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Posted in: Chair Shots
TripleR Presents: Oliver's Weekly NXT Review (5/9/13)
By TripleR
May 9, 2013 - 5:32:59 PM

 photo 2e85105f-6813-452f-ad18-f5262ef0e0a4_zps391e984d.jpg

NXTians! Welcome back to this little corner of the internet where we talk about…well, NXT. I mean, you know the drill by now, right? NXT is still the best WWE weekly programming, and pretty soon it’s going to start challenging Gilmore Girls and The Wire for the title of my favourite TV program ever. No, really. Yes, Gilmore Girls. It’s brilliant, smart, witty, quick fire, everything you could want in a program. Anyway, I’m getting distracted from the matter in hand, although I cannot wait until this thing gets on TV and all you Americans can watch it easily – hopefully that will only improve the product they put on here. This week in Florida – Adrian Neville and his new best friend Bo Dallas will defend their NXT Tag Team titles against The Wyatt Family! That should be a cracking main event, and one I’m deeply looking forward to. With nothing else confirmed for the card, there’s a sense of mystery to tonight’s program, so without further ado, settle that deerstalker onto your head and come find out just what’s going on in…

The NXT Review: 08/05/2013 – The One With Sunny Ohno

Our evening’s entertainment starts with a recap of Oliver Grey getting injured and some hype for the main event. You know, I’m so glad they’ve decided to get the belts active again, instead of just resting on their laurels for Grey to return. It was really necessary, and I hope it reinvigorates what was on the cusp of becoming a strong division after the original tournament. I think we’re going to see a lot of new teams crop up in the coming weeks, hopefully building the belts back up to what they could have been.


Our in ring entertainment starts off with the intellectual saviour of the masses Damien Sandow. Who has he pissed off so badly recently? I mean, if it’s not enough that he’s become the whooping boy of the stars on main TV – and it feels like all he’s really done this year is lose to Randy Orton or Sheamus – now he’s down in NXT squaring off against…I don’t know, whoever this Baron Corbin guy is. Some ex-NFL player, allegedly. What’s the guy got to do to get back to where he should be, somewhere in the midcard challenging for the Intercontinental title and teaching dudes lessons? I feel like Rhodes Scholars aren’t really going anywhere now, but that WWE has just forgotten about the pair of them and has them etched as people who can job to stars and make them look good.

Baron Corbin does look interesting though – his tattoos are quite unique, and he’s got height and physique on his side. The crowd are cheering for Sandow in the early stages, as the two lock up and Sandow constantly gets the advantage over the young rookie in the early mat wrestling. They trade side headlock takedowns, but if anything Corbin’s wrestling just infuriates his opponent, as Sandow starts laying into him in the corner with straight punches and forearms. The intellectual saviour of the masses is dominant now, stamping on his opponent and keeping him down on the mat. Corbin finally gets some offense in, capitalising on a mistake to hit a couple of shoulder blocks because, I don’t know, American Football I guess? Sandow kicks him in the knee though, and takes Corbin down with a side Russian legsweep, allowing him to then hit the cubito aequet. Then he hits what seems to be a new finisher – he locks the arm as he would for the terminus, but instead of hitting a neckbreaker he nails a sitout sideslam - and that’s enough for the three count and the inevitable win.

Sandow grabs a microphone afterwards and challenges Big E Langston for the NXT Championship. Why, Damien? You’re so far above that it hurts. Besides, I’m sure you could just quote some Proust at Big E and confuse him for long enough to get an easy three count or something. Much as I love Sandow, this match was a little too one sided to be fully enjoyable, and I really have no idea what he’s doing on NXT. I’m not complaining, I really like the guy, but still – shouldn’t he have better things to do? And I don’t see any way he takes the title from Langston, so it seems a bit daft to even have him challenge. Oh well, maybe he’ll be able to pull something fun out of the Ziggler’s sidekick.

 photo PAIGEVSBAYLEY_zps60096362.jpg

Paige! Hurrah! Paige’s reaction is bigger than Damien Sandow’s in terms of pop. That really says something, doesn’t it? The Brit is so over here it’s incredible, and I do still think it’s only a matter of when, not if, she starts challenging for the Divas title on the main roster. Her opponent, Bayley, is the former Davina Rose from SHIMMER, for what it’s worth (clue: very little).

Paige works the audience up into a clapping frenzy, and the first lock up sees her forced back into the corner by her opponent, who then pushes her after the break. That infuriates the raven haired mistress, who snaps in a tight wristlock and reigns blows down on her rivals shoulder. Whilst Bayley reverses this, Paige fights her way out with a headlock, and then flings her into the ropes. That still seems like an odd spot to me, it takes a bit too long to actually do and doesn’t look especially effective, although the use of the ropes as a weapon is at least unique. Paige performs a double wristlock takeover and transitions into a pin for two, and then charges at Bayley in the corner, flying to the apron out of a back body drop. She gets countered, though, and Bayley throws her down to the apron by the hair and now takes control, driving her opponent face first into the turnbuckle. She then flies off the turnbuckle with an elbow, knocking Paige down for a two count and then hitting a big suplex and a running knee drop, both of which earn her near falls. Bayley is looking impressive here, actually, but Paige fights her way out of a body slam attempt and hits a sweet fisherman’s suplex to give her time to recover. Paige then ducks a clothesline, slamming Bayley to the canvas by the hair, and flings her to the ropes, striking her opponent in the head with her knees. That was nice, a different side to the Anti-Diva, and Paige continues to show some aggression with boots in the corner. Bayley charges out of the corner, straight into a kick to the midsection, and Paige then nails the Paige Turner for the three count.

After the match The First Lady of NXT Summer Rae strikes the celebrating Paige from behind because she’s a terrible person. Nice to see that feud’s not yet done, as the two certainly had a great match next week and I’m enjoying their storyline. Let’s not, however, let the post-match shenanigans overshadow what was an enjoyable little women’s bout here – Paige looked mighty impressive, but so did Bayley, and I think both are in a strong position should they move forward with that Women’s title for NXT which we’ve heard so much about. I have heard that they apparently announced a tournament at this taping (not through trying to find out, for what it’s worth – I blame Twitter) for that belt, and whilst I feel 90% certain that the final will be Paige vs Summer Rae again, it would be nice to see someone like Bayley have a couple of matches in that too. Paige vs Summer Rae should, rightfully, get headline status whenever they next have a match – there’s no way that they shouldn’t have the chance to go fifteen minutes or more at the top of the show, and if it’s for the first Women’s champion, I really can’t see why they wouldn’t pull the trigger on it.

Hey, Big E Langston is backstage. Woo. He says something about his yo-yo collection being as impressive as his title run to date, but gets interrupted by Damien Sandow, issuing a formal challenge. Big E gets him to do some maths, which leads to him saying ‘five’ repeatedly because, you know, that’s Big E’s gimmick and stuff. Not a bad promo exchange, by any count, but didn’t really serve much purpose.

 photo BRILEYPIERCEVSSAKAMOTO_zps5fa933e7.jpg

Oh look, it’s Dolph Ziggler’s brother vs Tensai’s old buddy. The two lock up early on and Pierce goes after the legs of his opponent, taking him down and locking in a wristlock on the back of Sakamoto, which he then bridges over via a headstand because Dolph Ziggler’s his brother. He keeps the arm locked and transitions into a pin, but Sakamoto kicks out and starts to mount a comeback. Then the lights go out.

Conor O’Brian strides down to the ring and starts to destroy the two particpants, levelling them with clotheslines and splashing them both in the corner. He flapjacks Pierce, then flapjacks Sakamoto on top of him. Statement made, me thinks. That was unexpected yet wonderful – I do like myself some O’Brian, even if he’s just in random attack mode. A bruised and battered Sakamoto and Pierce cut a promo on The Ascension backstage afterwards, and whilst I’m not sure what Sakamoto said, I’m pretty sure they’re not too happy about what just transpired. Fair enough, but O’Brian will definitely wipe the floor with the pair of you if you step foot in the same ring as him again.

 photo KASSIUSOHNOVSCAMACHO_zpsd830bb95.jpg

Man, is it good to see Kassius Ohno again. Kassius hasn’t been seen since his loss to William Regal a few backs, and I’ve really felt his absence – it’s about time we saw the guy again. Tonight, he’s taking on Hunico’s ex-running buddy Camacho. Which reminds me, where is Hunico? I had high hopes for him, and he made an appearance or two in the early part of NXT and proved that he could wrestle a good match. Is he still out injured? It feels like it’s been ages since he’s graced our screens, which is a shame.

Ohno takes early control with a cravate, but Camacho powers out of it with a body slam. Ohno comes back with a side headlock, but again Camacho powers out, sending him skittling into the ropes and back into a shoulder block. Ohno dodges as his opponent runs the ropes and nails a single leg dropkick, into a dropkick to the midsection from which he kip ups and hits a neck breaker using his head. He stays on the offense, mounting Camacho in the corner, but his rival powers out and hits a big clothesline to take him down, staying on him with stamps and a body slam, followed by a leg drop. Hey, he’s the Mexican Hulk Hogan! Camacho is still on top here, squeezing the air out of Ohno against the ring ropes and looking for a side suplex, which Ohno fights out of. He also fights out of a Samoan drop attempt, but doesn’t avoid the back body drop, which Camacho hits and hits big time. Camacho now with the rear chinlock, keeping his opponent grounded. This is odd; Ohno seems to be playing an imperilled face as opposed to a dominant heel, as he gets nailed with a side suplex and Camacho locks in a nerve hold on the collar bone. Kassius finally fights his way back to his feet, and breaks the hold by stamping on his opponents foot, before hitting a flying kick to the solar plexus, swinging the advantage his way which he keeps up with some hard strikes to the chest. A flying forearm in the corner sets up a big boot to the head, and Ohno locks in the Kassius Clutch cravate for the submission.

What an odd little match – it was very good, but I’m not sure what to make of Ohno playing the face in it. Are they turning him? After all his great heel work to date? He grabs a microphone and makes his way up the ramp and…apologises to William Regal? Oh man. The Wyatt Family come out from backstage to start their match, and as Ohno turns to leave he’s confronted by Bray Wyatt who stares him down before appearing to let him past. The two family members then strike from behind, taking Ohno down and allowing Wyatt to hit Sister Abigail on the ramp. Hmm. I’m not sure what to think of them turning Ohno face after all his terrific heel work to date, nor of them putting to bed the feud with Regal. Unless this is going to lead to Ohno and Regal as a tag team taking on The Wyatt Family, because that might just work. But at the moment it seems like an odd decision, which we’ll hopefully see play out in the coming weeks. I just hope it works well – I don’t want to see Ohno suddenly become Sunny Ohno and be all happy and light, because it feels a bit of a sudden shift.

 photo NEVILLEDALLASVSFAMILY_zpsf4b41b52.jpg

With The Wyatt Family already out, it’s left for Neville and Dallas to make their entry and, of course, Bo has his Oompa Loompa’s in tow. Let’s see what they have to say tonight:

Oompa Loompa do-ba-dee-doo,
Tonight is the night for Neville and Bo,
Oompa Loompa do-ba-dee-dee,
They will defend these titles you know.

It glitters and shines like a diamond ring,
You watch us dance and you watch us all sing,
But tonight’s the night with the gold on the line,
And we’ll find out if it’s Family time.

Oompa Loompa do-ba-dee-doo,
Those Wyatt brothers don’t stand a chance,
Oompa Loompa do-ba-dee-dee,
It’s Bo and Neville winning this dance.

Fascinating. Bo and Neville hit the ring and it’s go time, Dallas starting off with Rowan. The bigger man forces Dallas back into the corner, but he dodges a clothesline and takes advantage, hitting some big elbows to the top of the back and tagging in to Rowan. Rapid tags between the two smaller men, and Dallas resumes hitting the back of Rowan. Another change of personnel, and Neville comes in, hitting some big European uppercuts to Rowan and a flying crossbody off the ropes. Dallas comes back in, and Rowan is constantly getting caught in a side headlock, as Bray Wyatt watches on from his rocking chair. Man, I love Bray Wyatt so much. Dallas looks to get a pinfall, but it’s ineffective this early on and he ends up tagging in Neville. The two double team the ginger bearded one, hitting a double back elbow, but Rowan pops up and makes the tag to Harper, who starts to take it to Neville with some big strikes. Neville spins out of a side suplex attempt and hits a kick to the face of Harper, before jumping off the turnbuckles into a hurricanrana, following up with a big flying forearm and a standing shooting star press for a two count. Dallas comes in now, and gets immediately caught by Harper, who starts to wear him down. Dallas finally fights out and makes the tag back to Neville, who comes in like a house on fire and takes it to Harper, knocking him down with a pair of flying forearms and a leg lariat. He knocks Rowan off the apron too, and for some reason hits an over the top rope twisting moonsault. All very nice, but a bit of a waste to not hit it on the legal man, no?

Regardless, Neville leaps back to the apron and kicks Harper in the head, sending him down and sets up for the corkscrew shooting star press, which he nails for 1…2…NO! Rowan gets back in to break the hold, and now becomes the legal man, dominating the smaller man with power moves and getting a two from a bodyslam. He locks in a rear chinlock and drags him back to the corner of the Wyatt Family, but Neville fights out and attempts a sunset flip, which Rowan reverses, but the reversal is reversed into a small package for a near fall! Nice little sequence there, and Rowan then stops Neville from crawling to his corner and hits an elbow drop for a two count. This is starting to become a beat down for Neville, as he gets hung up on the top ropes in the family’s corner, where the two lay down some heavy strikes on their opponent. Harper is now the legal man, and hits a big headbutt for a two count, followed with a chinlock where he puts all of his weight on the smaller man’s neck. The man that gravity forgot starts to fight back, and fights out of an attempted suplex with a small package for two, but then gets levelled with a punch to the mouth. Neville avoids a big boot to the corner, and both men need to make a tag, which they do! Dallas comes in absolutely steaming, flying into Rowan with big forearms and reversing a suplex attempt into an inverted DDT for two. He sends Rowan into the ropes, but the big man catches himself, leaving Dallas to armdrag thin air, which is one of the more hilarious things I’ve seen today. Rowan now with a big bodyslam for two, and I’ve lost track of the number of near falls in this one. Dallas then nails a spear! For the win, surely! NO! Rowan out at two, and he sends Dallas careening into Neville who eats the barricade! Rowan tags Harper in who hits a spinning lariat! The Wyatt Family are tag champions!

Su-bloody-perb. I don’t think this is the best match the two teams have had, but this was brilliantly worked, and everyone looked superb – Neville got to deliver his signature offense and look every inch the star he could be, Dallas was almost bearable (there weren’t any ‘no more Bo’ chants this week, sadly), and The Wyatt Family looked both opportunistic and powerful. And finally, they’ve got the NXT tag titles they deserve – where this leads, nobody knows, but it can only mean good things that the tag division here has got two monsters at its head. Teams should start lining up to take a shot at them now, and I can’t wait to see their first defence.


 photo THEFAMILYNXTMVP_zps7d5fc661.jpg

The Wyatt Family!

How could I not? After weeks of seeming like the most likely candidates to take those titles from Adrian Neville and whoever he chose to partner up with, tonight it finally came to fruition. I’m not normally one for watching a team of two big guys, but these two have got a certain ‘it’ factor, and it’s not just Bray Wyatt on the outside that does it – they have an odd chemistry in the ring, and I think in Luke Harper, especially, we have a future star. He’s arguably more capable than his partner, but tonight Rowan did show a little something extra and managed to keep up with his brainwashed buddy every step of the way. The most impressive team in NXT right now, and I am so glad that they have won the tag titles.

08/05/2013 – The Wyatt Family
01/05/2013 – Summer Rae
24/04/2013 – Adrian Neville
17/04/2013 – Emma
10/04/2013 – Kassius Ohno
03/04/2013 – Adrian Neville
20/03/2013 – Leo Kruger
13/03/2013 – Bray Wyatt

Well well well, the first NXT title change in over four months finally happened tonight, and it was The Wyatt Family who deservedly captured the tag titles in a barnstorming little match. What happens in the division now is anybody’s guess, but be certain of one thing – there will surely be a rematch of some sort down the line. Personally, I hope they split the Dallas/Neville team now and send them both off into singles competition, mainly so I can go back to ignoring Bo Dallas and watch Neville rise to the top, something I feel sure he’s going to do.

Next week NXTians, Damien Sandow takes on Big E Langston with the NXT championship on the line. Plus, what does this mean for Adrian Neville and Bo Dallas? And what will become of Summer Rae now that she’s angered the Anti-Diva once again? All that and probably something else as well, right here next week! Until then, you little rapscallions, take care when crossing the road and drink more hot chocolate! Hüvasti!

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