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Posted in: Doctor's Orders
The WrestleMania Era: The Book of Sports Entertainment - “An absolute must have for diehard wrestling fans”
By The Doc
Apr 27, 2014 - 1:36:27 PM

(Doc’s Note - Ladies and gentlemen, I continue to appreciate the support for my book. When I first got the idea to write it, I really had no clue what was going to happen once it got published. It has been a learning experience from day one. The grassroots nature of the whole thing has been fascinating to me. As the reviews have come in, the profile of the book has expanded. I was approached by The Examiner to do an interview about WrestleMania XXX, which was equal parts awesome and surreal. To read that interview, click here. Now, there is a push to get the book into stores. We’ll see how that goes. If you have any suggestions for local places in your area, I would love it if would you to let me know [particularly in Chicago, Boston, Tampa, and Los Angeles – sites of the next several WWE PPVs – but anywhere, really]. I thank all of you that have purchased it and thank those of you that will in advance. I look forward to the continued feedback)


“This is an absolute must read for any wrestling fan, new or old. The Doc draws you in with his own experiences as a fan and then lays out the top guys of the Wrestlemania Era. He does an excellent job of profiling each wrestler's career, and his rating system is practical and logical. If you are a younger fan looking to learn about the history of pro wrestling, or an older fan looking for some nostalgia, this is a can't miss chance to get what you are looking for. By far, the best wrestling related book I've read in years.” – Casey Jones


Good news for my international readers – if you do not have an Amazon affiliate in your country, you should be able to purchase the book simply by searching for it in your nation’s search browser. I had a reader from Holland inform me that he did just that and had no trouble finding it available to buy that way. As I, now, better understand it, the book is being distributed through online resources worldwide.

“As a longtime fan of professional wrestling, I have waited for years for someone to write a book that discusses the medium in both a passionate and intelligent way. For a long time, fans like myself were left with wrestler autobiographies and a few, select wrestling-based websites to fill our need for non-kayfabe literature. After reading The Wrestlemania Era: The Book of Sports Entertainment, I am thrilled to say that author Chad Matthews has finally given us the informative, thoughtful and downright entertaining read that fans have so long desired.

Matthews’ book is both a labor of love and a love letter to the world of professional wrestling. The centerpiece of his work is a countdown of the 90 greatest wrestlers of the “Wrestlemania Era,” a period that encompasses nearly 40 years from the late 1970s to present day and includes superstars who made names for themselves in various promotions including WWE, WCW, ECW and other smaller promotions/territories no longer in business. Matthews uses a wide range of criteria that includes in-ring performance, financial success, look, etc., to create one of the most unbiased examinations of a portion of the history of professional wrestling ever recorded.

Along with his knowledge of the sport’s history, one of Matthews’ greatest qualities is his writing style. Each chapter of the book is engaging and none feel like a carbon copy of what came before. When highlighting one wrestler, he may cite a personal experience when justifying that superstar’s ranking (Edge, for example). In another section, he does a fantastic job of putting a wrestler’s career into perspective and context despite troubling circumstances (Chris Benoit). His greatest strength however, may be his ability to inform the reader and back up his claims without coming across as arrogant. You can sense Matthews’ perfect blend of enthusiasm as a fan and wealth of information as a member of the “wrestling media” in every sentence.

For those unfamiliar with Matthews’ work, it should take just a few pages for a newcomer to become a fan of his writing. For those who enjoy his work as “The Doc” on LordsofPain.net, you will not be disappointed here. While some might expect this book to be an extended “Doctor’s Orders” column, Matthews’ output here actually allows him to expand on his subject matter in a way that is difficult to accomplish online. Everyone’s favorite wrestler of the past 35 years is highlighted in this book and despite my love and knowledge of superstars including The Rock, Randy Savage and CM Punk, Matthews’ all-around perspective only enhanced the way I view their careers and legacies. Whether you’re a long-time, die hard wrestling fan or someone becoming familiar with the product for the first time, Matthews offers something for everyone.

Simply put, The Wrestlemania Era: The Book of Sports Entertainment is an in-depth, highly entertaining and informative look at the best the world of professional wrestling has had to offer over the past four decades. For my money, it lives up to its title as THE definitive sports entertainment publication and stands alongside the absolute best offerings from the world of professional wrestling.” – Tom Klemick, long-time LOP reader

“This is not a history of wrestling book nor does it read that way. Doc discusses the greatest, most successful wrestlers from the very first Wrestlemania up until now. It's a great read, working through the era's greatest wrestlers, mentioning their greatest matches which you can look up on YouTube afterwards and either agree or disagree. You'll definitely not agree with everything Doc says, but that's the point!” – Hugo Medeiros, long-time LOP reader

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