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Posted in: The Green Room
SOUND OF THE UNDERGROUND Special: Tying Up Loose Ends
By Ryan "Leaf" Plant
Oct 16, 2017 - 6:19:29 AM

Special Edition
Tying Up Loose Ends

What's up guys? “Mr. Alternative” Ryan 'Leaf' Plant here, and we're just a few days away from the final episode of the entire season! It feels like we've been doing this forever! Now I've got to be real with you all, it's been hard to bust out the last few columns in spite of how amazing these episodes have been.

The reason for this is because I've been writing the same type of column for an age now. There's nothing wrong with that, but when I started covering Lucha, I transitioned from a preview and list columnist into one who recaps and reviews. I absolutely love it, but I feel like I needed to bust out something different today to keep things fresh. That, and we also have an awful lot of loose ends to tie up.

So what is this column then? Well, let me tell you.

It probably seems like an age ago but just before this season started, I covered the Season 3 trailer with my boy Cult Icon. There were some good calls – such as predicting that Marty would feud with Fenix based on his frolicking with Melissa Santos and I was going to say that there was some bad calls too. Yet, after rereading our thoughts, there hasn't been any terrible predictions as of yet. What remains though is a few unanswered calls, a few extra scenes that STILL haven't cropped up yet. So what can we expect from Ultima Lucha Tres Part 4? Let's go through this together shall we?


Firstly, before I discuss this further, I want to remind both yourself and I of what myself and Cult thought about this particular part of the trailer.


I mean granted I’m pretty sure you and I already thought that but for those out there who didn’t (aka my editor’s significant other) here’s the proof. Deer Antlers lives, his outfits are still (Matt Hardy voice) DELIGHTFUL and he still knows how to sit on that chair. I wish I was as epic sitting on chairs as that man is Leafster.

You know, I just keep wanting to jump ahead and mention other things in the trailer already as to be honest, we’ve had some pretty epic chair shots in that trailer! In fact, we’ve had all the best kind of chair shots! For all of the violence though, seeing King Cuerno simply sat there was what absolutely thrilled me during this trailer. I’ve made no secret in calling the King the MVP of Season Two pre-Aztec Warfare, and I for one thought he was heading away! Still, with such a delightfully simple shot, what do you think Cuerno is going to get up to this time around Cult? We really weren’t given a lot to feed off. Mind you, just knowing he’s there is good enough in itself.

Considering Deer Antlers was legit injured from that Death Match and will take awhile to recover I’m reckoning we don’t actually see him in the ring till later down the road. That being said I’m sure we’ll get to enjoy his recovery, which hopefully involves a lot less S&M themes then Pentagon Jr.’s did.

It could be a blessing in disguise really. King Cuerno has one of the most interesting characters in the entire Temple, and this would give us the chance for that character to be further explored. If we don’t get a montage of him hunting beasts that graduate in size, I’ll be heavily disappointed! “If you can take down a bear, you can take down Mil Muertes.” Okay, maybe not!


Honestly, it has been pretty surprising that we've not seen the return of Lucha Underground's ultimate hunter. Still, considering what is at stake on Wednesday, it makes perfect sense for him to return now.

His ultimate rival Mil Muertes is competing in a huge match at Ultima Lucha but not only that, he is competing for, dare I say... a prize. Considering that King Cuerno is our resident prize fighter, don't you think that he would want to get his hands on one of Lucha Underground's most mysterious and powerful artifacts.

That's right. What if King Cuerno steals the Gauntlet?

I already think Cage will lose the Gauntlet before it's too late, as I think he is too likable for the writers to decide that he truly ends up succumbing to the power of the God, and even Dario expressed to the Lord and Agent Winter that he has concerns about how long the “descension” is taking. If he holds the artifact any longer, it may be too late, or he may even meet his death at the hands of the Lord. Again, he's far too important a character to kill off.

As for Crane, I just can't imagine him becoming a God. He doesn't have the same monstrous presence of the other potential host bodies throughout the season – Texano, Cage, Mil Muertes. There's already something mysterious about Crane that is yet to be revealed – he's known Catrina since he was a kid, and knows some secrets of the Temple. Considering he already has a relatively uncovered backstory, I think we'll hear more of that instead.

That leaves Mil Muertes, whose story we are very much aware of. He is the undead, and what if he becomes a God as well? That's certainly something to behold.

That's why I am confident that King Cuerno will get his ultimate revenge by stealing the prize, either having done his research or with him being blissfully unaware of the power that it holds. Either option sounds brilliant to me, but imagine how cool it would be if we were shown a montage of King Cuerno listening in to the conversations that Dario has had with Winter and the Lord.

Maybe I just love montages.

PREDICTION: King Cuerno steals the Gauntlet after the Gauntlet of the Gods Match.



No one in this trailer walked out of it more established than they did going in than Kobra Moon. Beforehand she was just a woman in love with Daga the way I’m in love with Final Fantasy X. Now she’s a woman with a Snake Temple, minions and feud with the Trios Champions, all while Daga is left with nothing but a sword that looks like it’s from Final Fantasy X.


Looking back at the trailer analysis, it was only really Cult who briefly touched upon this when we were discussing Kobra Moon. If you have being read my columns this season though, you'll know that I have mentioned this particular moment to the point that I've probably annoyed you all!

I hate to beat a dead horse here, but with there only being one show left, you just know that we're going to find out what happens!

Kobra Moon revealed to Drago that Pindar had killed Daga, and we have little reason not to believe her considering he is yet to emerge this season. However, why would Lucha Underground kill off one of its young emerging stars out of nowhere? Why did they also set up his death at the end of last season and then ask him to return just to film what might be just one flashback scene.

Personally, I don't believe this to be the case.

Given the fact that the Reptile Tribe has lost their gold, I would not be surprised in the slightest to see one of them fall to the sword here. I mean, we're pretty short on deaths this season, right?!

The reason why I really can't see this being a flashback is because it's improbable for Daga to be led to Kobra's temple with the intention of Pindar simply killing him, and he just so happens to find a sword during this brief moment. To me, this suggests that he somehow survived, has had time to explore his surroundings and thus he finds the weapon during his journey.

I would not be surprised if this is shown as part of the ending epilogue but with two hours to fill and just three announced matches, maybe just maybe, we'll get this mid-way through the finale.

PREDICTION: Daga is alive and kills or seriously injures at least one Reptile. He escapes his predicament.



At the end of my last column, I posted the following video and you know what, I'm going to do it again. Now pay special attention to the ending of Dario's brilliant speech:

Holy Heisenberg. Let's see what's popping.


No One Specifically - Now this is a possibility. Dario has been interrupted ever since we have been introduced to the character. Why should we get that moment now though, just days before the big show? And why did he look so worried? Well, any of the following combinations would explain why.

King Cuerno - Dario could have been shocked with the emergence of a missing Luchador. Perhaps he asked to be added to the match. Maybe he enters with the Lord himself as the Lord's personal choice for the host body. This would be one hell of a twist, but I don't think it's Cuerno's style to announce his intentions. After all, aren't hunters supposed to be stealthy?

Agent Winter or the Lord - This is a legitimate possibility. However, would Dario seem completely shocked at their appearance? I know that Cueto seems to fear the Lord and his associates but he has already invited them to the Temple himself so why would he seem perplexed by their arrival?

Vampiro - Given the fact that Vampiro revealed to us this week that he has his very own master, who could in fact be Pentagon or the Lord himself, it would make PERFECT sense for him to be the one who comes into the office. He could announce on Pentagon's behalf that he would be cashing in the Gift of the Gods title. Again though, Vampiro is a contracted employee of Dario's, and we've seen Cueto talk down to him previously. Why then, would he be so shocked to see his commentator walk in to the office? The only explanation is that he walked in with his face cloaked in paint or he walks in beside the following man...

Pentagon Dark - This is my choice. Pentagon has threatened Dario with broken bones on several occasions. He seems to be shaken by Pentagon's appearance every time, whereas he normally tries to exert his charming nature to anyone else, at least to begin with. Given the fact that the skeleton ninja has a legitimate reason to come into the office, as he will be wanting to finally leave Ultima Lucha as the Lucha Underground Champion, this makes far too much sense. Thankfully, this is a show in which logic prevails.

PREDICTION: Pentagon Dark, either by himself or with Vampiro, comes into the office and demands to cash in his Gift of the Gods Championship.

So, my friends, I think that ties up everything. What happened to the tarantula? Don't you be talking to me about that damn tarantula. Get out of here!

What I mean to say is that Ultima Lucha Tres Part 4 should be an absolute blast, and I'll look forward to covering the final show of this season as always.

Am I right? Am I wrong? You tell me. I want to hear your views below or on Twitter.

Until next time, don't stop believing and thank you for reading.


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