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Posted in: The Crow's Nest
The Crow's Nest - Global Force Takeover
By The Crow
Apr 9, 2014 - 6:58:05 PM

Global Force Takeover (04/07/14)

A little while back, Jeff Jarrett announced that something was coming. Despite not being officially confirmed at the time, most of us (myself included) assumed that he would be starting up a new wrestling promotion. Then, not long ago, Jarrett announced that his first "official, big announcement" would come out the day after Wrestlemania 30.

Going into Wrestlemania, my focus was on WWE. I was excited to see Daniel Bryan (hopefully) have his big, career-defining moment. I was excited to see young talent like Bray Wyatt and The Shield compete on the big stage. And of course I was excited to see The Undertaker compete in what could very well be his last Wrestlemania. But even with all of that, there was a very small part of my brain that was saying "yeah Wrestlemania is great and all, but what's Jarrett's announcement going to be on Monday?" Despite the fact that I was fairly certain he would officially announce his new promotion, I was still excited to have it happen.

And now, a few nights removed from Wrestlemania, I'm left with so many more questions.

Jeff Jarrett has indeed officially announced his new wrestling promotion called Global Force Wrestling, but there are very few details available at this point. Let's take a look at what we know so far:

Their Roster Will be Interesting: We know that it's called Global Force Wrestling, and it's looking like the roster is going to reflect the name of the promotion. Apparently over the past few months, the Jarretts have been travelling the globe, compiling a database of over 400 wrestlers. I don't imagine that the roster will be that large, but it is nice to hear that GFW could bring exposure to some undiscovered international stars. People like myself that are largely unfamiliar with wrestling outside of North America will hugely benefit as fans from seeing all of these new styles.

"Fan Interaction" Will Play a Big Role: The first press release from GFW made one thing very clear: this is supposed to be a promotion by fans for fans. Jeff Jarrett seems to have embraced the modern wrestling fan as somebody that enjoys (and critiques) the product across multiple platforms, and seems to actually understand that today's fan is very different than the fans that were around 20 years ago. I'm really curious to see what Jarrett means when he says that GFW will be "multi-platform". Will there be YouTube exclusive content? Will they have an on-demand service, available on phones, tablets, Apple TVs, etc.? Will there be fan polls that actually influence the product? So many questions.

There's a Good Chance Toby Keith Is Involved: While it hasn't been confirmed officially, the rumour of Toby Keith having a hand in Jarrett's new product has been around pretty much from the beginning. Now it's starting to look like he might not be the only big name partner. Jarrett has said that there will be "several strategic partners" involved in GFW, which could mean nothing more than a company for merchandising deals, or it could mean that other big names will be involved. I think that the important thing here is that Jarrett remains absolutely anal about who he gives any amount of the company to, and they should absolutely love wrestling like he does. GFW is Jarrett's second chance, an opportunity to correct mistakes he made in TNA when he let the company slip through his fingers.

And really, that's about all we know for sure at this point, aside from Jarrett saying that more announcements will be made over the next few weeks.

The biggest complaint I've seen about GFW so far is about the logo, which looks like this:

Personally I kind of like it. It's basic, looks nice, and should be easy enough to slap on some merchandise.

To be fair, it's hard to complain about a company that we really know nothing about just yet. I think that Jarrett has done a great job overall of building hype for his new project, and if he harbours any resentment towards his former employer it hasn't come across at all, not directly at least. Sure, you could argue that starting a new promotion is a direct shot at TNA, but personally I think it's the logical move for Jarrett. It's pretty obvious that TNA wasn't going to be doing anything with him, despite what the rumours would claim, and as much as I personally like him, I don't think WWE has any interest in bringing him back for one last run. With the connections he has, and with the amount that he still has left to offer the wrestling world, it makes perfect sense to me that he'd want to try his hand at running a promotion again.

I have a feeling that GFW is going to be a very different experience than TNA was. TNA was born out of desperation once it became clear that certain people would be out of a job in the post-WCW world. Jarrett was forced to sell out to the Carter family to keep his new baby alive, and he quickly lost control. GFW is being born of a man's very real passion for the industry that made him a star, and with his TNA experiences not forgotten, Jarrett is sure to run things differently this time.

Jeff Jarrett has my attention as a fan, and I think he's doing things just right with this slow reveal. The anticipation and speculation will continue to build, and as long as he doesn't wait too long to pull the trigger, I think it will pay off. I'll be paying close attention to the news in the coming weeks, that's for sure. I believe in Jeff Jarrett, and I believe in Global Force Wrestling.




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