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Posted in: CPR Productions
4-4-2 Review: SmackDown 27/9/13 (CPR Productions)
By Mazza
Sep 28, 2013 - 2:45:27 PM

‘Sup, Lords of Pain? Another week, another spot of Friday night wrestling to review. The big question on this week’s edition of the 4-4-2 Review is whether Roman Reigns can land a hat-trick of man of the match awards. I tell you what, if he gives a beastly performance like he did on Raw there is a big chance. It was another excellent episode on Monday night with Steph once again on top form and a thoroughly entertaining main event which saw The Shield go down in a 3 on 11 elimination match. Not only was it great fun to watch but it helped continue the main feuds for the trio as we head towards Battleground. But this isn’t the Raw 4-4-2 Review, so without further ado let’s get on with why we are here…

1’ KICK OFF: I’d love to know the stats about who has opened the most editions of Raw and SmackDown in the history of both shows. If I had to guess, it would probably be a safe bet to go with Triple H and tonight is another one of those occasions. He comes out to a pretty good reaction from the crowd which does worry me a little but will he set the tone for the night as he has tended to do recently?

12’ BIZZARO WORLD: Not to start with. In fact, 5 minutes in it was a really bog standard boring bit of mic time but thankfully The Miz came out to stop it. It’s a strange old turn of events that I am happy that Miz stops The Game’s flow. Anyway, it all steps up a couple of gears from there. Miz pretty much moans about everything that has gone on but H says he gives opportunities but people don’t take them and then blame others for their shortcomings. He uses the opportunity he gave Miz against Orton as an example. Miz comes back and makes a very nice reference to Trips and Steph running a good cop-bad Cop routine. The insults begin to fly but Hunter calms things down, says they should let things go and gives Miz a new opportunity for tonight - a match with Orton. He then says he will fly his parents in again! A world of difference between the Hunter that started the promo and the Hunter that ended it. I can just about understand the reason for what I will now refer to as “Good Cop Hunter”, but straight up evil Hunter is just so much better. I really hope for more of the same.

14’ CHANCE: Next up is Alberto Del Rio vs R-Truth. Normally that would guarantee a boring squash but there is just something about ADR for me right now that works every time. A Brock Lesnar guy sighting during the entrances could be a bad sign however.

20 OFFSIDE: Well it was fun while it lasted but that was only 3 minutes. Truth got some high paced offence on at first before going down to the cross armbreaker. ADR still managed to get a bloodied mouth in that time and a post match Truth beatdown is stopped by Rob Van Dam and Ricky Rod. There’s a huge pop for RVD. Vickie and Trips watch the action on a monitor backstage and then make the decision that the match at Battleground will be a hardcore rules match. Makes sense really, brings in a new element to the feud.

21 PENALTY: Titus O’Neil steals the schtick of this column as he calls for a penalty on a couple of backstage hands doing the Millions of Dollars dance badly.

27’ TEKKERS: We have some tag team action as The Prime Time Players take on The Real Americans. We start out with some great stuff from Zeb Colter, saying only real Americans are allowed to say “We The People”. The match was only four minutes, but again, it was fun while it lasted. We got to see Cesaro do his awesome power spin on Titus (22 revolutions is you trust JBL’s counting ability) and we had a very nice finish where Young didn’t see the blind tag, allowing Swagger to put on the Patriot Lock. When you consider that this is the secondary feud in the tag scene, you have to say that the division is in decent shape right now.

33’ TIME WASTING: The short matches continue, this time with Bray Wyatt squashing Zack Ryder. The Wyatt Family holding onto the bare minimum of momentum right now. Not a good sign.

34’ CHANCE: Now onto Ambrose vs Ziggler. This will surely last longer than 5 minutes, particularly as RVD and Kofi Kingston accompany Dolph to even up the numbers. This is a matchup that have had people excited but they have failed to really click so far. Let’s see if they can change that here.

40’ FOUL/ADVANTAGE PLAYED: They actually started out pretty well but the guys at ringside get involved and it descends into a brawl. Trips comes out, tells the ref to take control and makes it a 6-man. Not sure how I didn’t see that coming really.

45’ HALF TIME: Half time comes mid match and the tempo is good. If the pressure is kept up, there could be a goal on the way.

50’ GOAL: And there it is. Great match. There was a whole lot of things going on that just came together really well. Reigns and Ziggler seem like great foils for each other. There was some great work by The Shield focussing on the arm of RVD. There was a moment where Dolph was playing the face in peril and when Van Dam had his arm out for the tag, Rollins attacked it. Even better was that it backfired and allowed Ziggler to tag Kofi instead. We then get a great ending sequence with a bunch of signatures (including Dolph getting folded in half with the spear) before a Rollins knee to Kofi’s head helps Ambrose get the three count. Really fun stuff.

52’ YELLOW CARD A booking can mean only one thing, Trips is going all panto villain again. The Big Show is interviewed backstage and says he can’t sleep, he’s a pariah in the lockerroom and people call him names on the street. He does that crying things but says he needs the job for his family. Trips comes out and says, as a friend, maybe he should quit. He says he will help find him a job as a doorman, paper boy or airport baggage person. Hunter casts the good cop facade and tells him he won’t be able to get any other work. Show gets angry. Trips mocks him and says he will do nothing and will like it. THIS is the Hunter we need. Excellent heel work.

60’ ON THE BACKFOOT: Diva time. It’s Cameron vs AJ, who has Tamina in tow. Cameron is rather unsurprisingly atrocious in the ring but it doesn’t take long for AJ to put us all out of our misery courtesy of a Shining Wizard (insert childish phrase about AJ shining my wizard here). On the positive side of things, the visual of an AJ-Tamina partnership works well and it will be interesting to see where it goes. I do wonder what happened to the whole AJ-Layla partnership though. Maybe I just dreamt it. Hopefully I’ll dream about it again.

67’ NICE PLAY: It’s time once again for the regular Friday “Heyman carries a feud with half the main characters being absent” segment. He thanks people for the success of his plan to attack Punk on Raw. Axel and Ryback get their props but he especially thanks the fans for egging Punk on. He says there is no chance for Punk in his match against Ryback at Battleground. He also puts himself over again as the Best in the World, which is awesome. He played the crowd extremely well, but at this stage that is a given.

72’ GOAL: Yes, you read that right. Santino Marella vs Heath Slater with the rest of 3MB, The Great Khali and Hornswoggle at ringside scores a goal. Comedy is a strange thing in wrestling that sometimes works really well and sometimes can lead to the very worst thing on a show. I found this match hysterical however. It all revolved around Mahal and Khali trying to charm the Cobra with piccolos. It’s touch and go for a while until Hornswoggle breaks Jinder’s instrument. Khali is then free to revive a KO’d Santino’s sockpuppet to nail Slater and get the win. Sometimes the ridiculous just works brilliantly.

78’ SET UP: We have a recap of the latest Cole-Hunter sit down where The Game lays down an invitation to the Rhodes Bros for Raw. We then see Goldy and Cody accept. That should be fun.

81’ CHANCE: Main event time. Miz vs Orton. Let’s see if Mr Mizanin can take his chance in and out of kayfabe.

85’ GOAL DISALLOWED: We get an aggressive Miz, which is definitely better, but he is soon poorly overselling his neck. This gives us a chance to see sadistic Orton who pulls Miz away from the doctor. He is relentless on the attack and gets DQ’d in the process. This brings evil H out once again who restarts the match as no-disqualification, making out he is doing it for Miz!

89’ GOAL: Orton has wounded prey in front of him and it allows him to really channel his inner-Trevor (one for the GTA fans there). Miz gets a chair for a brief moment of self defence but to no avail. We essentially get the continuation from Raw a couple of weeks back. He ends the beating with a totally needless RKO and helps to rebuild his post-NOC momentum. A nice clinical end to the night which is good for another goal for me.

90’ FULL TIME: So there you have it, a strong 3-0 victory on another fun edition of SmackDown. The roll the company is on right now continues. The big storylines kept ticking over nicely and even most of the filler was entertaining. Hopefully we shall get some more of the same next week.


This week was all about The Game for me. He had a bad start, and wasn’t involved in any of the goals, but he just kept showing up at different points of the evening to show just how evil he is. As a huge Hunter fan, I have missed watching him do what he does best over the last few years. This Friday he went a long way towards making up for a lot of that. Before we go, let’s have a look at the latest form:

Latest SmackDown Results:
20/09/13 - Won 1-0 - MoM: Roman Reigns
13/09/13 - Won 3-1 - MoM: Roman Reigns
06/09/13 - Won 1-0 - MoM: Randy Orton
30/08/13 - Won 2-0 - MoM: The Shield

I am already looking forward to another edition of Raw and next week’s SmackDown. However, if you are at a short end in the meantime, make sure you check out the latest episode of The Right Side of the Pond on LoP Radio. This week I am joined by Plan as we give a hip hop makeover to some WWE entrance themes. Also this week Plan and Maverick discuss Randy Orton vs Shane McMahon. Links are below as usual as well as all the usual social media. I shall see you all again next week. Until then, Peace!

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