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Posted in: CPR Productions
Oh Come All Ye Faithful (RTT Advent Calendar) Days 7-12
By Mazza
Dec 12, 2012 - 12:10:42 PM

Writers Note: ‘Sup, Lords of Pain? A double bill today as last night I was out in the freezing cold participating in the most embarrassing night in my team’s history (the British football fans out there will know exactly what that means). I intend to make myself feel better later by downloading San Andreas for the PS3 but before that I need to finish off the first half of this bad boy with a double header. Ranking the Raw Talent will also be coming at some point.


DAY 11


DAY 12


Talk about chalk and cheese hey? We have two ladies from two very different generations. Whilst we ended up finding out that Liz wasn’t quite what she portrayed on television in the 80s, her innocent girl next door act was played to perfection and she was talked up so much by the excellent announce combinations back in the day, that growing up I believed she was everything that beautiful classy woman should be (whoring herself out at SummerSlam 88 aside but we can blame Hogan for that). On the flipside Kel Dub flaunted her assets off so much it’s still surprising that you can’t find anything real when you do those “special” internet searches.

They may have found themselves next to each other on this list but there is an ocean between them when it comes to their legacy in the business. Of course there is a tragic story behind Elizabeth but her work with Randy Savage bought some phenomenal storylines. She was just as comfortable playing the background as she was being vital to feuds, such as with George Steele, Ric Flair and of course the exploding of the Mega Powers. I will always hold her in high regard for being a key player in my favourite WrestleMania moment. You can keep your ticker tape parade at XX, for me nothing will beat the aftermath to WM VII’s retirement match and it never fails to bring a tear to my eye. As for Kelly, maybe she would be better off just being a valet but even then her expressions prove it’s Blank by name, blank by nature. Just another pretty girl who had enough athleticism to land a contract.


I shall go with a double 80s delight. Christmas just isn’t Christmas without hearing these two songs until you want to up-chuck. George Michaels FTW!


DAY 10


So today I’m sick. Been in bed all day with a fever which is ironic as today is the day than a ginger makes the list. Every now and then taste gets the better of you and you fancy a redhead. You’ll feel disgusted with yourself for quite some time afterwards but what can I say, people are strange. As for Christy Hemme, I really can’t remember anything she did in the WWE apart from being a ginge.


Need to even out the ginge today with a really cool song. This is another one from the awesome Phil Spector album, Darlene Love’s Christmas (Baby Please Come Home). It’s another one that has had many a cover over the last fifty years but it’s the original that really holds up the best.




And guess who’s in full effect today? That’s right, it’s #TeamButterface. Whilst she does look like she has taken one too many punches to the face through her career, that body is silky smooth. I’d like to lick all kinds of products off that belly. Curves are in all the right places with everything just about the perfect size. I really could do very naughty things to her.

She is apparently a very handy in-ring competitor too. Of course I know nothing about that due to the fact that WWE has never really given her the opportunity to show it. She clearly had a bit more wrestling savvy than most of other divas during her last run but I have never seen her do anything that made me really sit up and take notice.


Today’s song is very very British. Noddy Holder’s Slade tore it up in the early 70s but it is their classic Merry Xmas Everybody that will always be what they are most remembered for. You can’t spend much time in a pub, club, shopping centre... or pretty much anywhere over the festive period without hearing it, and it definitely is a fun song.




So my guess is you have probably noticed a bit of a trend over the first week of this advent calendar. Most of the ladies to appear so far have either been a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic or are totally stacked without being very pretty. Terri aka Marlena is definitely a member of Team Butterface. She always had a strange old hamster face but that package (particularly the rack) definitely got the blood boiling. She knew how to flaunt it well too. The way she leant over the ropes showing off her assets was definitely something that sticks in my mind when you look back to the Attitude Era.

Like Stacy Carter, she did benefit from being in the business at a time where she could get good exposure from it. Unlike Carter however she made a decent career for herself and was not a bad manager/valet at all. I mean she wasn’t Sherri but who is? Her most successful run was husband-at-the-time Goldust but she also managed the Hardys, Edge and Christian, Chris Benoit and Brian Pillman amongst others at different points of their career.


Today’s song is probably the most charming and innocent Christmas tune out there. Once again it is one that has had many covers over the years but my favourite version of I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus is the extra cheesy Jackson 5 version. The innocence and charm of the song, coupled with the cheese and exceptional vocals from MJ make it one of my absolute favourites for the festive season.




What can you say about The Kat aka Miss Kitty aka Stacy Carter aka ex Mrs Lawler? Not the hottest diva ever to be on the company books but she happened to be very high profile when the WWF was at its most risque. She definitely had that cute thing going on (which The King obviously saw ten years earlier when she was just eighteen) as well as a very nice set of jugs. We all know this of course thanks to her flashing those puppies at Armageddon 1999. She definitely wasn’t shy about showing some skin and as anybody who went from child to adult during the Attitude Era will know what I mean when I say we weren’t shy to look.

She sure as hell won’t be leaving any other kind of legacy on the business however. She cashed in at the right time but she was only ever going to be eye candy. She was definitely a valet and not a wrestler (it’s a shame WWE want divas to be both these days) but certainly not one of the stronger ones. Her managerial chops weren’t up to much, even compared to others around at that time and you’d have to think that she only got her two year run thanks to Jerry. Still, we’ll always have that bubble wrap bikini.


Song time and I am going for a 1957 rock and roll classic. The awesome thing about Bobby Helms’ Jingle Bell Rock is that it transcends Christmas songs and goes into Christmas movies as well with an awesome scene from Home Alone II. A must listen in the festive season.

Right, you know the deal now. Day 7 done. Day 8 coming tomorrow.. You can let me know any comments you have below or hit me up on Twitter at @MazzaLOP Until tomorrow, peace!

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