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Posted in: The Crow's Nest
The Crow's Nest - Looking at Recent TNA News
By TheCrow
Oct 30, 2013 - 11:41:22 PM

1) Looking at Recent TNA News (10/30/13)

TNA For Sale? I'd Be a Buyer (If I Could Afford It)

It's really quite nice seeing a post about TNA having to do with money that isn't just about talents being paid late (though, sadly enough, that exact story came out recently). After years of joking about it with people and going through countless "what if…" scenarios, it appears that the #2 wrestling company in North America may finally be going up for sale, and if the most recent report is accurate, a buyer may already be lined up.

In the most recent post from Jim Ross' blog, J.R. poses a belief that I (and many others) have held for some time now. Sure, TNA is technically the number 2 company in North America, but that's really because there's no other big players right now (note: this is NOT me saying that no other company is worth watching. All I'm saying is that no other company has this level of national exposure. That's all.) If any of the quality independent companies out there had a big time TV deal, they could just as easily be #2. What Mr. Ross and I seem to agree on is this: TNA is in need of a re-boot with a new philosophy and structure.

I feel like I've said this a million times before, but the TNA roster is so loaded with talent and potential that it shouldn't take a genius to book them like superstars. The X-Division has proven it can be a great addition to the overall product, and once again there is so much wasted potential in making that division great.

For those reasons exactly, I would absolutely buy controlling interest in TNA if I had the chance and means to do so. Like J.R. said, the wrestling business is not that complicated, people just over think it. Now I'm not claiming to be a wrestling genius or anything, I'm just a columnist with an opinion. I'm certainly not cocky enough to think I could step into the role of a wrestling promoter's shoes and bring the company to untold heights overnight, but I do happen to agree that, on the most basic level, this business is not that complicated.

It would take more than a little work to turn the company around, given the current state of affairs there, but if the right group of wrestling minds came together to run the company, it could be done. First order of business? Bring back Jeff Jarrett. I don't believe there is anybody that wants TNA to succeed more than that man, and he's proven in the past that he can get it done.

Realistically, if I wanted to outline all the things I would do with TNA were I to take it over, I'd need to spread it out over multiple columns. Since I'm not in a fantasy booking mood, that's going to have to wait. Someday, perhaps.

Bye Bye Bischoff

First Hogan, then Bischoff. Much like in my recent column about Hogan, I'm not going to take this as an opportunity to bash Bischoff and deny that he's ever done anything worthwhile. Obviously Mr. Bischoff has had a hell of an impact on this industry, and to deny that would be foolish.

But, like I said in my column about Hogan, it's time for him to take his leave and let TNA move on to the next chapter in its life. Bischoff, along with Hogan, was brought in to change TNA for the better. TNA and Spike TV were banking on his past successes and name value within the industry to boost ratings and help direct the behind-the-scenes crew in the ways of running a wrestling company. Obviously that experiment ultimately failed, and while there were successes along the way, there was not enough change to justify keeping him around any longer.

If recent reports are to be believed, Eric Bischoff is not overly popular backstage, specifically citing that he's apparently a very negative person to work for. I can't confirm or deny that accusation, given that I've never worked for the man, but is it entirely too hard to believe? I do believe the man has an ego, and I also believe that he rode that "guy who created Nitro" train about as far as he possibly could. Now though, in 2013, that train has finally rusted out, and I think his value as an individual commodity is just about moot. If he had the right people around to bounce ideas off of, it might be a different story.

I think TNA is smart to get rid of him, if for no other reason than they simply want to go in a different direction. Obviously things didn't change much under Bischoff's rule, for better or worse, and it's time to try something new. I really did have high hopes when he first signed with the company, and sadly nothing substantial was ever delivered.

Should TNA decide to let Bischoff's contract expire in February of next year, it could be a sign that the higher-ups in TNA have finally recognized that a change-of-scenery is needed moving forward. Obviously things won't change overnight with Bischoff and Hogan gone, they're not the only problems within the company, but it's absolutely a move in the right direction. A substantial amount of money will be freed up for other purposes, and given TNA's reported financial problems that could be a game changer.

Going Home Isn't Always Bad

Speaking of failed experiments…

When it was first announced that TNA would be taking the show on the road, I had mixed feelings. Part of me was excited, and I figured that it was a sign that maybe things were going well for the company. It was certainly a risky move on their part, but obviously they wouldn't do it if they hadn't done the research and thought it was a genuinely good idea…right? The other part of me was skeptical, and I was brought back to 2010 when TNA took another big risk by moving iMPACT to Monday nights to compete with WWE. That was another move that seemed like a good idea with some great potential, but ultimately ended up backfiring and TNA quickly pulled the plug, returning to Thursdays.

It was recently announced that TNA would be returning to its former home in Orlando, more familiarly known as the Impact Zone. Honestly, I think this is a great move for the company right now. TNA is in the middle of a big change right now, with two of their major players leaving the company (Hogan and Bischoff). TNA just isn't ready to go on the road full-time, and if the higher-ups are serious about an overhaul (which they SHOULD be) returning home for a while isn't an awful idea. They had a great deal where they were, a regular fan base, and the ability to tape shows much more easily. Taking the show on tour as a special event is how it should be for now, as that allows them to specifically target big-money areas with large amounts of wrestling fans. TNA has always done well on their UK tours, and it looks like they'll be kicking off the new year by doing it again. Then they can return to Orlando for a bit, refuel, and hit the road again some time later. There's a handful of markets out there that are currently not being tapped by major wrestling companies (places like Canada and Hawaii immediately come to mind) and TNA could easily take advantage of that void and fill it. Make the tour something special.

This is a good move on TNA's part, and I think it's going to be a great chance for TNA to recharge its batteries and figure out their next move.


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