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Posted in: Doctor's Orders
Doctor's Orders: April 7, 2013 - Rewinding Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara
By The Doc
Dec 25, 2012 - 8:43:02 AM

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Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to all of you! I hope you have an incredible day doing whatever it is that you'll do. I also want to thank you for the loyal readership and discussions. This column remains my real world escape; you don't know how important that is for me. I know not all of you enjoy these creative writing pieces, but they, too, are an escape (just of a different variety). The thing about fantasy columns is that they're the most challenging to write, but garner the least rewarding feedback. Nevertheless, they are a lot of fun.

Today's chapter in the Wrestlemania saga shifts to a match that I ran out of month's in which to do advance preparation. So, I thought of rewinding the clock. "The Night Before Christmas" was staring me in the face. Probably a good idea to watch the following before reading the column:


The Mania of Wrestle for the time twenty-ninth took place one night ago.
The “Of ‘Em All Granddaddy” – The “Immortals the of Showcase” – The “Shows of Show.”
Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara broke the record for number of masks in one place.
Approximately 50,000 different people showed up hiding their face.
You may think it better or you may think it worse.
But as Nas did with his rap in 2001, the Cara-Mysterio story’s going in reverse…

2013, 7 April

Sin Cara lowers his hand from the air, the mask hiding the excitement on his face.
He looks back toward the referee, the evidence of victory gone without trace.
But his hand is back in the air now, just without his replica mask in tow.
The ref has raised it, while he looks down at his fallen mentor below.
Rey Mysterio looks up at his protégé, having lost a match that strained their unity.
It’s hard for a man of his nature to not wallow in the lost opportunity.

The bell rings thrice, as the announcers scream “tapped out he!”
Mysterio couldn’t withstand the pain from the submission hold on his knee.
He was so close, though…just moments away from victory.
But Sin Cara countered the Crossface in a moment of pure visual tapestry.
The sweat comes back up to his chest and the scream goes back into his voice.
Mysterio lets go of the hold - the armbar submission no longer his choice.

The announcers ponder whether the “near is end” when Sin Cara is in great distress.
Mysterio flies back up to the top turnbuckle and readies himself for a flying body press.
Then he climbs down from above, from the top to the middle to the mat.
Suddenly both feet find Cara’s injured arm with a top rope drop kick that has Cole saying, “!amazing was that”
Especially when one considers that he’d been trapped in the Boston Crab just prior.
And that just before that he had slammed his own leg into the ring post when he swung for his opponent, but misfired.

The crowd chants “awesome is this” and “9-1-6.”
This after a dazzling display of lucha gives the audience its cruiserweight fix.
It was an impressive feat after landing high and tight from a suplex that was German.
How they sprang up so quickly to deliver the next sequence, no one's yet to determine.
Cara’s foot backs away from Mysterio’s jaw.
He then returns his attention to his partner’s other flaw.

The Boston Crab works not just on the leg but also the lower spine.
Thus, much of Cara’s psychological focus is on both areas by design.
“No, two, one” yells the ref as he un-counts the near fall.
T’was as if the super hurricanrana off the top rope never happened at all.
Nor did the powerbomb pin executed just after…
That left Mysterio flat on his back and staring up the rafters.

Now they are back on the mat trading hold after hold.
Each man’s eye is on the prize, as if winning were colored gold.
Holy shit! An amazing maneuver just un-took place.
Mysterio hits the wheelbarrow bulldog sending Cara flat on his face!
They are up on the top rope again, jockeying for position.
They are like tight rope walkers in a circus exhibition.

Cara’s head slams back off Mysterio’s cranium and Rey Rey responds in kind.
They head butt each other so many times that I think they’ve lost their minds.
But now the ref is counting again after Cara is halfing the shoot.
He just connected with a twisting top rope arm drag but the point is probably moot.
Even though Cara scored with a suicide dive…
The action rewinds back to the ring where its Mysterio who thrives.

Mysterio has the momentum with a series of suplexes that make the sound of a snap.
These took place after he’d already tried to spring his 619 trap.
His feet go back to being flat as his suplex goes south from the Northern Lights.
Rey’s backward flipping plancha from the floor to the ring is an interesting sight.
Now, they are joined at the arms and shoulders tumbling upward like Siamese brothers.
They are both back on the apron, where each eyes the floor and tries to suplex the other.

Cara is already on the prowl, going after Rey’s knee and thinking submission.
But so, too, does Mysterio - with striking repetition.
The pendulum sways, with momentum swinging from one wrestler to the next.
The announcers ponder the ramifications of two partners battling in a situation complex.
The crowd is respectfully quiet, just seeing how this will play out.
Mysterio and Cara grapple on the mat, taking a cautious approach to the bout.

They bring their hands away from each other’s after putting their strength to the test.
These faceless superstars cunningly keep their strategies close to the vest.
A series of collar and elbow tie ups occur and off we go.
A handshake between the two in a show of respect they bestow.
And now we’ve reached the beginning and we’re back to the start of it all…
“Tonight’s opening contest at Wrestlemania is scheduled for one fall!”


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