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Posted in: The Green Room
By Ryan "Leaf" Plant
Nov 13, 2016 - 8:54:36 PM

Season 3, Episode 10
Ready for War

How's it going luchadors and luchadoras? Sorry about my lateness, I’ve procrastinated like mad these past few nights but have finally managed to get this out there. We've got a stupendously huge show this week as everything really matters. I mean, it always does both up and down the card, right? But really, there's the Believers Backlash match between Famous B and Mascarita Sagrada, a 5 on 5 Tag match with Aztec Warfare Implications AND they'll be Grave Consequences for either Puma or Mil, all in the same show! I can hardly contain myself so I think the best thing to do right now is to just get straight to it!

Our show starts with an unfamiliar howling, like a symphony of bottles being blown by the most mystic wind. Catrina emerges from the darkness. She tells us that though Mil has beaten Puma before, she wants him gasping for air as the life leaves his body. Just as she's seen Mil do before.

That's not enough though. As Mil Muertes' red eyes tell a tale of planned, unparalleled destruction, Catrina has one more thing to tell the Immortan:

“If you lose, I will not bring you back.”

He rises, knowing he cannot fall.

I was already thinking that Mil must get his win back here, it's hard to imagine any other outcome here now. I liked this, Catrina's character continues to evolve as she seems less forgiving to Mil now and I'm still curious about that half of the Amulet, aren't you?!


We cut straight to the Temple and tonight's show has no big audio dramatics. That's right, with no band, the solemn mood is set as Matt Striker and Vampiro tell us that Grave Consequences is upon us. Their moods quickly perk up though as they introduce the first Lucha of the evening, it's Mascarita Sagrada v s. Famous B in a Believers Match!


As we watch numerous Believers holding their weapons, including kendo sticks and footballs, Melissa Santos welcomes our first combatant of the evening. Surprisingly, she isn't cut off, as Famous B rocks the salmon suit to his casino-style jingle. The Beautiful Brenda is offended by the You're Not Famous chant directed at the pair from the fans! In fact, they'll all on the side of his opponent, Mascarita Sagrada! After facing the likes of Cage and Wagner before in the past, Sagrada has not had an easy ride as he looks to pick up his first win in the Temple. Tonight, he looks poised and ready!

Believers’ Backlash
Famous B vs. Mascarita Sagrada

We cut straight back to the Temple from the break and we see more of the unique arsenal that our fans hold: I even saw a Stop Sign! The two men start outside the ring as Sagrada instantly reaches for a drink in a bid to ruin the suit of his former agent. As B collects himself, SAGRADA COLLECTS THE HELMET AND PADS OF A FOOTBALLER! What?! He charges into the 423-Get-Fame-Promoter and this is already mental. I don't think the bell has sounded, has it?! Sagrada looks under the ring and pulls out a ladder! He gestures that he may need a hand but in the end, the ladder isn't even much bigger than his fists! Brilliant. Still though, for Sagrada that is everything, and he places it on the announce table for extra leverage before giving his opponent a big-hearted mini elbow drop, and our Believers popped like it was an Angelico dive!

The little man continues to stomp on Famous though is distracted by Brenda, it gives the promoter a moment to superkick Sagrada! He's on the offence now for the first time in this match. He tosses the little man to the ground and takes a big bag of popcorn from a Believer, though Sagrada drop toe holds him and Famous goes flying, as does the corn! As he looks to recover, a charging Sagrada rapidly approaches though he is able to send him into a trash can before throwing him into there. He picks up his opponent like a ragdoll before throwing him in the trash and striking him with the lid. He hits the trash can twice but Mascarita springs out before whacking Famous over the head repeatedly with the lid. However, the foot of B comes in handy again as he kicks the lid into him before throwing him against the barrier.

For the first time, the action spills inside the ring and what does Famous have now?! He has a toolbox! There's wrenches, screws, but let's see... is that... is that Arrogance?! It is! The fragrance that Rick “The Model” Martel used to spray his opponents with, it's back! The fragrance though manages to fall in the hands of Mascarita who sprays his foe, kicks into the corner and brings in a gym bag. With a wizard hat on his head, and a wand in his hand he magics up... a bowling ball! Famous B is split legged in the corner and IT'S A STRIKE! I don't think the man in the salmon suit will ever be able to split again! Sagrada goes high but here's Dr. Wagner Jr.! You knew it was coming. We need Havoc already!

Wagner has a piece of art but his manager tells him to wait! He seems to take a liking to the piece. Maybe he could put it up in his talent promotion office after the match but WAIT there's Havoc! Son of Havoc storms the ring and takes Wagner to the outside. Sagrada has the frame now so I think I spoke too soon! CRASH! Famous B's head makes that painting a modern art piece, and we can see now why he was enamored, it was a painting of himself! Things just go from bad to worse as the little man manages to wrap his tie around the rope but Brenda is able to take Melissa's weapon, a giant pair of scissors to free him. Melissa just inadvertently saved one of her aggressors? The irony is off the charts! As Brenda brags over getting him out of it, Famous B is took out by his flying foe. With a pie in hand, he runs at his opponent though it ends up all over Brenda! The distraction allows Famous to throw his enemy into the table as we hear Brenda wailing in the meantime. From the table, Sagrada manages to take Striker's choice of arsenal, his shoe! Vampiro tells us what they say about men with big feet, big socks! Entering the ring, he hits his adversary before leaping from the corner with a Tornado DDT! 1...2...3! SAGRADA FINALLY WINS!

WINNER: Mascarita Sagrada

The Believers explode for the little man and ironically enough that has to be one of the biggest pops of this season! He hits Famous B one more time for good measure with the shoe as Brenda is screaming on the outside, wiping off the cream. Yeah. Vampiro seems absolutely stunned as he tells us that was insane.

This is the best comedy match I've seen all year. This was a genuine delight and I challenge anyone to not enjoy this. This one of those moments when the babyface NEEDED to pick up the big win and that's exactly what happened. No complaints here.


Dante Fox is lacing up his boots in the back when a familiar voice screams out his name:

“DANTE!” walks in Killshot, “Heard Dario gave you a job.”
“That's right, he was impressed by what I did... to you.”

Killshot understands why he attacked him, but he hopes to put this behind them as he's simply happy to gave him home. The two embrace as Dante tells him that they stand united tonight, just like old times. Each men call the other their “brother” but with the bass in each voice, you have to wonder how genuine that may be.

I like that Lucha Underground didn't take the familiar route of just having both men be enemies straight from the off, as there was a long-standing brotherhood that should not have been torn apart by just the one attack, especially when the tecnico felt guilty for his own actions that lead to the beatdown. That being said, you can still see the betrayal happening again from a million miles away. It's going to be a great feud though, so that's not a bad thing.


We cut to the bathroom of the Temple, which, for reasons still unexplained, is always where we find Drago. It looks to be the very darkest area of the Temple so maybe that is why. He is seen practicing his nunchuk skills in the mirror when none other than Kobra Moon appears once more.

“Preparing for war?”

Once again, Kobra tells Drago that he will return their tribe and this time, the two fight it out. The Dragon is quick to affirm that he was never a member of their tribe and that he was more a slave. In one of the most shocking revelations of the season yet, she threatens that he would suffer the same fate as Daga, torn apart by Lord Pindar.

Drago freezes at the mention of the man's name. He spars with the snake lady once more before she threatens that Pindar will make him kneel before her.

“You know what? I'll go use the ladies' room” an unimpressed Vinnie Massaro enters the scene, eats what appears to be a chicken wing, and exits by way of passing wind.

Kobra and Drago look perplexed by this.

Firstly, if Lord Pindar is THE Lord then things are definitely interesting here. I doubt it, as I think the Lord that Dario knows has a bigger part to play than interacting with the Trios Division. Either way, Drago seemed petrified of this figure and I would not be surprised if he does in fact return to the tribe as their slave out of nothing more than fear. What that would mean for Fenix and Aerostar, I do not know. Either way, I'm very excited for Drago to have a bigger role this season, and Kobra too, whose psychology is always on point.

If Daga has been killed off, that's a real shame. I was very impressed with him, even with his limited time in the ring last season. He's in the trailer so who knows if he has actually been killed off or if that scene was a flashback. It sounds as if Kobra was simply stalking him last season for him to be a sacrifice. How gruesome!

Lastly, Vinnie, never change.


We're back in the Temple and Melissa Santos seems especially excited to announce the next match, and with good reason, as it has Aztec Warfare implications. The winning team gets to enter the 20-Luchador event. She introduces the team of The Mack, Mariposa, Marty “The Moth” Martinez, Ivelisse and Jeremiah Crane, with particular disdain given to Marty of course! Mack looks particularly bewildered as the five make their way down the steps and as we enter the ring, Jeremiah also doesn't seem to know what to think.

Melissa tries her best to introduce her second team even though the Moth tribe leer at her. She welcomes Killshot, Argenis (seriously?!), Dante Fox, Texano and... they call him... CAGE! Striker points out that this is another one of Dario's games, as he has forced rivals to work together in order to earn their place in his brainchild.

The winning team enters Aztec Warfare III
The Mack, Mariposa, Marty “The Moth” Martinez, Ivelisse and Jeremiah Crane vs. Killshot, Argenis, Dante Fox, Texano and Cage

The bell rings and it's the two debutants who start off the match as Crane looks to tangle with Fox!

Immediately Jeremiah hits a big running kick which sends Fox into the corner and follows up with a knee. However, Dante comes back into the match with a running cutter. When Jeremiah hits a neckbreaker, it forces Dante to tag in his former brother-in-arms, Killshot.

He too receives a knee from Jeremiah though he manages to flip him over with a headscissor takedown. This only leads to another kick to the face from Crane, who tags in his girlfriend Ivelisse. This is a great showing from Crane, who has shown us that he likes to use his lower-body as his main weapon.

Even the double team from Crane and Ivelisse follows the same way of thinking, as they hit a double superkick before Crane throws his girlfriend into Killshot.

Cage runs in to take the military man's place and immediately floors the Puerto Rican firecracker. As he goes for a suplex, Ivelisse stumbles backwards and Marty tags himself in, much to the disdain of the tecnicos on the apron.

A running pump kick would knock most men down, but not Cage, who hits the big Discus Clothesline. Cage gestures for Texano to come in and after a big spinebuster to the Moth, it seems like the Best of 5 Series has gotten the better of both men, who repeatedly argue with one another.

Mariposa takes advantage of this, as she runs and dropkicks the Blue Collar Brawler into The Machine, who falls off the apron! The Butterfly strikes Texano but to no avail, and she is picked up for what looks like a set-up for an exploder suplex. This time, he does look to hit Cage, as he throws Mariposa to The Machine on the outside. Or was he just wanting his rival to catch her? Who knows!

Mack and Argenis have already leaped into the ring for their opposing teams as the two behemoths engage in a shoving competition on the outside. A rope-assisted Codebreaker stuns Argenis who quickly departs the ring. Mack has a way of settling arguments as he leaps and knocks down both men on the outside with a huge senton!

As Cage clambers back onto the apron, Jeremiah Crane floors him with a kick. He gestures for Ivelisse to spring onto The Machine and she does. When she's caught however, Crane hits a suicide dive to knock both his love interest and Cage down! Well, if they're into that sort of thing!..

Argenis is net to join the fray, as he hits an Asai Moonsault to the pile. That's his one big spot all year folks.

In the ring, Killshot and Dante seem to be talking out their issues when both Marty and Mariposa turn up behind them. The two men both duck the clothesline attempts and kip up to hit both with stereo enziguris! Killshot seems poised to run to the outside to floor the others though Dante stops him. Is this the betrayal? No! He instead springs to the outside and sacrifices himself. That's what a real “brother” does!

Ivelisse emerges from the pile to meet Killshot though she gets a knee to the face. The masked man lifts her up but she flips in the air and brings 'Shot down for a 'rana. That's 1...2... but Killshot kicks out at the last second! The Baddest Bitch In The Building looks to be in serious pain here as she clutches her ankle, rolling to the outside. She cannot believe it. Please tell me she's not injured again!

As Killshot gets to his knees, his earlier rival Marty gets up to the top rope and looks as if he is going to hit the Super Curb Stomp, but Dante stops him! With a shake of the head, HE LIFTS KILLSHOT UP INTO THE FISHERMAN BUSTER! Not again! The Believers jeer and Marty picks up the win for his team. 1-2-3!

WINNERS: The Mack, Mariposa, Marty “The Moth” Martinez, Ivelisse and Jeremiah Crane

With that, this team of five, maybe without Ivelisse, all advance to Aztec Warfare! The Moth Tribe celebrate in the ring as Crane carries his beau to the back and Mack takes a moment to check on Killshot, stunned.

Other than the fact we’re now missing a lot of top tecnicos for AWIII, I liked this. It was short, and was essentially a spotfest, though Dante and Jeremiah showed that they belong within that space of time. Rivalries were advanced and next week’s big match was further set up. Again, you won’t necessarily see me complaining.


Dario stands in the darkened cage-room grinning. He begs his brother to show what their family is capable of, to show his destruction, to emerge the winner of Aztec Warfare.

He knows what they have worked for.

And so does Matanza, as he clips his hands together repeatedly as if he was faced with the skulls of his mortal opponents.


Matanza's voice was awesome here. I do wonder whether they should have had him speak as Muertes now speaks occasionally, as does Puma, so we no longer really have a mute character. However, I can't deny that it was a great moment to behold.


The sombre voice of Matt Striker telling us that our main event is now should tell you what is coming next. If not, the introduction by Melissa Santos for Mil Muertes should tell you everything you need to know. From Beyond the Grave, accompanied by Catrina, it's Mil Muert- OHHHHHH! Prince Puma kicks him out of nowhere and the Immortan goes flying. He then dives in the same vein as Angelico, over the railing, and takes out Muertes further still! The brawl is already on! He leaps from the Believers again but Muertes turns it into a Powerslam!

Grave Consequences
Mil Muertes vs. Prince Puma

The sombre voice of Matt Striker telling us that our main event is now should tell you what is coming next. If not, the introduction by Melissa Santos for Mil Muertes should tell you everything you need to know. From Beyond the Grave, accompanied by Catrina, it's Mil Muert- OHHHHHH! Prince Puma kicks him out of nowhere and the Immortan goes flying. He then dives in the same vein as Angelico, over the railing, and takes out Muertes further still! The brawl is already on! He leaps from the Believers again but Muertes turns it into a Powerslam!

Muertes takes advantage and hits a throat thrust before slamming Mil into the table. He picks up his carcass and throws him into the reserved seats! He even throws him through a door and takes up to a previously unexplored part of the Temple with red lighting. That's not for long though, as Muertes then sends Puma into the bell. Miraculously, Puma recovers to send Mil into the same weapon before picking it up to clock Muertes. He picks up the roses and smashes the trellis over the head of his foe. As Puma drags the heavy casket towards Muertes, Catrina looks to revive Mil with the rock. It seems to work as the face of Lucha Underground is clubbed in the head and powerbombed onto the casket!

That's not enough for The Immortan, who grabs a table and slides it into the ring. What does he have planned here? The table is set up in the top right corner of the ring and Puma is now sent into the squared circle to await his destruction. Muertes holds a steel chair in hand and bashes it over the back of his enemy. He hits him in the side of the head and sets up the chair in the opposing corner. He throws Puma into the table-propped corner, who SLIDES TO STOP HIMSELF! Mil charges, Puma looks to send Muertes into there but he evades too! Mil runs back at Puma who is positioned against the opposite post and he leaps to send Mil CRASHING INTO THE CHAIR! This only infuriates Mil who HITS THE REAPER'S TRIDENT RIGHT THROUGH THE TABLE! The sound of that was insane!

As the Believers hit dueling chants, Mil unbuckles a rope in order to take the sharp metal hook that supports the rope in the corner. He stuns Puma with it before dragging the coffin into the ring. Striker points out something fantastic here, as he notes that Mil purposely drags the coffin over the seal. Of course, we know that Mil tends to slam his fist into that same seal to gain some kind of power so it makes a lot of sense, as does hitting ten punches to Puma to keep him groggy. Puma though, doesn't stay this way! He hits numerous kicks and knees before a huge roundhouse stuns the undead and sends him right onto the casket. Catrina looks visibily concerned as Puma takes to the top rope. He's not going to, is he?! YES HE IS! 630 ONTO THE CASKET!

This has to be it! Puma puts Mil's head within the casket but he doesn't seem to be done here! He slams the lid on Muerte's neck repeatedly. But he's still not done! He grabs a chair and absolutely leathers it against the lid, and most importantly, against the back of Mil's head. Vampiro tells us that he's liking that he's not going for the victory. Of course he does, he's got into his head in recent weeks! Puma is like a man possessed. He has set up two tables next to each other on the outside of the ring! Good God Almighty! He has taken too long though as Mil is back in this match with a big hand around the throat of Puma and he sends crashing pretty much on his neck right onto the casket. Mil tries to put down the casket on the tecnico but he fights out! How, I do not know! Puma knees Muertes, he uppercuts him, he strikes him but is caught for the FLATLINER! NO! PUMA GETS ON HIS HANDS! He handstands, AND KICKS MUERTES RIGHT IN THE FACE! That was an incredible counter!

Puma sends Mil to the outside of the ring and looks to leap, but Mil seems to overturn it and sends Puma crashing to his own demise. Both men are taken out by this but surprisingly Puma is up to his feet first! He has the chair in hand, allows Muertes to snatch it and takes him out sending the chair crashing right into his rival's head from his feet, off the apron! Wow! Puma loads up The Immortan onto the two tables and climbs to the top turnbuckle, but Muertes is back up! He springs onto the apron and both men engage in a battle of fists. Who will fall. Will it be Puma all the way from the buckle, Mil from the apron? Or both? It looks like it might be Mil as Puma switches to his trusty feet and has Muertes hanging onto the rope with just one hand! He grabs his foe but Mil thrust punches him. Never mind then! Mil grabs Puma by the throat, AND CHOKESLAMS HIM THROUGH BOTH TABLES! I agree with the Believers, this certainly is making me think of the holiest of fecal matter.

Muertes has got himself another coffin but wait, Striker is right, that's the same coffin that he slammed Konnan into! He puts the coffin on a stand and he grabs Puma. FLATLINER TO THE FLOOR! The Prince is practically already dead at this point, but with a fireman's carry, he is rolled into the Coffin, has his hands crossed over his heart and has the lid slammed shut. With celebratory a kiss from Catrina to Mil it is done.

WINNER: Mil Muertes

Vampiro is seen smiling about this. Was this all part of his plan? Did he want Puma to fail? It's certainly a good theory. This can't be the end of Puma as we saw him and Vamp in a different capacity in the trailer, didn't we not? But for now we're left to wonder when the Prince will rise again. Mil Muertes has disposed of his rival just before Aztec Warfare, as the Day of the Dead parade carry Puma's coffin to the back.

What an incredible match. I put it down as #2 for this year, behind the Weapons of Mass Destruction match, only because that match was full of psychological warfare. This was straight up violent and I loved it, no doubt Dario did too. As I mentioned above, I'm confident that we see the return of Puma. My theory is that Vampiro is going to find some way to raise him from the dead somehow as some truly dark version, though he could equally be clearing the way for Pentagon secretly.

As for Mil Muertes, he has not only eliminated his rival for the time-being but he has cleared the way for him to try to regain his Championship in Aztec Warfare. With the likes of Puma, Fenix, Aerostar, Cage, Texano and Killshot out of the match, there's a hell of a lot of top tecnicos missing from this season's edition. It's going to be interesting to say the least!


9th November - Mil Muertes

2nd November - Rey Mysterio Jr. (2)
26th October - Johnny Mundo
19th October - Drago
12th October - Chavo Guerrero Jr.
5th October - Cage
28th September - Prince Puma
21st September - Jack Evans
14th September - Killshot
7th September - Rey Mysterio Jr.

It had to be. As explained above, Mil Muertes decimated his rival and is now one step closer to recapturing the Lucha Underground Championship. I can't wait for the big face off with Matanza that surely will happen in AWIII. This Mil seems much stronger than the one who fought the Monster last time, who in turn has been absorbing much more offence.


On this episode, we heard about a mysterious character called Lord Pindar. Whether that is THE Lord or not remains to be seen, but as he wasn’t in fact seen, I have to eliminate DoctorDirtnap from our competition. Unlucky bro!

I wonder if they will be revealed at AWIII. No one guessed that number, imagine that!

12- JindoTroy
14- @LozEWright
15- MisterMizery
20- KamNewton
21- g3sshoku
22- RVDMark
23- Maximilliean
24- @HBK4EVER17
30- Kblitzko
34- TNJacktion
35- StuartGosling
36- Grimjac
37- Ralph83
38- TheImplications
39- JSR-13
40- BeaverCleavage


The theme of this episode was Death. The first match saw a cardboard cut-out of Famous B get decapitated. The second saw five men banished from Aztec Warfare, after Dante Fox could not get over how Killshot indeed left him for dead. Lastly, the Main Event saw Puma leave the Lucha land of the living, apparently! Hell, Daga might actually be dead!

This episode really delivered and I think top to bottom it was the best episode thus far. Next week will no doubt overtake it though as it's AZTEC WARFARE III!

With that in mind, who do you have down to win?! Right now, I’m torn between Matanza retaining as I think something superhuman is needed to beat him, Rey Mysterio as Dario has tried to keep him from fighting his brother or even Sexy Star as she has teased being the first female World Champion. I can't call it at this point, but can you?!

As always, hit me up @ LeafLOP or comment below! Thanks guys :)


Links to be updated shortly. In the meantime, click on the Forums tab at the top and enjoy what the CF has to offer.

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