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Posted in: The Crow's Nest
The Crow's Nest - TNA Final Resolution Predictions
By TheCrow
Dec 11, 2011 - 5:17:43 PM

1) TNA Final Resolution Predictions

Well, it's just about that time again folks. TNA is less than 12 hours away from their final PPV of the year, Final Resolution. It's been an interesting year for TNA with them seeing both some highs and lows, and Final Resolution is the show where long-running feuds are supposed to come to an end. I would say that TNA is letting the show live up to its name with the matches on the card so far. But speaking of the match card…

What's the one thing I say almost every single month when discussing a TNA PPV? If you guessed "TNA hasn't officially announced the full card yet", then you are absolutely correct. As of right now, TNA only has 6 matches announced on their website. The missing matches from the official card may have been mentioned or hinted at during recent iMPACT shows, but as usual TNA has neglected to fill up their official card. Thankfully someone over at Wikipedia has paid attention along the way and has given us an 8-match card to work with. While 8 matches might normally feel a bit light for a 3 hour show, most 3 hour shows don't include a 30-minute iron man match. So in this instance, 8 matches will work just fine.

With that being said, what kind of TNA commentator would I be if I didn't offer my predictions? I need to avenge my losses at the last PPV where my predictions were mostly incorrect, so fingers crossed for a better showing this time. So here we go, my predictions for Final Resolution 2011.


Christopher Daniels vs. Rob Van Dam

Certainly not a new feud here, so I won't bother explaining the full back story. The way I look at it, this is a match up of two guys who are both approaching the end of their respective careers, but can still put on a solid showing if they have the right opponent. RVD and Daniels have similar enough styles that it shouldn't be hard to establish chemistry in the ring, and both of them have a strong enough relationship with the fans that the atmosphere surrounding the match should be solid as well. Their match at Turning Point last month was a No-DQ match, but their match tonight is (from what I can tell) just a singles contest, and I don't know how much I agree with that decision. There's so much that can happen to end this match and leave us without a clear winner, and at a show called Final Resolution there needs to be a definitive victor. So who do I think is taking the win here? Like I said last time, it's never smart to bet against RVD in a PPV setting, but he also won their last PPV bout. I could really see it going either way here, but I made my pick based on who could use the win more. Christopher Daniels is my pick, and it's for many of the same reasons as last time. He's becoming a bigger part of TNA again, and he needs a big win to really help that along. RVD runs no risk of losing momentum with a loss to Daniels and will remain just as over with the crowd as he is now, so I don't see the harm here. So once again, Daniels is my pick for the win here.

Kurt Angle vs. James Storm

Definitely a feud that's been building for a while now, and it should be nice to see what these two can deliver in the ring in a proper wrestling contest. You've got to imagine that James Storm wants to impress management with a great showing and earn his way back to the title scene (and I meant that in both a kayfabe and non-kayfabe sense), and Angle is the perfect opponent to do that with. I maintain that Angle is still one of the best wrestlers in the industry today and he could get just about anybody over given the right amount of time to work with. I know this has been talked about a million times before, but if Kurt Angle is TRULY serious about wanting to compete in the next Olympic Games, he needs to step away from TNA for a while and train harder than he has ever trained before. He's not exactly young anymore, so as talented as he might be, he's going to need to be in the best shape of his life to have a chance of making the team. If this is going to be his last match for a while (as I think it should be), he should go out on a high note by putting someone over that could certainly use a big victory. James Storm is my definite pick here, and I really hope I'm right on that one.

Those two matches aren't on the official TNA website, but they are listed on the Wikipedia page for the PPV. If they don't happen for some reason, don't blame me.

TNA Television Championship: Eric Young vs. Robbie E. {c}

After thinking about it for a while, I'm actually 100% alright with Robbie holding on to this belt. EY is in desperate need of a character overhaul, and as entertaining as his goofy antics might be, they were doing no favours to TNA's mid card title. Robbie might not be the greatest entertainer in the world, but at least as a relatively serious wrestler he stands to make the title at least APPEAR to be important. I like EY and all, but this current comedy shtick can't last forever. Let him be serious again TNA, it's time. As for the winner here, I think it's pretty easy to pick. Robbie E. is going to retain tonight, and I seriously doubt this match gets given much time at all. Hopefully it's the end of their feud for a while.

TNA X-Division Championship: Kid Kash vs. Austin Aries {c}

Another match where not much can be said that I haven't said multiple times in the past. Kash is a great veteran for the X-Division to have and I can't deny that he's been entertaining thus far in his TNA run, but he is not the man that should be dethroning A-Double. Both men are more than capable in the ring, and this could easily be in the top 3 matches of the night if it's done right. But like I said, there's not a lot to say here that hasn't already been said. Austin Aries is on a roll right now, and taking the belt away at this point and giving it to Kash would be pointless. When Aries does eventually lose the belt, it should be to an up-and-comer that would benefit from the rub.

TNA Knockouts Championship: Mickie James vs. Gail Kim {c}

I have thoroughly enjoyed Gail Kim's return to TNA thus far and it makes me sad to think just how great the Divas division could be in WWE if they would actually give it some attention. On the other end of things, I despise Mickie James. Her character is bland at best and, as I've said a million times in the past, I feel like she's lost more than a couple steps in the ring on top of looking out of shape. As great as she may have been once, it is not that way anymore. That being said, TNA seems insistent on pushing her down the fans' throats. But luckily there is a light on the horizon. TNA seems just as insistent on pushing Gail Kim as the dominant heel in the Knockouts Division, and having her lose the title this soon might cut her momentum short. Mickie James should step aside and let some of the younger talent move up towards the title, so my pick for winner here is Gail Kim. Not that logic ever matters when examining a TNA card, but I'm hoping it wins out here.

TNA Tag Team Championships: Devon & The Pope vs. Matt Morgan & Crimson

I find it hard to care about this match because really Morgan is the only one I care about in this match, and even then I don't see why he and Crimson were randomly paired together as a team. As for Pope and Devon, I just don't care about their conflict. We get it TNA, Devon doesn't want Pope around his kids. Why these two are getting a title shot over The British Invasion I do not know. Anyways, is there really any doubt in anyone's mind as to who is winning this? Even from a storyline perspective there's only one way this should go. Pope and Devon seem to be gearing up for a full on feud against each other, so pushing them to the belts just seems illogical. Crimson & Matt Morgan retain here, and if I'm wrong I will be very surprised/disappointed.

Multiple Stipulations Steel Cage Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett

Lots of stipulations/drama surrounding this one. If Hardy wins, he becomes the #1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship, and one of Karen or Jeff Jarrett will be fired by Sting (it has not yet been specified how he will make his decision). If Jarrett wins, Hardy has to leave TNA for good. Also, Karen will be handcuffed to Sting for the duration of the match so she can't interfere from ringside. I really only see this match going one way, so I'll get my prediction out of the way early and examine potential scenarios afterwards. Jeff Hardy is winning this one, no doubt in my mind. There is no way that he gets brought back with this much hype and with TNA spending this much time rebuilding him as a face only to leave again. He'll win and go on to face the Champion at the next PPV, that's just how it is. Also because he wins, one of the Jarrett's has to go. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say Jeff Jarrett will be "fired". Karen is way too involved in the Knockouts Division right now (for better or worse) to be written off TV. Jeff could use with some real time away to refresh his character. Either that or re-hash that old storyline where a "fired" superstar comes back under a mask, and given Jeff's storyline ties to Mexico, that could work nicely.

Of course if Jarrett somehow pulls off the win, Hardy is gone for good. Either that or he pulls off a heel turn and lets Jarrett win, and is immediately hired as a personal "assistant" of some kind for Jarrett. Actually now that I think about it, that would be a half decent way of turning Hardy heel again… Something to think about at least. But I'm sticking with my original prediction.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: 30 Minute Iron Man Match: AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode {c}

Roode is on an absolutely roll right now, and as good as Styles is there's no way that he's going to be the one to end this. Roode needs to hold the title into the new year to fully establish himself as a main event guy. Styles is already at the level that he could step into the title scene at any time, so he doesn't need this win. In a couple months time if this program still has some life to it, I would have no problem with Roode dropping the belt to Styles. But it needs to be done right. They royally screwed Roode out of a great career moment when he didn't win the belt at Bound For Glory, so his reign is crucial to how he will be looked at down the road as a potential champion for the company. The iron man stipulation is interesting and I'll be curious to see how Roode handles that kind of pressure. This match should be Match of the Night, but who knows, because the rest of the card is (mostly) pretty solid. But my pick here should be obvious, Bobby Roode is retaining. No doubt in my mind.


Well there we have it, my predictions for tonight's Final Resolution PPV. I likely won't be watching it live as I will be otherwise occupied, but I'll definitely be checking it out before iMPACT this week. So until then, thanks for stopping by.


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