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Posted in: The Crow's Nest
The TNA Tribute: Impact Review (21/02/13)
By TheCrow
Feb 21, 2013 - 10:15:00 PM

1) The TNA Tribute: Impact Review (02/21/13)

What's this? The TNA Tribute is back again? That's right folks, everybody's favourite Thursday night column is here again.

Tonight is the last of TNA's pre-taped shows from the UK, which means we'll be back live next Thursday. I've loved the UK crowds, but it will be nice to have live shows again. Plus, we're closer than ever to TNA finally taking their show on the road and getting out of the Impact Zone. It's a risky move, but one that should ultimately be beneficial for them in the long run.

Last week's show was top-notch, and I'm looking for the same kind of quality tonight. Am I setting myself up for disappointment? Possibly, but I'm hoping that TNA took advantage of their last night with arguably the loudest and most enthusiastic TNA fans in the world.

Anyways, it's just about time for the show to begin, so let's get down to business shall we?


Segment 1: Hulk Hogan (In-Ring)

For all the grief I give Hogan, he did a hell of a job opening the show last week, so I'm going to reserve judgement just yet. Plus, the crowd LOVES Hogan, so starting the show with a hot crowd is an added benefit.
Good, we're starting the show with what should have ended last week's show: Hogan's decision regarding the new #1 Contender.
Bully is, surprisingly, a little hesitant to accept the honor since he's injured, but not surprisingly accepts the shot anyways.


I'm not 100% digging this whole "Bully Ray kissing Hogan's ass" thing. It just doesn't seem natural.
Oh God, please no. PLEASE don't let Hogan be a part of this match tonight. PLEASE GOD NO!

Segment 2: Austin Aries, Bobby Roode (Backstage)

Roode and Aries look like they'll be seeking revenge on LAX 2.0 tonight.
Is there any segment that Daniels can't make more entertaining? That dude is golden.
Tonight's theme is apparently multi-man tag matches. 6-man tag match for the main event, and an 8-man tag coming up next? Word.

Match 1: Kazarian, Daniels, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries VS James Storm, Chavo Guerrero, Hernandez, Joseph Park

No matter how hilarious Daniels is, the man still knows how to draw some real heat from the crowd. If there's anyone that deserves a World Title run, it's Daniels.
This whole Joseph Park shtick is some of the best work of that man's career. I've never been big on Abyss, but he's starting to win me over with this latest run. Park is basically the Michael Cera of the Impact roster.
Apparently the crowd digs Park too, because the only guy getting bigger pops than him right now is James Storm.
I'm finding it hard to disagree with Taz right now. Hogan gave a World Title shot to a guy not even involved in the "tournament", a guy that admitted to being badly hurt, all because he's "family". TNA: Representing Good Family Values since 2013.
Both Aries and Roode are World Champion material, but they work so damn well as a team. It hurts me to say, but I want them in the tag division as long as possible.
LOL @ Daniels not tagging anybody in because he wants to beat up Park by himself. Following that up with a series of blind tags, seeing all 4 guys arguing about who should be in the ring.
Aries and Roode decide to peace out, leaving Daniels and Kaz to fend for themselves. If this were a Running Diary from Hustle, I have to imagine these two would be getting some kind of parting gift.
Yup. They would be.

Winners: Park, Guerrero, Storm, Hernandez

Match 2: Robbie E. (w/ Robbie T.) VS Rockstar Spud

More massive pops for this Spud guy from his hometown crowd. I am really curious if that same kind of reaction will be seen from the Americans.
I still think Robbie E. is one of the most underrated guys on the TNA roster. Regardless of his goofy gimmick, he manages to make it work.
If this Spud kid can keep up some kind of popularity in the States, he could actually be a very solid addition to the X-Division, assuming TNA decides to ever get serious about that division again.
More teasing of a break-up of the Robbies there as Terry costs his "bro" the match.

Winner: Rockstar Spud

Well I guess it's not so much of a tease anymore. Robbie E. just bitchslapped the big man, and proceeded to get the hell out of the ring before Terry could take his head off. On another odd note, Terry just got perhaps the biggest pop of his career when he ripped off that pink cardigan. London loves the big man apparently.

Match 3: TNA Knockouts Championship: Velvet Sky VS Gail Kim VS Miss Tessmacher VS Tara {c}

Yup, Tessy is just as popular overseas as she is in America.
Really? Brooke Hogan needs her own entrance just to come ringside for the match? Not only that, but it's a longer entrance than any of the actual competitors. There's that nepotism again folks.
Elimination rules here, so I imagine we'll be seeing the heels teaming up for at least a brief period of time.
Sure enough, Kim and Tara are stomping the pigeons right out of Velvet after tossing Tessmacher out of the ring.
In keeping with the general formula of these matches, the heels have now turned on each other.
Now it's time for the faces to team up on Tara while Kim is laid out at ringside.
I love the moonsault when it's done properly, and Tara just hit an amazing one.
Well folks, we're now guaranteed a new Knockouts Champion.
Tara has been eliminated
That superplex/powerbomb double move always looks so damn dangerous. Kim looked like she just about had her neck broken there.
Miss Tessmacher has been eliminated
Bad call by the ref there. Why should Kim have been physically forced to let go of the ropes? She wasn't using them to her advantage, she was using it to avoid being pinned. That's it. It should have been a rope break call, not a situation where the ref needed to step in and throw Kim across the ring.

Winner, and NEW TNA Knockouts Champion: Velvet Sky

Man, is something wrong with me tonight? Me and Taz seem to be agreeing on way too many points.

Segment 3: Hulk Hogan, Sting (Hulk's Office)

Hogan is hesitant to be in the match tonight, and makes sure Sting will watch his back. Considering Sting and Bully are going to have to carry 100% of the match, probably not a bad thing to limit Hogan's involvement. Is it wrong that I'm really hoping for a backstage beatdown of some kind to keep the Hulkster from actually competing?

Match 4: Garret Bischoff VS Samoa Joe

Is Garret ever going to get real wrestling gear? Went from track pants to blue jeans and a leather vest.
Man, TNA is really getting behind this #SaveOlympicWrestling movement. I can't believe the IOC decided to get rid of one of the original Olympic sports, because as a former amateur wrestler myself, I can attest to just how hard these guys work. Wrestling's gone, but shit like badminton and table tennis gets to stay? **** outta here. I really hope that decision gets overturned. What would the Ancient Greeks think if they could see what's happening right now?
Even with Joe doing his damnedest to make Garret look good, it just isn't happening. Garret needs to spend some serious time in OVW before he's allowed on the main roster.
Yup, right on cue, Wes Briscoe makes his way to the ring and causes the DQ finish.

Winner: Samoa Joe by DQ

Angle comes out to even the odds, causing the A&8 retreat.
Damn, Briscoe vs. Angle at Lockdown in a cage? That's going to be a hell of a test for the young superstar.
Taz makes another good point, asking why all these wrestlers are suddenly allowed to book their own matches. Not that that's a new phenomenon in the world of wrestling, but I just thought it was worth noting that I agreed with Taz yet again. Am I losing my mind here?

Match 5: TNA X-Division Championship: Kenny King VS Rob Van Dam {c}

Could this be the night TNA finally gets serious about pushing Kenny King? One can only hope. The title needs to be on a guy with a future in TNA, not an aging grappler with no sense of reality.
Speaking of a guy with a future in TNA, can Jesse Sorensen please come back soon? It's been a year since he was taken out, and if his tweets are to be believed, he's ready to return to action.
RVD is getting very little reaction here, and considering how hot the crowd has been all night that isn't a great thing. On the flip side, King is getting heat for EVERYTHING he does. Really hoping he takes the title home tonight.
Well, so much for that…

Winner, and STILL X-Division Champion: RVD

Segment 4: Hulk Hogan, Brooke Hogan (Backstage)

Well, no beatdown yet, but I'm still hopeful. Brooke obviously doesn't want her dad competing, but she's still the worst actor on the roster.

Match 6: Devon, Mr. Anderson, D.O.C. VS Sting, Bully Ray, Hulk Hogan

I'm starting to think that TNA only created their "Hall of Fame" so they could start calling people "Hall of Famers".
It's 2013, and Hulk Hogan is about to main event a wrestling show. Is this real life?
Wait a second, Hogan's music hit and he's nowhere to be seen. Maybe I got my wish for the beatdown after all? Music hits for a second time, and still no Hogan. Well, A&8 wasted no time getting the match started as they take advantage of the chaos and beat down Sting and Bully in the corners.
Oh, I guess we're taking a commercial break. Thanks for the heads up commentators.
Back from the break, and there's still no update on the Hogan situation. Not that I'm complaining though, I'm totally good with NOT seeing him "wrestle" tonight.
Taz seems to be implying that A&8 had something to do with Hogan's absence. #ThankYouTaz.
Tenay and Keneley seem to be completely oblivious to Taz all but saying that his group took Hogan out. Come on guys, stop thinking about Bellator for one second and realize what's going on here.
Yup, Anderson still looks ridiculous in that cut. Whoever thought Anderson would make a convincing biker thug should be fired.
LOL @ the camera guy cutting away from the close-up on Bully as he yelled out "****!"
Sure enough, Knox and Briscoe appear on the stage and toss out a beaten Hulk Hogan, and also appear to have Brooke with them. Bully runs off to save his wife, allowing the thugs to get the win.

Winners: Devon, D.O.C., Anderson


Match of the Night: Kenny King VS RVD
It was way too short, but it showed once again that King is a guy who deserves to be pushed. I really hope TNA gets serious with this guy before it's too late.

Superstar of the Night: Daniels
Hard pick tonight, since there were actually very few backstage segments, but Daniels is taking it tonight. The dude is a genius, and it's a shame that we will likely never see him achieve World Champion status in either of the big wrestling companies.

Asshole of the Night: Hulk Hogan
Pure and simple, he had me imagining him wrestling for almost 2 hours, and that kind of crime is unforgivable. Thankfully I was right in my beatdown prediction, but still. I had to visualize the match actually happening. *shudder*


Well, it wasn't nearly as good as last week's, that much is for sure. Lots of wrestling action with very few segments, which is a nice plus. Had the matches all been top quality, this could have been another great episode of Impact. Sadly, none of the matches were really GREAT, which crippled the overall quality of the show.

I can't wait for Impact to be live again, as much as I'll miss the UK crowds. Seriously, these UK fans have been incredible. It's amazing how much of a difference a great live audience can make. You Americans could learn a thing or two, you know.

Anyways that's all for me for tonight folks. I've got a fairly big project in the works right now, but I'm not sure when the first edition of it will be posted. I'll be sure to keep you all in the loop though, rest assured. Until next time though, thanks for stopping by.


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