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Posted in: CPR Productions
Oh Come All Ye Faithful (RTT Advent Calendar) Days 19-24
By Mazza
Dec 24, 2012 - 6:47:09 AM

Writers Note: ‘Sup, Lords of Pain? Well we are in the final stages now which means the chicks are getting hotter and Santa is almost with us. This is the last refresh of the series so sit back and enjoy the last six days of hotties, assuming we are all here on the 22nd of course.


DAY 24


Probably a bit of a controversial choice for Christmas Eve but boy do I love me some Steph. I just think she’s an extremely beautiful woman and even though she has never been on TV flaunting her stuff (compared to other females in the business anyway), she tops them all. I could watch her and that McMahon swagger walking around my TV all day long.

Whilst she doesn’t have the best reputation within the IWC for her work in charge of creative, her on screen work has always been top notch for me. Whether it is as daddy’s little princess, a manager or an authority figure, she definitely has her father’s screen presence and understanding for making good TV. On top of that she was never scared to take a spot in the name of entertainment, just like Vince and Shane.


Confession time. I was totally in love with Mariah growing up. Of course this is back when Tommy Mottola had her on lock, before she got all slutty and mental. If there is one thing that this advent calendar has highlighted it’s that it’s very hard to come out with a new song that will join the ranks of the Christmas regulars. All I Want For Christmas might actually be the last song that did that.

So there we have it LOP. 24 days of divas and festive songs in the bag. All that’s left is to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


DAY 23


Not that this will need explaining to many of you, but what the youngers readers out there will need to understand first and foremost is that Sunny joined the WWE when I was 15. She is credited as being the first “diva” and that was definitely the case. She wasn’t a female wrestler. She wasn’t a manager in the timid but beautiful way Elizabeth was or the eccentric way Sherri was. Whilst both those examples did use their sexuality at points during their runs, the whole Sunny character was built on her sexuality. She wasn’t afraid to flaunt it and it brought joy to many a teenage wrestling fan.

She wasn’t just a pretty face and a smoking bod either. She understood the business and excelled as a manager. There was a period where her managerial services were essentially tied to the tag team titles as she switched allegiances on a daily basis. The division was pretty horrible at the time but Sunny made it interesting. It’s a shame she has gone so far off the reservation as she could do wonders for divas out there today in my opinion.


The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl’s enchanting Fairytale of New York was voted Britain’s favourite Christmas song. It’s not hard to see why. It manages to capture so many of the classic festive characteristics whilst being totally its own. That doesn’t make much sense if you haven’t heard it I would image so give it a listen.


DAY 22


As long as she isn’t talking in that retarded British-American hybrid accent, Layla is always hot as hell. Whether she is being a white chick or a black chick, it doesn’t matter because she pulls both off. Just a really nice explosive little package and to top it all off, a very pretty face. Very hard to find any faults and that’s why she has made the post Mayan Apocalypse section of the calendar.

I have never really been sold on her place in the business however. She clearly is committed and works hard, I have just never really connected with her outside of her run with Michelle McCool. Her accent doesn’t help matters when she has to talk and I haven’t seen her as an effective manager. Her in-ring work is also standard diva level which is close to non-existent. She really suffered from McTaker’s retirement and badly timed injury following that and has yet to recover.


One more time for The Jackson 5 on this list. As you have probably guessed, it is another classic here, the extremely upbeat and fun Santa Claus is Coming to Town. Once more, there are a million and one versions out there and to be honest, you’d be hard pressed to find one I didn’t like but the exceptional vocals of a young MJ push it over the edge.


DAY 21


Next up is a female that has really made a splash this year. AJ burst onto the scene and immediately captivated the IWC with her cuteness and nerdery. It was a perfect mixture as she skipped her way into our hearts. I have heard the argument that she’s built like a little boy and whilst I do normally like a little more meat on the bones, she pulls off what she’s got extremely well. And besides, who doesn’t dig crazy chicks.

Even more impressive than her cuteness is her apparent understanding of the business. She did a great job when she was the face girlfriend of heel Daniel Bryan. Obvious comparisons to Miss Elizabeth came up she impressed the IWC and management alike. Even when she got dumped and lost the plot, she seemed to have a knack for when to steal focus and when not to. Now her GM role definitely set her back but her understanding and obvious passion for the business makes me think she could have a very good career in the business.


Today we have Brenda Lee’s Rockin Around the Christmas Tree. It’s another with multiple covers since this 1958 original and is a real fun upbeat tune that never fails to get me into the festive spirit. In fact I think I will go and listen to it right now with a couple of beers.


DAY 20


It’s funny. If I described my ideal woman, Stacy really wouldn’t be ticking any boxes but she is put together so well that it really doesn’t matter. I mean the best way to sum up her hotness is that she bagged George Clooney. That’s a pretty impressive accomplishment. Those legs though are just out of this world.

I very much relate Stacy to Torrie when it comes to their work. They came in together after WCW went down, they were definitely made for work outside the ring and although not exceptionally talented, they made for decent valets/managers. I will always say that there is room for attractive women in wrestling accompanying guys to the ring, getting involved in love triangles and causing distractions. Ms Keibler was definitely a good example of that kind of diva.


Getting down to the wire with the songs. The majority that have shown up so far have been classic tunes that have been done over and over again. This one is no different. Joy to the World has many versions but I have once again gone to Motown for mine. This is Diana Ross and the Supremes version which always gets me in the Christmas spirit.


DAY 19


Day 19 and today we have Torrie Wilson gracing us with her presence (and presents!). I always thought that Ms Wilson was a very beautiful woman. It’s odd, she definitely has a cracking bod on her but I was just as happy to see her dressed up as dressed down. Maybe it was she didn’t show up to the end of the Attitude Era and I was all puppied out by then.

As for her place in the business, again she was just one of those ladies who did a good job as a valet and probably shouldn’t have done much outside that. To be honest she really didn’t so it’s all good. She does get extra points however for being involved in the ridiculous yet highly entertaining Dawn Marie-Al Wilson storyline. That really was some strange but fun TV.


Today’s song? Proper classic. Sinatra. Can’t knock that!

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