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Posted in: Chair Shots
Welcome to the Underground 3.18: Butterflies, Rabbits, Serpents and THE MACK!
By Rob Simmons
Jan 4, 2017 - 9:55:17 PM

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"Evil Rising".

Luchadors comes in all shapes, sizes, and in the case of the Lucha Temple, species. The seven ancient Aztec tribes are represented in Lucha Underground, some remotely, some literally. Tonight, many of those tribes fight their next battles; battles important in the overall war to come. For some however, the battles are more personal.

In the depths of Darkness, Mil Muertes wonders how his nemesis, Prince Puma, is still alive. Catrina tells him that it has to be Vampiro, for he dabbles in the Dark Magics that would be required to bring Puma back. To get to Puma, Mil has to go through Vampiro, and when it comes to Mil, those words are taken very literally. As Catrina leaves, Jeremiah Crane confronts her, reminding her that he did what he said he would do, beat the man she loves; beat Mil Muertes. With a grin on her face, Catrina walks off, telling Crane that it’s NOT MIL that she loves.


Lucha #1: Sexy Star vs. Mariposa

Sexy Star and Mariposa share a violent history; one that began with Sexy’s abduction by Mariposa and her brother Marty the Moth. Sexy had to overcome fear like she had never known before, and in doing so defeated Mariposa in a match that had the Temple enthralled, the “No Mas” match. Sexy now believes that Mariposa continues to stalk her, sending her spiders, taunting Sexy. As the bell rings, Sexy takes down Mariposa, and they both ground and pound. Sexy whips Mariposa across the ring by her pigtails, trying to rip the hair from her head strand by strand. She rolls outside the ring, and Sexy dives through the ropes after her. She pounds Mariposa around the ring, but Sexy gets whipped into Dario’s office, then rammed head first on the ring apron. In an act of pure violence, Mariposa whips Sexy Star headfirst into the announce table time after time after time, causing the table to move with each blow to Sexy’s skull.

Back in the ring, Mariposa looks to finish off Sexy with the Butterfly Effect, but Sexy rolls through it. She hits a top rope Arm Drag on Mariposa, and a Hip Toss for a 2-count. Mariposa is angered, screaming at Sexy Star. She slams her down in a Samoan Drop into a pin attempt, then twists Sexy into a Modified Indian Death Lock, kicking at her back and head with her long limbs. She goes to the top but misses a Moonsault. Sexy dropkicks Mariposa down, then ascends the ropes herself. Mariposa attempts a Superplex, but Sexy pushes her to the mat. She finishes Mariposa off with a Double Stomp to the gut from the top rope, securing the victory.


Post match, Marty the Moth comes to the ring to check on his sister, but instead of assisting her, he CHOKESLAMS his sibling to the mat.

ULTIMA PALABRA: I’ve mentioned numerous times about Sexy’s polarizing character, bringing hate by some and love by many. I’ve also talked about how Sexy Star needs the right dance partner to truly make a memorable match. For me, Sexy’s perfect partner is Mariposa. The two Luchadoras bring out the best of each other each and every time they get in the ring, and Sexy seems crisper in her matches with the crazy butterfly. Perhaps it’s intensity of their feud, but whatever the case, I could truly watch them wrestle over and over again as long as they continue to perform at the level of their previous matches. As for Marty and his actions towards his sister, well Marty’s just flat out crazy. You never know what that nutjob is going to do.


Mascarita Sagrata is working out when he is approached by the Rabbit Tribe. They believes Mascarita is their elusive White Rabbit; the reason they were led to the Temple. They believe Sagrata is their Tribe leader. Mascarita believes they’re crazy. He’s probably right.


Lucha #2: The Rabbit Tribe (Paul London, Mala Suerte and Saltador) vs. The Serpent Tribe (Drago, Pindar, and Vibora)

Kobra Moon leads her Generals to the ring, but she also leads her prisoner Drago, chained around the neck. She forces Drago to wrestle in her place, but Drago doesn’t appear to protest too much, seemingly in a trance. The Rabbit Tribe meanwhile is playing Ring Around Melissa Santos, unaware of the dangers lurking just outside the ring. Mala Suerte starts for his CREW, taking Pindar down with a Head Scissors. He tags both his partners who come in the ring and take Pindar down with a Triple Punch. Saltador stays in the ring, attempting to go LOCO on Pindar, but the reptile hits a perfect Snap Powerslam. He tags in Drago, who hits a Dropkick and a Head Scissors. Paul London is tagged in, and the Rabbits once again play their games, dancing around Drago.

Drago tags in the giant Vibora, who buries Mala Suerte and Saltador with a Double Choke Slam. He blasts London with a huge kick. Pindar is back in, beating the life out of Paul London. From outside, Kobra Moon chokes London with the chain she led Drago to the ring with. Paul fights back however, and tags back in his Tribesmen. With Drago back in the ring, the Rabbits his a Double Basement Dropkick to Drago. Drago tags back in Pindar, who sets up the Rabbit on his shoulder. Vibora comes in with a boot to the head, and Pindar spins him down into a Sit-Out Power Bomb. Vibora hits a Snakebite Piledriver on London, but Kobra tells Vibora to tag in Drago. Drago comes back in with a Running Blockbuster, practically decapitating Paul London for the victory


After the match, Fenix and Aerostar come out to help their partner. Hey take out the serpents, knocking them out of the ring. Kobra runs for safety, leaving Drago in the ring. They attempt to help him to his feet, but Drago seems confused, unaware of who Aero and Fenix are. As the Serpent Tribe leaves, Drago appears to come out of his haze, grabbing the arms of his partners in unity.

ULTIMA PALABRA: Let’s start with the Rabbit Tribe. I have no earthly idea what their intentions are in the Temple, other than to dance around the ring and confuse the Hell out of their opponents. They seem utterly directionless, but that could all be a smoke-screen for a bigger play down the road. While all three are very talented Luchadors (two of which the Believers should be very familiar with), they’ve yet to get started. On the other side of the ring, we are most definitely headed towards a showdown between the Trios Champions and the Serpent Tribe, probably with gold on the line. Drago’s confusion towards his partners is disturbing however, as it appears that Kobra Moon has a hold over Drago that might cause some issues for Fenix and Aerostar. That concern, and the general size of both Vibora and Pindar might be too much for the Lucha Friends to overcome.


In the locker room, Sexy wishes her good friend The Mack luck against Mundo tonight. Much like she did, Mack tells her that he has to do it alone. Tonight, The Mack takes his shot at going to the next level.

As he prepares, Dario arrives, telling him that tonight’s match is NOT a title match, but instead the winner of the match will decide the stipulation for the forthcoming Title Match. So win or lose, Mack will get his shot at the title. Mack asks Dario if he likes to gamble, telling him to always bet on Mack.


Lucha #3: Johnny Mundo vs. The Mack

The arrogant Champion starts the match with forearms to Mack’s head, but Mack strikes back harder with an Arm Drag and a Running Leg Lariat. Mundo stops Mack’s momentum however with a poke to the eye. Punching him in the corner, Mundo stays in control of the Mack who has yet to get started. On the apron, Mundo slaps Mack in the head, then flips him off as he drops to the floor. Mack follows him outside and hits an Exploder Suplex on Mundo, but Johnny slows the pace again, crawling under the ring to safety. As Big Willie searches for Mundo, Johnny sneaks out around the ring and whips Mack into the barricades. The pace of the match has slowed considerably, allowing Mundo to picks his spots and dodge his considerably larger opponent.

Back in the ring, Mundo hits a Disaster Kick on Mack but cannot get a pinfall. Mack finally gets in some offense, hitting a big Clothesline to Mundo, followed by a Running Uppercut. He drops Mundo the the mat, postures to the crowd, then drops the People’s Elbow to Mundo. Johnny kicks Mack in the head, but takes a Samoan Drop from Mack, followed by a Standing Moonsault. He sends Johnny up in a Pop-Up Forearm, but cannot get the pinfall still. Mack is pulling out all the stops, delivering a rope assisted Codebreaker, but still no pinfall. Referee Marty Elias gets knocked down as Mack has Mundo down for the pin from a Sit-Out Powerbomb. The Believers count to 6 before Elias comes for the count, but Mundo kicks out. The WWU come out to distract Mack, who has lost focus on the task at hand. From behind, Mundo low blows Big Willie and rolls him up for the 3-count victory.


As Evans and Black beat down The Mack, Johnny Mundo grabs the mic, telling Mack he doesn’t belong in the same ring as him. He tells him he could barely go 10 minutes, calling him a fat piece of crap. He tells The Mack that next time they meet, Mack will have to find a way to go ALL NIGHT LONG!. That’s right, Mundo has decided that they’ll go for the full hour. The WWU hit a Triple Curb Stomp on Mack, but as they celebrate Mil Muertes arrives in the Temple.

Mil comes down the steps and heads straight towards Vampiro. He beats down Vamp, pummeling him with vicious forearms. He throws Vampiro in the ring, preparing to dish out more punishment as Prince Puma arrives. As he prepares to enter the ring, Vampiro yells “NO”, as Mil delivers a Flatliner to Puma’s Master. As Puma looks after Vampiro, Mil exits the Temple, as do we until next we meet.

ULTIMA PALABRA: The Mundo/Mack match was a bit of a disappointment, with Mack never really getting into his patented offense. I expected Big Willie to put up more of a fight against Johnny, but it seemed as though he couldn’t get going at all. Mundo’s tactics kept Mack off balance the entire time, keeping him at a distance, as Mack needs close quarters to deliver the most punishment. Next they meet, Mack will have to prove he can a long distance, as it will be a one-match show for the Lucha Underground Championship. Mundo has been there before, against Prince Puma, but Mack has a lot to prove to both Mundo and himself.

Mil and Puma…..well they’re headed towards a cataclysmic encounter, one that may leave the Temple in ruins when they’re done. I’m not sure either of them will survive.

There you have it dear readers, another episode in the books. Next week is the Mid-Season Finale as we approach halfway through Season 3. What did you think of this week’s show? Hit me up with your questions, comments, and thoughts below, or hit me up on Twitter. Just use the button below and follow the Scribe of Lucha Underground!

Until next Lucha,
Roberto Out!

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