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Posted in: The Crow's Nest
The Crow's Nest - Bound For Glory Reactions and Review
By TheCrow
Oct 15, 2012 - 6:20:00 AM

1) Bound For Glory Predictions (13/10/12)

2) Bound For Glory Reaction and Review (15/10/12)

So another Bound For Glory has come and gone. I watched the show (obviously) and actually did quite well on my predictions, only getting one of the match outcomes wrong. Not too bad. Going into the show, I was expecting to see something good. The card looked solid and was built up well, so I was looking forward to not only good matches, but good storyline progression. But how did the show measure up to my expectations? Let's take a look.

Tara vs. Miss Tessmacher was as good as I expected it to be. Tessy was, as usual, quite over with the fans, and Tara was back to working a much more aggressive style. But as good as the match was, my mind kept going back to one thing: who was going to be revealed as Tara's "Hollywood boyfriend"? There was a lot of speculation going around, with names like Eric Young and John Morrison being brought up frequently, but I wasn't at all prepared for what happened next. Jessie Godderz, aka "Mr. Pec-tacular", aka Jessie from the hit CBS show Big Brother, came out after Tara won the title and proceeded to have a very steamy make-out session with the new champ in the middle of the ring. Godderz has been in OVW for some time now, and signed a developmental deal with TNA in 2011. I haven't seen any of his matches yet, but I do know his attitude from Big Brother, and if he can translate that charisma into his wrestling character, he'll be gold. I wouldn't have guessed in a million years that THIS is how he would be brought up to the main roster, but I can't say I'm upset about it. Time to see if "Mr. Pec-tacular" can make it in the world of wrestling.

Samoa Joe vs. Magnus was, as expected, a very good match and very fun to watch. Joe seems to be putting in more effort now than he has in the past little while, putting him back on top of his game. Joe and Magnus have some kind of natural chemistry in the ring together, whether as a team or as opponents, and that showed to be 100% true last night. Joe retained, as I expected he would, but don't expect this feud to end just yet. If TNA is smart (shut it haters) they'll keep this feud going, because it could be exactly what Magnus needs to finally rise up the card. He will win the Television Championship at some point before 2012 ends, of this much I am sure, and if he does it while feuding with one of the best wrestlers on the roster, that's just going to make it all the more sweet to watch.

Joey Ryan vs. Al Snow was actually better than I expected. Not by much, as it's clear Snow isn't exactly in ring-shape right now, but still better. As expected Ryan did walk away victorious, but that's hardly what people are talking about. Matt Morgan finally made his return to TNA, appearing to align himself with Ryan. A lot of people seem pissed about this, and really I don't understand why. Yes, Matt Morgan should be in the main event, but look at how cluttered the main event is right now. If they just put him right in there, it runs the risk of not only taking away the impact of his long overdue ascent to the top, but also taking away from everybody else in the main event as their feuds and builds would be cut prematurely short. Storm and Roode are busy with each other, Aries and Hardy are going to feud at least until Aries gets his rematch, AJ Styles and Kurt Angle are busy being a tag team, and Bully Ray is now deeply involved in the Aces & 8s storyline. Who is there for Morgan to feud with in the main event? Ryan is already crazy over, which is great considering how little time he's actually been on screen, so why not pair Morgan with Ryan to not only help Ryan's build, but also to keep Morgan involved with a feud the fans seem to care about until a main event slot frees up? Morgan might be in the "Diesel" role for now, but I don't think it'll stay that way for long. Morgan has shown he's more than willing to leave the company if TNA continues to pass him over for a run at the top, and I think TNA now realizes just how big a deal he could be for their product. Morgan will get what's his eventually, but rushing things won't do anybody any favors.

Seriously people, just be patient. It's going to happen, no need to rush it.

The triple-threat tag team match between Chavo & Hernandez, Kurt Angle & AJ Styles, and Kaz & Daniels surprised me by being much better than I expected. By keeping only 2 men in the ring at any one point, they managed to keep things from venturing into that ever-dangerous "cluster****" territory. Some false finishes, which always helps to add some drama to the match, and a bit of a surprise ending. I knew TNA was pushing the Mexican duo as their newest tag team, but I didn't think they'd pull the trigger on a title run just yet. I think they'll do just fine as a team, especially since it seems that Hernandez has FINALLY stepped up his in-ring game. I now fear for his opponent's lives far less than before. I still think it was kind of lame to take the belts off of Kaz and Daniels like they did, seeing as that team was one of the best things on Impact, so I do hope that they end up feuding, at least until the next PPV where Kaz and Daniels can get their rematch. Overall, solid match, much better than I expected it to be. Also it was the only match I predicted incorrectly.

RVD vs. Zema Ion on the other hand was exactly as weak as I expected it to be. It wasn't exactly awful, but it really did nothing to hide how much RVD has slowed down over the past couple of years. Zema Ion hasn't exactly been a GREAT X-DIvision Champion so far, so I can't say I'm sad to see him lose the belt. The X-Division belt is the #2 belt in the company, so they need a stronger superstar holding it most of the time. Give him some time to boost his game before hopping back in the title picture, setting up the inevitable feud with Jesse Sorensen when he returns from injury. Sorensen is going to get a big push as soon as he returns as TNA is going to want to capitalize on the crowd's sympathy for him, so having Zema Ion at the top of his game for that feud is going to be for the best. Hopefully RVD doesn't hold the belt for too long as the thought of him competing on a regular basis hurts my soul a bit.

James Storm vs. Bobby Roode was actually great to watch, made all the more entertaining by the Street Fight rules it was fought under. King Mo didn't seem to do a whole lot, which was kind of surprising as I thought he'd play a much bigger role, but I'm not entirely upset about that. The focus was, as it should have been, placed on the two guys fighting, not some MMA fighter that a lot of people don't even know. Storm bled pretty early in the match, and by the looks of it he bladed pretty damn deep. A couple of times the camera zoomed in on his face, and it looked like he had a pretty bad gash on his forehead. It was violent as hell, and they sold me in terms of believing they really wanted to hurt each other (for a storyline anyways, obviously I know it isn't real). My one criticism of the match is the over-use of finishers by both Storm and Roode. When you're hitting finishers that often in a match, it takes away from the ACTUAL finish, especially when it's supposed to be a "come out of nowhere" ending. I don't think this is the last we've seen of this feud though. There's still a lot to be done there, and while the TNA World Heavyweight Championship is busy in another feud, it makes sense to keep both men in high-profile matches. Plus, they work damn well together in the ring.

And of course, there's the two main events of the evening.

I was surprised to see Aces & 8s vs. Sting & Bully Ray go on as the second-last match of the evening as I was almost sure it would main event the show. During the pre-show, Hogan announced that this was actually going to be a No-DQ match, virtually guaranteeing that Aces & 8s would take the win via some nefarious means. The match itself was actually pretty good, with Bully and the two A&8 guys doing most of the work. I'm all but convinced that the two A&8 guys were Mike Knox and Luke Gallows now, though that's not exactly a new thought for me as I've wondered about it before. Overall the match was pretty good, with only one thing taking away from how much I could care about the action: were we going to finally find out who the leader of the group was? As it turns out no, we didn't find out who the leader was, but we DID find out who one of the thugs were. But, unlike TNA did with Bound For Glory, I'm going to close out this column with my thoughts on Aces & 8s.

Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries was great. Say what you will about Hardy, but when he is on, he's damn on. Maybe it was because he was in the ring with a guy as talented as Aries, but I don't think that was it. The most interesting part about this match however was the crowd's reactions to both wrestlers. Hardy, who is usually the most over guy on the entire roster, was getting loud BOOS from the crowd, whereas Aries was getting the cheers, louder cheers than usual. The crowd actually turned on their golden boy Jeff Hardy and cheered for his opponent. Hardy did look visibly shocked by all of this, but that went away when it came time to get down to business. Lots of great spots in this match, including an absolutely BRUTAL looking alley-oop by Hardy. Everyone on the Skype call I was a part of had the same "HOLY SHIT" reaction when that happened. And of course, as I and many others predicted, Jeff Hardy walked away with the World Heavyweight Championship.

This might surprise a lot of you, but I'm actually okay with Hardy winning the belt. Regardless of whether it's cheers or boos, Hardy gets the loudest crowd reaction of anybody on the TNA roster. He's their top guy, there's no debating that. My one major hope for this feud though is that they keep going, at least until the next PPV. Hardy and Aries work well together, and it could end up being a great feud if TNA lets it happen.


As promised though, I'm ending this column by talking a bit more about the Aces & 8s situation.

As some of you might be aware, Devon was revealed as a member of the group after the match ended. A lot of people assumed he was revealed as the leader of the group, but it now seems that isn't the case and he's merely one of the group's members. This revelation of Devon as a member seems to have rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, and I for one don't get the hate.

I'm far from Devon's biggest fan, but there's no denying that he's quite over with the fans. He's more than capable in the ring, and if he has to cut a promo that usually isn't a problem. TNA hasn't exactly booked him super well in the past, so it looks like this is kind of a "sorry about that" situation. Some people are claiming they saw this coming, and for the most part I think they're full of shit. Aside from Hustle, I heard VERY few people even bring it up as a possibility before the end of the PPV. TNA managed to keep the lid tightly sealed on this secret, but of course now that it's been revealed we have a bunch of people saying they saw it coming.

On top of all that though, this revelation ties up some loose ends. Devon is going to be booked as the reason Aces & 8s was able to get into the building as easily as they were, which is a question a lot of people had on their minds. They had access to the Impact Zone (and other TNA venues of course) that no one should have, and unless TNA has the most incompetent security in the world (perhaps trained at the same school as the guys who were supposed to protect CM Punk in the crowd?) they needed help getting in. Devon was that help.

But perhaps most importantly, it gives Bully Ray something to do in the TNA main event. Some people are groaning over the prospects of another Bubba/Devon feud, but I don't quite get that. They work well in the ring with each other, and in terms of storyline logic it doesn't get much better than that. The one major difference this time around is that the roles have been switched. Devon is now the heel, and Bubba is now the face. In a VERY short period of time, Bully Ray went from being the top heel in the company to arguably one of the top faces. I'm sure he'll eventually fall into more of a tweener role, but the quickness with which this happened is impressive. Bully Ray is still at the top of the card, and as upset as I am about TNA not having Bully win the BFG Series and subsequently the World Championship, at least he hasn't fallen back into mid-card hell. This is setting up something that will benefit BOTH men.

Now I don't mean to give you the impression that I'm entirely satisfied with how things played out, because I'm not. If this really was the plan all along, to reveal Devon as a member of the group, it should have been done a couple of weeks before the PPV. Not only would that satisfy the fans' wishes of finding out who was involved in Aces & 8s, but it would have given Bully Ray a really damn good reason for getting involved in the tag match at Bound For Glory. He sees his former partner getting chummy with the group he blames for him not winning the World Championship, naturally he's going to want to get involved. On top of that though, it would have put a face on one of the competitors in the match at the PPV, thereby making it easier for the fans to get into it. The group as a whole are over as heels in their segments, but put two random masked men in the ring with NO individual characters, it's harder to care. Had Devon been unmasked as a member of the group beforehand, it would have helped to build the drama both building up to and during the match.

The other main problem I have is that the reveal at Bound For Glory should have been bigger, and by that I mean it should have been the leader. This Aces & 8s storyline is getting dangerously close to being stagnant, and it's now overdue for them to have an official mouthpiece. It doesn't have to be a wrestler (though that would be nice) as a manager of some sort would be almost as good, but they need SOMEBODY. Running around as a group of thugs was fine at first as it helped to get them over, but they're at the stage now where they need something more. Again, they need to give the fans a reason to become more invested in the feud. We need to know who is the mastermind behind this group, and we need it sooner rather than later.

Devon might not be the biggest name they could have chosen as the first revealed member of the group, but that doesn't mean he was the worst. Was it an ideal choice? No. But TNA has been really good lately, and I'm willing to give them a chance on this decision. It isn't groundbreaking revolutionary stuff, but not everything has to be. I'm giving this a chance, and I think more people should try that instead of dumping on TNA because things didn't pan out exactly as they wanted them to.


So there you have it folks, my thoughts on last night's PPV. What did all of you think? As always I look forward to hearing your responses, so don't be shy in getting in touch with me. Until next time however, thanks for stopping by.


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Well folks, it’s that time of year again. Tomorrow night, TNA will air their annual PPV Bound For Glory, their biggest show of the year. Despite my frustrations over how the Bound For Glory Series ended, the card is actually shaping up to be quite good. Recently TNA has been putting on really solid PPVs, despite SOME questionable booking, and I don’t think tomorrow night is going to be any different. So with that being said, let’s take a look at the card. As always, I’ll be making predictions on what I think will happen, but I’ll also be saying what I wish would happen.


This may not be the greatest match on the card, but that does not make it bad by any means. Tara is one of the best female wrestlers in the industry right now, and Tessmacher is steadily improving every time she steps foot in the ring. The crowd loves her, and on the flip side they HATE Tara right now. I don’t think this feud is going to end after the PPV tomorrow night because we haven’t yet had the “big reveal” of who Tara’s “Hollywood BF” is. Tara is finally being allowed to show some edge again, and that’s when she’s always at her best. As good as Tessy has been as Knockouts Champion, I think it’s about time for a switch. Tara has been great lately, and I think giving her the belt would help continue that momentum. If TNA wants to build Tara as their new mega-heel Knockout, tomorrow night is the time to really kick that story into high gear. I assume Tara’s “boyfriend” will make an appearance at some point, and it might even be what causes Tessy to lose. Not through physical interference of course, but through some kind of distraction. Maybe it’ll be someone she knows?
What I Think Will Happen: Tara wins to become the NEW Knockouts Champion
What I Wish Would Happen: Tara wins to become the NEW Knockouts Champion

This has been building for quite some time now, too long some might say. Ever since he failed to win a contract through his Gut Check segment, Joey Ryan has been doing a phenomenal job of getting the fans behind him. He took to the internet and promoted the hell out of himself, building up enough of a fan base that when he would randomly appear on an episode of Impact, usually not for more than a few seconds, the fans would go NUTS. I don’t know if it was TNA’s plan all along to bring him back, or if they just did it in response to the requests of the fans, but it’s worked. Ryan finally has the TNA match he’s been asking for, or at least he kind of does. If he wins, he gets his TNA contract. If he loses, he has to leave TNA for good. Because of that stipulation, the outcome of this match seems pretty damn obvious. Unless someone in TNA really hates Joey Ryan, I don’t see him losing to Al Snow tomorrow. TNA needs to strike while the iron is hot, and Ryan is at a red-hot level of popularity right now. What I’ve seen of his work I’ve really liked, so I wouldn’t mind seeing him join the roster. TNA seems to be re-structuring and re-building their mid-card division, and Ryan would be a great addition to that. I wouldn’t be surprised if he won via some sort of nefarious means, but a victory is a victory, especially when there’s a contract on the line.
What I Think Will Happen: Joey Ryan wins
What I Wish Would Happen: Joey Ryan wins

Hey what do you know, ANOTHER match that’s been building up for a long time. Most people figured this match would be taking place at Bound For Glory, but almost all of those people figured Storm and Roode would be fighting over the World Heavyweight Championship. I was almost positive that wouldn’t be the case, and it turns out I was right. But that’s beside the point. Storm and Roode have proven in the past that they can work well together in the ring, either as allies or opponents, and I don’t see tomorrow night being any different. The inclusion of King Mo is kind of curious though. I get what they’re aiming for with the whole “no referee wanted to step between these guys” shtick, it’s not anything we haven’t seen before, but this is going to be fought under STREET FIGHT rules. It’s SUPPOSED to be violent. What’s a “guest enforcer” supposed to do in a match that has basically no rules?
As for what the outcome will be, I have a sneaking suspicion that James Storm is going to walk away victorious, based solely on the fact that there’s a special enforcer stipulation. My main problem with that is that I would like to see this feud continue past the PPV, and if Storm gets the win tomorrow night, that could be put in jeopardy. That’s obviously not a for sure thing, but I like the idea of Roode getting the win and Storm having to pursue the rematch. Either way though, I’m looking forward to what is sure to be the most violent and bloody match on the card. Both guys can work a pretty damn rough style, and adding weapons into the mix will just accentuate that fact.
What I Think Will Happen: James Storm wins
What I Wish Would Happen: Bobby Roode wins

I’ve tried really hard to get into Zema Ion, I really have, but as of this point he has still failed to really impress me. With the X-Division Championship becoming TNA’s second most important title (at least around Destination X anyways) the company should be using it to build their upper mid-card guys to the point where the fans might actually buy them as main event ready. I’m no longer RVD’s biggest fan, but having a veteran hold the belt for a while might not be such a bad thing.
That being said, my prediction hinges on one key x-factor: the return of Jesse Sorensen. It’s pretty much a given that when Sorensen returns he’ll be feuding with Zema Ion. TNA even kept that fact alive in the fans’ minds when they had Sorensen appear at a recent PPV to update everybody on his condition and ended up having a confrontation with the X-Division Champ. He’s been out for about 8 months now, which is creeping up quickly on that “up to one year” time frame that the doctors gave him. I would never encourage him to come back before he’s properly healed, but if the doctors are going to give him the “all clear” in the next couple of months, I imagine we’ll be seeing him pop up soon. If he is going to return soon, I figure Zema Ion retains. If he’s still going to be out for 3-4 months, it might be time to freshen up the division a bit and let Ion get back on the chase. He’s a bit stagnant right now, so that might actually be a best case scenario for him. I’m not 100% confident in this prediction, but I’m going to go with my gut here.
What I Think Will Happen: RVD wins to become the NEW TNA X-Division Champion
What I Wish Would Happen: Zema Ion retains

This match could either be really good, or really bad. Any time you have this many wrestlers in the ring at the same time, it has the potential to become somewhat cluttered, but at the same time there’s a hell of a lot of wrestling talent involved here. Kaz and Daniels have been great as champions and have become a must-see part of Impact every single week, even if it’s just for a brief comedic segment. Even Chavo and Hernandez are slowly becoming a legitimate team. Styles and Angle still seem too “thrown together” for my liking, and with Angle working injured that makes it even harder to buy them as a real threat to the belts. It’s nice to see TNA trying to establish real tag teams again, but there’s just no one who can do the job better than the current champs right now. Chavo/Hernandez could be a great team down the line, but right now they’re just not ready to lead the division. Daniels and Kaz are way too hot right now to cut the reign short (though not really short, given how long they’ve held those belts) and I think it would be a mistake for TNA to do anything but have them retain. Of course given my luck, they’ll lose this time. I predicted they’d lose the belts last PPV and I was wrong, so I can only hope I’m right this time around.
What I Think Will Happen: Daniels and Kazarian retain
What I Wish Would Happen: Daniels and Kazarian retain

I think this match has the potential to be one of the best on the card, if not THE best. This feud is loaded with potential to actually become something special, and I really hope it goes beyond tomorrow night. Magnus is great, as I’ve said a thousand times before, and Joe is finally starting to show some of his old spark again. The Television Championship is just about as meaningless as the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships, and it really needs a strong mid-card to turn things around and make it matter as a #2 title again. Magnus and Joe are just the guys that can make that happen. Joe has held the belt for less than a month now, so part of me wants to pick him to retain purely based on that. As much as I would LOVE to see Magnus get a huge win on TNA’s biggest PPV of the year, it really wouldn’t do anybody any good. Joe looks like a weak champion, the belt gets de-valued even further, and Magnus gets cheated out of a big moment. This feud needs to continue past tomorrow night, and I think the best way for that to happen is for Joe to retain. It might cost Magnus a victory at Bound For Glory, but it sets him up for a huge title win in the next couple of months. TNA has done a great job at slowly building Magnus towards the top so far, and it would be stupid of them to change that now by rushing a potentially great feud that could see him finally win a singles title.
What I Think Will Happen: Samoa Joe retains
What I Wish Would Happen: Samoa Joe retains

I know some of you have been waiting for this one. The match that almost caused me to stop watching TNA, and actually did succeed in doing so for a couple of weeks. I’m sure I’ve made it pretty clear that I think Bully Ray should have been the one to get this title match, but I’ve since made peace with the situation for reasons that will become clear shortly.
All personal frustrations aside, this actually has the makings of a great match. Aries and Hardy are both solid workers, and they have styles in the ring that are very complementary of each other. This is going to be a fun match to watch, but it’s the outcome that has me worried. On one hand I want Hardy to win, because if he doesn’t this will be the second year in a row (out of two years that it’s run) that the winner of the BFG Series failed to win the championship at Bound For Glory. That just seems like poor booking to me, because the whole point of the tournament was to build NEW main event stars, much like WWE does with their annual “Money in the Bank” gimmick. On the other hand though, Aries is amazing and has done a great job as champion so far. Is it really time to cut that reign off and trust Hardy to lead the company again?
The problem with this “feud” right now is that it seems like something of an afterthought to the Aces & 8s storyline. It may be over TNA’s top prize, but I haven’t seen a whole lot of real tension building between the champion and challenger. Sure there have been teases here and there, but nothing to really sell me on the match. I personally think it’s too early to put the belt back on Hardy. He messed up in a big way with his now infamous drug problems, and as much as I believe people deserve a second chance, Hardy has had a lot of those, and I don’t think TNA should be so quick to trust him again. Not that I’m saying he’ll definitely relapse or anything, but he needs to be punished for what he did. If the rumors are true and Hardy is only in this match because TNA wants to keep him happy until he signs a new contract, then someone needs to get slapped. No way Hardy leaves TNA unless he’s leaving the industry, and that’s not going to happen yet. Hardy would have re-signed regardless. Aries deserves this championship right now, and with his already established role in the Aces & 8s storyline, it makes sense to keep things the way they are. But unfortunately, I’m not sure TNA is going to see it my way.
What I Think Will Happen: Jeff Hardy wins to become the NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion
What I Wish Would Happen: Austin Aries retains

Speaking of Aces & 8s, we’re finally going to get to see them compete in a real match. The wording of the stipulation has me a little curious though. If Aces & 8s are victorious, they get “full access to the Impact Zone”. No mention of official contracts or anything, just access to the arena. Does that mean that they wouldn’t be allowed to show up if TNA put on shows outside of Orlando? Maybe I’m reading too much into it and they really are just fighting for contracts, but it’s still interesting to see how they’ve chosen to word the stipulation.
But about the match…
I’m going to make a prediction very similar to one I’ve made before, so don’t be expecting any big shocker here. Bully Ray was VERY insistent on being Sting’s partner, and when Ken Anderson was chosen instead, Anderson was conveniently on the receiving end of a beatdown from none other than Aces & 8s, allowing Ray to convince Sting and Hogan that he was the right man for the job. Sting went to bat for Ray and told Hogan that he could be trusted, and despite Hogan’s better judgement, he agreed to let it happen. It’s about time we find out who some of the members of Aces & 8s really are, even if it’s just the revelation of their leader. Bully Ray is the perfect guy to lead that group. He’s already a top heel in the company, he’s main event ready, and he’s one of the best talkers in the company right now. I figure Sting gets beat down pretty good in the match, Ray tags in to help out for a bit, but at the end he ends up screwing Sting and letting Aces & 8s get the victory, thereby revealing himself as the leader (or at least a member) of the group.
Even if things don’t play out like that though, Aces & 8s is winning tomorrow night. There’s no way TNA would have them disappear so soon, and without any kind of major pay-off, and they can only keep that whole “they show up even though they’re not supposed to” thing going for so long. Aces & 8s is taking the win tomorrow, and I have no hesitation about making that prediction.
What I Think Will Happen: Aces & 8s win
What I Wish Would Happen: Aces & 8s win

So there we have it, my official predictions for tomorrow night’s PPV. What do you folks think? Agree? Disagree? As always, let me know your thoughts. I’ll likely be posting a review of some kind tomorrow night after the show, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Until then though, thanks for stopping by.

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