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Posted in: The Crow's Nest
The Crow's Nest - Fixing TNA for Dummies: Part 2 - More Cuts and a Couple of Refills
By TheCrow
Jun 1, 2012 - 12:45:00 PM

1) Fixing TNA for Dummies: Part 1 - Slimming Down the Roster (27/05/12)

2) Fixing TNA for Dummies: Part 2 - More Cuts and a Couple of Refills (01/06/12)

Last time I cut 12 names from the TNA roster, 9 active wrestlers and 3 other personalities, leaving me with 37 active wrestlers left on the roster. To recap, these are the names who got cut: Garett Bischoff, Hernandez, Mark Haskins, Gunner, Abyss, Shannon Moore, Rob Van Dam, Mr. Anderson and Rob Terry.

The feedback on the names I included seems to be, for the most part, in agreement, but there were some people that raised excellent points. So instead of leaving this until the end, I'm going to address a few of these points right now.


Ideas From My Readers

T_Rexington_III: 1) the wrestlers are paid per appearance, Mark Haskins and Shannon Moore are doing their own thing at the moment, but are essentially contracted to not go to WWE, Ring of Honor, or any televised events. So basically, it costs them nothing to have pictures and names on their roster page.
Very valid point, but the problem is that when TNA throws these guys on TV for one or two weeks, that DOES cost them money, and it doesn't advance storylines. TNA has way too many of these names on their roster that just don't get used often enough to warrant keeping them around, and I sincerely doubt WWE would be interested in many of them anyways. So I do see the validity of your point, I just disagree with it.

mizfanLOP: Instead of Hogan, I'd cut Crimson. Hogan still has big name value and I've actually liked some of the things he's done. Not everything, for sure, but I think he gets a little over hated for some of the stuff he's done. Crimson, on the other hand, just offers very little right now. He may well improve, and he has a bit already, but he's just not there right now.
Name value aside, what else does Hogan bring to the company? TNA needs to move away from being so reliant on the names of yesterday and move forward establishing their own superstars, much like they've done with Bobby Roode. You made a similar point about RVD, and my same logic applies. The guy might be over, but he appears very infrequently and delivers subpar matches when he DOES wrestle. Neither of these guys are worth the money they get paid.

ILoveToBotch:I feared that D'angelo Dinero would get a mention in this column. I'll be the first to say that I don't watch TNA much, but I do remember at one time the Pope being massively over. Hopefully he'll get another shot soon.
Pope has all the potential in the world to be a big time player in TNA, he just needs the appropriate push. Hopefully it will happen someday.


With that out of the way, let me fill you in on how today is going to work. Before I move on to replenishing some of the spots on the roster I vacated last time, some more spring cleaning needs to be done. 37 wrestlers is still too many for a company that only has 2 hours of TV each week, and I would have just included them last time if it weren't for the fact that the column was already getting long. The difference today is that some of these names may come with conditions that could be met to save their jobs. Not all of them mind you, but some of them. So who else is going to feel my wrath? Let's see right now.


1)Christy Hemme**

Christy has been with the company for some time now, but has gone from being an active participant in matches and segments to TNA's version of Lillian Garcia. It's been reported in the past that she clears well over $1 Million per year, and given that she appears on screen for maybe 5 minutes a night as a ring announcer, that's a pretty cushy position to have.

The thing is, I just don't think she deserves that kind of money. She's a solid enough ring announcer, and she's certainly nice to look at, but when most of the wrestlers aren't even making a regular paycheque, her arrangement with TNA makes little sense to me. It's not like her name carries a lot of weight in this industry, so if she were to be released it's not like people would all of a sudden tune out.

CONDITION: If Christy was willing to take a significant pay cut (I'd still pay her fairly, but not nearly what she makes now), I would keep her on. She's hot, she's decent at her job, and she's been a loyal employee. But for a company that's not doing so hot financially, TNA can't afford to shell out that kind of cash for a ring announcer right now. Christy could easily be replaced by any other sexy female. Hell, make Jeremy Borash earn his paycheque and have him announce more than PPVs and the main event of iMPACT. So unless a big pay cut was accepted, Hemme would be gone from my new TNA.

2) Kid Kash

This was a hard pick for me to make, because I'm actually a big fan of Kid Kash personally. He's a trusted veteran name that can still deliver in the ring, and as a veteran presence in the X-Division, it would appear that he still has some value to the company.

However, as I've said before, TNA needs to move away from relying on these veterans to carry everything. While Kash is far from being a name that TNA leans on in times of stress, his role in the company is clear. He's never going to be champion, and his role is purely to put over other guys. This seems like a great role for a guy like Kash, but only until you realize how many X-Division veterans the company has employed. Kash is barely used, and that's sad.

Kash would likely find more success on the indy scene. He can still bring it in the ring and he can still deliver a cutting promo, so it wouldn't take long for him to have some gigs booked. Considering he's likely one of the guys who gets paid per appearance in TNA, I imagine he'd actually make more money if he went to one of the bigger indy/foreign companies out there. So while it hurts me to cut Kash, he's gotta go.

3) Crimson**

A lot of people seemed surprised that Crimson wasn't included on my first list, especially since I've made it clear in the past how much I hate the guy, but I had my reasons behind it.

Crimson has been given a massive push in TNA from the start, and with that kind of time and money invested into his character, it's not something that can just be thrown away at the drop of a hat. That being said, in the year and a half that Crimson has been with the company, he has shown such minuscule improvement that you'd think he was brand new to the ring. I like Crimson's look, but that's where it ends. He can't wrestle, he can't cut a promo, and he doesn't deserve what he has.

CONDITION: This isn't so much a condition to save his job as it is a condition that would have to be met before I would release him. Crimson has built up a hell of an undefeated streak, and that needs to be ended before he goes. Whether or not I think Crimson deserves his streak, and whether or not I like him as a wrestler, a victory over a guy who has gone undefeated for that long is kind of a big deal. It would be foolish to waste that streak, so have a guy like Matt Morgan get a clean victory over Crimson and USE that victory to further Morgan's character. Morgan carried Crimson when they were a team, and he deserves to be the one who ends the streak.

So that all being said, Crimson is the next name to go.

4) Robbie E.

I went back and forth on this pick, and I initially felt okay with not cutting him, but I had a lot of feedback from readers asking why he wasn't included. So after much thought, he has been cut.

I think Robbie is a talented enough wrestler. He clearly has some measure of charisma, and that comes through when he cuts promos (however ridiculous they might be). Unfortunately, I think Robbie is one of those guys that got saddled with a horrible gimmick that he might not be able to recover from so quickly. Both TNA and WWE missed the boat when it came to jumping on the Jersey Shore bandwagon, and while the anticipation for TNA's attempt was actually quite high, what was delivered took the wind out of those sails mighty quickly. Instead of what could have been a GREAT heel team between characters inspired by Jersey Shore, we got ridiculous caricatures.

Despite the fact that I'm cutting Robbie for now, I would be open to bringing him back down the line. Let him go hone his craft for a bit and develop a new character, and also allow the fans to start forgetting about him, and bring him back later. Robbie E. will never be a main event talent, but he could be a great addition to the mid card. He just needs a better gimmick.

5) ODB

I like ODB, don't get me wrong. She brings something different to the Knockouts Division, and that's kind of nice to see from time to time.

That being said, the Knockouts Division needs to be freshened up just like everything else in TNA. It's very stagnant right now, and while ODB's veteran experience does have some value, she just doesn't have a place in my new TNA. Her character is very one-dimensional, and quite frankly I'm just growing tired of her antics. I'd definitely go drinking with this woman, but I don't want her in my wrestling company.

6) Mickie James

Speaking of females I don't want in my company anymore…

I'll be the first to admit that I used to be a big fan. When Mickie first started in WWE, I , like most other people, thought she was the future of women's wrestling. For a while that appeared to be the case, but over the past few years things have changed drastically. While she's still in better shape than most women, she is very clearly not in proper ring shape anymore. She doesn't move the same anymore, she gets visibly winded a lot easier, and she just isn't having the same impact that she once did.

On top of all that, I'm sure Mickie commands a hell of a paycheque. As far as name value goes, Mickie does carry some amount of weight. Fans know who she is, fans know what she's accomplished. Luckily for TNA however, she isn't the only veteran female wrestler on the roster. In fact, it could be argued that most of the TNA Knockouts Division is made up of "veteran" talents. When you have wrestlers like Gail Kim, Winter, Tara, Angelina Love and Sarita on your roster, you just simply don't need Mickie James anymore. Maybe WWE could use her again, but she has no place in my TNA.


So there you have it, 6 more names have been cut from the TNA roster.That makes 18 names in total that I've now released from their duties, and also equals MILLIONS in saved cash money. But now I'd like to take a look at some names I would bring into the company to fill some of these freshly vacated positions. I'm not going to fill all 18, because what would be the point in that, but certainly a few spots will be taken. Who's going to make the cut? Let's check it out.


1) Low Ki/Senshi/Kaval

More than any other wrestler, Low Ki is the one who a good portion of you guys wanted me to include on this list, and I have to say I agree for the most part. However, things are going to be different this time around.

Low Ki has already had a few runs in the company, none of them for very long. His first run actually began on the very first TNA show back in 2002, but ended a little over 2 years later when he returned to RoH. In 2006 he returned at Lockdown, but left about a year and a half later in December of 2007. Most recently he appeared at Destination X in 2011 in a four-way match for a TNA contract (which Austin Aries ended up winning).

It's hard to say what caused Low Ki to leave the company so many times, but I imagine it had something to do with how he was used. He's a guy that's good enough that, if he were ever to find himself unemployed, it wouldn't be for long. The fans are clearly behind him, as evidenced by the reaction he got when he returned briefly last year, and TNA could benefit immensely from his presence. Right now, Austin Aries has no equal in the X-Division. How long can that really last before people start to get sick of it? He needs someone who is on his level, and Low Ki is that man.

2) Chris Masters

Another guy who received some overwhelming support from you guys, and another guy who I absolutely agree with signing.

Masters has been the victim of some pretty shit luck when it comes to his career. Granted a lot of that is his own fault, but it's still unfortunate. After he slimmed down (re: stopped doing steroids) he became much more fluid in the ring, but the thing that never changed was his natural charisma. The man is a born heel, and the Masterpiece gimmick was a thing of beauty while it lasted. To this day I don't understand why WWE didn't bring him back as the Masterpiece in 2009, instead saddling him with that ridiculous face persona.

Despite some great matches on Superstars, Masters never got close to sniffing the same kind of success he saw in his initial run with the company. The fans seem to like this guy, and as talented as he is he deserves to be in one of the big North American companies. If WWE is going to let him go, TNA needs to jump all over the opportunity. Masters is born to be a main event guy, and it wouldn't take much for TNA to push him to that level. He's a big enough name that he might bring in some new viewers, and he's talented enough that he will immediately benefit the TNA product. Even if he only sticks around for a couple of years before returning to WWE, it would be a win/win for every party involved.

3) & 4) Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin

Professional wrestling is in desperate need of a boost to tag team wrestling. While both TNA and WWE have tried to revamp their respective divisions over the past couple years, neither attempt has been overly successful. While TNA has certainly had some better results, they still need that one superstar team to really make it work. Now that the Motor City Machine Guns are no longer a thing, "The World's Greatest Tag Team" is perfect to fill the slot.

Both men have improved since their time in WWE, and like Masters they both deserve to be in one of the top two companies in the continent. I would hate to see them get wasted in WWE again, and I just think they would be a great fit for TNA. They could be the top team in the company, but both men could also find some great singles success. While neither man would be my top pick for World Championship Contender, the X-Division and mid-card title scene would benefit from their presence.

It's time for Haas and Benjamin to return to the big time.

5) Scotty Mac

Scotty who? I don't blame you guys if you haven't heard of this guy before, so let me give you a bit of background. He's the current owner of Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling (ECCW, based in British Columbia) and is one of the most decorated champions in the promotion's history. While someone not familiar with his work might assume that's only because he owns the company, he only bought the promotion 2 years ago, and most of his success came before that.

Mac is an absolute well of charisma, and watching him wrestle it's understandable why he has been so successful in this industry. He received a 3-day tryout with WWE in 2005 (after only 4 years in the industry), and while a contract wasn't signed, Mac continued to hone his skills. Now, as the owner of ECCW, Mac is at the absolute top of his game.

So why would he make a good fit for TNA? Simply put, he's just too damn good to be wasting away in an indy promotion (even though he owns it). He's versatile in the ring and could conform to normal or X-Division styles; he can deliver a hell of a promo; and at only 33 years old with no major injuries to speak of, he has loads of time left in this industry before he has to hang up the boots.

Photo Credit: ME. Mac is the one on the top rope there.

I've had the chance to talk to Scotty Mac personally before when I covered an ECCW show for a local newspaper, and his passion for the industry is very clear. On top of that, he's a great guy and treats his fans like they deserve to be treated: like royalty. So not only would he be a great addition to the on-screen product for TNA, he would be a great advocate for the company in interviews and outside media promotion. Scotty Mac is destined for greatness, and TNA is a great way to start that off.


Just to clear it up now, because I'm sure it will come up in later comments, I had considered both MVP and John Morrison for this list. I intentionally left them both off for various reasons. MVP is achieving the kind of success he deserves over in Japan, and if he's going to return to North America it's going to be to wrestle for WWE. Morrison is a born superstar, and while he would be GREAT for TNA, I think he would sooner sign with WWE again. So while I would love to have either guy in my TNA, I just didn't see them as overly realistic picks.

But that just about does it for part 2 of my series on how to "fix" TNA. Part 3 is going to take a look at revamping their weekly TV situation, possibly taking a look at the pros and cons of introducing a second weekly show. As before, if you want your two cents thrown into the next edition, shoot me some feedback and I might include your comments.

But until next time folks, thanks for stopping by.


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Forty-six. That's how many active wrestlers are currently on the TNA roster. By comparison, WWE has about 67 between the RAW and Smackdown rosters (90 if you include the NXT roster, but for the purposes of this column I won't be mentioning that show any further.

RAW, Smackdown, and iMPACT all have 2 hours each week to put on a show, and yet iMPACT has a significantly larger roster than either of the WWE shows. This presents a couple of different issues for TNA:

1) There's not enough time to go around
Two hours for 46 wrestlers just isn't enough to go around. RAW and Smackdown have enough trouble dishing out time to their notably smaller rosters, and while I blame a lot of that on the disintegration of brand exclusivity, there's still some fat that could be trimmed there. If TNA had a second show, having 46 active wrestlers wouldn't be so bad, but as it stands right now there are just too many people on the roster.
The main problem that this presents is that because the wrestlers don't have a lot of time to perform on screen, they don't have time to build proper characters, and that keeps them from really connecting with the fans. TNA has some great characters in their main event, but their mid card is suffering greatly because only a couple of guys really get time to grow.

2) It costs a lot
For a company that is notorious for having financial issues, it's baffling to me that TNA keeps so many wrestlers employed. Regardless of how little they pay some of their talent, there's no reason to throw away money to talent that aren't being used enough anyways. The best way for TNA to solve their money issues is to expand their fan base through a quality product, but until then they should slim down their roster to eliminate some unnecessary costs.

Step one in my plan to "fix" TNA is to cut some names from the roster that are just taking up space, time and money. No one is safe here, and the names I cut could be wrestlers, announcers, or any other personalities employed by the company. So without further delay, let's get to the list shall we?

1)Garett Bischoff

Anyone that has read my columns before shouldn't be surprised by this first pick. Hell, anyone that's watched any amount of TNA over the past couple of months shouldn't be surprised. Garett Bischoff, to me, represents everything that is wrong with nepotism in professional wrestling. The only reason Garett is where he is is because of who his daddy is, and he has no amount of measurable skill as a wrestler.

He can't wrestle, he can't cut a promo, and he has less acting ability than Kristen Stewart on her worst day. He wasn't even a decent referee. This kid is 100% useless. I guarantee he's being paid a large amount of money (again, because of who his father is) and he's absolutely not worth it. He's not even good enough to be considered for a spot in OVW. In all my feedback from readers and fellow wrestling fanatics, I have not heard one positive thing said about this guy. I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt at first, hoping that being brought up in the business might have had some positive effect on him at some point, but now I just want him gone. Garett Bischoff needs to go, and he needs to go ASAP.

If this ever happens, I might have multiple heart attacks in a row.

2) Hernandez

I used to be a big fan of Big Mex. He's never been the best wrestler or talker in the industry, but with his physical size and aggressive wrestling style he was a convincing enough badass to have a spot on the roster. When he was sent down to Mexico to improve his skills in the ring, I had such high hopes for his return. I was predicting a massive main event run for Hernandez, maybe even an eventual run with the World Championship. TNA needed another monster, and Hernandez seemed as though he was being primed for that spot. But that obviously never happened, and Hernandez is still the same wrestler he was 2 years ago.

Every time Big Mex climbs in that ring for a match, I legitimately fear for the well being of his opponent. He doesn't seem to get that he's supposed to PROTECT the guy standing across from him, not try to legitimately take his head off. With everything that we now know about head injuries and their effect on people, guys like Hernandez just simply can't be trusted in such a high-impact sport. TNA has done everything they can for this guy. When rumours of his impending firing were running rampant, they sent him to Mexico to hone his skills, grooming him for a big return. But as I mentioned before, it failed. The Hernandez experiment is over, and now he's just taking up room on the roster. I wish things could be different, but Hernandez needs to be cut.

3) Mark Haskins

Mark who? Exactly my point.

Haskins was brought in during TNA's attempt at revitalizing the X-Division as a surprise opponent for then champion Douglas Williams, but since then he hasn't done ANYTHING of note. In fact, I'm pretty sure you could count the number of times he's appeared on iMPACT since then on one hand. The couple of appearances he's made haven't exactly left a good impression on me, and the crowd has no apparent reaction to his presence. I don't see the point in keeping this guy employed if he's not going to be used. He doesn't offer any benefits to the company, and he'd likely be better served by returning to the UK where he apparently gets a better reaction from the crowd.

This is Mark Haskins. I forgive you if he doesn't look familiar in the least.

4) Taz

This might be the first somewhat shocking pick on my list, but to me it makes perfect sense.

One of the most important aspects of a wrestling show is the announce team. For a TV audience, the announcers are the main voices that they hear and are a major component in getting the wrestlers over. They add so much to the matches and segment analysis every week that the pressure to be on top of their game is unimaginable. If it were just a couple of times that Taz failed to fulfill his duties as an announcer, things might be different. When he started in TNA I was stoked. He added something different to the somewhat stagnant team of Tenay and West, and as a proven announcer I looked forward to what he could bring to the product.

Since that time, he's become boring and bad at his job. He says stupid things on a regular basis, he can't sell a match to save his life, and he actually does more harm to getting wrestlers over than he does good. As good as Tenay can be, he's not good enough to cover up for Taz' shortcomings. If TNA got rid of Taz, they could very easily bring Don West back to the announce booth, and I think that would actually add something good back to iMPACT. Taz is probably collecting a nice paycheque, so cutting him frees up some more cash for the company.

Note: With the recent post saying that Don West is done with TNA, I almost reconsidered including Taz on this list. That being said, I'm sure there's loads of people who would be better in the announce booth than Taz is right now, so even with West potentially out of the picture as a replacement, I still think Taz should be gone.

I wouldn't be surprised if some of you were against this pick, and I respect your opinion, I just disagree with it. Taz is no longer the announcer he once was, and it's time for him to step away.

5) Gunner

Earlier on Twitter, I made a post about how Gunner didn't deserve some of the crap people give him. Personally I think he's a solid enough wrestler, and while he's not the best talker in the world, I see a decent amount of potential in him. He's got a unique look, and the nickname "Mr. Intensity" is pretty well fitting. His intense style is perfect for the kind of heel he plays, and if TNA gave him some room to grow he could very well become a bigger player in the company. Maybe not ever a World Champion, but an addition to the mid card? Absolutely.

So if I'm such a fan of Gunner, why have I included him on a list of wrestlers I would cut from the company? Because a lot of the people I talk to (and of course the fans in attendance) don't share the same feelings I do. Keeping a guy who no one likes is bad for business, and that's the thing I aim to "stop" with this series of steps I would take to "fix" the company.

Gunner would benefit from some time spent in developmental where he could further hone his skills in the ring and on the mic. I do believe he'll end up being a mid card superstar someday, and since he's only 30 years old he's got loads of time to improve before his career is over. For now, the smart decision is to cut him from TNA.

6) Abyss

Come on now. Any of you who are even mildly familiar with my work should have been expecting this moment from the very beginning.

Abyss hasn't been relevant in a very long time. When TNA was in its infancy, Abyss was an interesting gimmick that added an element of hardcore violence to their show. Since then however, Abyss has exhausted every possibly gimmick he's capable of pulling off. He was a monster, he was a crazy guy seeing a therapist, he was Hulk Hogan's protégé, and now he's playing Joseph Parks (Abyss' "brother") who shows up at random times looking for Abyss. Admittedly he's had some success, and there was a point where I enjoyed his monster character (anyone willing to take that kind of physical abuse gets some respect from me), but now he's just kind of annoying.

TNA tries to pass Abyss off as the new Mankind, but the problem is that Abyss doesn't have a shred of Mick Foley's talent. His matches are so formulaic that most of the time it's possible to predict everything that's going to happen, and in precise order. Maybe if he could wrestle a normal match this might be more acceptable, but unless he's falling on a pile of thumbtacks, Abyss is functionally useless. TNA is slowly getting away from stupid gimmicky wrestlers, and unfortunately for Abyss that's exactly what he is. He could very well succeed on the indy scene where these gimmicks are still acceptable, but there's no place in the big time for Abyss anymore.

7) Shannon Moore

I've tried to like Shannon Moore, I really have. I've tried to see his potential value as part of the X-Division, I've tried to see any positive things he brings to the TNA product, but it's just not happening. He looks ridiculous, he has no gimmick outside of carrying around the book of DILLIGAF, and now that Jesse Neal and Toxxin are gone he has no partners to help hide his shortcomings. At least when Toxxin was around there was something to look at during an Ink Inc. match.

I feel like Moore, much like Abyss, would have some more success on the indy scene. He's enough of a spot monkey that some of those crowds could enjoy his work, and his name is big enough that it wouldn't take long for someone to sign him on. But as far as TNA is concerned, Moore has become boring and worthless. There's really no need to keep him around anymore as he's far overstayed his welcome in the "big leagues". If TNA frees up a spot by getting rid of Moore, they have a great chance to sign an X-Division guy that might actually add something to the product.

8) Hulk Hogan

I've said it before and I'll say it again a million times, Hogan needs to step away from the pro wrestling industry. As big as his name is, and as much as he's done for the industry through his long career, he isn't adding anything to the TNA product. He was brought in to revolutionize the company and bring them to heights they had never seen before, and where did that get TNA? No further along than they were 3 years ago.

Hogan's ego is going to continue to hurt TNA until irreparable damage is done. Remember how Bobby Roode was supposed to win the World Championship at Bound For Glory after months of building him up as the next face of the company? Remember how, because those plans were changed last minute, the whole BFG Series was deemed a failure? Remember how Roode ended up winning the title shortly after the PPV anyways, but in the process both his and James Storm's first World Title wins were not as special or memorable as they should have been? That was all because Hogan didn't believe Roode was World Champ material. Roode and Storm aren't the only ones who have suffered as a result of Hogan's ego, as both Eric Young and Jay Lethal were shot down, despite being incredibly over with the fans.

When Hogan's run as the head of Immortal was finally ended, I hoped that he might be leaving TNA as well. With as much power as he has in that company, he's done nothing but further his own agenda. TNA is no better off now than they were pre-Hogan, so it's time to cut him loose. Try something new TNA, and stop wasting so much cash on a guy who is doing nothing for you.

9) Eric Bischoff

Short entry here, because my reasons for wanting him gone are more or less the same as why I want Hogan gone. While Bischoff's TV role has been reduced for the time being, he still has a job with the company, and I'm sure still has some power behind the scenes. Like Hogan, Bischoff's ego is hurting the company, and he makes far too much money for a guy who has done nothing to help TNA grow. Like Hogan, it's time for him to leave.

10) Rob Van Dam

RVD has had a great career over the years. It's unfortunate that he never achieved his full potential in WWE (granted that's probably his fault) as he could have been a great addition to their main event scene, and when he came to TNA I had high hopes that he might have been able to help them out as a veteran wrestler. As his time in TNA went on, it was very clear that he was not at the level he once was. While he's still in tremendous physical shape, RVD has refused to adapt his in-ring style to better suit what he is capable of pulling off, and because of this he just looks like a sad shadow of his former self.

The difference between RVD and a veteran like Kurt Angle is that Kurt is still capable of having a great match with anybody on the card. Unless his opponent is named Jerry Lynn, the same can't be said about RVD. It's painfully obvious that RVD is only there for himself, and that selfishness is not doing the company any good. With a hefty paycheque and only having to appear a limited number of times a year, the benefits of NOT having RVD in TNA far outweigh the benefits of having him there. RVD needs to consider going back to WWE for one last run, maybe collect some cash from a new DVD and merchandise deal, but TNA needs to get rid of him.

11) Mr. Anderson

Yes, the man who I used to defend with every ounce of my being has made my list of releases. Some of you might be shocked (mizfan, I'm looking at you here) to see Anderson included, but my reasoning for it is very simple: he just doesn't have what it takes to make it.

Anderson is capable of being a great talent, but the problem is his attitude. The only time he appears to be at the top of his game is when he is pursuing the TNA World Championship. When he's in the hunt for that prize, he gives 100% every single damn time he appears on screen. However, when he ISN'T involved in the title hunt or has actually become the World Champion, he just appears to be complacent and/or pouty about his situation. He's like a pet dog that is only obedient when the promise of a treat is waved in front of his nose, and that's just not good for business. Why should TNA bother to put time and money into a guy that's going to give a half-assed effort when he's not being promised a reward?

Anderson squandered a great chance in TNA by being such a little bitch about things. If he was smart, he would have gone into TNA with everything he possibly could, had a great run as World Champion, and eventually make his way back to WWE where he belonged. As it stands right now, Anderson just isn't worth the trouble anymore. If he wants to see how bad things can be as a wrestler, he should spend some time on the indy scene where guys have to fight tooth and nail just to get LOOKED at by a professional scout.

Stop being so butthurt Kenny, before no one wants you and it's too late to redeem yourself.

12) Rob Terry

Another guy who I've defended in the past but who has let me down over the past little while.

Rob Terry was never the best wrestler, and what little time he's been allowed on the mic hasn't exactly been impressive. As physically intimidating as he is, there's only so far that can take a wrestler. Terry hasn't really improved significantly during his time with TNA, and as Robbie E.'s bodyguard he's just becoming stagnant. Without a strong partner (such as Magnus or Doug Williams), Terry is functionally useless. Sorry big man, your time is up.


Ideas From My Readers

jswag23: I would release Gunner, Abyss, Garrett Bischoff, Hernandez, Robbie E and Robbie T. I feel four of the six that I mentioned have no talent at all (Gunner, Abyss, Garrett, and Robbie T) and Hernandez is past his prime. Maybe with a little more seasoning Robbie E could be good but he really does nothing for me.

darcphoenix2: release crimson, doug williams, gunner, garrett bischoff, mark haskins, rob terry.

Mark S.: Get Garett out of TNA now. He's just awful

Dave P.: Bobby Roode, James Storm, and Crimson. All of them are overrated and do nothing for me.


Well that just about does it for the first part of my series on how I would "fix" TNA. Thank you to all who submitted feedback last time, some of the picks I got were interesting to say the least.

The second issue is going to take a look at perhaps a couple more names that should go, but mostly it's going to focus on any names I would bring in to the company to replenish/replace some of the names I got rid of. If any of you have ideas on who YOU would bring in, shoot me an email/leave some feedback here and I may include your post in the next column.

So until next time, thanks for stopping by.


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