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Posted in: CPR Productions
4-4-2 Review: SmackDown vs The Tube Top (CPR Productions)
By Mazza
Oct 5, 2013 - 5:26:55 AM

‘Sup, Lords of Pain? Here we are a couple of nights away from the WWE’s newest PPV, Battleground. Whilst the standard of television has been generally excellent recently, whilst recording the preview show for The Right Side of the Pond (links at the bottom of the column) I realised I was far from enthused for the event. The Go-Home Raw being the worst episode in a long time didn’t help matters but it is also much of the same old same old. I guess that is a problem that will always pop up when the PPVs are only three weeks apart. Luckily for me, the event will be shown for free here in the UK so I guess I can’t do a whole lot of moaning. I am just hopeful that SmackDown doesn’t fall off this week the same way Raw did.

Before we get to today’s show, we have a new addition to the 4-4-2 Review to deal with. This week is the first show is October which means it is a good time to look back at what happened last month on SmackDown. Here is a little reminder…

Latest SmackDown Results:
27/09/13 - Won 3-0 - MoM: Triple H
20/09/13 - Won 1-0 - MoM: Roman Reigns
13/09/13 - Won 3-1 - MoM: Roman Reigns
06/09/13 - Won 1-0 - MoM: Randy Orton

So I have two questions coming out of this, what was the Goal of the Month (best moment/match) and who was the Player of the Month. And I shall leave it up to you, my dear readers, to decide.

Player of the Month:
Roman Reigns
Randy Orton
Triple H

Goal of the Month
RVD vs Orton (6/9)
The Shield eventually take out Big Show (13/9)
The Shield vs Ziggler, Kingston and RVD (27/9)

You can choose who you think should win in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter or the CPR Productions Facebook page (links again at the end of the column). But enough of that, let’s get to the Battleground Go Home edition of SmackDown.

1’ KICK OFF: We start things out with the world’s angriest overactor, The Big Show making his way to ringside. He’s going to explode pretty soon, that’s for sure so let’s see what he has to say.

13’ YELLOW CARD: He says he’s ashamed of himself for doing bad things to good people but only because he had no alternative. He says the stuff he has done is unforgivable but he asks for some understanding. Not a great promo but he conveyed his conflict well and it keeps things up in the air over what he will do. He says he will take his frustrations out on The Shield before Triple H shows up. The Game says he is ashamed of the man Show has become and also that his anger is down to his own inability to deal with his personal issues. Trips plays the “I’m your friend” card again and announces that he has paid off his mortgage. Hunter gets really intense and tells the giant to get his emotions in check or it will be him living in Show’s house. He adds Orton to the handicap match with The Shield to make it 4-on-1. Top heel work from from Hunter once again but his evilness, as per, warrants a booking!

22’ JUST WIDE: Our first match of the night is Fandango vs Rob Van Dam and it doesn’t take long for Summer Rae to cause the DQ. The match was quite fun the couple of minutes it lasted but the action doesn’t end with the bell. Fandango continues his attack but eventually RVD gets the upper hand. He finds a trashcan and hits Fandango with a Van Terminator. It was a nice segment that gave Van Dam some good traction going into the hardcore match with Del Rio. I was rather impressed with Mr Curtis as well here. I still think he lacks quite a lot in the ring but he has really got to grips with his character now and makes for a decent hand as a midcard heel, particularly when you see him up against fresh superstars rather than just The Miz.

29’ GOAL CONCEDED: On this week’s The Right Side of the Pond we talk about how the Heyman-Punk storyline seems to be losing steam. Now I wouldn’t necessarily put that on the shoulders of Ryback, but it looks like even Paul Heyman’s considerable talents can’t drag him out of his booking hell. He gets the jobber entrance for his match with R-Truth. Whilst it goes on he does his whole “you’re a bully” routine to death in a slow match. It’s just getting beyond a joke now and has really sucked the life out of a clear feud of the year candidate between Heyman and Punk. In fact it was bad enough to warrant a goal against the episode. The match and segment ends with Ryback on top (and Axel picking the bones) but I have never been so happy to cut to an Alberto Del Rio interview in my life. The build to the World Heavyweight Championship match at Battleground takes another positive step here as the trashcan used on Fandango is sent to ADR from RVD, who seems rather upset about the possibility that he may meet the same fate.

34’ CHANCE: Another potential positive for the WHC scene as ADR takes on Dolph Ziggler. They clicked extremely well a few months ago and if it isn’t just another excuse to punish Ziggler, there is goal potential in this thing.

45’ GOAL: And it doesn’t disappoint. It started out a bit slow in the first couple of minutes with rest holds but having Damien Sandow at the announce booth kept things ticking over just nicely. The match soon kicks up about three gears and we have a very strong high paced TV match. More importantly however was that it was back and forth through much of it and Ziggles seemed to have the crowd very vocally behind him. He ended up tapping out which is the right move whether you agree with the current card placement of both men or not. Adding Sandow to the commentary desk was a nice touch too. There has been no build for his match with Ziggler but he managed to at least put something behind it at the last minute in addition to keeping him talking about the championship he has a guaranteed match for.

46’ SECOND HALF: Not a great first half that was saved at the last. Let’s hope we get some fireworks in the second half.

57’ ENTERTAINING PLAY: We get lots of replays before we dip into the action with 3MB vs Los Matadores. The ex-Colons pick up the victory in a fun short match. I know the Los Matadores gimmick is taking an almost universal battering in the IWC but I am fine with it so far. Sure it’s ridiculous and over the top but I don’t mind a bit of that as long as it is kept in its place and not given too much time. Primo and Epico are talented guys and they seem to have taken to the gimmick well. I am happy to see them on TV and if this gets them some time, then it is fine by me. For now anyway.

60’ FOUL: We get a Heyman Family promo and even Paul seems out of ideas on how to continue the feud.

65’ ON THE BACKFOOT: Defending time means diva time. It’s potentially worse than normal as we find out it will be Aksana vs Brie Bella. Thankfully it doesn’t last long at all and AJ comes to the stage after Brie’s win to cover over the cracks a little. She says some stuff about doing to Brie what Orton did to her boyfriend and then something about popping out goatface babies. Not her greatest moment but just about enough to save the whole segment.

69’ BORING: Next we have Kofi squashing Big E in no time at all. The Wyatt Family show up after the match and Bray spouts off a load of words which apparently equate to a 1-on-1 with Kingston at Battleground. I just don’t care. Whether it’s Bray or the booking, this whole cult thing isn’t working for me at all. Maybe a spot of “Kifflom” would help.

76’ CHANCE And we get to the main event of the Big Show vs Shield and Orton. The dynamic between Show and The Shield has proved to be very good recently. Show has been overdoing it at times but this is still the most interested I have been in the guy for ages. Let’s see if they can put it all together in the main event.

89’ OF THE POST: Close but no cigar. The handicap match was decent once again and managed to highlight the strengths of all involved. The early talking point however had to be Dean Ambrose turning his Shield uniform into a tube top. Now don’t get me wrong, I love me a good tube top, just not on dudes in excess of 6 foot and 200 pounds. Show held his own and won by disqualification when a chair was introduced. He got beatdown after the bell but the Usos, and then Daniel Bryan make the save. It is DB who stands tall to end the segment. He gets the usually unlucky last word, but it didn’t do him any harm before Night of Champions. Good final segment before Battleground but not quite enough to warrant a goal.

90’ FULL TIME: A relatively poor episode of SmackDown. A couple of high spots but a whole lot of meh and there seemed to be a lot more recaps than usual. I guess that could be not wanting to push the guys too hard before a PPV but you’d think they’d want to give it one last sell job too. Hopefully this week’s TV has just been a blip and the WWE can create some compelling shows next week off the back of Battleground.


A tough one to call this week. It was a toss up between Show and Del Rio. ADR did a good job of selling his WHC match (for once) and had a good performance against Dolph Ziggler. Show continued to sell his conflicted state very well and he once again looms large over a PPV he is not scheduled to be a part of. He didn’t show up at Night of Champions so you’d have to think he will on Sunday. Most importantly I have no idea what he will do if he does, and that is why he gets the nod from me this week.

And that brings us to the end of the show. I shall be back next week with more of the same. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the latest episode of The Right Side of the Pond on LoP Radio. This week I am joined by Randall as we look at five potential guys to take on the streak. In addition, Joey and Plan aim to fix the wrongs in the WWE and Maverick joins us as we predict (sort of) Battleground. Links are below as usual as well as all the usual social media. Don’t forget to vote for Septembers Player and Goal of the Month. I shall see you all again next week. Until then, Peace!

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