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Posted in: CPR Productions
InVasion 2014 (CPR Productions)
By Mazza
Aug 26, 2014 - 5:37:56 PM

‘Sup, Lords of Pain? I know what you are all thinking. This is a bit of a strange day for me to be posting a column and why the hell does it not start with the word “attitude” in seemingly needless capital letters. Well today I am bringing you something different. Ever since the news broke about TNA losing their deal with Spike, I’ve had an idea poking away at the back of my mind. The strange thing about that is that I am pretty much exclusively a WWE guy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those guys that will shit all over TNA and don’t even watch it, I just tend to stay away from the company in my columns. I’ve tried to watch a couple of times over the years at points where the product was being praised critically. Whilst I have enjoyed what I saw each of these times, it was never enough to hook me in. My point in all this is, if I am going to talk TNA, I will need a bit of expert help. Unfortunately all the experts were busy but I did bump into co-host of LOP Radio’s Impact The Revolution, Mizfan. So Mizzie, what’s your take on all these happenings in the world of Total Nonstop Action?

Mizfan: Ugh, I hate business talk…

Mazza: I am so glad I asked you to do this! Ok, let me get straight to the point then. When wrestling fans heard about TNA’s relationship with Spike being on the rocks, most would have had a first thought. Some would be “oh shit, what’s gonna happen to TNA”. Some thought “LOL”. Some thought “GFW can nab some of the talent”. Some thought “WWE can nab some of the talent”. Of course, you’d be naive to think the WWE would pick up anything more than a handful of them but it is still an interest line of thought.

Mizfan: I suppose a little speculation never hurt anybody, right? As I said I’m not particularly fond of trying to analyze backstage happenings and the business side of wrestling as I feel we’re all a little out of our depth there, but you’d have to be blind not to see this as a potential threat to the very existence of TNA. If they did indeed ever end up completely off TV, one would have to think they’d be just as finished as WCW and ECW were when they were bumped out of their respective channels.

Mazza: Back in 2001 Vince McMahon bought out his chief competition and went on to run a much criticised storyline. I may regret asking this, but what did you think of the original InVasion?

Mizfan: Speaking as someone who admittedly was not yet watching when the infamous angle originally went down, I have to say that the whole storyline has struck me as a bizarre mix of unappreciated excellence and wasted potential. Yes, at the same time. That’s why the mix is bizarre. Try to keep up.

Mazza: For someone that wasn’t watching, that’s a rather astute observation. How I look back at the InVasion is like this. It was a disappointment in terms of the names they bought in and the fact that the Alliance was heavily padded with guys that were already on the WWF roster. The problem is this though, how much faith would you put in supposedly top guys who ran the company into the ground? But I get it. There were still stars in WCW and there were even bigger stars who were still very much associated with the company even if they weren’t around and active. The idea of the Alliance headline fivesome being Sting, Goldberg and the original NWO being led by Eric Bischoff is what a lot of people would have liked to have seen. The fact that we’d seem most of those names on WWE TV over the next couple of years means it wouldn’t have been totally out of the question to pull something like that off. With Booker T pretty much the biggest name in the whole thing, it left a lot of people understandably disappointed. On the flipside however, the angle saw a hell of a lot of absolutely top notch wrestling. When you think about it, the WWE were on fire at the time. It wasn’t by chance that they had put WCW out of business and throughout 2001 they had some of the biggest legends in the history of the industry on the very top of their game. The fact that the top of the storyline would be dominated by Steve Austin, The Rock, Kurt Angle with eventually Chris Jericho taking over from Booker T can give you a hint as to how good it was. Even the storylines were very well done, even if it wasn’t quite what we wanted.

Mizfan: Stalker DDP notwithstanding.

Mazza: If the WWE ever did buy TNA, even for the video library, I have no doubt that any repeat of the angle would once again be heavily built on their own talent. But I still can’t shake the whole idea of the company getting the chance to do the InVasion angle properly thirteen years after the first time.

Mizfan: All right, fantasy time!

Daniel Bryan vs. Kurt Angle

Mizfan: This is the one match that Mazza demanded when we decided to do this thing, and it’s not hard to see why. Short of some kind of Benoit resurrection, it’s probably the #1 dream match you could come up with for either man. There is the small concern that Daniel Bryan’s neck and Kurt Angle’s entire body could explode into dust at any moment, but we’ll let that pass for the moment… I’ve come to find Angle’s reputation as a “technical” wrestler to be somewhat overstated, but in terms of delivering a match with a lot of excitement he is surely one of the best, and Bryan is, well hell, he’s Bryan, so you know you are getting something excellent there.

I really think the only concerns we have here are health related. We’ll assume of the sake of the fantasy that Bryan’s neck will be back to 100% by whenever this would occur, but it’s Angle that worries me. My “Impact the Revolution” cohost Jeff has actually called for Angle to retire entirely after his recent string of severe injuries and scares. At 45 years old Angle can still moonsault off the top of the cage, but he probably shouldn’t after some concussion worries earlier this year and several prolonged absences to deal with knee problems. But, assuming someone locks him down in a body cast and he actually takes the time to properly heal up, I think this match could definitely be one for the ages.

Mazza: It’s actually been a while since I’ve seen Angle in action, but I haven’t heard any complaints about what he is able to do. We know the guy is beat up. He was beat up when he left the WWE which is scarily getting close on being a decade ago. When it comes to his three I’s however, it is always the intensity that trumps the others. I don’t think he has the ability not to go all out in the ring, showing his integrity in this business even if it does question his intelligence. The point is, if the guy is going to kill himself doing what he clearly loves to do, he should be given the opportunity to create some magic in doing so. And that opportunity should be against a guy who sadly may go the same way as Kurt judging by the passion he shows and his tendency to put his body on the line. This whole column basically stemmed from me wanting to see this match. It escalated to a whole fantasy card but this is what the show would be all about. If I was actually booking I’d be very tempted to transition each company’s world title onto them and make it the champion vs champion main event.

As for how good could it be, it would be very hard for them to live up to the dream match status, as it is with most dream matches that actually happen. The intensity they have however leads me to think that we wouldn’t end up disappointed unless we come in expecting nothing less than five stars and a bit. It would also be a pretty damn fun feud with both men having the ability to play characters ranging from hilarious and goofy to uber serious wrestling machines. Really, how could it not be awesome?

JeriShow vs. The Usos vs. The Wolves vs. Bad Influence

Mizfan: I think it’s safe to say that sadly neither company has a stacked tag division, but that’s not to say there isn’t some excellent quality based on what is there. On the TNA side you have the somewhat controversial Wolves, formerly from America and apparently now without a country (but still sporting American colors on their ring jackets). While I initially shared the concerns of many that they would bring their rather severe brand of anti-psychological wrestling to national stage, they have shown themselves to be perfectly capable of adjusting their style and focusing on their extremely impressive athletic ability only, leaving the more questionable bits of their more familiar style behind them.

Filling out the rest of the TNA side are two men who technically departed the company a few months ago, but who are a rich part of TNA history and would surely be available if some kind of invasion really did go down. The blisteringly enjoyable duo of Christopher Daniels and Kazarian surprised many with their excellence when they joined up several years ago, as each man was known individually for their in ring prowess and not a great deal else, but something about their pairing clicked and they morphed into one of the most amusing teams you’re likely to see as well as one of the most gifted between the ropes. I’m still not even remotely over TNA letting them walk out the door, so when Mazza and I agreed to pull a couple guys from the vault these were at the top of my list.

Mazza: I am extremely disappointed by the lack of James Storm in this match. Hell you might as well make it a singles match between him and Cody Rhodes… In fact add that as a special pre-show “I Will Never Make It On My Own” match.

Mizfan: Is Billy Gunn too old to join in?

Mazza: You watch your mouth! The thing with tag team divisions is that they are only as important as the teams they put in there and how they are booked. The original InVasion saw the Brothers of Destruction unite in the name of defending their company (and wives from wrestlecrap) and to counteract Bad Influence why not bring back the team of Chris Jericho and The Big Show. Everyone groaned when Show was revealed as Edge’s replacement in the team but they quickly won people over, rebuilding the division. Like Bad Influence, they can add a bit of prestige to things alongside the Usos, who have been an absolute pleasure to watch over the last couple of years. A very nice blend of old school tag wrestling in a new school environment.

Damien Sandow vs. Rockstar Spud

Mizfan: Oh Ricardo! When we originally drew up this card I had the beloved Rodriguez pencilled in for Sandow’s spot. Seems I shouldn’t have mentioned him, because almost immediately we learned he was no longer with the company. Curse you WWE! Letting go of one of the greatest managers and comedic minds of the modern era. It’s a tremendous waste! Fortunately we do still have Rockstar Spud, who is perhaps my favorite thing in all of wrestling right now.

For anyone not familiar with Spud, I’m going to use a word I didn’t think I’d ever get to use: Heenan-esque. I know that puts the little guy up to an impossibly high standard, and to a certain extent that’s true as there’s only one true Brain of wrestling, but to me Spud is the star that shoots closest to that heavenly body. His comedic ability and timing is beyond impeccable, and he works ferociously to make those around him shine as brightly as possible. He will do anything to make those he’s around seem smarter, stronger, and all around better than they seemed before. He’s clever on the mic, able to draw heat or laughs as needed, bumps like a machine, plays excellently to his character at all times, and is never concerned with looking foolish or weak but is always focused on making sure the fans have the best possible time.

Hey, I did say he was perhaps my favorite thing in all of wrestling! The brilliance of Spud cannot be understated!

Mazza: I was channel surfing the other night and stopped on Impact for a few minutes. I’d heard a lot about Spud but had never seen him. Whilst I dropped in, he cut a promo. It made me want to want to climb into my TV, stab him multiple times and then stab myself just to make sure I’d never have to hear him talk again. Is that the point?

Mizfan: Now you know how the rest of us feel about Triple H… I must say I’m surprised at the reaction though, I would have thought a good, hateable, bumpable manager would be right up your alley. And a countryman no less! I’d say you may have caught him on a bad night, but I didn’t think he had such things.

Mazza: He’s just so Northern. Not sure I could deal with hearing him talk that much. Also, one more bit of Hunter slander and we’ll be booking him in a tables match with Dixie. But back to the point at hand, WWE has no shortage of talent that could take part in this match, even with Santino hanging up his sock puppet. The Bumblebee would no doubt have worked, as would Adam Rose, Heath Slater or if you want to go down to NXT, Enzo Amore. But Damien Sandow is doing an admirable job right now. Will it fizzle out into nothing eventually? History tells us that is likely but their is a Cobra sized hole in the market that could make it a full time gig if he can get it over. But giving him a guy just as idiotic as he is to work with could be a lot of fun.

Mizfan: If Slater wasn’t such a non-entity I would have lobbied for him here, but Sandow seems to at least have some leftover relevance. Remember when he feuded with John Cena? Anyone?

Beth Phoenix, AJ, & Paige vs. Gail Kim, ODB, & Awesome Kong

Mizfan: Once upon a time a match like this would have been something of a joke, but fortunately WWE has once again put some effort into their women’s wrestling and we can have a real match in which the ladies get to show off their talent. Gail Kim was a no brainer when assembling the TNA half of the equation, and 7 year veteran and rare female brawler ODB was a pretty easy choice as well, though if she came to WWE she might have to tone down her crude and hard drinking character a bit. Picking a third woman from TNA was a little tricky, with Taryn Terrell seeming the best choice until we made the decision to bring in a couple of ringers from TNA’s best and most famous matches. Once that was on the table, picking up Awesome Kong for her triumphant return was an easy choice.

Say, should these be called Divas or Knockouts? Maybe the match could be to decide… Knockouts never sounded quite right, a little too gimmicky perhaps, but at least it’s not inherently insulting!

Mazza: I’ve got news for you…. It is still a joke. And it’s women. It should be called the women’s division. That’s half the problem with women’s wrestling right there in the name. It’s a big part of why I barely care at this stage, as much as I enjoy AJ’s character work. WWE’s divas division has just got progressively worse and worse over the years and whilst we are having a bit of a peak at the moment, we are sure to be back on the road downhill before too long. So if Mizfan is bringing back a division lynchpin, I will be bring one back too. Mrs Copeland was the height of the divas for me in the last decade and so she can come back to counteract Kong. With AJ and Paige the best the WWE has to offer right now, they can be Beth’s cray cray back up. And if they don’t get the job done, bring Steph out and he can show them all how it’s done.

Mizfan: Yes, yes he can...

Mazza: DAMN TYPOS! Sorry Steph… I love you.

Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, & Erick Rowan vs. MVP, Bobby Lashley, & Kenny King

Mizfan: I absolutely adore faction wars, so looking across the rosters this match jumped out as something of a potential hidden gem. MVP’s club may have been formed rather abruptly, but since the inception of the group they’ve proved highly effective and entertaining, and of course the Wyatts need no introduction when it comes to having exciting trios matches.

TNA has wisely kept the microphone almost entirely out of Bobby Lashley’s hands, but in terms of in ring work the man seems to be having his best matches of his career so far. I’m salivating at the thought of seeing him face off with Harper, as I’d rate them two of the best big men workers around right now. I’m sure Lashley has plenty of residual dislike from diehard fans still upset about 2006, but II really believe they could tear it up together if given the chance. And that’s only the start, MVP is still in prime condition and Kenny King has worlds of potential, so given the opportunity I know these guys could produce something excellent together.

Mazza: Thanks for totally ignoring the giant elephant in the room. WWE’s Nation of Domination v2.0 would have been perfect to take on TNEvolution, because, you know, black people should only fight against black people or something. But seriously, the very thought of Bobby Lashley on my TV again is scary. Could we not run an angle where the Wyatts abduct him before the match and he has to be replaced? What’s the deal with this faction anyway? Is it an all black faction or just coincidence? Either way could we not bring back that Monty Brown guy?

Mizfan: I wish! But the man hasn’t stepped foot in a ring anywhere in over 7 years, so bringing him back for this might be too much of a stretch.

Mazza: Hell, Steph left for twelve and she wasn’t even a wrestler, but back to the match as it is, The Shield redefined 6 man tags since their debut and the Wyatts have taken on the ability to put on a hell of a show in a match type that is historically boring as hell. I have always been a fan of MVP’s talents and have been impressed by the little I have seen of King. This could definitely be a great match but there is a little something eating at my brain that can’t help but think Team MVP up against Evolution in all its glory would be a much bigger deal on the card. Plus, you know, the more Trips the better.

Mizfan: You may have something there, Mazda. I always thought the Evolution comparisons were a little thin, but there is a certain symmetry there that could result in some very cool interaction. The MVP Club much more closely resembles the Evolution of 10 years ago though, so it might not be as apt a match up in 2014 as you might think.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Cesaro vs. Tajiri vs. Low Ki

Mizfan: Do I really need to explain why this match would be a must see for any self respecting fan? I suppose it could be argued that including Tajiri here is a wee bit of a cheat since he is likely only involved with the company on a temporary basis, but hell, if he’d come back to the US for TNA I think I can justify that he’d make a guest appearance for WWE if the situation was right. But really, I shouldn’t have to explain in the slightest for putting four absolutely fantastic ring workers in together to make something amazing happen. Tajiri’s TNA debut is still upcoming, but having recently seen some of his most up to date work over in Wrestle-1 I can personally attest that he still looks excellent, and Low Ki’s in ring credentials should need no explanation, which goes even more for Ziggler and Cesaro.

Mazza: Jeez, you didn’t need much of a window there did you? I am surprised you didn’t try and book the Japanese Buzzsaw in the main event with The Miz. But yeah, you don’t need to be a brain surgeon to know that this will be fun. In fact why am I even talking about it? Just let the bastards entertain us. Next.

Brock Lesnar vs. Samoa Joe

Mizfan: I knew I wanted to put Lesnar on the card somewhere, but it was tough finding the ideal opponent for him. As we’ve seen over the past two years, it is absolutely essential to put Lesnar in the ring with someone who can actually take the level of punishment he dishes out, or the match will end up lukewarm. When thinking of TNA wrestlers who can both take punishment and convincing put up a fight against Lesnar, it didn’t take me too long to come on Samoa Joe. Sadly, as anyone who listens to Impact the Revolution will know, I don’t regard Samoa Joe as highly as I once did, but he’s still a very impressive ring worker and goodness knows he can take some brutal punishment and power right on through. On top of that Joe is one of the most recognizable names that could be called a “TNA Original”, so this would surely be a dream match of sorts, and with a motivated Joe and an unhindered Lesnar it would definitely deliver.

Mazza: The reason it was tough to find the ideal opponent is that I have more chance of going over Lesnar than a TNA guy. The good thing about WWE television however is that anything that happened more than two weeks ago, doesn’t matter. The ups and downs of Joe over the years can be wiped clean and as long as he shows up a couple of weeks before the event and is treated as a badass, he will essentially become a badass in the eyes of the WWE Universe. By the same token they could decide to make him the Usos’ slow uncle or a champion Japanese sumo wrestler or something. Hell, those might actually be fun. Anyway, make this more than just a squash and it could be fun. What I’ve seen of Joe over the years makes me think it could be a nice little blend for a match.

20 Man Battle Royal (Bo Dallas, Abyss, Cody Rhodes, Eric Young, The Miz, DJ Zema, Bad News Barrett, Jessie Godderz, Kofi Kingston, EC3, Kane, Robbie E, Sheamus, Sanada, Jack Swagger, Rhino, Sami Zayn, Magnus, Mark Henry, & Chris Sabin)

Mizfan: When trying to fit two entire rosters onto one card, a big battle royal somewhere in there only makes sense. Picking who gets in the match is a little more tricky, but it’s also a little more fun. Putting in a guy like Abyss is pretty obvious, a recognizable name who still has a lot to offer but isn’t likely to deliver much in a regular match, much like his sort-of counterpoint Kane, who speaking of which would surely have a staredown at some point to give the fans the chance to pop without actually forcing anyone to sit through a likely mediocre singles match. Recent world champions Eric Young and Magnus also add some prestige. DJ Zema, Jessie Godderz, and Robbie E form the BroMans, in my opinion one of the most hilarious groups in wrestling who still are able to form an effective force when working together, and I’m sure X Division fans will be thrilled to see Chris Sabin return to the fold, his regrettable and brief world title run notwithstanding. Speaking of the X Division, former champ Sanada compliments that particular style well mixed with some puro, and as the premiere Japanese wrestler in North America (at least until KENTA debuts on the main roster) is another strong choice for the line up. Last but the opposite of least comes EC3 and Rhino, who were bumped from the tag team match at the very last minute to make way for the returning Bad Influence. Don’t let their place in the battle royal fool you, these are currently two of my favorite performers in wrestling. I’ve long found Rhino to be underrated, and his refusal to age makes him just as threatening in his mid 30s as he has been for the last 15 years of his career. I’d certainly love to see him and Reigns get into some kind of spear/gore off situation down the line if this little invasion continues… and then of course there is the inimitable EC3. For all I know Mazza will want to stab him also so as to compeltely crush my dreams, but I’ve been loving the former Derrick Bateman’s work since he came to TNA and got a chance to flesh out the potential many saw in him back in the original NXT. His ring work is solid and getting stronger all the time as he gets more opportunities to show what he can do, and his charisma and mic skills are already well above average. This guy has been a great pickup for TNA and I’d love to see him get a chance to show his full worth back in the company that dropped the ball on him. All in all a strong selection from TNA, though team WWE looks quite strong as well, especially with technically-still-on-NXT Sami Zayn sneaking his way on there.

Mazza: Isn’t EC3 that gamers conference thing? Anyway, this match is clearly jabroni central, meant for all the dead wood that can’t get a match outright. So why, pray tell, is it where you decide to put the English? Bad News Barrett vs Magnus is main event worthy. I can’t believe you want to hold back all your tag team specialists for the main event whilst holding us Brits down! I couldn’t pick half of the rest of your guys out of a line up. Is DJ Zema the same as Zema Ion?

Mizfan: He is indeed!

Mazza: He gets a pass then. I thought that guy had something about him when I checked him out before he got sick. I will resist the urge just to fill up the rest of the WWE line up with divas and provide a decent nine-man support system for Wade. First up you need the man on Team WWE who would be the favourite alongside Barrett. Sheamus pretty much has that role wrapped up at the moment but if they don’t use him properly soon, his aura may well wear off. You need beef and experience in a battle royal and that would come in the shape of Kane and Mark Henry. Next up you need a pair of high flyers. The guys that can wow the crowd with insane athleticism and illogical spots. Zayn can fill in there alongside the obvious choice of Kofi Kingston. Then you need a pair of annoying heels that don’t actually care about glory for their company as long as they look good. The Miz and Bo Dallas will fit in that role just nicely. That leaves a pair of anchors. All rounders who tend to do their best work doing the simple stuff that allows the people around them to shine. Cody Rhodes and Jack Swagger are the guys that will see out the WWE lot in this bad boy. Although I will say this. If it didn’t come down at the end to Barrett vs Magnus, I would kick a puppy.

Mizfan: This whole invasion scenario would almost be worth it just to get Magnus back on track alone. After a very old school and highly enjoyable Flair-esque run as champion, they reverted the poor bastard to an inane brawling tag team with fellow Brit Bram. EC3 would be my first choice to make to the end from the TNA side, but Magnus is an excellent choice as well with a lot of credibility he deserves to be given the chance to back up.

John Cena, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, & Randy Orton vs. Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Bully Ray, James Storm, & Jeff Hardy

Mizfan: Every good invasion needs a huge inaugural brawl, and I invite anyone to look at that assemblage of talent and tell me it wouldn’t be a hell of a thing to see. The thought of seeing Austin Aries once again lock with the former Tyler Black alone would be enough to get many fans going, but seeing Aries on the biggest possible stage is just the tip of the iceberg. I would personally most look forward to seeing Bully Ray bring his highly successful singles act into the WWE main event and finally get the full recognition he deserves as a main event player, but a close second would be watching Bobby Roode, another personal favorite of mine, warily teaming with his also extremely talented former partner James Storm to combat a common enemy. Jeff Hardy… well, he makes a lot of sense in this spot the most recognizable singles guy to the casual fan. Even if I don’t particularly care for the charismatic enigma, he certainly has his uses and would surely crash his body onto a whole crowd of people at some point in this match, which would be cool.

This five man line up looks excellent to me, and the intrigue would only be increased by what would surely be a very uneasy alliance on team WWE as bitter enemies are forced together to represent the company. If this match were ever to go down, it could surely be one for the ages.

Mazza: When we started putting this bad boy together, I agonised over the role of a certain charismatic captain. Without bringing in Dixie Carter, and let’s be honest, why would you, TNA would need a leader and spokesperson. And in typical WWE fashion, one of their own would be perfect for the role. Christian, particularly with his lack of booking from the WWE would make a great leader with plenty of motivation to want to bury his current employers. You could even play up the whole history of what Vince thinks of Mr Cage by the WWE propaganda team covering him up with a blue dot just like they did when Flair had to send his belt back to WCW back in the day. Of course, the added bonus is the history Christian has in particular with two members of his team. The fact that half of those three teams from that era of WWE’s tag division will be trying to take the company down in tag action will add a nice little layer to things.

If Christian is gonna be supporting Team TNA, Trips will have to dust off the suit to lead Team WWE on this one. First up of course would be his chosen one as face of the WWE, Randy Orton. Well I say first but we all know that when there is a cause to fight for, Super Cena will be at the head of the queue to play saviour. No way a cerebral assassin passes up the chance to have that on his team. Whilst they can have friction, Hunter can work on who else can go to war for his company. The answer is a no-brainer but the fun would be in watching him trying to bring back together the entity that he destroyed. We all know that the combined power of Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns could probably dominate any team in the history of wrestling. Getting The Shield back on the same page would be an excellent story within a story and it can be that doubt that carries into the match to really add the intrigue. And voila, you have all the combustible elements needed for a team that would go in as favourites. With the perfect vehicle for a heel turn, which everyone will want to be Cena’s but will more likely actually be Ambrose’s.

Mazza: So there you have our little fantasy idea. In reality we aren’t kidding ourselves about ever seeing something like this. The fact is TNA is in bad shape, and whether you are a fan of the company or not, as a wrestling fan you will have to agree that is not a good thing. As someone who is a close follower, Mizziekins, what is it that you see happening to the company?

Mizfan: Well, I’m far from an expert on the workings of TV executives and advertising revenue share measurements and all of those other things that I get bored even mentioning, but if I had to take a stab at the most likely outcome it would be that TNA will either work out a last minute deal with Spike that benefits the channel more, or else Impact winds up on a smaller channel similar to the whole “MyNetworkTV” thing with Smackdown a few years ago. Either way they will probably take some kind of hit, but I’d be surprised if they really did close their doors sooner rather than later. Not completely shocked mind you, the possibility is there, but I don’t think it’s the most likely outcome.

Mazza: And almost as you type that the rumours begin. Even though I am highly unlikely to be watching Impact any time soon, I really hope they pull through. Whilst they have never been, nor are ever likely to be competition for the WWE, it is always great for wrestling fans to have as many alternatives as possible. And with that, we shall bid your farewell. Mizzlesticks, it’s been a pleasure as always (yours of course) and to the readers out there, be sure to join me again on Thursday for ATTITUDE!

Mizfan: Oh, it is shameless DX-style plug time already? And don’t forget to listen to “Impact the Revolution” every Thursday at 9pm EST!

Mazza: Not to be a pain or anything, but haven’t you changed the name of your show?

Mizfan: Shh! Don’t reveal to everyone how ridiculously long it took for us to write this thing!

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