dario, and he rewards him by superkicking his brother. That's revenge for Ultima Lucha! He comes in and superkicks Havoc, though Crane gives him his same medicine. As Pentagon now battles with Crane, he frees himself for a moment to give Mundo the same move, before throwing Johnny into the corner with an involuntary cannoball. Havoc is his next victim again, this time he falls to a Slingblade! And another! Pentagon is destroying the opposition here. With that, Matanza furiously charges into the ring and we have Ultima Lucha Dos all over again. Matanza sends Pentagon to the outside and that's where the two enemies brawl whilst the love-rivals and Mundo fight in the ring. They're about to have another playmate though! #6 is PJ Black.

Mundo now has backup and I have no doubt that Ivelisse's lovers will work together now. After a tower suplex takes out all more, Black storms into the ring and hits a huge legdrop on a tree-of-woed Havoc who was positioned in the opposite corner. He embraces his fellow Worldwide Underground member and after hitting a double cutter on the Biker, Mundo hits a snap suplex on Crane, onto Havoc. In fact, they continue to stack the bodies as Johnny hoists PJ up for an assisted moonsault onto both bodies, before Johnny himself splashes onto the two tecnicos. From the Underground though, we now take to the skies as #7 is Mariposa.

Mariposa enters the ring and hits a double front missile dropkick to both Worldwide Underground members but perhaps the most interesting moment is happening on the outside as Pentagon chokes Matanza with wire! Do you reckon Dario regrets allowing such violence to take place in the Temple? As Mariposa celebrates her own destruction, Crane sneaks up behind her. This is one of Ivelisse's rivals of course, and he hits a huge piledriver to the Butterfly. Speaking of sneaking up behind, somehow Matanza does that and hits his gutwrench-into-German Suplex! 1...2...3!

Time spent in match: 04:51
Number of eliminations: 0

Jeremiah's offence was a lot of fun, but with 0 eliminations, being the first elimination and potentially having the shortest amount of time in the match, this wasn't a successful first Aztec Warfare appearance for Ivelisse's man!

Striker makes a great point, that is now Matanza's tenth elimination in a row including last year. Can he make it 11?! He just chokeslams Mariposa! 1...2...3! Yup, he did it!

Time spent in match: 01:26
Number of eliminations: 0

Looks like I lied above, Mariposa sets a hard time to beat for the wooden spoon performance. Her appearance purely advanced the feud between the Moths and the badass couple. It seems like she was included just for that brief interaction.

Whether the streak continues or not remains to be seen as... #8 is Rey Mysterio!

This is it. Rey runs in to get to Matanza but the Worldwide Underground pull him out! Pentagon sneaks in to resume battle with his old foe instead. Rey manages to overcome his aggressors as he Tornado DDT's one and swings his legs into the other! It looks as if Matanza got the best of Pentagon, as the Monster is now sent through the ropes by Havoc instead, who then hits a huge suicide dive! Here comes Mysterio to confront Pentagon in the ring, and it's a repeat of the first main event of this season! Pentagon strikes Rey with a swift kick to the leg and Mysterio flips over repeatedly. This dream match is broken up by the arrival of our next combatant: #9 is Dr. Wagner Jr.

With Famous B and Nurse Brenda behind him, the Lucha Libre legend makes his way out and slaps the hands of the Believers. Odd, of course, but I'll let him off because of his status! The Believers actually share the appreciation with Wagner chants, and the good Doctor soaks this in by... well... teaming with Pentagon to attack Rey. They kick and strike, and look to floor Rey with the slingshot suplex but he springs back off the ropes to reverse the move into a double drag! As we've seen a lot this season, Rey counters a double team move when Wagner throws him into the air, by catching Pentagon with a 'rana. Famous B absolutely loves his client's next move though, as he throws Mysterio to the mat and boots him right in the face. We notice the Worldwide Underground are now under the ring, only because we see the hair of Black and Mundo sticking out for a brief moment. Speaking of sticking out, our next competitor stands out, if nothing else. It's the eccentric Moth himself. #10 is Marty “The Moth” Martinez”.

Here's an observation that I don't think any other Lucha columnist has picked up on, folks, Marty is coming out to his theme from last season, so he has actually used two different themes this season bizarrely enough! He receives more jeers than the majority of rudos in this match, so he's certainly doing his job right, but he might have a tougher task on his hand as Matanza clears the ring and the two come to blows! Marty though, to his credit, manages to send Matanza over the ropes with a jumping pump kick and a clothesline before sending the Monster down with a body press to the outside! Well, for a second, Matanza is back up and sends the Moth into the railings! As some other luchadors engage in another kicking contest here comes another Worldwide Underground member! #11 is Jack Evans.

The always confident Dragon Slayer sends Mundo and Black into a frenzy as they take to the ring and celebrate. Well, before attacking any other fighter around them, teaming up on Son of Havoc. Matanza in the meantime sends a stool straight to the throat of the Moth! That's some battle they're having. Mundo and Black send Havoc into the ropes who goes for his double backspring elbow BUT is dual superkicked instead! That's well scouted. It's Mundo turn now with a huge standing corkscrew splash and that's good enough for 1...2...3! Wow. Havoc has gone already!

Time spent in match: 11:53
Number of eliminations: 0

It was a fun outing for Havoc who provided a lot of offense in the early stages of this match. However, with only just over half of the playing field out at the time of his elimination, I still felt like we didn't quite get to see enough of what he could do. His interactions with Crane were interesting enough and I do wonder if they will have some friction going forward.

As Havoc writhes in pain on the mat following his elimination, the counter goes down to zero once more. To those who listened to Dario earlier, you should have a good idea who is out next. It's the former Gift of the Gods Champion! #12 is Sexy Star!

“Sexyyyy! Starrrrr!” The opening quote of her entrance music is pretty much just about all we hear before Star sprints to the ring to resume her war against the Worldwide Underground. I'm guessing Mack might be next considering she needs some backup! When we come back from a break, Black is holding Star up in a full nelson in order for her buddies to strike her. Then, he throws her into another one of her rivals – Marty “The Moth” Martinez. He's really been out of it after Matanza got his revenge, and hey, speaking of which, both himself and the Monster get knocked back down by a cartwheeling, somersaulting Evans! Black tries to match his buddy but what ever flying move he attempted was halted by the kick of a slouched Pentagon Dark. Mundo has more luck though, sending Matanza and Marty down once more with a beautiful corkscrew bodypress! The sound of the buzzer interrupts the melee and unlucky 13 is... well... #13 is Ricky Mandel?!

One of the Temple's infrequent jobbers has returned to make his first in-ring appearance of the season. I wonder if he still has the photographs that Dario had received! You have to imagine things won't go well for him here though and his number certainly seems like a precursor. Striker hypes up Mandel as Vampiro makes a certain reference regarding his number and a former Disciple of Death. I wonder what he means by that... of course we know! Mandel enters the ring AND HAS HIS FACE KICKED OFF BY PENTAGON! Not literally of course, I must state that when talking about Lucha Underground. A kick to the face sets up a Package Piledriver and he positions Mandel for the arm break! The fans eat it up but wait, who's this? It's Black Lotus! And who is that on the turnbuckle?! And on the ropes?! The unfamiliar lady springs off the buckle and catches Dark with the 'rana as another aims a superkick and hits one of her own. Lotus hits a superkick too and the third apparent ninja HITS A STATIONARY CANADIAN DESTROYER?! WHAT?! The Ninjas depart as Black Lotus smirks at the damage. Mundo, ever the opportunist, slides in to pick up the pieces. Not this way! 1...2...3. Damn.

Time spent in match: 12:04
Number of eliminations: 0

Many Pentagon fans will have been disappointed by this. To be honest, it makes sense with the story, and as long as Dark ends up breaking all of their arms, I'm okay with this. I just hope that we get some advancement with Black Lotus during this for as much as her character is interesting, it feels like they've been telling her story since Season 1 now without any resolution.

And just as Melissa Santos announces the elimination of the masked man, PJ Black has Mandel's leg hooked for three! Well that one isn't anywhere near as surprising.

Time spent in match: 01:33
Number of eliminations: 0


As Jack Evans slams Sexy's face against the announce table, the next entrant appears at the top of the steps. #14 is Mascarita Sagrada.

Oh God, Matanza is in the ring. Still, he avoids the big boot and starts to hammer at the Monster... who then tosses him against the ropes and lands the Wrath of the Gods. 1...2...3. Okay, you can breathe a sigh of relief Mariposa.

Time spent in match: 00:29
Number of eliminations: 0

Not only does Mascarita set a practically unbeatable quickest elimination time in this match, he actually now has the record for all of the Aztec Warfare's so far, beating the 52 seconds set last year. Who previously had that record then, I hear you ask? Surprisingly enough, it was Mil Muertes!

Famous B is absolutely jumping for joy until he realizes that Dr Wagner is being pummeled on the outside by Mundo and Evans. The Worldwide Underground leader then teams up with Black to attack Star. Maybe help is on the way for the Good Doctor though as some familiar casino-like music plays but with no figure at the top of the ramp! Famous B checks the number in his pocket. “I'M IN!” he bellows. Of course. #15 is Famous B.

This is B's chance to get fame himself! “I'm in!” he laughs as he hugs Mysterio in the ring. With a swivel and a smile, he hands Mysterio a business card! “That's my number! That's my number man! 423...” “No! 619” replies Rey, who sends the promoter right into the ropes! He connects and drops the dime too! 1...2...3!

Time spent in match: 00:55
Number of eliminations: 0

It's another rapid-fire elimination as Famous B's run of bad weeks continues. Perhaps fifty-five seconds isn't too bad though for a man who was essentially decapitated the week before.

The current client of Famous B doesn't fare much better was Matanza sends Wagner into the announce table. In the ring, Black tries to leap at Rey however he is booted in the process and finds his head resting on the rope, facing the inside. Mundo runs at the legend though is too tripped up, with him looking right towards the Believers. This doesn't look good for either Worldwide Underground member! Rey dials it up, runs at the ropes, and is tripped by Marty! He saves the Worldwide Underground, until he sends Black and Mundo crashing to the outside himself. After taunting at the Believers with his familiar wing flap motion, He tries to hoist Rey into the air though the little man manages to victory roll the Moth Tribe member for the three count!

Time spent in match: 07:51
Number of eliminations: 0

I enjoyed Marty's contribution during this match. His war with Matanza definitely has made me interested for a feud between the two, but I have absolutely no idea how we could get to that point. Perhaps we should save that for a future Matanza tecnico turn as The Moth psychologically tortures the Monster for the fact that he absolutely destroyed his own mother. Okay, I'd love to see that now!

The buzzer sounds and out comes an ally for Sexy Star! #16 is The Mack!

The fact that he's the next entrant after Famous B tells us that we've certainly just had a wild period. Famous' introduction and exit feels like a long time ago, bizarrely. Speaking of entrances, in a throwback to last year, The Mack hits the departing Moth with a Stunner straight away! Mack runs into the ring only to quickly depart with a huge senton over the ropes, taking out the Worldwide Underground and saving his friend! Matanza is continuing to beat up Wagner, his latest target, whilst Mack throws Evans into the railings. Star continues to unload on Jack herself, throwing the Dragon Slayer into the reserved seats as Mundo now attacks the big man. The timings feel all out here as we have another entrant already. #17 is Joey Ryan.

The corrupt cop is here, as is his lollipop, and, as he reaches down his pants, are the handcuffs! He has handcuffed himself to the steps this time! Jesus Christ, Ryan, you're a glutton for punishment aren't you?! In a really unique spot, The Mack lifts Mundo up with a chair against the rudo's back, making a scoop slam look vicious! Star once again punishes Evans by snap suplexing him onto the chair too! Matanza once again punishes Wagner, this time with a big boot. Joey Ryan observes the destruction around him, which includes an enziguri from Mack to Mundo! Oh my god, Joey won't be laughing about this next entrant. #18 is Mil Muertes!

You have to imagine that Mil will fare much better than last year's effort, and you also have to imagine that he will destroy Joey Ryan as he makes his way down the steps. The corrupt cop desperately tries to free himself but he knows that he is beyond screwed. Muertes knocks his block off, AND BREAKS THE HANDCUFFS?! How the hell?! This isn't good for Ryan who is rolled into the ring where Matanza is punishing Wagner. As Matanza decimates Wagner with a spinning uranage, Muertes hits Ryan with the Flatliner! It's a double pin folks, as Muertes and Matanza stare each other down during their respective counts. Both are three, of course!

Time spent in match: 11:56
Number of eliminations: 0

It's amazing that Wagner was in the match for quite some time and yet I mostly remember him just taking punishment from Matanza. I'm not too sure where he goes from here either. It's odd that he didn't interact with Famous B but saying that, his manager wasn't in the match for that long. We'll just have to wait and see.

Time spent in match: 01:52
Number of eliminations: 0

Joey, Joey, Joey. You never learn. I hope he continues this in Season 4 (please be announced soon enough!) but with him getting the best of the monster that chooses to attack him this time. He was in this match for a comedy spot but we all know he will play a larger role this season when Cortez figures out that Ryan betrayed him.

Not taking their eyes off each other, Muertes and Matanza rise at the same time. The two Goliaths resume their war from last season, though this is a different Mil Muertes lets not forget! These behemoths club each other but the Immortan gets the better of the Monster by sending him outside of the ring, just as our second to last entrant appears! #19 is Kobra Moon.

Making her first in-ring outing of this season is Kobra Moon, who chooses to slither onto the announce table whilst the fight between the Worldwide Underground and Sexy/Mack sees members of each army flung into the wall, much like Matanza who is sent into the reserved seats by Muertes. Moon is simply biding hr time as Mack devastates Evans in the ring with a Backpack Stunner! 1...2...3! The Worldwide Underground are down to two!

Time spent in match: 10:51
Number of eliminations: 1

Jack is the first man with at least one elimination to his name in this match to bow out himself. The Dragon Slayer was his usual awesome self and his flips were as captivating as usual. One thing I would have liked though – more brash outbursts! I believe his jaw was broken during one of the taping cycles. I wonder if that's why we haven't heard much from Jack for some time!

PJ Black looks to take it out on The Mack though he is sent flying high up into the air for a POP-UP STUNNER?! That's different! Mack not only covers Black, but Sexy joins in as well! PJ has been eliminated and Mundo is now a lone wolf for the Worldwide Underground!

Time spent in match: 17:53
Number of eliminations: 1

That was an extraordinary effort from PJ Black, lasting longer than any other combatant thus far. I remember writing during the AWII column that I felt like he acted too much like a tecnico for my liking. Thankfully, that overly-smiley vibe has since been replaced with cocky smirks and a much dirtier move-set. Good job PJ!

The countdown takes place for the final time and when it reaches zero, we get the man who qualified for this sought-after spot by defeating his teammates. #20 is Drago!

The Believers roar for the dragon! I wonder if they've realised that the playing field is complete and they haven't had Cage, Puma, Fenix or Aerostar to say the least! That must have confused them at the time. Drago himself seems stunned as he is ambushed by Kobra Moon with a diving 'rana, before she sends him into the post. As Mack and Mundo fight, and Matanza cracks a steel chair against Mil Muertes, Kobra Moon sends Drago into the wall. The Monster piledrives Mil Muertes but it's Drago and Kobra who have a real battle going on now, right there in the middle of the ring. Drago though manages to get the better of his former Tribemate with the Dragon's Lair for the three count!

Time spent in match: 2:11
Number of eliminations: 0

Kobra's role here was simply to continue her feud with Drago. She certainly didn't prevent him from advancing here, as she was dispatched of pretty quickly. This will give her all the motivation to present Drago to Lord Pindar, that's for sure.

The Trios Champion is too distracted by his adversary to notice Matanza who is able to hit a moonsault fall-away slam of all moves to dispose of the dragon just like that! Drago is gone already!

Time spent in match: 1:13
Number of eliminations: 1

To still manage to grab one elimination in just one minute and thirteen seconds certainly seems like a good effort on paper, but for a man who once was one match away from headlining Ultima Lucha in the first series, to get the #20 spot and lose so early... it's not good at all. Drago's role in this match was simply to further the angle with Kobra and by defeating her, she'll definitely be out for revenge.

Mack suplexes Mundo onto the floor as Striker tells us that we are down to our final six! Other than the two men just mentioned, we have Mack, Rey, Sexy and Matanza! It's Mysterio and Matanza in the ring now and it's weird to see Matanza going after a smaller person in this match now considering the majority of his battles in this match have been with fellow big men. He hoists Rey up, slams him down with a backbreaker and brings him back up for a Samoan Drop. Nice! An opportunistic Mundo though runs in for a modified Shining Wizard to Dario's brother. It's still not enough to take out Matanza but here's Mil Muertes. REAPER'S TRIDENT! Now here's Sexy Star, CODEBREAKER! And here's the Mack, enziguri and... STUNNER! FLYING CHUCK from Mundo! And now here's Rey, he sends the Champion into the ropes for a 619! But not only that, he goes to the well once more! 61... NO! Matanza grabs Mysterio and looks set to punish him, BUT MYSTERIO COUNTERS INTO A SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB! 1...2... Surely not!.. BUT IT IS! 3! MATANZA HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!

Time spent in match: 27:23
Number of eliminations: 5

It is over! Matanza's reign of terror is now a thing of the past! I'm in two minds about this. Considering all of the talk about having to unite the Gods throughout season two, I really am quite shocked that his reign ended in what seemed like such a fluke. On the other hand, in some ways that prophecy became true, as it took the combined efforts of many stars to weaken Matanza enough before Mysterio pinned him to the mat just long enough. Either way, the dynamic of Lucha Underground has completely changed again for the first time since this very same event the season prior. With five eliminations, Matanza has taken his all-time elimination record to 14, which is a record. What's next for The Monster? Well, I get the feeling we're about to find out.

Matt Striker swears out loud as the Believers are absolutely stunned, cheering frantically! This is pure madness! Mysterio himself looks shocked as well, but Matanza takes the moment to boot his head off! He slams Mysterio against the railings repeatedly, takes out the referee, and rolls Rey's prone body into the ring. Mundo takes joy in the elimination by sticking his middle finger up at the Monster. Matanza hits the Wrath of the Gods on Rey. BUT HE'S NOT DONE! He grabs a steel chair and slams it against anything he can. Dario tries to stop him, AND GETS SHOVED DOWN FOR HIS TROUBLES! Wow. In ring, Mundo has the leg hooked because of course he does! It's another cheap pin for the Worldwide Underground leader. 1...2...3!

Time spent in match: 20:48
Number of eliminations: 3

This was a solid effort from Rey who now has spent 55:38 in his two Aztec Warfare appearances. He is actually now the man who has lasted the longest altogether in this match, JUST surpassing Prince Puma who was vanquished by Mil Muertes the week prior! Unfortunately for Rey, Matanza put an end to this thrilling performance by absolutely breaking him in exchange for eliminating him. Having disposed of Famous B, Marty and most notably the Monster along the way, this certainly was a great showing for Mysterio, who will no doubt now feud with Matanza. What might have been, 'ey?

We're down to the final four now as Mundo celebrates the pinfall. “Welcome to Slamtown!” But wait, here's Sexy Star with the roll-up! 1...2... No! An aggravated Mundo attacks Star as Striker informs us that Mysterio is being stretchered off. But hey, that's PJ Black! Black was eliminated earlier! Mundo holds Star back and Black strikes her! There's Evans too. The whole Worldwide Underground are here to help their leader. A double stalling suplex from Black and Mundo leads them to celebrate with Evans in a triple capoeira pose but OH SHIT! IT'S ANGELICO! The neon green power ranger is back and HE DIVES OFF THE BALCONY LIKE ONLY HE CAN TO TAKE OUT ALL THREE MEN! The Believers absolutely LOSE IT! Sexy Star crawls and just like that she pins her adversary! We're down to three!

Time spent in match: 31:41
Number of eliminations: 2

Sorry Rey, Mundo just broke the record for all-time endurance in Aztec Warfare! His previous effort of 8:45 wasn't much to talk about last year but his other two efforts, over half an hour each, see him gain the accolade. I've got to be honest, Mundo was absolutely brilliant here, and I genuinely felt that after Matanza's elimination, he would win. I mean, he was the focal point of the main segment after all. Still, it's quite obvious that Mundo is primed for the big-time of Lucha Underground and somethings tells me that on the next show, well... I'll have that column up shortly, put it that way.

Who will it be?! There's Mil Muertes, The Mack and Sexy Star! It's obvious that an alliance is going to be formed here, but Mil actually thwarts the efforts of both of them, disposes of Star and hits the Reaper's Trident on Mack! He grasps Mack and looks at the ancient Aztec seal. Catrina pounds the mat! She's calling for it too! FLATLINER! Mack completely flips over! 1...2...3! It's Muertes vs. Star!

Time spent in match: 13:42
Number of eliminations: 2

The big man is out of here! Considering I don't think anyone had The Mack down as a potential winner due to him mostly competing in midcard to upper midcard battles throughout the seasons, Mack put in a great effort to last to the final three. Sure, he entered pretty late on, but with two eliminations to his name and surviving where the likes of Matanza, Mysterio and Mundo failed. This particular “M” almost lasted until the end before being pinned by a double “M”! There's so many M's in Lucha Underground isn't there. Now it's all about another M- momentum- can Mack use this performance to springboard himself to bigger things? I sure as hell hope so.

Muertes looks around for his prey and here she comes! She makes her way into the ring, grins and aims a kick at Mil. There's chops, punches, kicks, but Muertes throws her to the mat like a ragdoll! He chokeslams her onto the seal but he's not ending it there! This is the most destructive Mil Muertes yet lets not forget. He's been a warpath ever since Cuerno stole his carcass. He sets up a table in the corner and, wait, he's still not done! He has a chair too! This guy is a maniac.

He lifts Star up, BUT SHE RESERVES HIS CHOKE ATTEMPT INTO A DDT ONTO THE CHAIR! She grabs the steel, and hits him, again, and again, and again. AND MIL GOES DOWN! Cover! 1...2... No! Sexy runs against the ropes though Mil manages to grab her and throws her up against the table. He's just biding his time now, waiting to hit the Reaper's trident. BUT SEXY MOVED! Mil goes crashing through the table! 1...2... NO!

The Believers are cheering her on and she feeds off it, turns around, right into a throat thrust! Jesus Christ! Mil isn't done as he grabs ANOTHER table! He's really going for the kill here! Mil lifts Sexy up onto the turnbuckle and, oh my, he's looking to send her all the way through the table. Super Flatliner?! Just like how he won the title at Ultima Lucha. Sexy fights out of it and SENDS MIL THROUGH THE TABLE! SHE DIVES! DOUBLE STOMP! 1...2...3! OH MY GOD! SHE DID IT! THE BELIEVERS ARE GOING MENTAL! SHE ACTUALLY DID IT!

Time spent in match: 16:32
Number of eliminations: 2

Just like that, the undead Mil Muertes has been defeated! I'd say he was pretty protected here as he kept adding the weapons into the match and it seemed like a simple bad decision cost him here. I have no doubt that he will one day end up back on top but alas, it was not to be here! And it was definitely the right call, for going from Matanza to Mil again (without the Fenix segway) doesn't really change the narrative of the show. Muertes was his great self here. I think he's truly incapable of a bad performance.

Time spent in match: 24:10
Number of eliminations: 3

Ladies and gentlemen, with this victory, Sexy Star became the first woman to become a world champion of a televised promotion. She's the first ever female Lucha Underground Champion, and I think even her biggest detractors have to say that they found themselves rooting for her at the end! Say what you want about Star, if she truly wants you to care about a story, she will find a way to make you! You know what, as well? It all seemed truly believable with the way that it was booked. Sexy Star is not just a luchadora who happened to become champion, she is a fighter who now holds the gold.

The Believers are absolutely roaring here! They scream her name unanimously as she tries to gain her wits about her. A “You Deserve It!” chant now rings out all over the Temple as Sexy raises the gold! What a moment. What a match. What a promotion.

I felt like this was the weakest Aztec Warfare thus far but it was always going to be. This Aztec Warfare lacked many top tecnicos, but perhaps that helped Sexy to gain some momentum at the end as she was one of the de facto top good guys. At the same time, the first AW crowned the first ever champion and the second saw the debut of Dario's killer brother. It was never going to top it, but that's not to say it was a bad match as it was brilliant in its own right. I loved the throwbacks to previous Aztec Warfares and big LU moments, the champion defending from #1, Mack hitting Marty with his Stunner upon his entrance, Joey Ryan's handcuffs, Angelico's dive, there was so much to love here. Congratulations to Sexy Star for one hell of a performance.


First Elimination:
Jeremiah Crane - by Matanza

Last Elimination:
Mil Muertes - by Sexy Star

Most Eliminations:
5 - Matanza

Longest Time In Match:
31:41 - Johnny Mundo

Shortest Time In Match:
0:29 - Mascarita Sagrada


16th November – Sexy Star

9th November – Mil Muertes
2nd November - Rey Mysterio Jr. (2)
26th October - Johnny Mundo
19th October - Drago
12th October - Chavo Guerrero Jr.
5th October - Cage
28th September - Prince Puma
21st September - Jack Evans
14th September - Killshot
7th September - Rey Mysterio Jr.

Of course it is!

Sexy became the first ever female Lucha Underground Champion. How can you not reward her?!


No one thought to guess that the Lord would appear this week, and you know what that means?!

Well, absolutely nothing actually. Sod's law didn't prevail here. The Lord is still anonymous and as a result, this competition continues.

12- JindoTroy
14- @LozEWright
15- MisterMizery
20- KamNewton
21- g3sshoku
22- RVDMark
23- Maximilliean
24- @HBK4EVER17
30- Kblitzko
34- TNJacktion
35- StuartGosling
36- Grimjac
37- Ralph83
38- TheImplications
39- JSR-13
40- BeaverCleavage


Sexy Star did what many thought was impossible and became the new Lucha Underground Champion after former champion Matanza was eliminated during the match! Rey Mysterio paid the price for being the final cog in the Monster-eliminating machine, finding himself destroyed for his sins.

It was a lukewarm Aztec Warfare with many top stars not included. You have to feel for Ivelisse who missed the match due to injury. That being said, it was still a really fun show with enough memorable moments for it to be worth a rewatch. Besides, the all-time endurance record was broken twice, by Rey Mysterio and Johnny Mundo respectively! Matanza's all-time elimination count now stands at 14 as well!

It was all about one luchador in particular though and with that I congratulate Sexy Star for entering the record books, at least for this particular week, for on the next episode she defended against Johnny Mundo. Though many of you know how that match went down, we'll do it all again together very shortly!

As always, hit me up @ LeafLOP or comment below! Thanks guys :)


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