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Posted in: Chair Shots
TripleR Presents: Oliver's Weekly NXT Review (8/28/13)
By TripleR
Aug 30, 2013 - 8:51:30 AM

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 photo Logo_zpsaf66a8c5.jpg

Hello again you wonderful people! How are you all? Hope you’re well. Sorry this one’s a bit late this week, it’s all getting busy here in Oliverland and I’ve been overwhelmed a little, which has unfortunately had the knock on effect that this has slipped back. However, here it is! It’s here now! You’ve waited long enough, so let’s get straight into…

The NXT Review: 28/08/2013 – The One With Queen Bitch

What’s the first thing you see after Sami Zayn and Antonio Cesaro tore it up last week? It’s Corey Graves having a little chat with Renee Young. Rick Victor interrupts and says that they are tired of waiting and will rise, and Conor O’Brian attacks out of nowhere to cut off Corey Graves telling Victor to bring it on. The pair beat down the hipster barrista and O’Brian absolutely nails him with a piece of the set while Victor holds him down. This isn’t going to end well for our tag team heroes, is it?

 photo Breeze_zps87532ee6.jpg

Now, see, I kind of liked CJ Parker last week, just a little bit. This week I find him ****ing unbearable. He’s throwing peace signs around like an aging hippy and wearing some kind of tye-dye hoodie. He’s one of those dicks that played Hacky Sack at university and never turned up to lectures and I absolutely despise him for it. I get it, I get what they’re trying to do, but seriously this is the most irritating type of person to me when they just exist, let alone when they’re playing up a couple of the facets of the character. And I say that as someone who willing marks out over his opponent, the self-obsessed male model that is Tyler Breeze, who struts his way across the stage and stares constantly at himself on his phone. One of these things is badlly done and annoying, the other is well done and annoying. I’ll leave you to work out which.

Breeze has got his angry face on and refuses to put his phone down to start the match as a ‘break his phone’ chant goes up. This being an NXT crowd, the shrill chant of ‘break his phone’ is immediately cut off by a deep, growling ‘no!’ chant from the opposite side of the building, which competes with a new ‘yes!’ chant. Ah, I do love the crowd this thing attracts. Parker starts off by fannying around, trying to catch Breeze who prances out of the way and grabs the ropes to get the referee to hold his opponent back. The crowd strikes up a ‘Breeze is gorgeous’ chant as the two stare each other down. Oh, by the way, if you needed another reason to hate CJ Parker – he’s wearing a hippy version of Zack Ryders old one legged trunks. What a douche. Parker makes a dash for the phone, presumably to break it, but Breeze cuts him off and whips him across the ring. It’s reversed, but Tyler just bails when Parker goes for a strike and hits the outside, causing Parker to follow. Big mistake, CJ – have you never watched wrestling? When the heel goes out of the ring, you don’t follow – you always end up getting beaten down on re-entry if you follow. That’s exactly what happens to the Moon Child here, Breeze pounding him into the mat as they mention on commentary that Bo Dallas has suffered an injury (yay! I’m not being funny, but there have been three recent instances where I have found a penny. Nearly directly after them all Sheamus, John Cena and now Bo Dallas have got injured. Those pennies are 3-0 on good outcomes. And I don’t like to take much joy in other peoples misfortune, but a Raw without Cena, Smackdown without Sheamus and NXT without Dallas is the thing my wrestling dreams are made of. And I like Cena, for the record.)

Breeze heads back to his phone, but the moment he takes to appreciate himself allows Parker to regain his whereabouts and lift him up for an aeroplane spin. After which he celebrates. Then he connects with a running senton. After which he celebrates. With Breeze in his corner, he hits a running double knee. After which he celebrates. Are you seeing a theme emerge here? Parker comes in with a punch but Breeze flinches so hard he turns around and ends up on his knees in his corner, which Parker attempts to pull him out of but Breeze connects with a phone shot! Shades of Paul E Dangerously! That’s enough to knock Parker out and Mr. Gorgeous himself takes the three count and walks out. Hey! A real (well, as close to real as you can get) match for Tyler Breeze where he added something new to his arsenal, showed he can play dirty and continued to grow his character. How wonderful! And the same goes for Parker, in that I hate him even more now than I did before. Seriously, I’ve never seen someone taunt as much he did. Why would you hit the d-pad after every grapple move? It doesn’t make sense. Other than that, it was a solid, if unspectacular match – more about character establishment than actual wrestling. One day I think Breeze is going to start busting out some wrestling goodies – until then slowly and subtly adding more and more layers to his character is just fine with me.

Here’s Emma! It’s been all too long since we heard from the little dancing dingo, but here she is chatting to Renee Young backstage. All of my favourites! All of the time! Only on NXT. Renee asks here about her on going rivalry with Summer Rae, and Emma says that she has a title match any time she wants (presumably because of either the rematch clause or the dance contest. You can choose which one. I’m pretty sure it’s not like Money in the Bank, though) but that Paige, and her destiny, is going to have to wait. Unlike Summer Rae, who in a couple of minutes is going to get her backside barbecued. And then Emma will celebrate by blowing some bubbles and playing Dance Dance Emmalution. Renee asks her if that’s a thing, and Emma says ‘yeah it is, you silly rabbit’ and then, in the most heart exploding moment of the whole interaction, she asks Renee to come and play with her and Young accepts! Hurrah! Dance Dance Emmalution is something I definitely want to play in my local bowling alley or arcade game…place. Games arcade? Is that what they’re called? Ah, Emma – Emma promos are fun. They are! They really are! I can’t believe that I hated her so much when I first saw her on NXT. Now, I am fully on board. I like that this still showed that Emma is determined to get the NXT Women’s Championship around her waist, even while she is involved in a feud without it – that makes the belt the ultimate goal, rather than something that she can choose whether she cares about or not, which is what it sometimes feels like when people go into non-title feuds. Look at it this way – if someone like Dolph Ziggler had, whilst messing around with Big E Langston, said, as much as possible, ‘sure, Big E is in my way now, but once I’m done with him I’m going to get back my World Heavyweight Championship’ or similar, it gives him somewhere to immediately go once he has dealt with Langston, plus makes it seem like he is being distracted by Langston and his ultimate aim is the biggest prize on Smackdown. The title gets put over as something he really wants but can’t deal with right now because he has some personal business to take care of. But when he’s done with the latter, you better believe he’s coming back to the former. It’s good promo work, is that.

‘Ladies and gentlemen, Tyler Breeze has let the building’. Also, Adrian Neville has challenged Conor O’Brian for later tonight, because he attacked Corey Graves, somebody that he doesn’t really get on with but does hold a title with so…I guess he’s mad?

 photo Emma_zpsd97c130f.jpg

Emma has added bubble blowing to her entrance! Guys, this is the best thing! She comes out with a giant bottle of bubbles and stops half way down the ramp to blow them. The crowd is full of Emmacrats tonight, and they dance along as she flips her way into the ring. Summer Rae is not entertained. At all. As she enters, surrounded by the remnants of Emma’s bubblicious entrance, she bats at them, trying to avoid them as she comes down the ramp. Of course, with these two having traded attacks from behind in recent weeks, this should be a vicious match. Let’s do this!

Emma strikes a pose to start off, infuriating Summer Rae, but that seems to be her ultimate game, as she goes for the Emma Lock when she charges in! Oh, she so nearly gets it locked in, but Summer just wriggles out of it and charges in, hitting a DDT that she rolls through into a mount position, bashing Emma’s head against the mat and choking her. But Emma rolls it over and bashes Rae’s head on the mat! And when Summer gets up she slams her down head first! Multiple head strikes now with Summer on her knees, and Emma goes for a pair of pins that only get one counts. The Aussie drives her in to the top turnbuckle and looks for the Tarantula but Rae just escapes. And as Emma comes back in Rae takes control, whipping Emma through with a wrist lock and then stretching her now injured shoulder against the ropes. Man, I love Summer Rae as a wrestler, she’s so logical, so clinical – here she drops a knee on the shoulder, then goes back to working it against the ropes. After a choke with her long legs in the corner, she takes Emma to the mat and locks in a full nelson using her legs to keep the pressure on that damaged limb. I mean, that’s how I’d approach wrestling if I was doing it – spot a weakness and throw everything at it. That’s just common sense, right? Especially for someone playing the bad guy.

Emma manages to leverage the hold up into a pin, but The First Lady of NXT pushes back through and keeps the legs locked. Then she rolls it over into a pinning situation, but Emma just squirms out. Some good work here on the holds and reversals, with Emma showing a little bit of fight but not enough to take the momentum away from her blonde rival. Rae whips the dancing dingo into the corner, but takes a moment to scream some smack at her and that costs her – as she charges in, Emma ducks out the way and Rae eats turnbuckle. Tarantula! There it is! Emma has to break at five, but Summer isn’t out of the woods yet – Emma charges in and connects with the low cross body in the corner! She grabs the legs of her rival and rolls it through into the Emma Lock! Summer has to tap! Emma wins! Summer ate some serious canvas on that roll through, basically connecting forehead first, and grabs at her face while Emma celebrates above her and the crowd goes wild. But she was just playing possum! The bitch! As Emma taunts her, she strikes, taking Emma out of the ring as boos reign down from the crowd. With Emma down on the outside, Summer grabs the bubble bottle and showers her in it! Damn, that’s got to hurt, right in Emma’s eyes and her vision is seriously impaired.

That was a really good little match – Summer got to show that she is not just The First Lady of NXT but also possibly its very own cerebral assassin (although, she lost – do cerebral assassins lose? I’m not sure. Triple H certainly rarely lost, and he’s the king cerebral assassin-ness) while Emma got to do her thing and get the crowd on side. And the post-match stuff just puts Summer over the top. She might well be NXTs very best heel as it stands, and that says something. She’s very much nailing it as the Queen Bitch right now.

Backstage, the Realest Guys in the Room are talking with Scott Dawson and Sylvester LeFort about MONAY. Apparently, it’s always funny in a rich man’s world, or something. Enzo’s hair is seriously amazing right now – it’s got those shaved bits at the side so he has a really long top, but then in those shaved bits he’s had extra swirly bits shaved. He looks completely ridiculous, and yet it suits his character fantastically. LeFort says he’s sorry that their plan for Mason Ryan didn’t work last week, and offers the Realest Guys in the Room a place in his Legionnaire, with Scott who is making him Monay. But as Big Cass points out, he loses. A lot. Dawson blows up, and LeFort says they make a lot of money, but Dawson seems to be a little short – he asks LeFort when he will next get paid. In what is possibly the funniest moment LeFort has committed to camera so far, he whispers ‘when you win a match’ to his liege. But the offer to Amore and Cass still stands – will they join the Legionnaire? You better believe they won’t! They wouldn’t join for all the money in the world! They should get the skip and kick rocks, hit the bricks. Those guys are S-A-W-F-T SAWWWWFT. SAWWWWFT! This is all leading to a match which is coming up next!

But not before Sasha Banks tries her hand at acting! The First Lady of NXT charges through a pair of double doors with her bag packed, and tells the ginger fella in her way to ‘get lost, carrot top’ because she’s a big meany. Sasha can’t believe what she did to Emma, but Rae says that what she did is why she is where she is (dancing with a star) and Banks is where she is (perennial NXT jobber fodder). What is that…supposed to mean?’ says Banks, like…I don’t know. Have you all seen Jennifer Lopez in Gigli? That’s the sort of level that Sasha Banks is at right now. Ha! This is amazing! Summer Rae says that SummerSlam was named after her. What an amazing line. Paige and Emma are ugly fish in a little pond while Summer is swimming with sharks on a weekly basis. Or something. Basically, Summer is a WWE Diva, Emma and Paige are ugly NXT people, and Sasha is irrelevant and should start following Summer Rae. Why is Summer up there? Because she’s willing to do whatever it takes. Just ask Fandango! Sasha will face Paige in two weeks, but will lose again in Rae’s estimation because she’s got no backbone. Man, Summer is so damned good, Queen Bitching it up and delivering her lines with some serious venom. Sasha…not so much. She’d be a great fit on Total Divas though, because she’s as wooden at acting as everyone on that thing. Terrible. Still, an inevitable Sasha Banks heel turn approaches. Watch your back Paige!

 photo Enzo_zpse5a224f8.jpg

So, I guess this is what you get for saying no to the Legionnaire, Enzo. Sorry, chum! Lefort, of course interrupts the ring announcer to introduce his own liege in a sparkly gold jacket as ‘what’ chants echo around the NXT arena. Here comes Scott Dawson, to some reasonably heat, possibly because who the hell likes Scott Dawson? The pop for Enzo Amore is almost at Sami Zayn levels – this guy is over huge, and if the earlier promo was meant to turn him a little bit face then that is alright with me and a lot of other people, by the sounds of things. Enzo cuts a promo on his way to the ring – if he and Cass had a dime for every time they got beaten up as kids, do you know how many dimes they’d have? Zero dimes! Because they are not S-A-W-F-T SAAAWWWFT!

The crowd are seriously into Enzo, chanting his name as the match gets going – the crowd is positively furious with their love for the guy. Dawson forces him into the ropes, but the referee breaks the hold and Amore has a quick discussion with Big Cass for a strategy. I clearly works, because Enzo comes out and immediately gets Dawson in a side headlock but, courtesy of a distraction caused by LeFort, Dawson uses the hair to break the hold and looks to take out some more pain on his opponent. Amore goes full three sixty on a hip toss attempt, landing on his feet, but Dawson ducks a clothesline and then drops Amore on the top rope out of a suplex. He pulls Amore off the ropes using the hair, and then grinds his eye against the tope rope, before whipping him into the ropes, connecting with a back elbow, and then hitting a leg and a knee drop on the mat, which only gets a two count. Dawson keeps one of the Realest Guys in the Room on the mat, and cuts off a brief flurry from his opponent. Lots of pounding by Dawson, as the a small chant of ‘Dawson’s boring’ strikes up. I’m with you there, guys. Amore finally gets away from Dawson after slipping out of a body slam attempt and he connects with a headscissors off the ropes! But on the outside, Alexander Rusev knocks down Big Cass, distracting Enzo and allowing Dawson to a side suplex and pick up the win.

Well well well. It would appear that Alexander Rusev is a new member of LeFort’s Legionnaire. After his impressive showing last week, I guess there is some MONAY to be made in Rusev, and it kind of makes sense to explain that that is why LeFort has signed him up. The match…I was ready to hate it, because it’s Scott Dawson being dull and Enzo Amore who hasn’t really demonstrated anything seriously worth taking note of in the ring. I was right to be ready to hate it. Possibly the worst NXT match I’ve ever seen. Which is a shame. But hey, the crowd love Amore, and I am completely down with that.

Hey, next up is a Sami Zayn interview! Hurray!

They show a little promo of the match Zayn and Cesaro had last week, showing off just how good it was. I still love that second fall, for the record – it’s just Zayn in a situation where he could fight but he knows it’s not worth it as he knows he’d be too weak and give up a fall quickly anyway, so he taps early (to Cesaro’s transition move, no less) in order to give himself a fighting chance of coming back and winning the decider.

Renee Young will be your interviewer for this because she is fantastic, and Sami gets a full entrance for an interview as the crowd pops big for him. The interview can’t start until the ‘match of the year’ chants die down, but when they do Zayn says it’s good to see Renee and thanks the crowd for their reaction. He’s conflicted by the praise that the match has gained, because all he really remembers is that Cesaro won. The crowd a calling for one more match, but Zayn doesn’t know when he’ll meet Cesaro again, and so he’s now refocusing on what everyone on NXT wants – well, everyone except Renee Young, who’s focus is on being a reporter and a ray of sunshine to everyone here. I love that Sami is nice to Renee Young – it works so well, not only do the interviews feel more organic than someone just shoving a microphone in someone’s face and asking questions, it also shows Sami as being a nice guy to other people which gets him face reactions. Anyway, what everyone in NXT wants is the NXT Championship…cue Bo Dallas’s insufferable music!

Oompa Loompa do-ba-dee-doo,
Bo accepts you had a match of the year,
Oompa Loompa do-ba-dee-dee,
But you are not top material, dear.

They don’t interview losing teams at events.
No one wants to see people bent out of shape.
Bo would love a match with you Zayn,
But at SummerSlam axxess you caused him pain.

Oompa Loompa do-ba-dee-doo,
Sami you are a really good kid,
Oompa Loompa do-ba-dee-dee,
But you are so green like a giant goose shit.

Bo comes out grinning, acknowledging the crowd and dressed as an 80s popstar. Seriously, he’d slot seamlessly into a Duran Duran promo video right now, in a white suit with a slightly mustardy shirt and his oddly perfect hair. Do you think he conditions? I can’t see how he couldn’t, but whatever he does must really work for him, it’s got body and looks terrifically strong. Bo says, and I think I’ll quote the whole thing here because it is some serious gold:

‘Sami, just because a cuppa people on the innernet said you had a good match, doesn’t make you championship material. I mean, you lost friend. And they don’t interview the losing team at the Superbowl do they? No! Because that would be depressing. People wanna hear ‘I’m going to Disney World!’ Not ‘I’m so sad that I lost’.

I mean, that’s choice, right? Delusional face cutting a heel promo but also pointing out some truths and clearly things he believes in. Somehow, NXT has taken what can only be described as deep fried shit with a side of chilled piss and turned into at least a good quality mushroom burger with lemonade, if not solid gold. You’ve got to believe this was never the plan for Bo Dallas – he was supposed to be loved by everyone, little kids were going to chant his name, all that stuff – and yet he never got there. His push to the main roster was an absolute ****ing disaster, his push to any sort of gold in NXT (not forgetting he is, essentially, and NXT Grand Slam Champion, having won both the tag belts and the big gold X) was really badly received by the crowd and they’ve since seen that no matter what they do they can’t get people to cheer the guy. So they just turn him heel instead. It’s a brilliant move, one that’s been done well by the people that are involved and works sensibly. Dallas is still overbearing, he’s still talking utter, utter shit, but instead of getting unintentional reactions the crowd is now reacting the way the powers behind NXT want them to. It works.

Anyway, Sami excuses Renee and asks Bo why he’s out there, because it sounds to him like he wants to be starting something. While Bo would love to have a match with him, Sami injured him at SummerSlam axxess – Bo though Zayn was better than that, and while he thinks he’s a good kid he’s so green. HAHAHA. HAHAHAHA. Seriously, this is Bo’s best work to date. The crowd drown him out with ‘ole’ chants, as he says that Zayn has a lot of work to do before he becomes like him. Like Bo? Does that mean like a delusional person who has no idea of what’s going on around him, asks Zayn. ‘Everyone loves Bo!’ ‘No! No! No! No!’ chants the crowd. Man, this is great. Sami says that Dallas obviously doesn’t realise that they’re booing him out of the building. ‘They’re not booing me! It’s BOOOOOO’ Ha, Simpsons references work, especially as Zayn then asks the crowd if they’re saying ‘Bo’ or ‘boo’. Have you ever heard a ‘boo’ chant? Because that’s what the crowd comes up with next.

Zayn now gets down to business, and he thinks that Bo is scared – scared because he saw what Zayn could do against Antonio Cesaro and he knows exactly what he’ll do to Bo, especially if the NXT Championship was on the line. What’s it going to be, Bo – does Zayn get a shot at the NXT Championship, or is he scared. And then this thing gets even more brilliant – the music of the Real Americans hits, and here comes Zeb Colter. Bo Dallas, as a hard working American, doesn’t have to answer to ‘that jacklegged illegal asks you’. Colter works so well in NXT, his gimmick slots in terrifically with everything that’s going on around him – he’s a completel parody of something, in the way that Tyler Breeze is a complete parody of a male model, or CJ Parker is a complete parody of a twat. Colter says that to get a title shot, Zayn should cough up some legal documentation to prove that he is a legal citizen and not a border jumping illegal who’s come here to steal from hard working Americans. Zayn says this is ridiculous, and as soon as he is done beating Bo Dallas and becoming the new NXT Champion, he’s going to get Cesaro and Colter deported back to hell, where they clearly come from. And then Jack Swagger strikes from behind, while Dallas bales. Swagger nails a delayed gut wrench powerbomb which looks absolutely bloody incredible, and they drape Zayn in a ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ flag and stand above his prone body. Blimey. There’s a lot happening in that near ten minute segment, but so much good stuff. I’m sure it won’t stay this way forever, but right now Bo Dallas is the perfect character and it finally looks like he and Bray Wyatt did, in fact, come from the same womb – somehow, this character work from Dallas is working perfectly. Hopefully he stays this way forever. Zayn looked like the perfect good guy, as he always does, and the best thing about the promos were how truthful they were, Dallas dropping some really valid points, but Zayn also finally pointing out to Dallas that he’s lost it. Plus, a Simpsons reference. And then you got Colter doing his thing, which is great in this sort of situation because it works and he looks completely crazy, and Swagger looking like a beast. Just great work all round.

Could you imagine what the reaction will be if Dallas beats Zayn with the title on the line? Especially if he does it via dirty tricks? Crikey. I almost want it to happen just to see the crowd reaction.

 photo Neville_zps3dcb73fd.jpg

Er…right. So here we are, tiny Neville against monstrous O’Brian. I bet this is all a means to an end. The two stare each other down, O’Brian looking suitably huge, and he powers Neville back to the corner. Neville uses his speed to get behind for a rear waistlock, but O’Brian just flings him out. Neville again goes quick and gets a side headlock, but he gets thrown off again by the Ascension member – but he leapfrogs O’Brian in the corner and flips across the ring, running up the opposite turnbuckle and connecting with a crossbody for a two count. Victor runs interference on the outside, however, and that is enough for O’Brian to take down Neville with a shoulder block. He whips Neville to the corner and looks for a body avalanche but The Man That Gravity Forgot dives out of the way. The two get to their feet at the same time, but it’s Neville with the advantage and he just can get O’Brian off his feet – punches, kicks, flying forearms and body blocks all do nothing. Finally, as the former Rat Man looks to power up, the Geordie goes low with a dropkick to the knee, and that takes him to his knees, and, off the ropes, he hits a dropkick to the face.

Even that doesn’t keep O’Brian down for long, though! Crikey, this guy is unstoppable. Neville gets thrown to the outside somehow, I’m not exactly sure of the specific method, but lands on his feet and jumps back up to the apron, springboarding in to hit a flying clothesline…no, O’Brian counters it into a flapjack! Two count only! Neville finds himself back in the corner and again dodges his charging opponent – you’d have thought he’d have learned by now – and he connects with a side suplex…a two count again, but that really looked like a three. Neville looks frustrated, but he’s got O’Brian in position and leaps to the top rope…450 splash! Wow, that wasn’t what I expected to see! And that’s enough for the win!

And here comes Rick Victor, attacking Neville after the bell, and The Ascension take out their frustrations on the fallen high flyer, beating him down until he’s prone in the ring. Graves is still stuck under some furniture backstage, or he’s fixing coffee for someone or something…oh no, here he comes, with taped up ribs the little warrior, but The Ascension go right for the big taped target and knock him down too. The Ascension stand tall here, and take Graves down that finisher thing, which I think is officially called the Fall of Man now. Well, that’s a statement of intent.

That was…umm…well…I guess…it was a match, I suppose? It happened? I mean, the match is kind of secondary to the post-match shenanigans, but…oh man, it was bad. I think I have to say it was bad. Not quite as bad as Amore vs Dawson, but bad like a midcard match on Raw bad. Like, I’m pretty sure they botched the ending and O’Brian didn’t actually kick out of the side suplex, because the edit was super awkward. I don’t know, I used to think I liked O’Brian and now I’m not sure. I really, really liked Neville before he came to NXT and I think he’s suffering from…something. I don’t know if it’s his moveset being cut down or what, but he’s still just not connecting. His finisher is over as hell, even if it wasn’t shown here, but he just isn’t quite getting there. Yet. Maybe something will happen in the future.


 photo MVP_zps1631a5a1.jpg

Summer Rae!

Summer’s Queen Bitch routine wins it easily this week. Not only was she in the most watchable match, she also verbally speared Sasha Banks backstage with words. Terrific.

28/08/2013 – Summer Rae
21/08/2013 – Sami Zayn and Antonio Cesaro
07/08/2013 – Enzo Amore
31/07/2013 – Bray Wyatt
24/07/2013 – Paige
17/07/2013 – Adrian Neville
10/07/2013 – Bayley
03/07/2013 – The Crowd
26/06/2013 – Emma

I don’t really know what to make of this week. Everything not involving a match was terrific – the backstage bits with Emma, the in ring segment with Sami Zayn and all that entailed, the post-main event beatdown worked well, and Summer Rae’s bit with Sasha Banks was especially excellent. But then, when it comes to wrestling…I don’t know, maybe it’s just that Zayn vs Cesaro was so good my view of things has been impaired briefly. Hell, I’ve watched that match way too much in the past week to be subjective about things. But there was just something lacking from the matches that weren’t Emma vs Summer Rae this week – Breeze’s character work in the opening match was great, but the wrestling wasn’t, Amore vs Dawson was dire and notable only really for Amore being super over, and the main event was kind of dull and not very good either. A shame that this is what they follow last week with, but I guess that’s the nature of weekly TV – take the rough with the smooth

On to the next one, then! Confirmed for next week is Sami Zayn against Jack Swagger, which might just be a sleeper hit in terms of match quality, plus I’m sure some more storyline growth between The Ascension and Fly Down! And fun! Lots more fun, I’m sure! Until then NXTians, stay safe when crossing the road and drink more hot chocolate! Hwyl fawr!

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