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Posted in: Doctor's Orders
The WrestleMania Era - "THE Definitive Sports Entertainment Publication" for just $9.99
By The Doc
Aug 12, 2014 - 9:51:11 PM

(Doc’s Note – I couldn't resist the $9.99 parallel. This will be the last thing that I post about my book before letting it sink or swim without much promotional effort. I appreciate the feedback that many of you have given these last several months and hope that all of you will check out the book. Here’s to another 30 years of great wrestling memories!)

To order The WrestleMania Era: The Book of Sports Entertainment (Kindle Edition), click here

The e-book format is just $9.99 and is available worldwide. For those of you that have already purchased a copy and would like to buy the e-book, it’s only $2.99.

What’s it about?

Professional wrestling has never been as popular as it has been over the last thirty years. Physician and wrestling enthusiast, “The Doc” Chad Matthews, knows that better than anyone, having witnessed every monumental moment from Starrcade to Hulkamania to WrestleMania to The New Generation to The Monday Night Wars between WWE and WCW to the present. A student of sports entertainment, The Doc has critiqued and reviewed pro wrestling for a decade as one of the internet’s most popular columnists. In honor of WrestleMania XXX, he has penned the ultimate fan account from 1983 to 2013, sharing his personal experiences and, ultimately, revealing the 90 greatest wrestlers of modern times using a five-tiered breakdown to shape the definitive list.

Analytical, clever, and comprehensive, The Book of Sports Entertainment offers all NWA, WCW, or WWE fans an entertaining trip down Memory Lane and leaves them stimulated to join in on the debate for the WrestleMania Era’s greatest star.

What are people saying about it?

“Doc’s endeavor is capable of becoming: a pro wrestling refresher course to those who have forgotten, an intro course for those who didn’t witness, a history of eras, of wrestlers, and a ranking that Doc himself calls “objective subjectivism”. In these pages lie the potential for remembering, for argument and debate, for happiness, sadness, and the chance to do what all wrestling fans love to do most, get mad… It is [a] duality of analysis and fandom, living together, lurking together on the pages, that best defines what Chad Matthews brings to this collection. He gives us, fittingly, the two things we most hope for from a doctor: care and precision. And it may take wrestling fans, who understand that “fake” can often be more real than real life, to understand how analysis (precision) and fandom (care) can live together on the page, uplift a work, and with little to no contradiction…Forget the shelf—this book belongs in the hands of every wrestling fan.” – Shane Combs, author

“I have been writing online columns for roughly the same amount of time as The Doc has. I've seen this man grow from a reviewer into one of the best wrestling writers on the internet. Now, he's brought his amazing analysis and level-headed viewpoint to the world of print. This book is something than any fan of the wrestling business should have, as it accurately and entertainingly walks you through the greatest stars of the WrestleMania era. This is absolute great work, and I can't wait to read what he has next.” - Rance Morris, Columnist, PWMania.com

“Simply put, The Wrestlemania Era: The Book of Sports Entertainment is an in-depth, highly entertaining and informative look at the best the world of professional wrestling has had to offer over the past four decades. For my money, it lives up to its title as THE definitive sports entertainment publication and stands alongside the absolute best offerings from the world of professional wrestling.” – G. Thomas Klemick, Long-time wrestling fan

“The Doc treats each superstar with great respect and I feel does a terrific job of highlighting the positives of each grappler and justifies why each man is included on the countdown. Throughout the book, "The Doc"'s passion and knowledge of not only the wrestlers, but history of both WWE and NWA/WCW shines through and often times, I found myself rethinking my stance on a particular wrestler based on his arguments as to why that particular superstar is one of the greatest of all time. For instance, it was after reading this book's chapter on Lex Luger that I went back and watched his early 88-89 NWA work. I now have a greater appreciation for Luger and his skill inside a wrestling ring, after having mostly only seen him battling Hogan in WCW during 1997 (basic matches with body slams, punches and not much else, in my opinion). Reading this book will make you look at classic matches, such as Ultimate Warrior vs Randy Savage at WM VII, in a new and more appreciative light. That is the biggest compliment I can pay this book: it will deepen your appreciation for the little things that make wrestlers, and wrestling in general, the unique entertainment property that it is.” – Matt Mortenson, Long-time wrestling fan

“I don't just like this book, I love it and I would recommend it for any fan of any age. You'll laugh, you'll be moved to tears, and you will certainly think. That's all you can ask of any form of entertainment, and while this combines two forms of entertainment into one, I believe instead of your entertainment value doubling, it's raised exponentially. Buy this book, read this book, love this book. You won't regret it. This is an instant classic, and I can't wait for either the follow-up in a decade or The Doc's next undertaking, which should come much sooner. If you are a fan of professional wrestling, this is the book for you. If you want to read arguments about who are the best 90 professional wrestlers of the last 30 years, this is the book for you. If you love to read and love professional wrestling, then this is pretty much heaven. Welcome to The Wrestlemania Era Era.” – LOP Columns Hall of Famer and co-host of Tuesday Night Titans, Xan Man

“If you are a younger fan looking to learn about the history of pro wrestling, or an older fan looking for some nostalgia, this is a can't miss chance to get what you are looking for. By far, the best wrestling related book I've read in years.” – Casey Jones, Long-time wrestling fan

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LOP's XanMan, co-host of Tuesday Night Titans and long-time LOP columnist, read Doc’s book and had some things he wanted to discuss with the author. Listen to Xan and Doc openly debate the greatest of the WrestleMania Era and the decisions that led to Doc's ranking of the top stars in modern pro wrestling history.

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