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Posted in: Chair Shots
TripleR Presents: Oliver's Weekly NXT Review (7/10/2013)
By TripleR
Jul 11, 2013 - 9:10:40 PM

 photo 2e85105f-6813-452f-ad18-f5262ef0e0a4_zps391e984d.jpg

NXTians! What a week you find us in, I’m still absolutely buzzing off the debut of The Wyatt Family on Raw on Monday – what a statement! What a build up! I loved it all, as you could probably well guess. But down here, Mr. Wyatt and his brothers have some unfinished business. You see, there are three people that would like to have a friendly word with the family after the events of two weeks ago. So tonight, Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan will take on the team of Adrian Neville, Corey Graves and the one, the only, the incomparable Lord William Regal! Yes! Right here tonight! On top of that we have the second semi-final of the NXT Women’s Championship tournament as hot favourite Summer Rae takes on the underdog who owns my wrestling heart Emma. Will the #EMMAlution continue? Or will The First Lady of NXT stop it in its tracks? Let’s find out in…

The NXT Review: 10/07/2013 – The One With Happy Faces

 photo Summer_zps2dd7e4b3.jpg

Oh we are right into the action tonight NXTians, as out comes the wonderfully bitchy and magnificent Summer Rae, who rests across the top ropes and tosses her hair around like she just don’t care. She does, though. She really cares. She wants that title. And who wouldn’t? It’s shiny and nice. Your commentary team for tonight, by the way, consists of Tom Phillips and the new Raw General Manager Brad Maddox. Can I just make like Kelly Clarkson and breakway from the review here for a second? The installation of Maddox as Raw GM is one of those wonderfully brilliant moments where actual Raw morphs into my dream Raw (in fact, what with Daniel Bryan beating Sheamus clean, The Wyatt Family debut, and Brad Maddox becoming Raw GM I have questioned whether this Monday’s Raw was a parallel Raw caused by Archibald Peck travelling through time (shout out to my Chikara fans! Yeah!)) because I know he’s going to wonderfully goofy, make mistakes, and yet probably have me in stitches at times. He’s going to be fallible, but in such a good way that it will look like he’s not just messing up the job but actually trying to make the right decision. I say this – he’s bound to end up the meat between a Vince McMahon vs Triple H dick measuring contest now.

Anyway, now back to your scheduled programming. Emma prances her way out to the ring through so many bubbles. Emma, I love you and want to cuddle you. Summer Rae does not look impressed with her antics and really wants to get a piece of the Australian from the start but the referee holds her back. The crowd chant for Emma as the bell rings and the two ladies lock up and trade the advantage in the corner, Rae finally winning out and smashing her opponents head against the turnbuckle before driving her face first to the mat. Rae now choking Emma out against the ropes, putting those long bronzed legs of hers to good use, and she gets a one count on the breathless Aussie. The First Lady of NXT talks some smack as the crowd sound their approval of Emma with a nice EMMAlution chant, but that doesn’t get the little Australian going as Rae hits a suplex and then twists the arm into an armbar, pushing Emma away with the legs as leverage. Emma fights her way back up and works it into a pinning predicament, but Summer pushes it back around into the armbar again and laughs in the face of her opponent. Emma finally breaks the hold, ducks a clothesline attempt and goes straight into a schoolboy rollup for a two count! So close! Oosh, and now a dropkick from Summer Rae right into the chest. That’s got to knock the wind out of her rival, and is good for a two count again which frustrates the blonde as she wrenches in a rear chinlock. Emma pushes up to her feet and butt bumps her way out of the hold. She avoids Summer Rae in the corner by slipping through the ropes and slides back in for the roll up but only gets one. Emma now with a drop toe hold into the corner and a low crossbody! Two count only! Come on Emma! Summer with the weakest kick to the midsection you ever did see and an Irish whip attempt…reversed, but Rae tries a sunset flip…Emma blocks it with a pin attempt of her own…Summer rolls it over into her own pin…Emma back to the roll up…for the win.

Emma…with the roll up…for the win!


 photo OMG_zpsc54bef67.gif

The crowd goes wild! People dance in the aisles! Everybody is elated! Somebody in the sign has a prominent ‘Emma Dance > Fandango Dance’ sign that I love! Amazing scenes! And here’s Summer Rae to spoil the party as she attacks from behind, the loathsome bitch. Let us have our moment, Summer, you big meany! She lays into Emma on the mat with heavy blows…here’s Paige! Paige with the save! Summer Rae retreats and Paige helps Emma up and the two go face to face, gesturing that they will take each other on in the final. Paige retreats as Emma’s music plays and she starts to dance. Emma! Yay! My heart made a big whooshing sound at the end of this so I’m not sure if I can be sensible about what just happened – essentially, the match wasn’t amazing, but the result I am fully behind. I don’t know, sometimes Summer Rae really clicks with me and it makes me happy, but other times I think she’s not the second coming of Michelle McCool and it makes me sad. Emma always makes me happy, but again this kind of looked like a fluke victory for her, more so than her first round win, and so it’s not really doing a lot to build her up as a credible challenger. Look at how Paige has got to the final – looking fairly dominant over both Tamina and Alicia Fox. Whereas Emma got beaten up by Aksana and then fluked a pinfall over Summer Rae. One of these certainly has a better track record than the other, which makes the final a little lopsided. But still – Emma vs Paige in the final. A barnstormer, I feel sure.

Bayley! NXT stop making my heart so happy. I’m glad I’m pretty healthy as an individual or else I might have gone into cardiac arrest by now. Bayley, in a vest with a cat face on it – because she’s everything I want someone to be – is freaking out backstage over Dusty Rhodes’ Hall of Fame ring because it’s so shiny. Dusty says she’s proud of her and how she’s developing but asks why on Earth she tried to hug Alicia Fox. Which is sensible, I mean, the ring is not the place for cuddling after all. Lovely Bayle calls Rhodes ‘Mr. American Dream’ and when he protests starts to call him ‘Mr. Dusty’ before blaming it all on her excitement. And then she freaks the **** out because RIC BLOODY FLAIR comes in with Charlotte. Woo! Bayley is a little overwhelmed by it all and just…imagine how a teenage girl would react if One Direction walked into the room. That’s what Bayley is doing, she’s a ball of nervous energy. Anyway, Dusty and Charlotte discuss her upcoming debut and that’s when Bayley offers to be her opponent because she’s Ric Flair’s daughter and that’s pretty major. Charlotte and Flair agree and it’s on! It’s on like Donkey Kong! Bayley wants to ask ‘Mr. Nature Boy’ to do something but she can’t quite get the words out – it’s pretty evident that she wants a ‘WOOO!’ but Dusty sort of shepherds the Flair’s out of the room. You can’t hold a man like Ric Flair down though, and he provides what Bayley wants, causing her to pull this face:

 photo Flair_zps3b9dfac8.jpg

Seriously, I want to hug her and squish her and never let her go. And to top it all, Bayley drops in a ‘Woo!’ of her own. That was lovely and basically ticked all my happy boxes. I…just…I can’t. Bayley makes me too happy.

 photo Kruger_zpsd9797dc4.jpg

How do you like my Sami Zayn picture, NXTians? WWE still haven’t put a smart official one for him up, but as was pointed out, it was time to stop using that El Generico one so this is what we’ve got. The Canadian sensation flies out of the gate amidst heart ‘Ole!’ chants from the crowd, a stark contrast to the demeanour of the South African mercenary who slowly approaches the ring wagging his finger at his opponent. Sami is over huge with the crowd who chant his name, and when Kruger shouts his at them they boo heartily. The two dance around each other to start off with (not literally dance, just skirting each other really) before Kruger tries to grab the leg. Zayn reverses it into a roll up for a one count and Leo takes a break against the ropes. Maddox on commentary points out the folly of ‘Ole!’ chants for a man from Canada – seriously, I’m not sure this episode could get any better for me and we’ve still got William Regal coming later on – as Zayn looks for a rear waistlock that Kruger transitions into a wristlock, but Zayn arm drags his way out after some theatrics. The two are at a standoff, broken by Kruger delivering a kick to the belly and locking in a side headlock. Zayn throws him off the ropes but gets nailed by a big shoulderblock. He avoids the big South African coming off the ropes and connects with a series of armdrags, sending Kruger to the corner for ten punches to the head but the mercenary comes out carrying him into an inverted atomic drop. Off the ropes comes Kruger, and right into a calf kick from Zayn that sends him to the outside. The former El Generico lines something up through the ropes…but Kruger catches him with an elbow right to the temple. Ouch! That looked pretty nasty.

Kruger now with his man in the corner, and he drives shoulders into the kidneys before beating him down with heavy fists. The two exchange chops, but the South African Nightmare gets the best of it and ends up hitting a lovely looking snap suplex which garners a one count only from the man in stripes. With his man down, Kruger drives knees into the back of the Canadian and stretches his arms and side before grinding his knee against the back of his head. He’s slowed the pace really well here, has Kruger, keeping the highflyer down and going to work on him well. A strong Irish whip into the corner from the big South African now, but an attempt at a second sees Zayn leapfrog him out of the corner and start to pick up the tempo off the ropes…but he is nailed with a massive spinebuster from his opponent, who stacks him up for two. Man, when Kruger’s power game is on, it’s really ****ing on. The mercenary takes a rare trip to the second rope and looks to drop and elbow, but Zayn rolls out of the way! He comes back at his rival with a pair of clothesline and a big dropkick that garners a two count. Kruger pushes him into the corner but is halted in his approach with a back elbow and Zayn hits bounces to the top rope and nails a gorgeous crossbody! But only a two count! Zayn looks to hit his opponent on the run in the corner but Kruger gets his knees up! He sends Zayn into the ring post shoulder first and locks in a Fujiwara armbar and Zayn just crawls to the ropes and touches them with a foot. Zayn now slips out of a bodyslam attempt and goes for a back suplex but Kruger fights out of it…Blue Thunder Driver! Blue Thunder Driver! Two count only! Only a two! The crowd are behind the Canadian as he takes to the tope rope but he gets cut off by Kruger and absolutely nailed with a superplex out of the corner. Kruger with an armbreaker and there’s the GC3! Zayn has to tap, there’s nowhere for him to go!

This was really good – whilst the opening stages were a little slow paced for my liking, things really took off from the moment Zayn caught that forearm as he tried to go through the ropes. Kruger’s game can be on really well sometimes, and here it was, notably that brutal looking spinebuster which should have put Zayn through the mat. Zayn’s quickness and agility got plenty of chances to shine through too and overall I can’t say enough good things about these two guys. Hopefully they’ll meet again somewhere along the line.

Backstage, Renee Young is interviewing what at first glance appears to be a terrible Village People tribute act but are instead William Regal (in his robe), Corey Graves (in his cut off army vest) and Adrian Neville (in his pants). Regal wins the whole segment in the first five seconds by checking the staging area for dust, finding some and then looking disgusted in the background – it’s the little things. Young asks if tonight will be the end of the war with The Wyatt Family and Neville reveals that this is just the start – next week he and Graves will take on Harper and Rowan for the NXT Tag Team Championship! A blockbuster announcement there by the Geordie. Graves says that all Bray Wyatt wants to do is talk, but tonight he’s going to let his fists do the talking. And Regal starts to say something but the calls Renee Young lovely and I grin too widely to pay attention. OK, I’ve watched it back – Regal says that when he was born the doctor slapped his bottom and he turned around and broke his fingers and headbutted him in the face because he’s a tough bastard. Then he quotes an old Bounty advert that I can’t find on the internet. It’s a delight though; he does it in a Geordie accent just like the original because Adrian Neville’s there. He then does more to put over Corey Graves’ catchphrase in five seconds than Graves himself has ever done – ‘the best thing The Wyatt Family can do tonight is take the bloody good hiding that you’ve got coming to you and stay down’ he says, with so much passion and fire that you believe him. Seriously, Regal saves this segment, and if Graves and Neville need anything it’s a mouthpiece so it might as well just be Regal.

Christ, a Total Divas advert just aired. That looks absolutely terrible, doesn’t it?

 photo Ryan_zps5f14a765.jpg

Ah, so last week Mason Ryan destroyed these two in a pair of one-on-one matches. Can Amore and Cassady (The Realest Guys In The Room) fair better with the numbers game in their favour? Amore cuts his promo on the way to the ring, most of which is lost on me but he definitely says that last week’s defeat was ‘pure manure’ and ‘sawft’. Oh, and he ends by saying 1+1=3.14 and it’s time to eat some pie. Huh. Brad Maddox says that Mason Ryan is ‘the guy with the Brad Maddox body’. I’m keeping that nickname. Oh, this match is tornado rules as well, no tags needed.

Ryan kicks it of by sending Cassady into the corner and unloads on him, but Amore gets him from behind, jumping on his back. Ryan throws him off, but the distraction has given Cassady a window and he unloads on his opponent, Amore joining in. They whip Ryan across the ring, but the muscle from Swansea nails them with a double clothesline. He hits Cassady with a clothesline in the corner, and turns round in time to catch Amore flying through the air – but Cassady nails a big boot and that gives the team a two count. Amore and Cassady take the advantage now, forcing Ryan into the corner with Amore driving shoulders into the midsection and Big Cass hitting forearms to the face. Mason fights out of it and gets Cassady up for a body slam but Amore chop blocks his legs out from under him and Cassady gets the three count!

A surprise win there for The Realest Guys In The Room! They celebrate on the ramp as Ryan realises what’s happened and he does not look impressed. Hey, that was kind of sensible, I guess – two heads are better than one. This isn’t over though, not by a long shot, and I’m sure we’ll see some more action between these three before the end of the month. Oh, and the crowd has taking to either saying ‘sawft’ or ‘whawt?’ in the style of Amore – guys a natural heel, I want to run into the computer screen and slap him around the face.

Ah, here’s Dusty Rhodes talking about Antonio Cesaro, Leo Kruger and Sami Zayn – next week those three men will come face to face for the number one contendership to Bo Dallas’ NXT Championship!

 photo Wyatts_zps6896c281.jpg

Here’s Bray Wyatt and a microphone – he puts over that they are fighting for nothing because they are going to beat them again, and they will realise that this was a mistake, that this night was their ending, and that time itself belongs to him. Fabulous stuff, as ever, by Wyatt on the microphone – he makes nonsense sound good sometimes. Rowan is wearing a lamb mask, by the way. Neville, Graves and Regal come out one at a time and wait on the ramp until they are all together before hitting the ring – the crowd goes crazy for Regal as they rightly should. Man, I am super excited for this to happen – let’s get it on!

Neville and Rowan are going to start things off, and the little Geordie soon gets over powered and thrown into the corner. He uses his speed, though, and dodges the follow up attack, laying into the midsection with tiny fists of fury. Rowan throws him off again into the ropes, but on the spring back Neville slides underneath him and catches him with a kick the hamstring followed by a standing calf kick. He runs Rowan back to his own corner, and Regal tags in, to the pleasure of the crowd. He wades in with elbows and forearms and knees to the big ginger, and tags Corey Graves…who immediately gets overpowered. Seriously, I’m starting to lose count of the amount of times Graves has tagged into a match now and the advantage has immediately swung away from his team. Rowan forces him back into the family corner and tags out to Harper who hits a big punch to the stomach. Graves leaps out of a body slam attempt and hits a dropkick before taking the big man back to his teams corner, locking in the triangle choke around the ropes. Regal comes in with Harper down in the corner and hits some cheeky back heel kicks on Harper with the referee unaware of what’s going on. Neville comes in and emulates Regal who is himself distracting the referee – ah, the pupil and the teacher dynamic. I like it. Harper slips out of the ring and retreats with his brothers and the two sides reach an impasse.

Harper finally comes back in and quickly overpowers the little Geordie back into the corner. An Irish whip from Harper gets reversed by Neville, who bounces to the top rope, backflips over his opponent and then takes him down with a low dropkick. Off the ropes, he levels Harper with a dropkick to the face for just a one count. Harper manages to grab the face of Neville and drives him to the ropes, where Wyatt takes advantage and levels him with a clothesline. Now the leader of the family comes in and hits a Banzai drop, winding Neville and allowing The Wyatt Family to wrest back the advantage. The three family members cut the ring off again, driving Neville into their corner and Harper comes in with a European uppercut and a headbutt do his downed opponent. A big back elbow off the ropes gets just a one count for Harper, who pulls Neville up off the mat and back down by his hair then uses him as a doormat to get a tag to Rowan. Harper gets whipped into Neville in the corner, and then whips him out into a body slam from Rowan. Some big knees into the midsection now from Rowan lead to the pumphandle backbreaker which gets a long two count from the official. The larger man grabs the leg of the downed Neville and wrenches at it, before dropping an elbow and tagging out to Bray Wyatt.

He comes in and delivers a headbutt to the highflyer…Neville finally gets some space, he dodges a body avalanche and comes back with some big punches to the midsection. Off the ropes he looks for a crucifix…oh, Wyatt blocks it and just drops him with to the mat for another two count. Neville gets dragged to the corner and Harper comes in, delivering multiple boots to the bruised midsection of Neville. He tries to pick Neville up but the little man connects with a jawbreaker! A chance for a tag…no! Harper cuts him off and hits a big spinebuster…but again only two! What have they got to do to put Neville away? Luke Harper stretches at the arm of Neville and grinds into the head with his free arm. He gets him up for a suplex, but Neville connects with a knee to the head! A roll up! Only two! Harper throws Neville to the apron but he hits a shoulder to his larger opponent and leaps in but Harper catches him…big move coming, no! Neville slips down into a roll up but Harper overpowers him…Neville with a kick to the head to create space…he tags Regal! The Lord flies in with fury at Harper, unleashing fists and knees. A clothesline takes Harper down, and now Regal with a beautiful exploder suplex. And he rushes the other two members of the family, looking to take them on too! Elbows and fists connect, and he returns to Harper with a series of knees…Knee Trembler! Rowan saves the match for the family! Graves takes the red beard out of the ring and Neville looks to fly…corkscrew moonsault over the top rope! In the ring, Harper tags out to the only fresh man in Bray Wyatt. Sister Abigail to Regal! That’s it! It’s all over! The Wyatt Family win!

Oh my word. What a match. What. A. Match. Brilliant stuff from everyone, the way The Wyatt Family cut off the ring is majestic and smart, the face team all got their hits in early…oh man, I can’t praise this one enough, I absolutely adored it. William Regal was on fire in his ring bits, really playing into the backstory of it all and his wish to take the entire family out, Neville sold everything wonderfully well in the ring as he was taking a beating…just a spectacular match, for me, I really enjoyed it. One minor thing is that I feel it ended a little too suddenly – I’d have liked to have seen Regal and Wyatt go at it for a minute or two before the finish, but that’s pretty minor on my part.


Now look – I could have picked loads of people here. I could have gone Regal for his work in the main event. I could have gone Emma for just being Emma. I could have gone with Sami Zayn for his flashes of excellence. The list goes on. But the thing is, these people dominate this list. The Wyatt Family, Emma, Zayn – they’re all over it. And one person really made my heart sing with huge amounts of joy this week:

 photo Bayley_zps0bbc18cf.jpg


I just can’t get enough. Bayley’s fangirl that’s lucked into the WWE gimmick is fabulous, and even if I’m sure she’ll probably just continue to hob next week against Charlotte and might never, ever win a match on NXT, she makes my heart feel all warm and fuzzy just on sight. Sometimes, things like this work. Plus, the sort fangirl/stalker line is very narrow, and if Bayley were to slip onto the other side of it at any time we could have a whole Stratus/James style feud going on and I would eat that shit up.

10/07/2013 – Bayley
03/07/2013 – The Crowd
26/06/2013 – Emma
19/06/2013 – Everybody in the main event
12/06/2013 – Antonio Cesaro
05/06/2013 – Luke Harper
29/05/2013 – Mason Ryan
22/05/2013 – Sami Zayn
15/05/2013 – Conor O’Brian
08/05/2013 – The Wyatt Family
01/05/2013 – Summer Rae

Crumbs, what a week that was – everything worked for me on some level, from Emma winning through Bayley’s promo, Zayn vs Kruger being really enjoyable, Regal being Regal, Ryan logically losing when he takes on two men, to the main event being stellar. Possibly, just possibly, the best week of NXT TV for a good couple of months – an absolute cracker, in my opinion.

Next week, NXTians, Zayn vs Kruger vs Cesaro, Bayley vs Charlotte, and Graves & Neville vs The Wyatt Family for the NXT Tag Team Championship. Need I say any more? That card is stacked to the gills. Stay safe when crossing the road and drink more hot chocolate, and I’ll see you right here next week! Vale!

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