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Freestyling: News Roundup ~ Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan's Injury, Cesaro vs Lesnar, More
By Freeman
Jun 7, 2014 - 4:40:56 PM

I reckon it's about time for another wrestling news roundup so, let's dive right in and see what's been happening in the world of sports entertainment this last week or so. Perhaps the story that piqued my interest the most this week, was this one detailing the possible plans for Summerslam in a couple of months. What's WWE got planned LOP?

“We've noted that Brock Lesnar vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE World Heavyweight Title was not penciled in for SummerSlam but there was one idea going where Lesnar would win the title at SummerSlam, only to see Money In the Bank winner Cesaro cash in and take the title from Lesnar.”

Lol. Can you imagine the look on Paul Heyman's face when, after assisting his client, Brock Lesnar, who made history at Wrestlemania by defeating The Undertaker's streak, to a World Title victory at ringside, his other client Cesaro's music hits and he begins striding down to the ring, briefcase in hand and referee in toll? I could definitely go for that. However, although the possibility of Cesaro vs Lesnar has me salivating, as not only would it be an an awesome match, but a great storyline with Heyman's involvement as well, it does feel a bit too early to put the WWE World Heavyweight Title on the Swiss Sensation. I'm really not a fan of cheap Money in the Bank title wins, and I'd hate for the belt to be hot-shotted to Cesaro only for him to go the same way as Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio and quickly de-pushed into midcard hell.

Speaking of Daniel Bryan, apparently his rehabilitation isn't exactly going according to plan, if recent reports are to be believed:

“WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan was backstage at RAW in Indianapolis this week. The rehabilitation of his right arm is reportedly going slower than they anticipated.

One person close to Bryan said that not only is he not making gains but he's actually losing strength in his arm while doing rehab. Bryan's condition was a hot topic among those in power at RAW.”

That's a shame. I have my fingers crossed for Bryan making it back to wrestle at the Money in the Bank Pay Per View, but only if he's 100% healthy. If he isn't, then I'd rather he forfeited the title and came back when he's completely healed up for another run at the top. There would be nothing worse than Bryan returning to action before he's ready and potentially doing more damage, thus keeping him out of action for much longer than planned.

So, assuming that Bryan might not make it for Money in the Bank, who are the candidates who could replace him as WWE Champ? Certainly the most obvious candidate would be John Cena, although it could be argued that the main event scene has felt a lot fresher since Cena's been away from it. A case could also be made for Kane, as he was the guy that, in kayfabe terms, injured Bryan and put him out of action. However, in what's been the story of Kane's career, he hasn't exactly been booked strong in recent weeks. A funny scenario could see Stephanie McMahon getting mad heel heat by taking the title off Bryan and sticking it straight on her husband Triple H. Now, although that's an amusing thought, I don't actually see it happening, as Hunter has only been a part time wrestler in recent years. Some dudes might want to see younger fags like Roman Reigns or Bray Wyatt be given a run with the belt, although similarly to Cesaro, I'd argue that both men need a little more build before they're trusted with a World Title run. No, if Daniel Bryan ends up vacating his WWE World Heavyweight Title before Money in the Bank, then I can think of no one better to hold the championship in his absence than this guy:

It's your time JTG. I'm sure there's a clause for a WWE Title run in that ironclad contract of yours.


Stupid Comment Of The Week...

This week's winner is, somewhat reluctantly, none other than professional wrestling legend Ric Flair, with this little rant about internet fans who think they can do better than the wrestlers:

“I don't pay any attention to that. The internet thinks they're smarter than we are, but they're not. If you read the internet, it's like watching Fox News, you don't know what to believe. They all want to predict what they think will happen, but nobody ever knows for sure. As an example, 42 years in the business and I never thought Daniel Bryan would win that match (at April's Wrestlemania XXX). I didn't think he was going to beat Hunter, and I'm attuned to it!”

Really Ric? You didn't think Daniel Bryan was going to beat Triple H? I suppose you also never thought that Daniel Bryan was going to beat Randy Orton and Batista, or that The Shield were going to beat The New Age Outlaws and Kane? Have you been drinking? Even my Gran knew Daniel Bryan was going to beat Triple H at Wrestlemania, and she doesn't even watch wrestling, because she's dead. Ric, as much as it pains me to say it, take a walk of shame sir, and collect your Stupid Comment Trophy, made of 96% recyclable plastic. Because even though you've said something ridiculous, you can still help the environment.

Speaking of Flair, in the same interview, he mentioned it was John Laurinaitis who persuaded his daughter to get into wrestling. How did that happen then Ric?

“I didn't encourage her, she just went to Wrestlemania with me. She was making a real nice living running a personal training center. John Laurinaitis saw her and said, 'Why aren't you wrestling?”

Probably because he thought she was Michelle McCool.


-Matt Hardy reckons TLC matches have taken years off his career. In a recent interview with The Roman Show, the former WWE Tag Team Champion had this to say:

“Those were very tough grueling matches. It definitely took a toll.”

So has being fat and out of shape.

And a prick.

-Xavier Woods faced Rusev last night on Smackdown, but LOP was already on the case, reporting Woods' chosen attire long before the episode was aired:

“Xavier Woods will face Rusev on this Friday's SmackDown and in keeping with the theme of USA vs. Russia, Woods will be dressed in red, white & blue”

I think Xavier Woods facing Rusev is more in keeping with the theme of Rusev vs black people, personally.

-One story that did catch my beady little eye this week was the article on Tommy Linster, better known to us wrestling folk as 'Zeus'. The article was pretty interesting, and is notable for revealing how much Zeus got paid for his appearances in WWF. However, it was this comment from Linster that really caught my attention. You see, apparently old Zeus wasn't interested in wrestling at first:

"I ain’t really into putting my hand up in between some dude’s legs”

Looks like you're enjoying yourself to me...


Vince Russo's Shitty Blog

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm loving Vince Russo's new blog that he recently introduced to the internet. I laughed my arse off at the things he wrote about last month, and, just when I thought things couldn't get any better, he comes out with this doozy. Oh LOP, please spread Russo's good word to the masses:

“From a philosophical view, I think both TNA and the WWE my be a bit “off” when it comes to the way they present their product in 2014 – that’s MY opinion. To me, it’s not “really” about the characters, or the storylines, or the in-ring wrestling – all of those things can be changed by next week – no big deal.”

Or several times by the end of the night if the show's booked by Vince Russo.

Russo (when we say Ruse, ya'll say Oh) also wants to make it clear that he likes talking about FACTS, despite posting an article largely consisting of his opinion:

“That’s why I like talking about FACTS. The FACTS are all that really matter. You hated me at WWE, WCW, and TNA – great, that’s your opinion – but – what do the FACTS say about my legacy? If we looked at all three companies and their numbers prior to me coming in – then leaving – what will they tell you?

That one of those companies went out of business soon after you left and the other is close to following suit?

In fairness, Vinny-Ru does go on to stick up for TNA, saying they're doing very well to churn out the product that they do considering all the restrictions placed on them:

“That’s why, every time I view the TNA product – I’m viewing it with all things in mind. I understand fully what it’s taking them to produce that wrestling show. And – most importantly – I GREATLY appreciate their efforts. I’ve said many times, if you spoke to any Hollywood writer, or Hollywood producer, and explained to them the QUANTITY of product that TNA was churning out, and the QUALITY they were achieving in a minimal amount of time – they would accuse you of LYING, saying that’s physically and mentally impossible. But guess what – it’s not — because they are doing it every week.”

That was so NICE of you to point that out there Vince. Like you, I also don't believe TNA don't get the CREDIT they deserve for the product they put out on a weekly basis. So what if they SOMETIMES have to STEAL ideas from WWE — only 1.5% of AMERICANS are watching IT anyway. I hope that you COME back to TNA one DAY – it would be good— and you could SHOW everyone why THE wrestling BUSINESS needs Vince RUSSO again.

Caption Contest:

Cameron accidentally reveals how much money, in US Dollars, is currently in TNA's bank account.


-So I guess this wouldn't be much of a news column if I didn't mention the biggest news story of the week, the Seth Rollins heel turn. According to LOP, in true WWE fashion, the angle wasn't exactly planned out in advance:

“The angle with Seth Rollins turning on Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose at Monday's RAW was not written into the script that was used several days before the pay-per-view. It could have been that WWE officials wanted to keep it off the books or it could be that the angle was something they just decided on at Sunday's Payback pay-per-view.”

Or, more likely, half an hour before RAW was due to go on air.

“It's said that the angle with Seth Rollins turning on The Shield at RAW was officially decided upon on Sunday afternoon before the Payback pay-per-view. The angle was apparently Vince McMahon's reaction to the low RAW rating the week before.”

Ah there's that long term planning again Vince.

Don't get me wrong, I loved the angle and the way it played out on last Monday's episode of RAW. It was shocking and truly unpredictable, because even though nearly everyone has been predicting a Shield break up at some point, most people didn't have it down until after Summerslam at the earliest, with both Rollins and Ambrose turning on Roman Reigns. I've seen quite a few dudes saying that the angle made absolutely no sense. While I see the argument there, I tend to disagree. I reckon that it will eventually come out that Triple H offered Rollins a shot at the WWE Title, in exchange for joining him and The Authority, and that will be Rollins' only reason for selling his soul to the devil, as it were. Makes sense to me.

Now, even though I loved the angle the other night, I am slightly concerned about Rollins' long term future in the main event. Unfortunately, it does seem as if the creative team have panicked and thrown a dart at any idea that sticks after a bad rating, which, to be fair, wouldn't be the first they've done such a thing...


I just hope WWE has some kind of plan for Rollins. No, that doesn't mean Reigns goes over him at Money in the Bank and he's wrestling Santino Marella and Kofi Kingston in a couple of months. We've seen too many WWE wrestlers over the years embark on an epic heel or face turn only to get lost in the shuffle, because WWE had no idea what to do with them after they've made said turn. I'm not saying Rollins should win the WWE Title by Survivor Series or anything; far from it, but I just hope WWE don't forget about him, and Ambrose for that matter, in their relentless push of Roman Reigns. I guess it's still early days and too soon to tell what WWE's intentions are for this angle, but just a little caution over the booking of all Shield members would be nice.

Actually, fuck it, that ain't happening. As long as we get Ambrose vs Rollins vs Reigns, I don't give a fuck.


-And finally, I leave you with the news that, recently, I got lost in a jungle. Fortunately, I had a compass with me, so I was able to draw perfect circles with a pencil.


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