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Posted in: CPR Productions
Hell in a Cell 2012 - The Current Paper Review
By Mazza
Oct 29, 2012 - 10:25:11 AM

Romeo Done!

Hell in a Cell 2012

‘Sup, Lords of Pain? Mazza here a bit earlier than expected as I have noticed none of my esteemed main page columnist colleagues have published their thoughts on the PPV last night. Originally I was going to just add my thoughts to tomorrow’s Ranking the Raw Talent column but Hell in a Cell definitely turned out to be “controversial” event (and of course by controversial I generally mean shit). So I couldn’t resist bringing back an informal version of the Current Paper REview for a show that had the IWC intrigued beforehand, even if nobody was expecting a great main event. But more on Ryback versus come later.

The addition of John Bradshaw Layfield to the announce team was a positive from the get go and it didn’t slow down during the opening match. Almost all of the build up to Randy Orton vs Alberto Del Rio took place on SmackDown and so I had seen very little of it. That said, it didn’t seem particularly interesting as Randall continued to lack a character and Del Rio continued his struggles to connect. In the ring though they managed to tell a really good story and start the night off with a bang. The pace was a lot quicker than you may have suspected as ADR went to work on the Viper’s arm for most of the match. There was also some great work in terms of signature move avoidance tactics which is a rarity in this day and age. Of course it wasn’t perfect and there was one hellacious botch as Del Rio went to the top rope and then jumped down into the middle of the ring followed by an awkward look between the competitors. What was meant to happen I am not sure but it did really hurt the flow at a key point of the match. They did however get things back on track for yet another awesome counter into an RKO finish, this time as ADR tried an Enziguri from the top rope.

Up next was the tag team championship match that I had been particularly looking forward to in the build up to Hell in a Cell. The encounter between Hell No and Rhodes Scholars was really well booked even if they hardly had any interaction until the Go Home episode of Raw. Cody and Sandow worked their way through the number one contender’s tournament, building some good momentum and chemistry whilst Bryan and Kane’s love-hate (yes-no???) relationship continued to stay in the spotlight. The match between the teams was very strong. D-Bry played the face in peril for much of it as Rhodes Scholars continued to bring back that oldschool feeling to tag wrestling. Hell No were a cohesive unit through most of it until Bryan tagged himself in as Kane went for a chokeslam. This led to all hell breaking loose and the champs to fight amongst themselves some more. When the smoke cleared it seemed that Cody was about to pick up the victory until the Big Red Monster went apeshit and beat up on everyone in sight until the the disqualification was called. DQ finishes are a rarity these days and because it will probably mean the feud continues, I am fine with it. I hope to see a lot more between these two teams over the coming weeks - maybe even throwing some more teams into the mix for an oldschool Survivor Series match.

Up until this point things were definitely going well for Hell in a Cell but this is where the downward turn would begin. I have never understood the idea of a title change occurring on TV a week or two before a PPV only to run the rematch at the higher profile event. Whilst it won’t really have an impact on match quality, it certainly makes the outcome a lot more predictable. The Intercontinental championship match between The Miz and Kofi Kingston certainly had that as a big issue. If Kingston had won the title here it would have immediately added intrigue to a Miz match, something that just hasn’t been happening recently. The match wasn’t bad but why should we care, particularly when Miz’ attempts at psychology by stripping the champ’s leg landed extremely wide of the mark. Fortunately he soon got kicked in his duck face again and that was all she wrote. When it came to the US title match I really don’t know what to say. Mainly because I fell asleep. Literally I fell asleep. Justin Gabriel vs Antonio Cesaro should have held my interest as the South African is an exciting talent and I really appreciate the talent of the champ but he continues to be a Swiss Miss. He just can’t connect and if people who actually like him can’t stay awake, what chance do other have?

Although I woke up briefly during the entrances for the Prime Time Players vs 6-1-Botch match, I was out again before it started. I can’t necessarily blame the participants as they didn’t send me off. Interesting to see that Cara almost killed himself once again though. Something very bad is going to happen around that guy if he sticks around. The biggest irony of the night is that I was wide awake again for the World Heavyweight Championship match. I think it is fair to say nobody expect Sheamus and The Big Show to be a classic but it really was a snoozefest for a good portion. It really did burst to life towards the end though and was actually quite enjoyable. I have to question the use of false finishes though. There would have been a lot more intrigue had Sheamus failed to land the Brogue Kick on his challenger rather than having Show kick out of it. Likewise, the champ kicking out of a WMD is straight up retarded. The whole point of it is that it knocks you out. You don’t get up from being knocked out at a count of two short of some of Hulking-up shenanigans. Both men should have avoided each other’s moves rather than than kicking out but even with that, the finish was brilliant and shocking as Show landed a second WMD on The Celtic Warrior as he tried to land a second Brogue Kick. The reign soon surpassed his 45 second one from last year as Dolph Ziggler was nowhere to be seen. I am glad he didn’t show up after guaranteeing he would to be honest as that does take away the intrigue of the MitB briefcase. It will be interesting to see just where WWE are going with the big gold belt now. Are they considering a decent run for Show despite other strong heels sniffing around? Will it be hot potatoed back to Sheamus? Personally I think it could well be a vehicle to get the strap back on Orton and I certainly wouldn’t mind his rivalry with Mr Money in the Bank to be revisited.

Up next were the divas as Layla, Kaitlyn and Eve did battle. The champ retained by moonsaulting the mat and not a single **** was given. Time was running short for the show by the time the main event entrances begun but I think that was a good thing. The WWE championship between CM Punk and Ryback had definitely captured the imagination of the IWC purely because it seemed the WWE had backed themselves into a corner. Most people realised Punk needed to win because of the company’s stupid public long term booking for the start of 2013 but halting Ryback’s brilliant momentum would be shooting themselves in the foot. I have to say that I don’t think they could have got out of the situation any better than they did. The match itself was as interesting as it could have been. Ryback dominated but Punk, with the help of Heyman on the outside, stopped it from being totally one sided. They used the cell as well as anyone has in the PG era and the challenger’s power as well as the champion’s cunning were really put over well. It didn’t go long but it was good to see Ryback not looking gassed despite going a lot longer than his usual. He finally appeared to have the match in his hands when referee Brad Maddox hit him with a low blow and followed it up with an exceptionally fast count to allow Punk to retain. It’s interesting that Maddox still didn’t do enough to take away the “Most Shocking Officiating of the Day” award from Mark Clattenburg but I digress. It was the best way to protect the reputation of both men involved but that work has to continue on Raw. Some may have been disappointed with a dusty finish but kudos for the WWE and both men for going that extra mile after the match. Ryback hit a devastating looking Gorilla Press on Maddox from the ring into the cell wall before chasing Punk to the top of the cell and landing his finisher there. Sure, some might have wanted to see a Foley type bump from up there but that really is not something we should expect superstars to put themselves through.

So overall I think Hell in a Cell had a decent beginning and end but the middle was really slow and lacking some real substance. Maybe the tag team title match should have been held off for a bit later on with possibly the IC title match opening and holding off on Orton vs Del Rio for a bit. Not that order would have changed a great deal because the crowd were absolutely awful. I didn’t catch the pre-show but I think it was a mistake not using Cena in some way shape or form on the PPV itself. He could have at least tossed Maddox and Punk back into the cell for Ryback or something. No Ziggler is also straight up dumb. I have said that I agree with him not cashing in but not to have one of you best workers on a PPV where the whole middle sucked is a bad move. When you consider that he is Raw’s Managing Supervisor’s only client, you would have thought Vickie would have made him look good. Oh well, you can’t always get what you want. In the end though, despite all the event’s faults, I find myself looking forward to seeing just what happens on Raw with regards to both world titles as well as the tag straps. In that regards, no matter how painful some of it was to watch, you’d have to say Hell in a Cell did a good job.

And that brings me to the end of the return of the Current Paper Review. As always I would love to hear you about your thoughts on my thoughts and your thoughts on the event. You can use the handy little comments boxes below, shoot me an email >>>here<<< or hit me up on my Twitter @MazzaLOP to let me know. I shall be back tomorrow with your regularly scheduled Raw Ranking the Talent and hopefully we will know a little more about the direction of the company as we head towards Survivor Series. So until tomorrow... Peace!

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