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Posted in: The Crow's Nest
The Crow's Nest: Early "Bound For Glory" Predictions
By TheCrow
Sep 30, 2011 - 10:30:39 PM

1) iMPACT Wrestling Review
2) Early Bound For Glory Predictions

1) iMPACT Wrestling Review

Thursday night has come again, and yours truly is back to review the action for all you fine folks. It's been a hell of a week for yours truly between a couple of deaths and school and all that jazz, so I'm not feeling 100% as I write this. I apologize in advance if I'm a little off, but I promise I'll be back to proper form in no time. But that being said I don't have much in the way of intro notes today, so let's just jump right into it shall we? Time for iMPACT!


Segment 1: Sting (In-Ring)

For another consecutive week, Sting is out for the opening segment. TNA I don't know if you're aware of this, but just because WWE starts every RAW with the same guy (Triple H) doesn't mean you have to follow suit and bring out the same guy to start the show every week.
Well at least he called Roode to the ring so things are a bit different.
"I don't think there's anybody in the industry today that's on fire more than Bobby Roode" - Taz, finally saying something I agree with him 100% on. Roode's work as of late has been absolutely top notch and he deserves all the recognition in the world.
I take back that semi-negative tone I used talking about Sting just now, because he is doing a masterful job of putting Roode over right now. Say what you will about his in-ring work, Sting is still one of the biggest legends in the industry and this kind of glowing recommendation from a guy like him is kind of a big deal.
In keeping with the imitation of RAW's opening segments, AJ Styles comes out to the ring to add yet another body to the segment. Looks like he's Roode's opponent from Fortune tonight, and I think I can accurately predict right now that that is going to be the Match of the Night.
Hey Kurt Angle, I was wondering when you'd be out to join us. Styles now apparently has a title shot riding on his victory tonight which adds a nice bit of drama for later on. Too bad I don't see that happening.

Segment 2: Hulk Hogan (Backstage)

Hogan comes in from outside with his sunglasses on his head, but when the door closes he puts them on? Cue the Corey Hart music.

Match 1: X-Division #1 Contenders Ladder Match: Jesse Sorensen VS Kid Kash VS Zema Ion VS Alex Shelley VS Brian Kendrick

What in the hell is Kendrick wearing on his head? We get it dude, you're weird and kooky. That doesn't mean you have to come out looking like a COMPLETE tool.
Aries is at the commentary table, and I'm sure this is going to bring an element of comedy to things here
Aries and Taz are both rooting for Kash tonight, which is kind of a nice thing to hear. Kash deserves some props for what he brings to the table in the X-Division and I would love to see him in a title match at Bound For Glory.
Kendrick's playing the usual "guy in trouble on the outside of the ring" role that always seems present in multi-man ladder matches, so chances are he's going to sneak in the win here. He certainly wouldn't be my pick if things went my way, but c'est la vie I suppose.
Apparently Taz and Aries are bringing back the whole hispanic racism thing in TNA by making some off-colour jokes about Zema Ion. Between Jarrett's blatant racism and the stereotypical Mexican bits that Mexican America are playing, I'm starting to think that someone in TNA actually hates these people.
Kash is getting all the focus in this match, which shows me that maybe he'll be getting some kind of push in the near future.
And exactly as I predicted, Kendrick comes out of nowhere to climb the ladder and grab the contract. He's decent and all, but I'm just not as big on him as I used to be.
Result: Brian Kendrick wins via climbing the ladder in 5:47

Segment 3: Kaz (Backstage)

Quick thoughts from Kaz on the upcoming match between Roode and Styles tonight, but he is quickly interrupted by the Jarretts who apparently have some words for him. If this all leads to Traci making a return to the ring I'm more than cool with it.

Segment 4: Hulk Hogan (Backstage)

Apparently it got just a LITTLE too dark backstage for wearing sunglasses, so Hogan takes them off and keeps walking. I have never been a big fan of these "walking" segments because it just eats up time that could be used for, I dunno, wrestling matches maybe? Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this a wrestling show? I was unaware we were watching The (Geriatric) Amazing Race.

Segment 5: The Jarretts, Kazarian, Traci Brooks (In-Ring)

I guess we really needed that other segment telling us that this segment was coming. I'm pretty sure Jeff could have just walked out with a mic and most fans would have guessed why he was here.
Little shot at WWE there with Jeff bringing up the time Kaz tried to make it to WWE but didn't. I feel like it had something to do with him not being willing to cut his hair off, but I can't remember for sure.
If someone called my wife a skank, I'd punch him right in the face. Kaz seems a little bit too calm here.
The power structure in TNA is so messed up nowadays I can't tell who's in charge anymore. Apparently Jeff has the power to fire people again, Kurt Angle has the power to book matches, Sting has the power to do whatever he wants, and Hogan/Bischoff are just kind of there. I really hope this whole thing is cleared up soon.
Apparently Gunner is back in a role where he does nothing but interrupt ringside brawls involving his allies. That's actually kinda sad, because I was hoping he'd get some kind of a push after his performance in the BFG Series.

Match 2: Jesse Neal (w/ Shannon Moore) VS Hernandez (w/ Mexican America)

Unsurprisingly this thing starts off with an ambush by Mexican America. Not seeing any new ink on Anarquia, so I guess we're supposed to forget that whole thing in the tattoo shop happened last week.
Jesus Christ. If I saw a guy the size of Hernandez coming off the top rope to splash me I would probably crap my pants. Right before he crushed my ribcage of course.
Blatant NWO ripoff with the Mexicans spray painting a big "MA" on the backs of Neal and Moore. I guess it makes sense given that these guys are supposed to be some sort of gang, but still.
Result: Match Never Started

Segment 6: Bully Ray, Random Camera Dude (Locker Room)

I guess this faceless camera guy is going to be a regular on-screen thing now. If you remember last week he just happened to be walking around with his camera on when he found RVD unconscious backstage. Now this week he's getting threatened by Bully Ray for asking a question. Apparently being a TNA cameraman is a dangerous job.

Segment 7: James Storm (Backstage)

I could not agree more with Storm right now. Him and Roode are both on top of their respective games right now and both are in a prime position to become big time players in TNA. It's Beer Money's time to shine right now, and it all starts at Bound For Glory.

Segment 8: Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair (Hulk's Office)

Flair's apparently pretty pissed off that Hogan's retiring. I guess he doesn't want to be the only old guy who can't let go of his spot on the TNA roster.

Segment 8: Crimson (Backstage)

Another walking segment here, and another guy who apparently feels the need to wear sunglasses inside. If it's really that bright in there, I suggest someone invests in one of those fade switches for the lightbulbs and turns it down a bit. These people wearing sunglasses are going to get themselves hurt.

Match 3: Queen's Qualifier Match: Tara VS Madison Rayne

I actually laughed out loud at Rayne flirting with Earl Hebner and trying to gain some kind of advantage there. I know if she was touching me like that I'd probably do what she wanted.
These hip-tosses from Tara are probably the most legitimately painful looking ones I've ever seen from a female wrestler. She's kind of awesome, just sayin.
This flirting thing is actually hilarious. I fully recommend looking up this match just to see Earl pop a boner over a woman touching him.
So Earl Hebner might just be the worst (kayfabe) referee of all time. First he calls a one-sided match because a hot chick hits on him, but as soon as he wisens up to her game he literally TURNS HIS BACK ON THE MATCH and tells Tara to do whatever she wants. I'd fire you if this was a real sport.
Well the right woman won here, and I would not be surprised if the Queen Bee was back on top of the division very shortly.
Result: Madison Rayne wins via pinfall in 4:41

Segment 9: Crimson (Backstage)

Okay seriously? This is now the second time tonight that an on-screen personality has gotten 2 segments of him WALKING backstage. It's also the second time that someone who previously was wearing sunglasses inside finally decided to take them off. It's a good thing I have Roode/Styles to look forward to or I'd be really pissed about all this time being wasted.

Segment 10: Christopher Daniels (Backstage)

They're really hinting at another Daniels/Styles match aren't they. You know what the problem is with people saying "one more match"? This kind of stuff always seems to happen. Daniels wanted one last match to prove he could beat Styles, he beat him, therefore the business should be done. Logic.

Segment 11: Crimson (In-Ring)

Crimson uses his one facial expression to display his anger at Samoa Joe and calls him out to the ring to confront him.
I've said it before but I'll say it again, Joe is EXACTLY the kind of opponent that Crimson needs to legitimize himself in the eyes of the fans.
Woah, careful with those big words in your promo there Joe. Chris Jericho might accuse you of stealing his gimmick. Didn't you know he invented the English language? Shame on you.
"Without Crimson in TNA, who else is gonna be my bitch?" - Quote of the Night from Samoa Joe.
Hey haters, remember when I said that Joe was going to be built up as a monster again and that his losing streak was leading to something better? I'm pretty sure he's beating up on the guy that TNA is trying to push as unstoppable and is absolutely destroying him right now. I guess this is what CM Punk feels like when he gets buried.
Morgan runs down for the save, but Joe gets out of the way and avoids getting his ass kicked. So not only did Joe look strong in beating down one of TNA's top names (in their mind at least, certainly not in mine), he escaped from one of their OTHER biggest names (Morgan, which I do agree with) and lives to fight another day. Joe's back baby, and I could not be happier.

Segment 12: AJ Styles (Backstage)

Styles just outright said he is better than Kurt Angle. I know you're a former champ and all bro, but better than Kurt? I don't know about that.

Match 4: The Pope VS Ken Anderson

Very few people in the crowd seem to actually care about Pope being in the ring right now. Hell, even Anderson (a guy who supposedly sucks) is getting a bigger face pop than Pope is.
Hey Pope, if you're flexible enough to kick your legs like that, you should have been flexible enough to kick Anderson in the head. That's probably an effective way to get out of a headscissors, just sayin.
After watching this match I've come to a conclusion about Ken Anderson. He's basically to pro wrestling what Dane Cook is to comedy. When he's on, he's awesome. But when he's off, he's just awful. This is one of those in between nights.
Hey Hebner, I don't give a damn if those are Devon's kids. If they are interfering in a match and physically assault one of the wrestlers, THROW THEM OUT OF THE ARENA. That's what would happen to any other fan in the building.
And of course Hebner completely ignores the fact that Pope should have been counted out of the match, and Bully Ray sneaks in to cost Anderson the match. This is the second time tonight I've wanted to fire/slap Earl Hebner.
Result: The Pope wins via pinfall in 4:07

Segment 13: Robert Roode (Backstage)

There seems to be a lot of focus on Roode/Styles tonight. If I didn't know better, I'd swear that one of those two was World Champion right now. The only thing getting mentioned more tonight is the suppose "BLOCKBUSTER INDUSTRY-SHAKING" announcement from Hulk Hogan tonight, and we all know how much TNA likes to talk about their "big announcements".

Segment 14: The Pope, Devon, Devon's kids

Thank God Devon has a logical head on his shoulders and is reprimanding his kids for interfering in that match. At least someone wants the rules to be adhered to around here.

Video Package: Robert Roode

Normally I wouldn't comment on video packages, but I had to here. I just saw footage of Roode working out in my hometown, and that's kind of cool. I've worked out in the same gym as Roode before, and that man is an absolute beast.

Match 5: AJ Styles VS Robert Roode

I really hope that my expectations for this match don't ruin it for me, because I've been looking forward to it all night. Even Jeremy Borash's Bruce Buffer impression can't ruin this for me.
This crowd is going apeshit for Roode right now. If TNA doesn't give him the belt at Bound For Glory they're making a MASSIVE mistake and I might lose all faith in humanity.
Slow start to the match so far with Styles using lots of headlocks, but there's lots of time left.
I can't tell if Roode legitimately injured his leg there or if he's just an awesome seller. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the latter, but I really hope it isn't for real. Imagine the terrible luck if he got sidelined right before he had his shot at the World Championship? I would cry. I would cry real tears.
What is it with Styles and submissions tonight? I get that you want to win this match AJ, but at least make an effort to weaken your opponent before using submissions.
Pele kick misses, and Roode slaps on a Crossface for the win. I forgot how much I missed that move. That was easily a PPV quality match, and if it had been given another 5 minutes or so I have no doubt it could have creeped towards the 5-Star mark.
Result: Robert Roode wins via submission in 8:33

Segment 15: AJ Styles, Robert Roode, Random Camera Guy (Backstage)

Apparently RCG is back and wants to just repeat things Styles says. Why on earth is this idiot allowed to talk. I'm afraid he's going to drop the camera if he tries to do too much at once.

Segment 16: Hulk Hogan (In-Ring)

Well I guess it's time for the "Major Announcement" from Hulkster. Let's see what TNA has for us this time.
Hogan should have all of his promos written for him and then be forced to practice them a million times before he goes on camera. He is just awful.
Nice shootout to Hiro Matsuda there. Always good to see respect paid to wrestlers of the past, even if a lot of people probably haven't heard of them.
I was under the impression that Hulk was a heel, but this is a massive face promo here. I'd love to hate on it, but I'm actually impressed here. I can tell there's some realism in this promo, and it's been improving since that started. The scripted bits sucked.
Hogan retiring is hardly a industry-shaking announcement as it's something that a lot of us have been calling for for some time now. I really hope this is for real and he actually goes away. The "Hulk Hogan Experiment" failed in TNA and didn't make the impact they wanted, so he should gracefully bow out.
Hulk crying is kind of amusing to me, is that sad?
Next week we're getting a "Hulk Hogan Retirement Party" next week, but do you want to know what Hulk's big announcement for tonight was? That he's making a formal announcement about something next week on iMPACT. It's pretty obvious that that announcement will be his retirement, but for god sakes TNA you have GOT to stop hyping shit as "OMGZ TEH BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENT EVAR!!!!!1!!1!!11!!!" only to have this kind of thing happen. It's old, and I'm tired of it. This segment should not have closed the show.


Match of the Night: AJ Styles vs. Robert Roode
Come on, did you really expect anything else? As it was, this match was PPV quality. It could have been a lot better had it received more match time, but really I can't complain too much.

Superstar of the Night: Sting
This pick might come as a shocker, but allow me to explain. I was already a massive fan of Robert Roode (as you should have guessed by now) and I've seen him as a worthy World Champion for some time now. But Sting's opening bit where he hyped Roode up and didn't let Roode return any of the praise because it was "his moment" made me see that TNA is finally serious about pushing this guy. That kind of endorsement from Sting is a big deal, and even though it's a scripted segment it did wonders in my eyes for making Roode look like an even more legitimate challenger.

Quote of the Night: "Without Crimson in TNA, who else is gonna be my bitch?" - Samoa Joe
I received a lot of crap during my coverage of the BFG Series for saying that Joe's losing streak was leading to something bigger. Everyone was hating on the idea and screaming for blood at how they thought Joe was being "buried". Well folks, looks like I was right. Joe is back to being pushed as an unstoppable monster and is being put in a feud with TWO of TNA's biggest stars (Morgan and Crimson, as much as I hate to include the latter it's impossible to deny that TNA wants to push him hard) and is being booked as strong as ever. Joe is back.

Asshole of the Night: Hulk Hogan and Crimson
Simply put, both of these idiots made me sing that damn Corey Hart song in my head tonight, and that alone is unforgivable. Don't wear your sunglasses inside guys, it makes you look like a giant douche.


Overall this was a definite improvement from last week's iMPACT. I wasn't thrilled that yet another match didn't get to start (although this week it was due to a beatdown rather than a competitor saying he "didn't really feel like it"), but that's not a HUGE deal. I was quite surprised that Jeff Hardy didn't make an appearance tonight given how much time they devoted to him last week. If I were TNA I would have him out for at least a couple minutes each week so he can gain some kind of rapport with the fans again before making his official in-ring return. He's going to get a reaction no matter what, but they would be much better off having him return with a story already in place.

Hogan's announcement was a bit of a letdown, but since I already figured it would be I'm not too worried about that. As long as his announcement next week isn't that he'll make an announcement the following week, no heads will have to be separated from shoulders.

Roode/Styles was good, and definitely PPV quality, but it could be so much better. As much as I would love to see a Roode/Storm feud over the World Championship, something tells me that a full blown Roode/Styles feud may be in the works. They showed glimpses of it tonight, but I'll be damned if that doesn't have the potential to be one of the best title feuds TNA has seen in some time.

Not much more I can say about iMPACT tonight. In-ring action was somewhat limited again (23:08) and definitely suffered from losing a match to that beatdown. I understand time constraints and all, but if those walking segments were cut from the show there would be enough time to put on at least a half-decent match. But like I said, overall the show was good. Not as good as it should be, but a step in the right direction.

And that does it for me folks. As always feel free to leave me some feedback here and send me your thoughts to my email lopcrowsnest@aol.com. If there's one thing I love, it's talking wrestling, so feel free to shoot me a line.

Also, because of a few emails I've gotten recently, I've decided to do a "Q&A" type column where I'll be answering questions from you, the readers. Yes, I know it's far from original, but I think it's a good way to to show you guys a little more about me as a wrestling fan. So if you want your question included in the column (which I want to put out in the next week or so) send it to me as an email, and let me know your username so I can post it alongside the question.

But until next time, au revoir my friends.


2) Early Bound For Glory Predictions

I know what you're thinking. "Crow, Bound For Glory isn't for over two weeks! How on Earth can you make predictions when there's so much time left for the card to change?!?"

Normally I wouldn't do this. But if you hadn't noticed the card is already pretty close to full with 8 scheduled matches and I want to take a look at what's been scheduled already. I don't doubt that a match or two may be added between now and October 16, but when the time comes I can use a magical piece of technology known as a COMPUTER to make a prediction on that match as well. But as much as I'd like to continue thinking of wise ways to question your intelligence in a mocking manner, that's not what any of us are here for. Here you have it folks, the current card for Bound For Glory.


TNA Knockouts Championship Match: Mickie James vs. Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne vs. Winter {c}

I've been happy to see how well TNA has treated this match so far by having the women actually EARN their chance to fight for the title. Instead of just having a random Knockouts match thrown together, each woman had to win a qualifier match to earn a spot. That being said, I'm not always a fan of these big multi-person matches, especially when it comes to titles. I think this match would have been better served just being a singles match, but I guess it's not going to work out that way. There's a lot of talent in the ring for this match and an argument could be made for each of them to win the match. I would argue that Winter is probably the most talented Knockout in the match and is also one of the best established characters in the company. I've been calling for her to have a strong title reign ever since she joined the company and so far it hasn't really happened. But on the other hand, you have Madison Rayne, who is also one of the strongest characters in the company. She's hot, she's talented, and she gets the kind of heat that very few female wrestlers can manage. I would love to see her in a feud with Winter over the title, but in terms of who wins this match? Hard to say. If I had it my way, Winter would win the match. But with the attention that was paid to Madison last night (more so than the usual commentary during her match) I have to think she has a shot. There's still possibility for a feud with Winter, but as a strong heel character Madison has lots of other options. Velvet, Mickie, and Tara just to name a few. So…

Prediction: Madison Rayne wins to become the NEW TNA Knockouts Champion

Triple Threat Match: Samoa Joe vs. Crimson vs. Matt Morgan

Another multi-person match that I'm not necessarily in favour of because I believe it would be more effective as a singles match, but let's take a look at it anyways. Joe has been booked as an absolute monster lately and he finally has a decently high-profile match on a big PPV card. Morgan is coming back from injury and has yet to really do much of anything, so his placement in this match is alright in the way that it gives him something to do. And then there's Crimson, TNA's modern take on Goldberg. If you've followed my columns you'd know I'm hardly a fan of the guy, but TNA seems insistent on pushing him as the next big thing, so anything he's involved in is going to give exposure to his opponent. He also has this pesky undefeated streak that always has to be taken into consideration, which brings me to the point that caused my prediction. In this match, Crimson doesn't have to take the loss for the match to be over. This gives him the opportunity to put on a strong showing regardless of the outcome, and that is exactly what Crimson needs to focus on at this point in time. Morgan could use the win for obvious reasons, but I'm not entirely sure that he should win it here. Joe needs to keep his momentum going strong, and a big victory over a guy like Matt Morgan could accomplish that no problem. So I'm thinking Crimson gets knocked out at some point allowing Joe to slap on a submission. Boom, roasted.

Prediction: Samoa Joe wins

Singles Match: Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray

Anderson seems unable to settle on whether he's a heel or a face, but heading into this match it appears he's taking the tweener role. He's not quite a heel (since he's feuding with the biggest heel faction in the company) but he's not quite a good guy since, well, no one likes him. I still maintain that I'm a fan of the guy, but even I have to admit that his work has been fairly subpar as of late. Luckily for him he's setting up a strong feud with a strong opponent, and I think this could save him for now. Bully Ray has stepped his game up immensely over the past few months and is arguably one of the best parts of iMPACT now. This feud has kind of flown under the radar so far but there's enough history between these men that it's sure to be a violent and hard-hitting match. I would not be surprised if some sort of hardcore stipulation was added to the match, but either way it should be a nice addition to the card. This is one of those matches where it really doesn't matter who wins since neither man really NEEDS it, so picking a winner seems a lot harder than the usual match. So I'm just going to go with my gut here and say…

Prediction: Mr. Anderson wins

TNA Tag Team Title Match Ink Inc. vs. Mexican America {c}

For some reason Ink Inc. still have jobs in TNA, and it really doesn't make sense to me. Neither Moore or Neal are especially strong characters and while they serve their purpose as tag team filler, they should not be fighting for these belts. That honour should be going to British Invasion. But since these tattooed wannabes are competing, I guess I have to work with it. Mexican America has been booked both strongly and weakly since forming, but they finally got a taste of success when they won the belts. They should be booked a lot stronger and continue to dominate the division, but I have a feeling that isn't going to happen. Reports have said that management isn't exactly high on Hernandez right now due to a lack of improvement and there's a strong chance he could be parting ways with TNA after his contract expires. I'm a big fan of the guy so I wouldn't be happy to see that happen, but I can also understand the logic behind it. I hope I'm wrong with this prediction, but it just seems to be the most logical choice. I only hope it leads to a title run for The British Invasion in the near future.

Prediction: Ink Inc. wins to become the NEW Tag Team Champions

Full Metal Mayhem Match: Jerry Lynn vs. RVD

I'm sure a lot of you are scratching your heads wondering what a "Full Metal Mayhem" match is, not surprising given that there's only been 6 of them in TNA's history, so allow me to explain. Essentially this match is a street fight, but the only (technically) legal weapons are made of metal. It seems to be one of those stipulations that's just there for the sake of being there, but that's what it is. This feud isn't exactly "new", but given the results from the past it's hard to argue against this match taking place. I'm not a huge fan of either man individually, but together they just seem to work. Add in the FMM stipulation and we have all the potential for an old-school ECW style match. Now obviously neither man is exactly in their prime anymore, but that's where the weapons come into play. It's going to be violent, but it's going to tell a story. There's history here which always helps a match along and I'm looking forward to seeing what these guys can do this time around. Lynn is hardly a regular TNA performer though, so I don't see a win for him making a whole lot of sense. RVD hasn't done anything of note in some time, and a win here could help him find something bigger to do. As long as he's away from the belt that is. So my pick…

Prediction: RVD wins

TNA X-Division Championship Match: Brian Kendrick vs. Austin Aries {c}

Austin Aries has been an absolute pleasure to watch in TNA since he came back. Great on the mic, great in the ring, and he has established a fantastic heel persona that was desperately needed in the X-Division. Before him, it seemed like every X-Division guy was just a bland face, or Brian Kendrick. But with the recent regular appearance of X-Division matches on iMPACT, a strong champion is needed to keep things going. I had hoped the division would be better off by now given how strongly it was hyped going into Destination X, but with Aries as champ I still think it's a possibility. I'm not going to sugarcoat it here, I don't think Kendrick has a chance in hell of winning that belt at the PPV. Aries is just too good at what he does to be dethroned just yet and it would be a big mistake for TNA to ignore that. I might be able to buy Kendrick as a champion if he would drop this goofy gimmick he has right now. I know he's trying to come off as this deep, thoughtful, spiritual guy, but he just looks retarded and drugged up to me. So my prediction should come as no surprise.

Prediction: Austin Aries wins to retain the X-Division Championship

Singles Match:Sting vs. Hulk Hogan

There's a lot of speculation over whether or not this match is even going to take place given Hogan's recent retirement announcement on iMPACT, but I really don't see it getting cut unless there's some legitimate medical reason that Hogan can't compete. It's been hyped far too hard and far too long for TNA to simply pull the plug. That being said, I really hope that Hogan walks away after this match and uses it as kind of a "goodbye" to the fans. TNA brought him and Bischoff in with the hopes that they would turn things around, but really things have just stayed the same. TNA is no better off than they were when Hogan was brought onboard, and that's a sign that they can cut him with no real consequence. Use some of that money they'll be saving to invest in a better creative team. But roster cuts is a whole separate column. Neither one of these men is anywhere near being in their primes anymore. Sting is still capable of performing at a decent level though so all the pressure is on him to carry this match. I'm interested to see what Hogan can bring to the table given all of his recent surgeries, but I really don't expect much. He'll take a couple light bumps, hit his usual spots, pose for the crowd, blah blah blah. So who's going to win? I really don't see any other outcome besides Hogan winning for the simple fact that I don't think his ego would let him lose his final match. As much as I want to believe that he would lose and bow out gracefully, that's just not going to happen.

Prediction: Hulk Hogan wins

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Robert Roode vs. Kurt Angle {c}

I shouldn't need to put much of an explanation for my prediction here, but what the hell. Robert Roode defied the odds and came out on top of the Bound For Glory Series tournament to become the #1 Contender for Kurt's title. He's been on an absolute roll lately and has stepped his game up higher than ever before. He looks to be in the shape of his life, and the fans are ready to believe in him as the top guy. TNA has devoted FAR too much attention and time to building Roode up to this point to have him lose. Kurt is one of my all time favourites, but he really doesn't need that belt. Kurt is at the point in his career where winning World Championships doesn't benefit him at all because everyone already knows he's good. It would be different if he had never won a World Championship before and was getting a "thank you" run, but since that isn't the case here, he needs to put some new blood over. I don't doubt he'll fight for the title again soon, but it's Roode's time to shine. Roode is finally getting the recognition he deserves and there is no doubt in my mind that he's ready to lead TNA as their World Champion. It pays to be Roode folks.

Prediction: Robert Roode wins to become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion


So there we have it folks. The current card for Bound For Glory and my predictions. If anything changes between now and October 16 I'll update my predictions, but for now this is what I think. So do you agree? Disagree? Think I'm crazy? Let me know via feedback here, a PM, or to my email at lopcrowsnest@aol.com. Also, I'm still taking questions for that upcoming Q&A column I mentioned yesterday, so feel free to send them in. Ask me anything, as long as it has to do with wrestling. They don't have to be just TNA related (I do watch WWE you know). But for now, so long my friends.

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