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Smarks Court - Daniel Bryan's Road to WrestleMania - THE VERDICT (CPR Productions)
By Maz & Joe
Nov 30, 2013 - 6:01:59 AM

Daniel Bryan’s Road to WrestleMania… The Verdict

‘Sup, Lords of Pain. Last week we asked you about Daniel Bryan’s Road to WrestleMania. Today we are back with the results. So let’s not hang about. The winner is...

Mazza with Daniel Bryan vs The Boss

Mazza: So I pick up the victory this time as people think that Bryan’s unfinished business with Triple H will come to a head at WrestleMania XXX. Normally this would be the part where I brag about my victory but today…

Ah why the hell not…


But in all honesty I would take any of the very cool options put forward by Unc, Glow or Mav if I don’t get to see Hunter tapping like Shirley Temple on an icecream sammich to the Yes Lock in New Orleans. But there are other options at WrestleMania for Bryan and we are going to have a look at a couple of those before we leave you today.

The Beard vs. The Best

Maverick: What if CM Punk and Daniel Bryan’s tag team run against the Wyatt Family ends acrimoniously? After their fantastic work rate based feud in the spring of 2012, we know that these two have electric chemistry in the ring and also that this is just the sort of “ok, we’d best book something for those keyboard warriors” type of match that WWE might come up with as a tertiary main event (after the Streak and whatever Cena is doing). If the match took place over the WWE title, so much the better, but the contest might not actually need a title. With Cookie Monster and the American Bandwagon both much more high profile now than in their previous meetings, you can bet that the rivalry would get a ton of TV time and give the company an almost guaranteed five star match to go with the blockbuster crap involving celebrities and part timers that I have little to no interest in. While I stand by my preference for Bryan taking on Orton for the title, I certainly wouldn’t object to a bout between Punk and Bryan on the grandest stage. It’s an internet wet dream waiting to happen.

Joe: We’ve seen this before, and they don't have enough time spent vs each other in the WWE for this to have that “rivalry aura” that one would want to have this come across as. I’d love to see them wrestle but to do this at mania 30 is not the time.

HOWEVER you could have a mini MEGA POWERS breakup if you plan this out properly and thoroughly for Mania 31, given if Punk doesn’t retire by then.

Glow: I have a kept a list of dream Indy matches/feuds to be wrapped up at a Wrestlemania for a few years now. CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan falls only behind CM Punk vs Chris Hero (SMH) on that list. If allowed to recall all of their Indy history this feud writes itself. At one time Daniel Bryan was Bryan Danielson the American Dragon and at a certain point the top Indy talent all across the world. He earned the "Best in the World" chants way before Punk laid claim to that nickname. When you know the full history of both their Indy careers especially their ROH runs it is interesting how they have almost switched places in their current WWE run. Bryan Danielson is arguably the greatest ROH champ of all time. CM Punk on the other hand looks to be on the outside of the Top 5 of Samoa Joe, Bryan Danielson, Nigel McGuinness, Austin Aries, and Takeshi Morishima. Punk did have two major highlights for ROH which was the Samoa Joe trilogy and his "Taking my belt to the other guys" storyline he had as champion. I am sorry for all the ROH glory days back story but it's been years since I could write positively about them and I was a ROHbot. The company had pretty much shutdown in my eyes after they fired Gabe but that's a rant for another day back to mania. I said all that to say a Punk vs Bryan program has tons of history behind it which includes the battle for the "Best in the World" nickname. I wouldn't want to see this match throw together all sloppy after the Rumble. This match up deserves a real build up and set the stage for a big blow off match at Wrestlemania. I'm sure the match quality will be great but it can be and should be much bigger than a random fill the card Wrestlemania match.

Mazza: I’d gladly take this if WWE really didn’t feel the need to push both of them to big matches against others at Mania. There’s no doubt it would be a great match that would probably steal the show from higher profile encounters. What if this just happens to be the main event for Mania though for the unified championship. You know, Cena and Orton grab a belt each at TLC. Bryan wins the Rumble, Punk wins the chamber, they both challenge and win world titles at Mania and have a unification match to end the show! One can dream I guess.

Next up with something completely different is Glow with...

Daniel Bryan Vs The Total Divas

Glow: Did Daniel Bryan really “fall” out of favor with management? We wrote about many different scenarios that would lead to Daniel Bryan being validated as a star and justify the horrible authority angle but what if there is no validation in the plans for him this Wrestlemania? I think this is a possible outcome no matter how much we would hate for it to be true. The more I watch Total Divas (stop laughing I do watch) is the more I start thinking about this possibility. It makes me wonder if the push Daniel Bryan was receiving was just a byproduct of the Cena injury and the show. They needed Daniel Bryan to be more relevant since he is a key figure on Total divas for the ratings sake but didn’t necessarily plan to put the belt on him until Cena looked to be out for 6 months. What I am saying is maybe the company was never high on Bryan in the first place so they were never serious about pushing him. They wanted him featured on TV but didn’t want to make him THE champion.The low PPV numbers (not his fault to me) when he was in the main storyline also don’t help his case for getting a big WM match either. I think the possibility of Bryan being involved with a mixed tag match with the Total Divas cast vs non cast members is very high. Another guy just needs to be worked in for it to work even could be a celebrity guy (you know the WWE is already looking for a celebrity to be apart of Mania) that gets mixed in. A match of Daniel Bryan, The Bellas, and Natayla vs AJ, Tamina, Summer Rae, Miz (He can make claim to being the only true reality star in the company) is a real possibility no matter how much we don't want it to be.

Maverick: That’s a scary thought Glow has come up with there. Good lord. If they screw Bryan out of a main event match, I think a lot of people will be done with the company for a while. Fortunately, I don’t believe even Vince could be THAT blind to what the Aberdeen native brings to the table.

Joe: Not really interested in seeing Bryans amateur porno, especially with those rather blah looking chicks.

Mazza: What scares me most about this scenario is that there is definitely a possibility it could happen. As such, I am just going to ignore it and get mad about it if it actually goes down.

Daniel Bryan vs The Midcard

Mazza: I think pretty much everybody within the IWC is in agreement that Daniel Bryan deserves a big match at Mania. The first four suggestions I believe will fit into that category. A match with Punk on the biggest stage of all will probably be enough to get over the disappointment of both IWC darlings not having anything higher profile to do. In a perverse way, the WWE would see a Total Divas cluster**** as a big deal as well. At the very least it will be given some build up. My worry is that Daniel Bryan just totally slots into nothingness for Mania season. A midcard title match? A random tag encounter? Heaven forbid, a pre-show match? All possibilities unfortunately. Some of them however could actually turn out to be excellent viewing even though we want more for the guy. Would a 12 minute curtain jerker with Dolph Ziggler for absolutely no reason whatsoever be the worst thing in the world? Problem is that could just as easily see DB jobbing to Eli Cottonwood (maybe an exaggeration). Bryan has paid his Mania dues the last couple of years however, and now is the time for him to get his moment in the sun so I really hope we don’t end up seeing anything along these lines. We’d be foolish not to consider it though.

Glow: I had to think it over but not many mid card match ups spark my interest or make much sense. Damien Sandow, Cesaro (if not tag champ by then), and Bray Wyatt are all potential midcard matchups the are possible and I can see a storyline being developed for each of them between now and Mania. I do have one match up that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere and it comes with some history. I think a potential Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus might be on the Wrestlemania agenda. Daniel Bryan still haven't gotten his Wrestlemania revenge from the last two meetings he didn't win against Sheamus. Sheamus is slated to be back around the Rumble if he sits out the full length of his projected recovery time. Royal Rumble is enough time to start this program up again while giving it a meaningful storyline. Sheamus is another one of the selected potential main eventers for the company and they would want him in the mix for Mania someway somehow. It should be a solid 10-12 minute match which can serve as an early buffer between tag matches.

Maverick: One of our commenters in part 1 mentioned that he could see Bryan facing someone like Sandow. Now, I don’t think that’ll happen, personally, but as we saw this year, D Bry wrestling in the ‘Mania midcard does give that high energy “maximise your minutes” urgency to the card. He deserves a big match, but as Mazza says, if he ended up in a midcard barn burner it wouldn’t be the end of mankind as we know it or anything.

Joe: DB in a gauntlet style match where he beats 5 midcard chumps would be awesome, only for the last person to be the Rock.

Mazza: And that just leaves Unc to talk to us about…

Daniel Bryan vs Mr WrestleMania


Glow: Let me translate for my friend Joe. This guy has no business in the ring with him. What has he done to really deserve this type of Wrestlemaina payday? When he was the champ the ratings didn't shoot up weekly or on PPV. It doesn't matter that he had successful tag team runs and got embraced by fans (for reasons I do not understand). He is just another undersized guy who took a mid card gimmick and made it to the main event because he can put on a good match here and there. He was really just in the right place and the right time since the rival he was paired against gets met with with apathy when cutting promos. Shawn Michaels doesn't deserve to be in the ring with Daniel Bryan. He shouldn't even be called Mr. Wrestlemania but just like with the rest of his career that is a product of the WWE hype machine. No, I do not want to see that crossed eyed old man waste Daniel Bryan's time at wrestlemania.

*Ahem*Just to let you know I did censor the translation a bit since you guys know how bad Joe can get. Now for my thoughts on the match. I agree 1000000% with Joe.

Mazza: For those of you that don’t know, the whole concept of Smarks Court started with Unc’s hatred for Shawn Michaels. Whilst I do agree that HBK has been overrated a great deal by the WWE and the IWC, you just cannot ignore the potential in this match. The storyline for it was there even before Hell in a Cell and the in-ring action could be something extremely special. Bryan going over the guy the WWE tag as Mr WrestleMania at WrestleMania would give him a bigger rub than anything possible outside of ending the streak. I just don’t see it going down though. I think Shawn is retired and is staying retired.

Maverick: WWE certainly did enough at Hell in a Cell and the Raw that followed to interest me in the possibility of this match. There’s the teacher vs. student dimension, not to mention the revenge angle. If anyone can not wrestle for four years and look like he hasn’t missed a beat, it’s Mr Wrestlemania, and it would be a hell of a run for Goat Face. Only issue is that Shawn is probably far too busy shooting wild animals on television to be enticed back to the squared circle.


Mazza: So there you have it ladies and gents. Whatever does turn out to be Daniel Bryan’s Road to WrestleMania, you can pretty much guarantee it will be intriguing and that the fans will be “Yessing” along the way. A big thanks to Glow and Maverick for taking part in things. We shall be back in a couple of weeks as we bring you the Smarks Court End of Year Awards. Until then though, check out some social media and we shall see you soon.

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