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Posted in: The Crow's Nest
The Crow's Nest - TNA vs. WWE Supercard: The Results
By TheCrow
Jul 5, 2013 - 1:39:54 AM

1) TNA vs. WWE Supercard: The Results (07/05/13)

And now, the moment you've ALL surely been waiting for, the results of my TNA vs. WWE Supercard column.

I kept my eye on the comments, tweets and emails very closely since posting the original column, trying to get an idea of which way the results would be going, but things started to change very quickly. Sometimes the predicted winner of a match would change multiple times a day as more and more votes came in. It really did come down to the wire, with a handful of last-minute votes changing the outcome of the event. There were a few matches where the results were…let's say, less than close, but overall there were a lot of very different opinions being sent my way.

So with the obligatory introduction out of the way, who's ready to see some results?



This match basically came down to three women, with each of them taking the lead at some point in the voting process. Each of the participants received at least one vote, and while it did remain close between three of them for a while, in the end one of them did manage to pull ahead and obtain a decisive victory. I've got to say that I wasn't entirely surprised at the result here, but I was surprised at how close it was for a while.

Result: AJ wins (15 votes)
My Prediction: AJ wins
Other Votes: Tara (8), Velvet Sky (7), Gail Kim (5), Kaitlyn (5), Mickie James (2), Natalya (2), Layla (1), Alicia Fox (1), Miss Tessmacher (1)

Current Standings: WWE - 1 TNA - 0

This match was so back and forth, I honestly had no idea who would end up taking the win. In fact, had it not been for those last minute votes I mentioned earlier, the result would have actually been different. Very few of you actually made any comments about this match, opting to just make your vote and move on, but the feedback I did see was almost always the same. If they voted for the team of Regal and Barrett, it was largely because of the experience factor. If they voted for the team of Magnus and Terry, their youth and power was generally why. Very very close one here.

Result: Magnus & Rob Terry win (24 votes)
My Prediction: Wade Barrett & William Regal win
Other Votes: Wade Barrett & William Regal (23)

Current Standings: WWE - 1 TNA - 1

Main Card:

Unlike the last one, the voting results for this match were nearly unanimous throughout the entire process. A few of you had complaints that AJ Styles was opening the show against someone like Kofi Kingston, and I wanted to address those concerns here. My placement of AJ at the top of the card was not meant to be a slight against him, nor was my pairing him with Kofi. Sure, there's other opponents I could have paired him against, but those names were needed later on in the card. I really think that these two would have an incredible match against each other, and I placed them at the top of the card for that exact reason. What better way to get the crowd hyped than by having two of the more energetic and athletic guys wrestle? I am a huge AJ Styles fan, so trust me, I would never intentionally slight him in a fantasy booking column. As for the results though...

Result: AJ Styles wins (45 votes)
My Prediction: AJ Styles wins
Other Votes: Kofi Kingston (4 votes)

Current Standings: WWE - 1 TNA - 2

Much like the previous match, this one was pretty much a blow-out from the outset. I can't say I'm terribly surprised by that fact either, given how the two groups are viewed. It wasn't quite as bad as the results for Kofi/Styles, but there was still a very clear winner. I actually give a lot of credit to the handful of you that wrote me solid reasoning for why you voted for the team that ended up losing, because that showed me that you actually took the time to consider your choices before submitting them. I still disagree with you, because the team that won was (to me at least) the obvious choice, but I still appreciate the effort. You did make me go "yeah, maybe that's a good point" a few times, and that is something I didn't think would happen with this match.

Result: The Shield wins (39 votes)
My Prediction: The Shield wins
Other Votes: Aces & Eights (12 votes)

Current Standings: WWE - 2 TNA - 2

Aaaaand we're back to the close results. Right to the end, this was neck-and-neck, with neither wrestler taking a big lead at any point in time. Actually that's not entirely true, Abyss did hold a lead of 3-5 for a couple days, but other than that it was very close. Henry pulled ahead for a while, but going into last night Abyss was actually ahead. Again, had it not been for those last minute votes, this result would have been different. But that's exactly the reason I left the voting period open for as long as I did, I wanted as much input as possible here.

Result: Mark Henry wins (25 votes)
My Prediction: Mark Henry wins
Other Votes: Abyss (24 votes)

Current Standings: WWE - 3 TNA - 2

I heard the same complaint more than a few times regarding this match, and that was that the match stipulation unfairly favoured Team TNA. If you remember back to the original column, I actually acknowledged this concern in the write-up for this match. Leaving this match as a 3-on-3 rather than just a 6-man match was my effort to level the playing field, as that way each wrestler would have 2 guys watching his back. So sure, Team TNA has the advantage in that their participants have actually competed in this type of match before, but they're also competing against a very capable team of wrestlers from the WWE. The results were a lot closer than I'm sure a lot of you thought they would be anyways.

Result: Team TNA wins (28 votes)
My Prediction: Team TNA wins
Other Votes: Team WWE (21 votes)

Current Standings: WWE - 3 TNA - 3

If the complaints about my placement of Styles were bad, these ones made it seem as though I had committed some ungodly sin against wrestling by daring to put Tyson Kidd on my PPV card in place of a guy like Daniel Bryan. My answer to that is very simple: what else would you have had me do? Take him out of the tag match? Who would be his replacement? The Usos? Would that really be any better than having Tyson Kidd here? TNA was bringing two very experienced and capable tag teams to that four-way tag match, WWE needed to send the best they could offer as well. Who would that be? None other than Daniel "let's hug it out" Bryan himself. Would I have loved to put him in this match? Absolutely. But in the interest of fairness, his services were required elsewhere. So I chose Tyson Kidd as the second representative of WWE in this match because, quite frankly, I thought he would be the only one suitable for the job. The guy is an absolute workhorse, and when you're in the ring with such talented wrestlers, that's a necessity. It was not a random decision by any means. And wouldn't you know it, he actually got a few votes to win the match!

Result: CM Punk wins (16 votes)
My Prediction: CM Punk wins
Other Votes: Austin Aries (15 votes), Samoa Joe (14 votes), Tyson Kidd (3 votes)

Current Standings: WWE - 4 TNA - 3

It was very interesting to watch the votes roll in for this match, because it was never especially close at any point. Morgan would get a handful of votes, Sheamus would get a handful, and so on until the voting ended. I wasn't sure what to think about my own prediction here, and in the end I was actually wrong myself. That's what I get for voting against my first instinct I suppose. That's not to say I'm upset with the results, I'm actually very pleasantly surprised. Not a lot of commentary on this one, but it did seem that at least a few of you were onboard with my whole "Brogue Kick vs. Carbon Footprint" concept.

Result: Matt Morgan wins (26 votes)
My Prediction: Sheamus wins
Other Votes: Sheamus (22 votes)

Current Standings: WWE - 4 TNA - 4

Pretty much from the get-go, this match came down to two teams, one from both companies. While the other two did get a few votes each, it was pretty clear they would not be victorious here. As I mentioned earlier, my choice to use Daniel Bryan in this match was not due to chance or some kind of oversight. Look at the teams that TNA was sending into this match. Between them a combined 6 tag title reigns in TNA, and both credited with being among the best tag teams in the recent history of the industry. They needed suitable opponents, and I could think of no better team than Team Hell No. And yes, in case you were wondering, Hell No was one of the two teams I mentioned above that was neck-and-neck in the race for victory. It came down to the last minute (again), but there could only be one winning duo.

Result: Bad Influence wins (20 votes)
My Prediction: Bad Influence wins
Other Votes: Team Hell No (18 votes), Beer Money (6 votes), Ziggler & Langston (4 votes)

Current Standings: WWE - 4 TNA - 5

I could not believe how big of a blow-out this one almost was. I thought for sure the voting would be tight on this one, but within a few days I was 99% sure who would end up winning because the gap was widening much too quickly for his opponent to have a reasonable hope of catching up. The loser here did manage to scrape together a few votes before all was said and done, but it just was not enough. I wasn't too shocked by the final result, just by how much he won by.

Result: Jeff Hardy wins (35 votes)
My Prediction: Jeff Hardy wins
Other Votes: Randy Orton (14 votes)

Current Standings: WWE - 4 TNA - 6

Like the last match, the outcome of this encounter was pretty clear from the outset. Unlike the last match, I'm not at all surprised. I'm actually almost surprised that it wasn't a unanimous decision, because as legendary as both of these wrestlers are, is there really any doubt on who the bigger star is? I don't even know what else to say on this one, and I'm sure the outcome will surprise very few (if any) of you.

Result: The Undertaker wins (40 votes)
My Prediction: The Undertaker wins
Other Votes: Sting (9 votes)

Current Standings: WWE - 5 TNA - 6

This was another match that was met with a fair bit of criticism, with people wondering why I didn't pick a better opponent for Angle. Honestly, I don't get it. Both of these wrestlers are extremely talented, and now that they're both a little more mature and experienced, I'd like to see what would happen if they met in the ring again. It's a classic Veteran vs. Veteran matchup, with both participants being very decorated wrestlers. The voting wasn't especially close, but it did go almost exactly as I figured it would.

Result: Kurt Angle wins (32 votes)
My Prediction: Kurt Angle wins
Other Votes: Chris Jericho (16 votes)

Current Standings: WWE - 5 TNA - 7

As much as I'd like to believe that Bully Ray stood a chance in this match, I knew what the outcome would be before I even posted the original column. The dude may be a star, and he may be one of the most talented and entertaining guys on the TNA roster, but there was no way in hell he was going to be beating John Cena. That's not to say that it wouldn't be a great match, I still very much believe that it would be, but WWE's golden boy would end up with the "W". Truth be told, were it not for the fact that Bully Ray is currently the World Champion in TNA, he would not have been in this match, and likely would have taken D.O.C.'s place in the Aces/Shield match earlier in the night. It was always going to be a "Champion vs. Champion" match, and with Cena currently holding gold, I was almost sure that, regardless of his opponent, he would be taking the win. Once again though, I have to give kudos to those of you that actually wrote decently convincing explanations as to why you thought Bully Ray could believably win. You were wrong, but the effort was still appreciated.

Result: John Cena wins (41 votes)
My Prediction: John Cena wins
Other Votes: Bully Ray (8 votes)

Final Standings: WWE - 6 TNA - 7


No, you're not reading that wrong folks. TNA did in fact manage to pull off the upset victory, winning 7 of 13 matches on the card. For those of you that were keeping track, that was not exactly what I had predicted would happen. Had things gone exactly as I had thought they would, WWE would have won 8 to 5, claiming victory for the night. I was quite surprised at these results, to say the least.

I do believe that the results of this column prove a very important point though, and that is that more people are finally giving TNA a real chance, and TNA is delivering. For all of their past faults and current financial troubles, people are actually paying attention, at least enough to vote for their wrestlers over WWE guys in a fantasy booking column. Sure, maybe if the card was a little different the results would have been too, but I don't think anybody can honestly accuse me of being unfair with how I put this card together. Overall, I think it was a very evenly matched card, and either company could have believably claimed victory here. Would I do things differently if I had the chance? Maybe a little bit, but nothing major. This card was not put together without a lot of thought, and it did actually change more than a few times as I was planning things out.

So a big thank you to everyone that submitted votes here. I had a blast putting this together and reading all of the opinions and predictions that were sent my way.

Also, and I just want to throw this out there because one of you asked me about it, if there is ever a topic you guys want me to write a column about, feel free to shoot me an email or something. Obviously I won't be able to honour every request, but I'm always open to hearing what you guys have to say. Writing columns would be infinitely more boring without the feedback I get, just sayin.


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