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Posted in: Chair Shots
TripleR Presents: Oliver's Weekly NXT Review (9/18/13)
By TripleR
Sep 20, 2013 - 8:59:05 AM

 photo Logo_zpsaf66a8c5.jpg

Good day NXTians! What a week it’s been – the nights are getting longer, the days are getting shorter, but NXT remain somewhere between 45 and 55 minutes in length. That’s about how long it takes you to order a pizza, receive said order and eat it! You could watch NXT with pizza! This week we’ve got a little something special for you. Now, I know you enjoy this thing just the way it is and all, but I’m sure you get a little tired of just hearing about how much I hate CJ Parker and Xavier Woods (crikey, imagine how much I would despise a main event with both of those guys in it!). So I thought it was about time we got someone else’s opinion on things around here. So, without further ado, let me introduce our special guest co-host for this week’s NXT review – Annie Edison from Community! Annie, before we sit down together with this delicious vegan pizza I’ve just prepared, allow me to introduce these delightful NXTians. Say hello Annie.

 photo Gif1_zpsefb9c094.gif

It’s OK, no need to be uneasy Annie, they’re all lovely people! Right, let’s get started on …

The NXT Review: 18/09/2013 – The One With The Special Guest Co-Host

 photo Zayn_zpscce44d78.jpg

Sami Zayn is kicking us off! The man who Bo Dallas won’t give a shot at the NXT Championship is looking to right his losing streak of two matches against the man he started his NXT career off against back at the end of May. It’s probably a sign of how well Zayn has settled in on NXT that it feels like he’s been around for longer than four months – man, is that guy doing well. Annie, I think you’ve been enjoying Sami Zayn’s work over the recent months as well – what one word comes to mind when you think of Sami Zayn?

 photo Gif2_zps425fa1c4.gif

Oh cool, I think Sami’s really fun too! It’s great that we think the same things. So Sami and Curt lock up to start us off, Hawkins looking kind of like a skinny Ryback in his hat and leather jacket before the match, and it’s Hawkins with the advantage, pushing his opponent back into the corner. When the referee breaks it, the former Major Brother goes for a cheap shot but Zayn ducks underneath it, but before he can get a strike in Hawkins puts himself through the ropes to stop him from hitting him. Hawkins takes it to the mat out of a rear waistlock with a drop toehold and transitions into a side headlock, but Sami wriggles out and locks in a hammerlock himself. But Hawkins powers up and pushes Zayn back into the corner, breaking the hold with an elbow to the temple and looking to whip him across the ring – but the Canadian leaps over his head out of the whip across the ring and hits a series of three armdrags, the last one skipping around the back of the Queens native. That’s a lovely thing from Sami, one of those signature moves that will really work on the main roster. The Canuck mounts Hawkins in the corner and the crowd count along as he rains punches down on his opponent, and he connects with a big one to give him a two count after being pushed out of the corner. Backslide for Zayn again only gets a two count but Sami goes straight into a chinlock. Back on their feet and the two are trading rear waistlocks in the middle of the ring but the crowd are super into it – something so simple, but it works in getting them going somehow. Hawkins hits the ropes and tosses Sami off (snarf) and then hits a big body slam to take the high flyer to the mat and gain control. Pounding down the little man now, is Hawkins, and he drops and elbow – he keeps covering, but only gets one counts. One counts! How resilient is Zayn to be kicking out at one? Hawkins is trying to wear down his opponent, and he drives a knee into the back and locks in a chinlock, but Zayn gains some power from the crowd clapping and powers up, throwing Hawkins to the ropes…but he’s caught by a shoulder block! Not enough to keep him down for long, though, and he ducks under his running opponent and connects with a calf kick to the face! A two count from that, and Hawkins is begging off against the ropes – he’s had enough of Sami! He can’t take anymore! Ooh, he was just suckering Zayn in and flips him to the apron, the swine, and he catches Sami with a knee to the face the drives his head off the turnbuckle post, sending him to the floor.

Back in the ring now, and Hawkins is looking for a suplex but Zayn is battling him, punching him in the ribs – but Ryder’s running buddy connects with a fist of his own and gets Zayn over and into a pin for a two count. Out of a rear chinlock, Sami powers up and breaks the hold, but Hawkins manages to slide underneath him as he comes off the ropes and sweeps his legs out from beneath him, landing him on his face. Hawkins keeps up the head work, wrenching the neck with a rear chinlock and Alex Riley gets really, really stupid on commentary for a second – ‘not a lot of people have applied holds to Sami Zayn, maybe that’s a way to beat him’. Did you not see him take on Antonio Cesaro? Were you not watching the second fall of that match where Cesaro made Zayn tap out to a rear chinlock just like this one? Do you even watch the product, Riley? Sigh. Did you find that frustrating too, Annie?

 photo Gif3_zpsfa8df8cd.gif

Woah there Annie, there’s no need to kill the man! Please don’t shoot my laptop, OK? I need that for things! Come on, have another slice of pizza. It’s super good, right? Yeah, that’s better. Phew. Zayn and Hawkins take each other out with clotheslines, and the crowd are urging Sami to get up. The two go toe to toe, trading blows, but Sami explodes into a pair of clotheslines, and off the ropes hits a dropkick! He’s going for it now, but misses the big boot into the corner, but Hawkins gets caught with one running in to capitalise! And Zayn bounces off the top rope with a crossbody! Two count only! A huge enziguiri from Hawkins as Sami comes off the ropes! Another two count! Blimey, this is escalating guys, as Zayn flips out of a side suplex but then Hawkins connects with an Impaler DDT for another two count. How is Sami doing this? Most men would have quit by now. Well, I would have. But I’m kind of a coward. Zayn just makes it to his feet in the corner and Hawkins runs in but gets caught by Sami’s boot! Sami goes for the top rope DDT but Hawkins twists out and…crikey, what was that?! I haven’t seen Hawkins in a while, is this new – he puts his opponents leg across his head then flips them up and around into a sort of facebuster or a cutter…and Zayn just kicks out! The Edgehead just doesn’t know what to do, and his frustration shows has he takes off his gloves and elbow pads, throwing them at a kneeling Zayn…Sami fires back with fists of fury! A big boot off the ropes! Tornado DDT! Zayn wins! Zayn wins!

That…that was really good. Like, really, really good. I really enjoyed it, it naturally progressed from the two trying to put each other away early with quick pins but not big moves to them escalating towards the end and throwing everything they had at each other. I guess this is what Zayn needs to prove he can take on Bo, too – looking forward to that. Hawkins showed what he’s capable of here, and I really, really rate him. It’s about time they did something more with him on NXT than just have him lose every so often so they can have someone beat a ‘main roster’ wrestler. I mean, can Hawkins even be called a main roster wrestler still? He’s hardly seen on main TV and a couple of losses on Main Event don’t make you a main roster wrestler. Look, here’s what you do – you’ve got Zack Ryder, who doesn’t really get to do much outside of losing on Superstars and long ago lost his shine, and you’ve got Curt Hawkins. The two have history together, so pair them up and have them go on a nice run on NXT, where a lot of tag teams seem to be falling by the wayside right now. This crowd still likes Ryder as well, it might be one of the only places he’ll seem super over. You pair them with Enzo Amore (screw you, Cassady) as a mouthpiece, who is over as anything, and let them run wild. They both improve because they can learn stuff in NXT and become better wrestlers (hell, pull them from the live tour as well, not like they sell tickets), plus you get an established face tag team. There you go Annie, don’t you think that’s a great idea? Bet you wish you’d come up with it, don’t you?

 photo Gif4_zps3e97826d.gif

Annie, you seem to have a real bloodlust tonight! What’s going on with you? Let’s try and calm down with our next bit of NXT action.

 photo English_zpsbec320eb.jpg

Aiden English, the only legitimate artiste to crossover into the wrestling business, gets introduced by Byron Saxton and demands a spotlight. English is going to sing us a song! Oh how lovely, this is a little ditty about wrestling and how English is going to put the ‘E’ back into ‘WWE’. Well, this is new and exciting. QT Marshall isn’t introduced, but is called Michael Cuellari on commentary which is his real name, I believe. English gains the advantage in the early lock up and slaps Cuellari across the face in the corner as Riley sings English’s song on commentary. He pushes his opponent off from a side headlock and hits a knee to the midsection, sending him head over heels, and then starts to unload on him with a kick to the head and a strong short-arm clothesline, before pounding on him on the mat. He bows to the crowd and then hits a jumping legdrop. Then he locks in a sort of rear side headlock with a trapped arm and transitions it into a slam. I believe it’s called the ‘Take A Bow’ and it’s enough to give him the win here.

English demands his spotlight and he’s going to give an encore despite the chants of ‘no!’ from the crowd! Aiden English is the best, the very model of a modern major superstar, and he walks out to the strains of his gorgeous jazz piano. NXTians, I give you my new favourite. What a ham. What a complete ham. And how fantastic that was. He disposed of the jobber and gave us a nice introduction to himself. I think this is going to be terrific and Annie, I’m pretty sure you’re already hoping he’s back next week, right?

 photo Gif5_zps50de2c68.gif

Cool. Nope, I’m seriously into this (as you could probably guess I would be given who else I love on this show) and I want to see English every week, please. Make it so NXT.

Oh, it’s Bo Dallas.

 photo Gif6_zps447fd801.gif

It’s OK Annie, this might be quite good. He’s on the phone to his Bo-lievers, leaving them all a message on the Bo Dallas hotline, which is currently testing in Bo-livia, which I’m guessing he thinks is named after him. He asks Renee what’s on her mind, and she asks him if his impressive victory over Curt Hawkins is enough to get Sami Zayn a title shot. Bo says that he needs to beat someone with credibility, not some jobber like Hawkins, but he has an idea to find out just who deserves a shot. Can he elaborate? Not right now – he’s off to a ribbon cutting ceremony, but he will announce it next week on NXT. He sings us out with a rendition of ‘Don’t Stop Bo-lieving’ which causes Young to spontaneously facepalm. Man, I love Renee Young. Thanks for giving us a cool interviewer that actually reacts to the promo they’re listening to, Renee. Still, this was Bo Dallas doing his new schtick and it really is sticking, producing some hilarious backstage segments which I think I’m kind of starting to enjoy. What I like the most is that he’s speaking the truth – who exactly is Curt Hawkins? When did he last win a match? You don’t get credibility by beating someone that’s incapable of winning a match, after all. We all sort of know that Bo’s using excuses to duck Zayn’s challenge because he fears he’ll beat him, but at the same time he’s applying some good logic to his argument.

Next week: Triple H turns up and makes an announcement, plus a Tag Team Turmoil match to determine the new number one contenders for the NXT Tag Team Championships!

 photo Tagmatch_zps5ac7c8ea.jpg

Hey look, it’s everyone I’m indifferent to and Tyler Breeze (I am slightly exaggerating)! This should be a blast! Tyler enters first, and there are people in the crowd aping his entrance. Oh man, this is amazing. Breeze is the best, and I love that this ridiculous entrance is getting over so much. Everyone else enters, and it literally takes five minutes for this to happen. The best thing, though, is that Breeze just keeps checking himself out on his phone throughout all the entrances. Even in the darkness of The Ascension’s entrance, he’s still staring at his phone. Commitment, guys – it’s all about commitment. CJ Parker is still the worst though. What would you say to CJ Parker if you met him, Annie?

 photo Gif7_zpsd607d258.gif

I thought as much. He is a bit of a nob, in fairness. I think Adrian Neville has new entrance music, so that might be the story to take away from that five minutes of entrance boredom. Oh, and Parker needs a kick in the face.

Everybody squares off in the middle of the ring, but it’s Neville and Victor who start us off, the Ascension member taking down the Geordie with a shoulder block but getting caught with an armdrag into an armbar when he comes off the ropes and Neville kips up. He tags out to Graves, who gets a shot in then tags to CJ Parker who, I’m pretty sure, gets audibly booed by the crowd when he climbs through the ropes. He moves out quickly too, tagging to Woods, and the face team are working to keep Victor under control and working on his left arm. The Angel Grove native tags to Adrian Neville who connects with a double stomp to the shoulder from the top rope, but Victor quickly recovers and grabs the hair, forcing the Man That Gravity Forgot back into the bad corner and tagging in Leo Kruger. The South African slaps on a wristlock but Neville flips and flops his way out of it, then takes Kruger to the mat. He locks in a wristlock of his own, and the face team start to run through the quick tags again, Woods quickly coming in and getting Kruger under control, Parker coming off the ropes with an elbow to the shoulder, then Neville and finally Graves entering and continuing to work the left arm of their opponent. And now back to Neville, who tags to Woods and…oh Christ, I can’t keep this up. They attack the left arm for a long, long time, constantly tagging in an out. Graves finally starts to spend some time in the ring, and he spins through an armdrag attempt to connect with one of his own, then hitting a dropkick and moving into an armbar. The crowd are chanting for one more tag, but as Graves moves for one Kruger catches him with a knee and tags out to Conor O’Brian. The big man is pounding down Graves now, and he tags out to Kruger and they hit a double team move, but the crowd a chanting ‘we want Breeze’. They never want to give the fans what they want, so Victor is tagged in now, and Graves fires back a little but gets caught quickly. The heels are working as a three man team, completely by-passing Breeze now, and Kruger misses a body avalanche giving Graves the chance to tag out. The action is coming thick and fast here and I almost can’t keep up, so sorry if I’ve missed anything!

Woods comes in off the tag and sends Kruger reeling with a clothesline and a dropkick then looks for It’s Morphin’ Time and he connects! But Kruger rolls out of the ring to avoid the pin and the heels look to regroup – but the faces won’t let them! Parker and Graves hit a baseball slide each on Breeze and Victor, while Woods and Neville soar over the top rope and land on O’Brian and Kruger! Back in the ring, though, it’s Leo Kruger who manages to connect with a big spinebuster on Woods, and that shifts the momentum, allowing them to tag out and work Woods, Victor stretching his arms out behind him with a knee in his back. They start to stomp down on Woods in their corner, Kruger, O’Brian and Victor all tagging in and out quickl and finally Breeze tags himself in! A huge pop from the crowd greets him – they were chanting ‘tag in Breeze’ at the time – and he pulls Woods out of the corner, but when Xavier starts to show some fire Tyler completely bails and tags Kruger in, literally running away from Woods after one punch to the gut, and the crowd think it is awesome. Woods is struggling to reach his corner now, with the South African mercenary keeping him grounded in a chinlock, and he gets within a hands length beforehis legs give out and he collapses to the mat. Kruger now tags out to Breeze and the crowd go wild again! He’s picking the bones of Kruger’s attack, wearing him down and wailing on him – but one punch to the gut from Woods and he bails again! This is wonderful, Breeze is outright saving this main event with his humour and timing.

O’Brian comes in and hits an elbow to the back of Woods who was crawling to his corner and keeps him on the mat, dragging him back to his teams corner whilst holding him in a bodyscissors. He drives his foot into the midsection, and Breeze tags himself in again! He looks for a suplex but Woods blocks and Breeze is the one who ends up on his back. Woods and Breeze are both making for their corners now, and Parker and O’Brian come in! Parker takes Victor off the apron and turns round to hit the member of The Ascension, hitting a flying clothesline off the ropes and running double knees in the corner. A scissor kick gets him a chance at a pinfall but Rick Victor breaks up the fall…only to be nearly clotheslined out of the ring by Graves! But Parker got distracted and gets planted by an STO from O’Brian…1…2…Neville breaks the pin up! Kruger takes out the Geordie, and Parker dodges a running O’Brian, only to get hit by a flapjack! O’Brian is reeling back to his corner and Breeze tags himself in again! He nearly gets a pin on Parker but he kicks out of two, and as Breeze picks him up the hippy slaps him in the face. Breeze goes to make a tag…but all his teammates bail on him! Breeze is left alone as The Ascension and Leo Kruger head to the back, and the model turns around into a palm thrust to the face by Parker! Woods comes in and connects with Lost In The Woods! Graves tags and connects with a chopblock, taking Breeze down, and then Neville hits the Red Arrow to give his team the win! The faces all celebrate above the fallen body of Tyler Breeze as NXT fades to black for another week.

 photo Gif8_zps8bbcac74.gif

Yes indeed Annie Edison. Yes indeed. That was quite the main event, given the quite humble beginnings – I would not have expected to enjoy it as much as I did, but it was really fun. The quick tags between the faces at the start were a little overdone for my liking but they kind of worked, and the constant tagging in and out of Breeze that led to everyone walking out on him was amazingly entertaining. Something about both the timing and nature of those tags was just perfect, and had me chuckling away to myself. The slight downside of the match was that there wasn’t really any interesting wrestling to report – I think there were probably more tags in the match than actual wrestling manoueveres, which seems odd but it kind of worked overall. Not necessarily the best match, but one that was very entertaining nonetheless.


 photo MVP_zpscce301f7.jpg

Aiden English!

I am all in on this gimmick. All in. We better see more of him in the near future, because I’ve got a feeling this is going to be really, really enjoyable.

18/09/2013 – Aiden English
11/09/2013 – Sasha Banks
04/09/2013 – Sami Zayn
28/08/2013 – Summer Rae
21/08/2013 – Sami Zayn and Antonio Cesaro
07/08/2013 – Enzo Amore
31/07/2013 – Bray Wyatt
24/07/2013 – Paige
17/07/2013 – Adrian Neville
10/07/2013 – Bayley

Hey, that was really fun! I liked this week a lot more than last week, that’s for sure. Zayn vs Hawkins was a really good little match, and then NXT just went full on for enjoyable stuff – Aiden English’s new gimmick is really stupid, and as a result I love it, and Breeze’s work in the main event was top notch. To prove this – watch that back, and then imagine it without all the Breeze stupidity. Dull, isn’t it? That’s how much Breeze added to the match. I really, really enjoyed that tag match, it might well have lacked in terms of wrestling but it more than made up for it with entertainment.

Another week over! Next week Triple H comes and delivers a promo, and there’s a tag team turmoil match for the number one contendership to the NXT Tag Team Championship, which should be a pretty tidy little match if the teams involved deliver. I wonder what else they’ll have for us. Annie Edison, would you like to say any more to the NXTians before leaving?

 photo Gif9_zpsae1ff852.gif


Until next week NXTians, stay safe when crossing the road and drink more hot chocolate! Ardievas!

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