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Posted in: The Crow's Nest
The Crow's Nest - Will Sunday Be a "Turning Point" for TNA?
By TheCrow
Nov 10, 2011 - 11:35:39 PM

1) The New Generation is Upon Us

2) Will Sunday Be a "Turning Point" for TNA?

1) The New Generation is Upon Us

Last week's iMPACT ended up being pretty solid. As much as I disagree with the finish to the Storm/Roode match, I loved seeing Roode finally climb to the top of the proverbial mountain in TNA and the fact that he turned heel in the process just adds to my intrigue. I'm curious if they'll be putting a rematch on the card for Turning Point this Sunday, and I think if they were smart that's exactly what they would do.

Speaking of Turning Point, I REALLY hope that TNA announces more of the card by the end of the show tonight. Right now there's only 5 matches announced for the card, and the PPV is 3 days away. I know TNA does this from time to time, but it's really about time that stops. If they really want people to start actually buying their PPVs, they need to give the fans a reason to care about it. When there's only 5 matches announced this close to the PPV, it does nothing good for anybody. Promoting a PPV shouldn't be that difficult.

But enough banter, it's just about show time. So with that being said, let's get into tonight's episode of iMPACT.


Segment 1: Bobby Roode (In-Ring)

It's amazing how much of a difference one week can make in the reaction a wrestler gets from the crowd. I can barely hear Roode over the chorus of boos from the crowd right now.
"Are you booing me? Or are you chanting Roode, Roode, Roode. Because that's what each and every one of you morons was doing last week when you were cheering me on." - I'll be damned if this isn't already one of the best heel turns I've seen in a while.
"This is a generation of selfishness. And I am the leader of the new generation." - Jesus Christ, I already love this new heel Bobby Roode. I'm going to try and find a video of this promo before I post the column tonight, just so you can see what I'm seeing right now.
Lol @ the idiot in the crowd who thought he was supposed to chant "TERRIBLE! TERRIBLE!" when everyone else was saying "COWBOY! COWBOY!"
Nice bit of dramatic irony there as the camera cuts to Storm beating his way through security as Roode is saying he's probably "in some hole in the wall somewhere".
Sting's on his way out sans face paint, so it looks like we're getting that rematch announced nice and early tonight.
You know who Sting reminds me of when he isn't wearing face paint but keeps those stupid skeleton gloves on? Barry Weiss from Storage Wars. It's frightening.
World Title rematch tonight? This really should have been put off until the PPV. If I was in charge I would have had Storm dominate a #1 Contenders match so he looks strong going into Turning Point. Despite that I'm sure tonight's match will be solid.

Video Package Notes

For **** sakes. Remember how I've been saying that I really hope we've seen the last of AJ Styles VS Christopher Daniels for a while? Well we're getting a match between them tonight. Normally I wouldn't have an issue with them facing off because they consistently deliver solid bouts, but it's the fact that we've now heard multiple times that they won't be facing each other anymore. I hate that kind of inconsistent booking.
Oh yeah, Ronnie (from Jersey Shore) has a match tonight. I'd be willing to put money on him being a better wrestler than Rob Terry.
And we've got ourselves a rematch for the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Titles, not that any one of you is going to care very much about that.

Commercial Notes

Are you kidding me? A "full contact jousting" reality show? And they're using "Headstrong" by Trapt as a theme song? The song is okay, but I have absolutely no interest in that show. And I'm a guy that LOVES reality shows.

Segment 2: Dixie Carter, Bjorn Rebney (Backstage)

This could be interesting. Rebney (the owner of Bellator Fighting Championships, for those of you who didn't know) is going to be out on commentary at some point tonight. I'm interested to see what this relationship between BFC and TNA is going to be like.

Match 1: "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero VS Crimson

The announcers are really playing up that Pope could end Crimson's streak tonight, but I really doubt anyone is dumb enough to think that's going to happen. If the streak is going to end anytime soon, Morgan should be the one to end it. He's at least someone TNA can build their company on. I just don't see that kind of strength in the former Elijah Burke.
I'm not Pope's biggest fan, but so far I can't disagree with him being the pick for Crimson's opponent at the "go home" show. And it's not just that Crimson's looking strong, even though he is. The thing I'm digging right now is that Pope is making it seem like Crimson might just be vulnerable to defeat after all. That's the kind of depth this storyline between Crimson and Morgan needed.
Short match, but it served its purpose. Crimson continues to slowly make me hate him less.

Result: Crimson wins via pinfall (2:38)

Segment 3: Gunner (Backstage)

Damn, I almost forgot that Bischoff Jr. has a match tonight. And of course his opponent just has to be Gunner. I grew to like Gunner's work over the course of the BFG Series, but I'm not so sure about putting him in the ring with a kid as green as Garrett Bischoff. They really should have considered Bully Ray for that match so at least it would be entertaining AND Garrett might learn something from a veteran. Let's hope Gunner brings his A-game tonight.

Match 2: Gunner (w/ Ric Flair & Eric Bischoff) VS Garrett Bischoff

You know what the only good thing about Garrett beating down his dad last week? A couple of his punches looked like they actually landed, and the thought of Eric getting punched in the head makes me chuckle.
No music for Garrett? I guess it makes sense, given that he's not actually a wrestler.
Almost a minute into the match, and there's been ZERO physical contact.
Finally some action, and it was a pretty weak looking arm drag. Followed by a hip toss and a back body drop. If these are really the most technical moves he can do this is going to be even worse than I thought.
Wow, it's over already. Literally folks the moves in the match were 2 arm drags, a hip toss, and a back body drop. Then Flair caused the DQ win for Gunner. Just like that, Sting can now rewrite Bischoff's contract. Wow…

Result: Gunner wins via DQ (1:44)

Segment 4: Robbie E., Rob Terry, Eric Young, Ronnie, Random Security Guy

Ronnie sounds exactly the same on iMPACT as he does on Jersey Shore. Literally, his exchange with Robbie just now sounded exactly the same as fights he's had with Sammy on Jersey Shore. And I'm not necessarily saying that's a bad thing, because it actually sounded fairly real.

Commercial Notes

#****YouAdamSandler. You know why.

Segment 5: James Storm (Backstage)

Someone laid Storm the **** out backstage. He's just kinda chilling there with blood all over his face. Maybe the match will be delayed until the PPV after all?

Match 3: Zema Ion VS Jesse Sorensen

Now this is a match that could be worth watching. Ion is a solid wrestler, and I'm sure by know you know that I've picked Sorensen as the next real breakout star in TNA. The kid's only 22 years old and he's already this good at his craft, including being pretty over with the crowd. Give him a real character to work with and this kid is golden.
The crowd is popping hard for everything this kid Sorensen does. Anyone want to argue with me that he's got a bright future?
It's too bad Ion isn't getting more heat here, because it's pretty clear that he's putting the effort in. If he starts getting some more TV time he could be a great addition to the X-Division.
Really? Another match that doesn't go to the 3 minute mark? Come on TNA, figure it out.

Result: Jesse Sorensen wins via pinfall (1:54)

Awesome, Kid Kash is on his way out to the ring with a contract in his hand. Make this a PPV bout and I'm a happy Crow.
Kash is probably one of the most underrated talkers in TNA right now. He's getting great heat from the crowd right now.
Three-way dance for the X-Division title at the PPV? I'm calling it right now, that has Match of the Night written all over it. Austin Aries, Kid Kash, and Jesse Sorensen. I don't even know who I'm going to pick for my prediction on this one.
Really Kash? You had to go and pull out a "Tell your mom I say thanks" joke? Are we living in 2001 right now? At least it gave the crowd something to cheer for when Sorensen beat you down.
Aries and Kash are probably two of my favourite things in TNA right now. The heat these gentlemen get is insane.

Segment 6: Karen Jarrett, Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, Traci Brooks

Gail Kim is apparently the favourite child in this little family, and Madison is that weird friend that seeks approval from the mother. Could we be seeing the seeds of a Madison Rayne face turn being planted?

Match 4: TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships: Velvet Sky & Mickie James VS Gail Kim & Madison Rayne {C} (w/ Karen Jarrett)

I think Gail Kim might be my new favourite Knockout in the company. I've been a big fan of hers for years now, and I'm stoked that she's back in a company that knows how to use her. Oh, and she's hot as hell. Just sayin'.
You know who the crowd doesn't seem to care about? Mickie James. And this isn't just me hating on her for my own personal reasons, the crowd just legitimately doesn't seem to care about anything she does anymore.
As I expected the champs retain, but that wasn't a half-bad match. Gail Kim is quickly reminding the fans why she's credited with making the Knockouts Division what it was back in its prime.

Result: Gail Kim & Madison Rayne retain via pinfall (3:54)

Segment 7: Sting, James Storm

Quick little segment with Sting checking on James Storm. Apparently it took until right now for a doctor to give Storm an examination. That's just not right.

Match 5: Robbie E. & Rob Terry VS Eric Young & Ronnie

I'm actually excited to see what Ronnie has to offer in the ring. He's obviously in great shape, so let's see if he's been training.
Ronnie looks legitimately excited to be performing on iMPACT tonight, and that makes me feel tremendous respect for the guy.
I get that EY is a comedy character, but I'd be perfectly fine if he ditched the beard. He looks like a homeless person now and it's disturbing.
I would be legitimately afraid to wrestle Rob Terry. That guy is freakishly huge.
If the announcers call him "Robby T" one more time, I'm going to freak. His name is Rob Terry, he's not a guido, stop it. Stop it right now.
Still no action from Ronnie yet and we're almost 4 minutes into the match. Either this one is going to end quickly or we're finally getting a match over 5 minutes long tonight.
The screams from the women in the crowd when Ronnie took his shirt off almost deafened me, Jesus.
You know, for what it was that was a perfectly acceptable match. But I really would have liked to see more out of Ronnie. At least he hit a couple of power moves before getting the pin. He's also a better wrestler than Snooki was, just sayin'.
"Big win for EY and Ronnie. And somehow EY is in his underwear, I don't know how that happened" - Taz finally makes me chuckle.

Result: Eric Young & Ronnie win via pinfall (4:13)

Segment 8: Jeff Jarrett, Bully Ray, Scott Steiner (Backstage)

Blah blah blah, some screaming from Steiner, the usual Immortal promo here
"Hey, HEY! Don't forget the courtesy flush. You had a lot of eggs today" - Bully Ray to Steiner as Steiner disappears into the bathroom. I just choked on my Pepsi when I heard that line.

Segment 9: Ink Inc., Mexican America (Dining Hall)

I really hope this feud ends sometime soon. It's been a few weeks now and I still haven't been given a reason to care about these guys fighting. On the other hand though at least the women are alright to look at.

Match 6: Christopher Daniels VS AJ Styles

Bjorn Rebney is out to join Taz and Tenay at the announce table, so I'm curious what he's gonna say.
I just realized this is the SIXTH match of the night so far, and we still have 2 to go. 8 matches on one episode of iMPACT? That's what I'm talking about. Now if only any of them went over 5 minutes in length it would be perfect.
Daniels is rocking full length tights now apparently, kind of a weird look for him.
Hey announcers, I'm all for Bjorn promoting his shit on iMPACT, but not when there's a match to call. Do your jobs and stop talking about a different company.
This match is actually alright, but the announcers are killing it for me. They've spent a grand total of about 20 seconds calling the match, and it's been 2 minutes so far. The other 1:40 has been the 3 announcers talking about BFC.
Rebney has now spent more time calling the match than the actual wrestling announcers have. This is sad.
The announcing is actually so bad right now that I can't even focus on the match myself. We've got our MotN going on right now, but these announcers are treating it like its a couple of no-name jobbers going at it.
And we finally have a match over 5 minutes in length! Thank god. That might be the saving grace here seeing as how bad the announcing has been so far.
I've said it before and I'll say it again. That Pele Kick looks absolutely beautiful. I don't know what it is, but I mark out every single time AJ hits it.
And just as Tenay tries to bring the announcers' attention back to the match, Taz has to go and start talking about BFC again. #****YouTaz.
Daniels goes to use a screwdriver, but RVD comes out for the save.
At least the announcers pulled their heads out of their asses long enough to call the finish there. Aside from that, the match was great. Not that that should really be a surprise to anybody.

Result: AJ Styles wins via pinfall (7:30)

And just like that, Bjorn Rebney is done for the night. They couldn't have found a better time for him to promote his company? It had to be during what's probably going to be the best match of the night? Come on TNA, why are you doing this to me.

Match 7: Jeff Jarrett (w/ Karen Jarrett), Bully Ray, Scott Steiner VS Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson, Mystery Partner

I was legitimately caught off guard by the massive face pop Anderson just got during his entrance. I know he's over with the crowd and all, but he hasn't gotten this strong a reaction in quite some time. He got an even bigger pop than Jeff Hardy did, and that's gotta say something. And we're heading to commercial before the third member of this team is announced.
Oh hell no. Are you ****ing kidding me? Abyss is the third member of the team? Just when I was starting to love tonight's iMPACT they have to go and wheel out this useless piece of garbage. Face Abyss is even more painful to watch than heel Abyss. FML.
The crowd is now dead for this match. As much as I want to put all the blame on Abyss, he really hasn't done anything yet. It's just such a slow match so far. The most entertaining part has been the screaming from Bully Ray and Steiner.
Anderson just blatantly no-sold a big clothesline from Steiner, and for a brief second Steiner looked legitimately pissed. Of course he quickly gets his revenge by over-selling a clothesline from Anderson. This match is just clumsy so far.
Hardy finally busts out some high-flying stuff and gets the crowd on their feet. Took long enough, but better late than never I suppose.
It's almost like Abyss wanted to show me exactly why I hate him. If you're going to get hit with a clothesline and flip over the ropes, at least TRY to make it look like you weren't expecting it to happen.
Quick flurry of finishers from everyone left in the ring, but a Black Hole Slam from Abyss gets the win for their team. I really wish Abyss would just leave and never come back, he's just awful.

Result: Abyss, Ken Anderson, Jeff Hardy win via pinfall (8:12)

Post-Match Notes

9 minutes left in the show, but we still apparently have the World Title match coming up next. I can only imagine it's not going to last too long due to Storm being jumped backstage. And instead of giving them just a BIT more time to work with, we're getting some annoying banter between Taz and Tenay.

Match 8: TNA World Heavyweight Championship: James Storm VS Bobby Roode {C}

Back from commercial, and it doesn't look like Storm's going to make it out. But just to screw with the fans, Storm's music restarts and he eventually hobbles down to the ring. Question though, why on EARTH is he still covered in blood? It's been over an hour now since he was attacked, and he hasn't cleaned that shit up yet? Gross.
Storm all of a sudden has a burst of energy and starts to beat on Roode. Thankfully at least some logic was used in this match and Storm collapses to the mat after a short burst.
The ref throws up the "X" sign and the camera cuts to a doctor at ringside. Roode looks like he may be concerned, but I can only assume he's faking.
"The match is over right? You rang the bell? You didn't? Alright then." - Roode, pulling off a wicked heel moment again.

Result: Bobby Roode retains via pinfall (2:44)

Roode runs up the ramp as Styles comes down to the ring for the save. Sting makes his way down as well, and Styles picks up the mic.
Woah woah woah. Styles all of a sudden has a title shot at Turning Point? How the hell does this make sense? Don't get me wrong I'm perfectly alright with Styles being in a title match, but from a storyline sense this just doesn't make sense to me.
In case anyone had any doubts, it's not 100% official. Roode is a full on heel now, and I'm far happier than I was last week.


Match of the Night: AJ Styles VS Christopher Daniels
Despite some of the worst announcing I've heard on ANY wrestling show, this match delivered everything you'd expect it to. I still don't like that they're still wrestling each other despite having said multiple times that they've wrestled their last match as opponents, but it's still always entertaining to watch them go at it. Plus now they both have fairly high profile matches at the PPV, so that's always a plus as well.

Superstar of the Night: Bobby Roode
Absolutely no question in my mind about this one. As much as I hated last week's finish, Roode followed it up this week and cemented his heel turn. He had the crowd absolutely screaming for his blood. And that bit at the end where he feigned concern for Storm as a way to find out if the ref had rang the bell to end the match yet? Genius heel tactics. The crowd officially hates him now, and Roode's haters backstage should shut their mouths and shake his hand after how he performed tonight. The "new generation" is here to stay.

Asshole of the Night: Mike Tenay, Taz, Bjorn Rebney
Taz and Tenay have officially set the record for most times being named "Assholes of the Night" by yours truly. That announcing during the Styles/Daniels bout tonight was absolute garbage. When you've got a match like that going on in front of you, or ANY match going on in front of you that is, you do your damn job and call it. I get the benefits of cross-promotion, but having that promotion hurt the product that's currently being aired is just illogical. ****. It was even more painful to watch than the Abyss return, and that's saying something.


Overall that was yet another solid episode of iMPACT tonight. We saw 8 matches with a combined total of 32:51 worth of in-ring action. That's right folks. Over a quarter of the show was matches. Taking into account the time that all the commercial breaks take, and that's a good chunk of the show right there. Most of the action was solid, with a few exceptions, but the real story from tonight is Roode's official heel turn.

I've known Roode was something special for a long time now, as you should know if you've read any of my columns before. But tonight he pulled out something special. His tactics at the end of his match tonight were absolute heel gold, and this is exactly the kind of momentum he needs to keep up to really cement himself at the top of the TNA card.

It was also nice to see a couple more matches added to the PPV card for this Sunday, but we're still only sitting at 7 matches so I'm sure we'll get a couple of surprises. I still haven't decided if I'll be buying the show or not, but after tonight it's looking a lot more likely.


Soundtrack From the Nest

The fact that Seether covered a cheesy pop song by George Michael is hilarious to me, but surprisingly they actually manage to pull it off quite well. They turn it into a believable rock song, which sounds like it would be hard to do when covering a song like "Careless Whisper". I've been a fan of Seether since Disclaimer II came out a few years back, but this song is one of the best covers I've heard in a while. Give it a listen, maybe get a chuckle. Either way I'm sure you'll enjoy it.


Get In Touch With Me


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2) Will Sunday Be a "Turning Point" for TNA?

Before I get started today, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to the men and women of our military who have fought and paid the ultimate price so that we can live free. Whether you're an American observing Veteran's Day or a Canadian observing Remembrance Day, take a moment to say a thank you. Without the sacrifices of these heroes we would not be as well off as we are. To any of my readers that have served time in the military, thank you. Now on to the column.

Coming out of last night's episode of iMPACT, we now have a full PPV card for this Sunday's TNA PPV Turning Point. It's turned into a 9 match card now, and the only unfortunate thing about it is that almost half the matches weren't announced until iMPACT ended last night. It's not exactly a new habit for TNA as they've been known to do this kind of thing before, but does that affect how good the show is going to be? I would argue that it doesn't. While it certainly is going to affect the buy rates for the PPV, the quality of the show itself could still be solid.

So with all that being said, I'm going to take a look at the card and make my predictions for the show. I really hope I do better than last month, that was just abysmal on my part. *fingers crossed*

Just as a mini-disclaimer, this is the card according to Wikipedia. TNA isn't exactly great at updating their website with the official card in a prompt manner, so I figured I'd use this instead. If anything happens to change or not happen at all, blame the douchebag that put the false info on the Wikipedia article.


TNA Knockouts Championship: Gail Kim VS Velvet Sky {c}

If you know anything about the history of the Knockouts division, you're probably well aware of the fact that Gail Kim was the division's first ever champion. Not only that, but she is regularly credited with making the division as successful as it was. On the other side of the ring, we have Velvet Sky. She's been with the company for 4 years, but only recently became Knockouts Champion at Bound For Glory earlier this year. This isn't one of those matches where there's a clear winner as an argument can be made for both women to win. Neither of them really NEED the win per say, but a win for either woman would be believable. Kim has been on an absolute roll since returning to TNA less than a month ago and has already captured the Knockouts Tag Team Championship (alongside Madison Rayne). If there's anything that's making me think Kim is going to come up short, it's that she's already a champion. But at the same time, Kim is part of a stable of sorts with Rayne, Karen Jarrett, and a reluctant Traci Brooks, so you can never discount the numbers game. As big a fan of Sky's as I am, and as much as I want to see her run with the belt for a while, something in my gut is telling me she's dropping it on Sunday. Like I said I'll be happy either way, especially since Kim already has a belt, but regardless of what happens the most important thing for these ladies to do on Sunday is to put on the best Knockouts match that's been seen in a long time. They're both capable of it, so they need to get it done.

Prediction: Winner, and NEW TNA Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim

Singles Match: Jeff Hardy VS Jeff Jarrett

It's not like this is the first time these two have faced off before, but there's something different about this match. For all of his faults, Jeff Jarrett is more than capable of pulling out great matches and using proper storytelling to do it. The same could be said about Jeff Hardy, especially when he's up against a guy like Jarrett. Jarrett's best matches have always been a part of feuds that have some sort of emotional charge behind them. Take for example his feud with Kurt Angle. Every single time they stepped in the ring together, they stole the show. This current feud with Jeff Hardy over whether or not he deserves another chance with the company is the perfect kind of fuel for Jarrett to use to deliver yet another great match. Most importantly though, Jarrett is the perfect opponent for Hardy's return to the PPV ring both because of his ability to pull great matches out of people and because he's a big enough name that a victory over him will give Hardy some much needed credibility with the fans. Hardy has done a great job of rebuilding his character, but he still needs that one thing that's going to make the fans want to invest in him again. Hardy absolutely needs the win in this match, no doubt about it. I see ZERO logic in Jarrett winning here. The closest I see Jarrett coming to a victory is maybe a DQ loss because of interference from Immortal, and even that I feel would be a poor choice as it could still hurt Hardy's momentum. Just give them some time to work with, give Hardy a clean victory, and all party's walk away happy.

Prediction: Jeff Hardy wins

TNA Television Championship: Robbie E. VS Eric Young {c}

This is a feud that's been developing over the last couple of weeks that most recently included an appearance by Ronnie from Jersey Shore. The one really good thing about this feud so far is that it's giving some measure of importance to an otherwise meaningless belt as Robbie's been screaming for a title shot for some time now. Robbie E. isn't exactly a top name in the company, but the fact that TNA is having anybody actually care about the Television Championship is a step in the right direction. As for the match itself, I'm really not expecting anything extraordinary. Both men are decent in the ring, but decent isn't always good enough. It's going to be a perfectly acceptable match, but I don't see it going on that long. This feud should probably end after Sunday as well because I get the feeling that most people in the crowd just don't care about it anymore. Picking a winner here is hard because as it stands right now the belt is fairly meaningless. Young has held it for what seems like forever now with no serious feuds over it, so while this is a nice effort, it might be too little too late. I have a feeling that whoever loses the match is going to fade back into obscurity, so I'm just going to go with my gut again here. The belt at least serves a purpose as a comedic prop for EY, so that's my pick.

Prediction: Winner and STILL TNA Television Champion: Eric Young

Singles Match: Crimson VS Matt Morgan

A lot of people aren't sure what to think about this match, but I'm actually looking forward to it. That's right, I just said something positive about a Crimson match. My main criticism of Crimson recently has been that he's relying too heavily on his undefeated streak to function as a persona instead of actually developing some sort of character for himself. I've also said that perhaps the best way for Crimson to establish himself as a real character on the TNA roster is for him to turn heel, and Turning Point is absolutely the perfect place for that to happen. Not only is Matt Morgan probably the best big man in the business today, but he's also one of the biggest names on the TNA roster in terms of the credibility that he offers people who beat him. I personally think that if anyone on the roster is going to end Crimson's streak, it should be Matt Morgan. Morgan got screwed out of a title run when he was legitimately injured during the BFG Series and it just seems like TNA hasn't been sure what to do with him. I would have Crimson turn heel and cheat to win during his match with Morgan at the PPV, thereby making Morgan look like an actual threat to the streak and also giving Crimson a much needed character boost. Have them feud until the next PPV where they will face off again, and then TNA should be exploring the idea of having Morgan go over. Crimson can still look like a beast, and if he's developed a character by then there won't be any need for him to keep the streak alive. But enough wishful thinking, on to my prediction.

Prediction: Crimson wins

No-DQ Match: Christopher Daniels VS RVD

If this were just a normal singles match I'm sure it would be good enough. Adding the stipulation to the match was probably for the better as I believe it could elevate a good match into a potentially great match. Neither man is in the prime of their career, but both men are still capable of performing at a decent level, especially against opponents with complimentary styles to their own. Luckily for both men, that's exactly the case here. Two sets of high-flying offence, two men who are no stranger to using weapons, and an established storyline reason for why they're fighting equals a lot of potential. I can only imagine there's going to be a couple of high spots at some point in the match, but what I'm really curious about is which direction the company chooses to go. Daniels has gone back to being a heel and seems to be getting some kind of push, but on the other hand RVD is one of those names in the company that just never seem to lose, regardless of whether he's being pushed at the time. Because neither man is or should be anywhere close to the World Title scene I don't know that it really matters who gets the win here, but I'll try to support my prediction with an argument here. RVD is already an established name in the company, and he's fresh off a big win over Jerry Lynn at Bound For Glory earlier this year. Daniels on the other hand is also a fairly established name in TNA, but he also seems to be on the receiving end of a nice push right now. I've said in the past that it's never smart to bet against RVD on a TNA PPV, but in this case I'm making an exception. If Daniels is really receiving a push right now and wants to establish himself as a top heel, he needs the victory here.

Prediction: Christopher Daniels wins

TNA Tag Team Championships: Jesse Neal, Shannon Moore, Toxxin VS Anarquia, Hernandez, Sarita {c}

If you're as confused by the 6-person tag stipulation as I am, raise your hand. It would make a whole lot more sense to me if the titles weren't on the line because the two teams have been feuding for a while now, but this just seems weird. Are the titles going to be defended under Freebird rules now? Does it depend who gets the actual pin to determine who is "officially" a tag team champion? I just don't know. As for the actual match though, I'm sure it's going to be fairly short and I wouldn't be surprised if it opened the show. Mexican America has cooled off significantly since they originally got their faction together, which is really too bad because they had the potential to be a solid heel group. Ink Inc. on the other hand are just…bad. They really shouldn't be fighting for the tag titles because in my opinion they are nothing more than an enhancement team whose sole purpose is to make other guys look good. They're not especially over with the fans either, which doesn't help at all. I truly believe this match should not be for the championships purely because of the women being included. I'm probably less interested in this match than any other match on the card, but since I have to pick a winner let's give it a shot. I know there's been reports of Hernandez parting ways with the company soon, so that's always something to keep in mind. But then I also have to consider that Ink Inc. is terrible. I can't believe I'm about to say this, but my prediction is…

Prediction: Winners, and NEW TNA Tag Team Champions: Ink Inc.

Tag Match: Mr. Anderson & Abyss VS Bully Ray & Scott Steiner

If you know me, you know how much I can't stand Abyss. The fact that he's back now, and as a FACE no less, sickens me in a few different ways. That being said, I'm going to try to remain objective here. The story between Anderson and Immortal makes sense, even if it's been going on for what feels like ages now. He has legitimate beef with them and vice versa, so it makes sense that he would want his revenge. The same could be said about Abyss who has been on the receiving end of Immortal's wrath for some time now as well. So in a storyline sense, I fully support this match taking place. I wish there were some kind of stipulation added to it to cover up certain weaknesses in the ring, but c'est la vie I suppose. This match is likely going to be more of a brawl than anything else, which is perfectly fine with me. There's something I'm looking forward to even more than the match itself though, and that's seeing which member of the Immortal team screams more hilarious obscenities at their opponents. Seriously, that's likely to be one of the highlights of the night. The heels have certainly been on the losing end of things in TNA as of late, so I'm tempted to give them the nod here. On the other hand, Anderson and Abyss are coming off a strong victory on iMPACT this week so it would be nice to see their momentum keep going, even though all wrestling logic tells me that they're going to lose. So I'm calling an Immortal victory here, but I seriously doubt this match ends without some kind of shenanigans from the bad guys.

Prediction: Ray & Steiner win

TNA X-Division Championship: Kid Kash VS Jesse Sorensen VS Austin Aries {c}

This match right here is my pick for Match of the Night. Not only do you have a couple of veterans in Kash and Aries, but you also have one of TNA's rising stars in Jesse Sorensen. I'm not thrilled with how TNA has handled the X-Division over the past little while and it seems like the only 3 guys involved in the division these days are also involved in this match. That being said, I'm absolutely stoked to see what these guys can do now that Sorensen has been built up a little stronger. He's had some very strong performances on iMPACT recently, including a win over Aries, and learning from his opponents in this match should be his main goal. Aries has been a phenomenal champion since he captured the belt at No Surrender earlier this year, and I would love to see him keep the belt for a while in a long reign to bring some credibility back to the division. Kid Kash has been around the business for over 15 years now, so if he were to win the belt on Sunday it would absolutely help bring some credibility to the division. If TNA is still serious about re-establishing the X-Division, one of the easiest ways to do that would be to keep the belt on seasoned vets like Kid Kash or Austin Aries. Of course there's another way to bring some attention to the belt, and that's to give it to a young guy who could revitalize the division with his youthful energy and talent. Sorensen is getting more over with the crowd every single week, and his in-ring work speaks for itself. His biggest flaw right now is that he hasn't been given the time to develop a true character for himself. I'm going against my gut with my prediction for this match, and maybe it's wishful thinking, but I see a real potential in this happening.

Prediction: Winner, and NEW TNA X-Division Champion: Jesse Sorensen

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: AJ Styles VS Bobby Roode {c}

If the X-Division match isn't MotN, this match probably will be. Both men have been with TNA for a long time now and both men are at the top of their games right now. Bobby Roode cemented a great heel turn on iMPACT this week when he retained his title in a rematch against former partner James Storm, so it's been nice to see how he can do as a singles wrestler. AJ Styles is pretty much synonymous with TNA at this point in his career, and it is nice to see him back near the main event. At the same time though, I really don't get why he's receiving a title shot out of nowhere. I understand that he's defending his Fortune teammate (Storm), but in a storyline sense it's kind of illogical to just hand somebody a title shot when they haven't been close to that scene in a while. Samoa Joe has been closer to the title recently than Styles has been, and that's saying something. That being said, I know for a fact these guys will deliver. Give them 20+ minutes to work with and you have a potential TNA classic on your hands. With Roode being so fresh off of both a title win and a heel turn, I don't see anything good out of taking the title off of him so soon. Roode needs at least a month of strong momentum to really establish himself as the top heel in the company, and a big part of that is going to be a strong title reign. I want to see Styles back on top as much as the next guy, but right now isn't his time. Roode has got to keep this up, and a strong victory tonight over a name like AJ Styles is going to be a step in the right direction.

Prediction: Winner, and STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Bobby Roode


So there we have it, my picks for Sunday's Turning Point PPV. Overall the card looks pretty solid, and I really hope I do better with my picks than I did for the Bound For Glory show. The one thing I'll say about this show is that a lot of the matches were the ones where an argument could be made for either man to win the bout. So this element of unpredictability is going to add something to the show. I don't know if that "something" is going to be positive, negative, or some mix of both, but either way it's something to look forward to. I'll probably end up buying the show on Sunday, but we'll see what happens.


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