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Posted in: The Crow's Nest
The Crow's Nest - Lockdown Predictions
By The Crow
Mar 6, 2014 - 12:47:48 AM

Lockdown Predictions (03/05/14)


Less than one week from today, TNA will air its first "official" PPV of the 2014 calendar year, Lockdown. It's the tenth event to use the Lockdown name, so you'd think that the company would have something special planned for us. The Lethal Lockdown match itself is usually something to look forward to, and this year's match has the added benefit of not having a Bischoff involved.

Looking at the card, I have to say that I'm underwhelmed. Aside from the Lethal Lockdown match and the World Heavyweight Championship match, I'm not overly sold on anything. Sure, it's kind of cool that TNA is bringing in some talent from Wrestle-1, including The Great Muta, but that's not going to sell the show to the average fan. Not enough people know who Muta, Seiya Sanada and Tigre Uno are for it to make a difference right now. I won't pretend I'm an expert on any of them either, because I'm not at all, so the fact that they're involved in a match does nothing for me aside from slightly piquing my curiosity. Enough curiosity to make me buy the PPV? Not likely.

But TNA has pulled off miracles before. It wouldn't be the first time that a shoddy looking TNA card ended up delivering a great show. So let's take a look at Sunday's PPV, shall we?


I'm a big fan of both of these women, and with the PPV card being relatively short, I'm hoping that this match actually gets some time to work with. Both Rayne and Kim can be counted on to deliver a quality Knockouts match, and the fact that this will all go down inside a steel cage adds another element of drama into the mix. The Knockouts division is actually fairly interesting right now, but it still seems to be stuck in first gear. All the pieces are there, but something just isn't clicking. Rayne is still pretty fresh off of her return to the company, and her championship reign is even younger, so I'm thinking that she's the easy pick to win. Gail Kim is a valuable veteran on the roster and she'll be involved in many more title matches after this one. Not much more to say on this one.

What I Want to Happen: Madison Rayne retains
What I Think Will Happen: Madison Rayne retains

Kurt Angle can make pretty much anybody look good in a match, regardless of who it is. That being said, he's going to have quite the task on his hands this Sunday in his match with Ethan Carter III. The main problem I have with EC3 is that his character just does nothing for me. It works to some extent in this current storyline, with Carter playing the spoiled nephew role, but what happens once Dixieland is no more? Can he transition into a face role? Can he adapt to a new heel role? Will his skills develop past the point where he has to rely on a gimmick to stay relevant? Who knows. This Sunday is a great chance for EC3 to prove his worth and potential against a true wrestling legend. It's a cage match, which cuts the possibility of the Dixieland crew interfering on EC3's behalf, but it also boosts the possibility that something is going to go wrong for Angle and EC3 will end up taking advantage. I'd like to see Angle win, but I'm not sure that that's going to happen just yet. If TNA wants EC3 to develop, Angle is the right guy to have him feud with.

What I Want to Happen: Kurt Angle wins
What I Think Will Happen: Ethan Carter III wins

Like I mentioned in the intro, this match does very little for me outside of piquing a little bit of curiosity for the three wrestlers from Wrestle-1. I'm sure the match will be great, given the reputation of everybody involved, but I have to confess that I just don't know enough about Muta, Sanada and Tigre Uno to make an informed guess here. Because they're the "special guests" of the show, I'm just going to assume that they get the win.

What I Want to Happen: Wrestle-1 wins
What I Think Will Happen: Wrestle-1 wins

It's nice to see Sam Shaw getting some airtime, because I think he could be a great mid-card talent. This whole creepy gimmick with Christy Hemme has me worried though, because I really doubt it's the kind of thing that's going to last for too long. I don't see what was wrong with his old athletic gimmick, aside from the creative team not knowing how to write for it.

Anderson seems to be running on fumes since the whole thing with Aces & Eights ended, so I guess his fans can be thankful that he's at least on a PPV card for something.

Not a match that I expect much from, to be honest. The build-up has been pretty weak, and Anderson really hasn't given us a reason to care about seeing him win. Shaw is creepy though, that's for sure. Maybe Anderson will win, Shaw will disappear for a bit and come back as a normal, totally not date-rapey kind of guy.

What I Want to Happen: Mr. Anderson wins
What I Think Will Happen: Sam Shaw wins

Can I just say how glad I am that TNA didn't put the World Title on Gunner? I totally thought they would, because that absolutely feels like a TNA thing to do. Instead, they've actually managed to create a somewhat interesting feud between James Storm and his former tag partner Gunner. The buildup has been mostly brawling to this point, so picking a winner is tricky. I think TNA is looking to reinvent James Storm in some way, so giving him the win on a PPV could help move that along. Storm and Gunner don't have a very lengthy history, so a long feud between them doesn't make a lot of sense. This PPV should be the end of it for now.

What I Want to Happen: James Storm wins
What I Think Will Happen: James Storm wins

I always thought I'd be happier when Magnus won his first World Title. I've said for some time now that Magnus could be the future of TNA, so I had very high hopes for his first reign. Sadly, reality has not lived up to my fantasies, and Magnus has had a fairly boring reign so far as its been overshadowed by the larger Dixieland storyline.

Enter Samoa Joe.

There's not a lot of guys in TNA that are as over as Samoa Joe. There's even fewer that are looked at as being as "wasted" as him. Joe should, in a logical world, be a main event guy in TNA. When he was at the height of his popularity a few years ago, it seemed to just be a matter of time until he would win the belt. But every time it looked like TNA would pull the trigger, they delayed it. When Joe finally won the belt, the whole thing fizzled because TNA somehow hadn't planned on what to do, despite how long they had had.

As much as I'd like to believe Joe wins on Sunday, I really don't see it happening. Dixieland is just entering into a new chapter of the feud with MVP, and it would be a mistake to neuter their power this quickly. MVP's team has been getting the upper hand since his debut, so it's about time that Dixieland gets a big win.

What I Want to Happen: Magnus retains
What I Think Will Happen: Magnus retains

Is there really any question about who's going to win here? MVP and The Wolves are making their TNA PPV debuts, and Jeff Hardy is making his return to the company as a member of Team MVP. On the other side, you have TNA's resident whipping boys in the BroMans, Austin Aries, and the captain Bobby Roode. Talented wrestlers, but not enough to win this one. If Team Dixie somehow wins, I'll be very surprised.

What I Want to Happen: Team MVP wins
What I Think Will Happen: Team MVP wins


Short, easy one today. I probably won't get a chance to watch Lockdown live on Sunday since I'll be out of town, but I'll be following the updates throughout the night. I hope that the show delivers, because it would be nice to see some positive things about TNA said again. So until next time, thanks for stopping by.


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