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Posted in: Chair Shots
TripleR Presents: Oliver's Weekly NXT Review (10/30/13)
By TripleR
Oct 31, 2013 - 1:33:11 PM

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Hello again, LordsofPain.net reader and NXTian! Hope you’re all well – I’m currently living on the edge as my wife is due to give birth any day now. As a result, this little old review might become a little sporadic over the next month or so – I’ll do my best to keep them coming, though.

What’s coming up this week, then? Well, we’ve got Paige and Summer Rae renewing their storied rivalry that harks back months, alongside Tyler Breeze and CJ Parker perhaps putting their little quarrel to rest at long last. And Enzo Amore is here! The most entertaining man in NXT today will be competing, and hopefully talking, with Big Cass as they take on the Multicultural Society (screw the Fighting Legionnaires name) in their on-going Best of How Ever Many Matches We Can Have Before It Gets Boring series. All this, but not before I show you a little something Bo Dallas sent to his Bo-lievers this week:

 photo Bo_zpsa1888c77.png

Isn’t it nice that Bo’s having a good time on tour? Without further ado, then, let’s get into…

The NXT Review: 30/10/2013 – The One With Bo’s First Postcard

 photo Sawft_zps7430ce3c.jpg

BA-DA BOOM, REALEST GUYS IN THE ROOM! What a way to kick the show off, as the arena goes crazy while Byron Saxton introduces himself on commentary (yes! **** you Tony Dawson!) alongside William Regal (yay!) and Renee Young (YAY!). Our heroes are pretty cross about the fact that Multicultural Society have been jumping people from behind to gain victories – ‘zo, you know what that makes them? S-A-W…oh, hang on, no, it means they have no back bone. They’re boneless! They’re chicken tenders! LeFort is a bona fide sloppy jalopy, and the Realest Guys in the Room challenge him to bring anyone out with him to take them on, but there’s still only one word to describe him – does Enzo have to spell it out for you? S-A-W-F-T SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWFT! Oh guys, never stop being amazing. Does anybody else think this could work on the main roster, as it is? Bung them in the tag team scene and they could be over as all hell in two months. LeFort is wrestling for the first time on NXT in snakeskin style trousers – doesn’t really look like he’s wearing wrestling gear to be honest. Let’s get it on!

Rusev and Big Cass lock up, but Rusev overpowers him and drives knees into the gut in the corner. He slams a forearm across the back of the New Jersey native and then kicks him right in the face before connecting with a headbutt. Cass throws back a few fists to the gut, but Rusev just shrugs it off, keeping Long Edge down on one knee. He sends Cass off the ropes and then just annihilates him with a body block, before hiptossing Amore in from the apron despite him not being the legal man. He’s hardcore! He’ll take them both on! The crowd strike up a ‘chicken tenders’ chant as Rusev takes Amore down with a similar bodyblock to that used on Big Cass, and celebrates as Sylvester LeFort comes in to join in…but Rusev throws him to the ropes and levels him with a bodyblock too! Rusev locks in the accolade on Cassady and he taps in about two seconds, but there’s a bigger story at work here as the blonde from last week appears at the top of the stage to watch on as Rusev leaves the ring.

Is this the end of Multicultural Society? Has Rusev found a new boss? Regardless, he looked as beastly as ever here. I think it’s a shame that they’re not doing more with the Realest Guys in the Room, as they’ve clearly got a strong fanbase, but maybe this is how they’ll transition them away from the Bulgarian Brute and his friends and onto something else. Certainly, the story here is bigger than the match, which was just a conduit for making Rusev look formidable. What do they all do now? Who knows, but there are certainly big things on the horizon for Rusev.

 photo Aiden_zps4a3122e4.jpg

Aiden English gets introduced by Kendall Skye as ‘The Artiste’ and here comes the singing master to a sizable pop. He pulls the cheesiest grin you ever did see when his spotlight shines down on him and breaks into song. It’s hard to put over the majesty of Aiden English’s songs – this one’s inviting everyone to say hello to their favourite star in the ring and that nobody in NXT is better than him – in fact, nobody in the DOUBLE YOU DOUBLE YOU EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Regal applauds from the commentary table, confessing to have a man crush on him after they shared a joke backstage. This joke, in fact:

‘William Shakespeare walked into a pub and the barman said ‘get out, you bard’’.

Priceless. Jordan takes advantage initially with a pair of powerful waistlock takedowns, but English reaches the ropes to break the strong grip of his opponent as Renee Young runs down his athletic achievements. English actually takes advantage of the ref distracting Jordan by trying to break the hold by catching him with an elbow, and following up with multiple drops of that same point to the head. He whips Jordan into the corner and catches him in a chinlock. And he uses this as a chance to break out a nursery rhyme, wishing Jason to go to sleep. The Athlete eventually whips English down to the mat, and when he comes back in hits him with a dropkick which gets him a two count. Unfortunately for him, the Artiste connects with an elbow and follows up with the Take A Bow (although Saxton calls it the Directors Cut, so…yup) and that’s enough to give him the win.

Encore! The crowd want an encore…and they get one! No one is better than Aiden, no one in the DOUBLE YOU DOUBLE YOU EEEEEEEEEEEE. Roses are thrown from the crowd and English catches one and sniffs it. He blows a kiss to the crowd while Regal gives him a standing ovation and appears to be on the verge of tears. Beautiful. Wonderful. Magnificent. Delightful. All words that spring to mind when I see Aiden English. He’s crisp in the ring, he’s fantastic on the microphone in this gimmick – fast becoming the total package, in my opinion. I’d like to see him in something more of a story, but that will come in time. But he looked really impressive here regardless.

Backstage, Adrian Neville is being checked by a doctor and has a few words for Corey Graves. He congratulates him, calling him lad and son. He’s pretty mad that Corey tried to take away his livelihood – he needs those legs for jumping things! How can he get over without jumping things?! – and claims that what happened last week was just the beginning. What are we to do with Adrian Neville? He can get you from A to B on a promo, but it’s rather too simplistic and always has been. He just needs a voice and he’ll be on his way, I think – it’s finding that voice that’s the struggle. Let’s hope they find it for him soon.

 photo Divas_zps05c73257.jpg

While Summer’s on her way to the ring, Sasha Banks in tow, Regal does that thing, the Tony Dawson Memorial ‘Ask A Woman About Women’ thing. Frustrating. The upshot of it all is that Summer has, essentially, brainwashed Sasha to get her to help bully the other women. Actually, their entrance is kind of amazing – it’s just Sasha copying everything that Summer does, right down to hand movements and poses. Paige comes out to a big pop as Renee reveals that she once dressed up as Lita for Halloween. Hey, that’s now isn’t it! Happy Halloween! I wish this was for the title – why it’s not, I don’t understand. 133 days, Paige has had that thing, and I think it’s been defended less than four times.

Paige flys out of the gates, grabbing the roots of Summer’s hair and shaking her about. She throws her around the ring and Summer ends up bailing and looking for some solace in Sasha on the outside. Paige follows her out, but Summer uses her fellow BFF as a human shield, and Paige disposing her allows Rae to hit a shot to the face and she then legs it back into the ring. Paige clambers onto the apron and connects with a shoulder to the gut and looks for a sunset flip, but Summer transitions it into a jackknife cover, using the ropes for leverage, but Paige then reverses that into a roll up of her own, both covers getting a two count. The Norwich Nightmare connects with a headbutt as Regal calls Young the only real friend he has while Saxton sounds like he’s pulling vomit faces. Paige throws Summer into the corner and then off the ropes, and a cover gets her only a two count. Another headbutt from the Anti-Diva, and she throws wild stomps on her rival in the corner. Rae pushes Paige to the ropes when she looks to capitalise and Sasha grabs her legs, but in full sight of the referee! That’s a disqualification, surely? No, but the referee sends Banks to the back! How will Summer cope without her fellow BFF at ringside?

There’s a Raw Rebound in here. I haven’t seen a Raw Rebound on NXT for months. Get out my wrestling show, Raw Rebound. You don’t belong here.

Ah, we’re back. Paige has then upperhand still and drives Summer headfirst into the turnbuckle. She whips Rae across the ring, but gets back bodydropped when she tries to follow up. But she lands on the apron and sends Summer headfirst into that turnbuckle anyway! She goes for the knees to the face on the outside, but Rae ducks out of it and sweeps her legs away, sending the champ to the floor from the apron. Ah Summer, when did you become such a bloody good wrestler? Not only have you outwrestled Natalya twice this week, now you’re using smart moves like that in the ring with a real crispness. You’re wonderful. She tosses Paige back in the ring and then looks to capitalise, locking in that sort of wrong way round Indian deathlock thing that she does before, sitting alongside her raven haired opponent. She transitions that into a pinning combination somehow, hooking a leg behind Paige’s neck , but Paige then turns that into a pin of her own, forcing a break of the pin in order for Summer to kick out. But back comes the blond, connecting with a dropkick and following it up with some smack talk before driving Paige face first into the mat. Summer goes for the cover again, but Paige kicks out and Rae starts to get frustrated. She marches to a corner and urges Paige to get up before going for that jumping DDT roll through head slam thingy that she does, but the Norwich Nightmare blocks it and turns it into a fisherman’s suplex! A cover from that only gets a two count, but Paige is in the ascendency now – she blocks a clothesline from Rae and then hits a series of three short arm clotheslines and a calf kick off the ropes which gets 1…2….and a half! Paige looks to be confident as she gets Rae up, but Mrs Fandango shoves her into the ropes and connects with a roundhouse kick which only gets a two count too! Summer gets a bit emotional and hauls Paige up as she gets her up, but she takes too long to do anything and Paige hits a spin kick to the gut. Paige Turner! This one’s over!

Before Paige can celebrate, Sasha Banks strikes and wails on Paige on the mat, but here comes Emma for the save! She stomps on Sasha in the corner and is really taking it to her, and when Paige comes in to join in Emma socks her in the jaw! Oh my God! Paige is furious and gets in Emma’s face – it was clearly an error, but Paige is not happy about it whatsoever. Man, this build is killing me – I want to see these two fight because they can absolutely tear it up in the ring, but I am loving, so much, the drawn out build that they’re doing to get us there. It’s those little touches from a few weeks back, the last week with Paige’s miscue, and now Emma miscuing here – so good. As was this match, which was really what I expected the two of them to do when they got in the ring. Some good momentum shifts kept the pace going and it never felt one sided, and Summer is looking more and more accomplished every time she steps in the ring. I still feel like we’re waiting for Paige to really break out and show us that she is the best damn female wrestler in the company right now, but I think we might be on the cusp of that happening now. Good stuff.

Tyler Breeze is backstage, CJ Parker’s grubby dreadlocks in hand, and has a few words about their upcoming match – he’s going to do Parker a favour and send him back to the streets where he belongs. It’s time for him to go and shoot the breeze. A catchphrase?! Oh Tyler, stay amazing and self-centred. You’re wonderful.

Oh, hey Luke Harper in the woods, how you doing? Ohno, you say? He’s your new play thing, and you’re going to leave him for the buzzards? Alright, why don’t you guys have a fifteen minute barnstormer next week, then? Cool.

 photo Breeze_zps5ebd6fb0.jpg

Breeze’s gold and pink ring gear is magnificent. I can’t get enough of his intro, it’s probably my favourite current wrestling thing. He’s ridiculous, as the commentary team say, but he’s so ridiculous that it works. Definitely a throwback to those former model characters. Parker isn’t messing around this week and charges the ring, causing Breeze to bail completely. When Parker doesn’t dance, I’m much happier, as is quickly demonstrated by him doing that knee knocking dance he does and me wretching.

The moment the bell rings, after Breeze gets back inside, Parker rushes him and Breeze legs it outside again. This time, Parker gives chase, and they slide back inside for Parker to gain the advantage to boos from the crowd. Breeze blocks being slammed face first into the turnbuckle with his leg, but Parker just hits his leg down and connects with a blow to the gut before actually slamming him into the turnbuckle. Breeze crawls across the ring, but the Dippy Hippy pulls him up and goes for a punch but the male model covers up before he can connect. Got to avoid that facial damage! Parker hits him across the back and then connects with a delayed vertical suplex which is enough for a two count, and then keeps the pressure on with chops in the corner. Parker goes to mount his rival, but when he pulls his fist back Breeze ducks out again – only to get hit by a crossbody for a two count! The Dippy Hippy touches his hair, still pretty pissed of, and then connects with a headbutt on Breeze that sends him reeling, clutching his face. CJ drags Breeze out of the corner and hoists him up into the aeroplane spin, leaving Breeze so dizzy he can’t even stand…but he has enough about him to bail when Parker goes for the Facepalm. Aeroplane spins in 2013 – who’d have thought it? This is good so far, with the typical strong character work from Breeze, as seems to so often be the case in his matches.

Parker stays on his man, scooping him up for a side suplex before playing to the crowd for a moment who are all chanting for his opponent. He runs in for the double knee in the corner, but Breeze ducks down! Parker lands on the turnbuckle, but from the mat Breeze pulls him down in a powerbomb! What a move that was. He now goes after Parker, connecting with knees to the face and then standing on his head without any support, which is mighty awesome. Breeze check himself in his phone and then continues to beat him down in the corner, stomping on his midsection and then crotching him with a boot which gets him a two count before locking in an armtrap chinlock to wear CJ down further. Parker finally powers Breeze back into the corner to break the hold, but Breeze then connects with a boot to the face sending Parker back down to the mat. The Model climbs the turnbuckles, but Parker cuts him of and throws him onto his back! CJ is grabbing his hair and shaking as Breeze gets up and goes for a double leg takedown and starts to pound on Breeze. A pair of clotheslines takes his opponent down and he follows that with a scissors kick to the chin! That caught Breeze flush in the face and is good for only a two count! What a fighter Breeze is! Parker hauls him up…jawbreaker from Breeze! And now he’s looking for…something, but Parker spins out and ducks the Beauty Shot and connects with the Facepalm! The crowd hate it, but that’s enough to get Parker the win!

What…what are you doing with those scissors Parker? Don’t do something you’ll regret now…he’s going for it! He’s going to cut Breeze’s hair…but he bails just in time. Phew, I thought something bad was going to happen then. This was everything I wanted these two to do in a main event – it was really character driven, which is understandable given who you’ve got in the ring and the back story going in, so everything worked superbly. Breeze dodging shots to the face strangely never gets old and remains amusing to me, plus Parker doing away with a lot of his pointless taunting shit that he normally does helped drive the match forward a bit more. All in all, a strong effort.


 photo MVP_zps0450b66e.jpg
Aiden English!

Never change, Aiden. Never change.

30/10/2013 – Aiden English
23/10/2013 – Sami Zayn
16/10/2013 – Tyler Breeze
09/10/2013 – Realest Guys in the Room
02/10/2013 – Emma
25/09/2013 – Bo Dallas
18/09/2013 – Aiden English
11/09/2013 – Sasha Banks
04/09/2013 – Sami Zayn
28/08/2013 – Summer Rae
21/08/2013 – Sami Zayn and Antonio Cesaro

A much stronger showing than last week with some more interesting developments, notably on the split of Multicultural Society and Emma vs Paige, both of which fascinate me a little. I’m sort of hopeful we’ve seen the end of Parker vs Breeze for now, as it feels like they’ve sort of exhausted their options on it, but we’ll see – maybe there is an opportunity for one more match. English absolutely shone in the middle of the show and enhanced it to a great extent too. Definitely one to give a look, as it’s highly enjoyable, but somehow it feels like NXT isn’t quite hitting the heights it could at the moment. I’d like them to do a little more with Bo and Sami, but I guess with one on a world tour and one banned from the building there isn’t a whole lot they can do, which is a shame.

Next week has one of, if not the, most anticipated matches on paper from this set of tapings, as Ohno and Harper will main event for 15 minutes or so. After their all too brief encounter from a couple of weeks back was good but needed a little longer, this promises a bump up in quality from that. Plus, Sylvester LeFort will fight his former employee Alexander Rusev, and…actually, I’m not sure. Something else to hold the attention, I feel certain. Maybe some Mojo Rawley? Until then, stay safe when crossing the road and drink more hot chocolate, NXTians! Selamat tinggal!

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