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Posted in: Chair Shots
TripleR Presents: Oliver's Weekly NXT Review (10/23/13)
By TripleR
Oct 24, 2013 - 4:18:07 PM

 photo Logo_zpsaf66a8c5.jpg

Welcome back once again, fair NXTians, to The NXT Review! A week removed from Sami Zayn’s first shot at the NXT title ended in defeat via exposed turnbuckle for our friendly neighbourhood Canuck, and Corey Graves snapped at his partner Adrian Neville, you join me looking for answers. What action will JBL take after the screwy ending to the title match? Will the wrestling God stand for this sort of thing? And why Corey? Why? Not just why did you snap, but why do you exist? Plus, what of Paige and Emma – is this forced friendship going to end over the NXT Women’s Championship? Or will the BFFs drive a wedge between them too big to be repaired by dancing and screaming? Will they recruit even more beautiful fierce females to join their ranks? Will Sasha ever learn to act? Will Summer ever learn subtlety?

So many questions, NXTians – let’s hope for some answers in…

The NXT Review: 23/10/2013 – The One With Alex Riley’s Research

 photo Emma_zps03bd80c3.jpg

And we start off with the dancing Diva herself Emma! Rocking the pink of breast cancer awareness month, she dances her way to the ring, nearly climbs into the ring via the steps for a change but then absolutely freaks out about some bubbles. ‘OH THERE’S MY BUBBLES!’ she shouts, excitedly, and off she goes to frolic amongst them. Sasha Banks has some new theme music and is wearing some kind of coat as her entrance wear. Ooh, and a necklace that says ‘boss’. The crowd are not that keen on the Boss of NXT, chanting something that I’m pretty sure is reasonably offensive. Oh, hey, Tensai is on commentary with Alex ‘I’m friends with The Miz did you know I was friends with The Miz that was the peak of my career’ Riley and Tom Phillips. Did you know: Tensai is a professionally trained dancer in ‘Julliard, as well as Salsa’. I think I might well enjoy Tensai here, guys.

Emma and Sasha talk some smack and push each other before the Aussie snaps and goes for a double leg takedown and some ground and pound offence. Sasha breaks free, but gets caught in a roll-up running in for a one count. And again Banks gets taken down, this time by an armdrag into Armbar #392 on the Jericho scale. Snoop Dogg’s cousin works her way to her feet and reverses an Irish whip into the corner, but Emma dodges her coming in and connects with a shoulder to the gut from the apron. She slides in for a cover, but only gets two, and an attempted La Magistral cradle doesn’t get the shoulders down, so instead our hero goes back to the armdrag/armbar combination, this time with Sasha seated which I think is Jericho #34. Also, remember that ARMbar is different from armBAR. It’s all about the emphasis. Meanwhile, on commentary Alex Riley is essentially boring us all to tears about how much he’d like to shag Emma. Cheers Alex, really doing your job well there! Emma hasn’t given him his phone number because she doesn’t hang around with second rate bodyguards.

Sasha takes control out of the armbar with a knee to the gut as Summer seems to get frustrated at ringside, and she keeps beating her down in the corner and on the mat while talking smack. The crowd start up their chant again and complete rile Sasha, who gets distracted jaw jacking with the crowd, and that allows Emma to block being driven headfirst into the corner and smash Banks’ head to the turnbuckle instead. But Banks dodges her running in and takes over again, taking Emma down to the mat by the hair and locking in a chinlock after a cover only gets her a two count. She keeps it locked on and winds her legs around Emma for good measure, but that allows the Dancing Dingo to get some leverage and push Sasha back onto her shoulders, which momentarily breaks the hold when she has to kick out. Banks doesn’t let up, though, and goes back to the chinlock. Emma does power up from the mat, but her attempt to whip Sasha down to the mat and off her neck fails and she ends up even tighter in the chinlock. As the crowd get behind her though, Emma finally powers out of the hold with some elbows to the gut. She comes off the ropes – and right into an elbow to the chin. That gets Banks two, and she starts to chat more shit to Emma, saying she is the meanest, prettiest and best in all of NXT, and asking what Emma’s going to do about it. Apparently, sock her really hard in the jaw is the answer, but Banks comes back and pounds her on her back while Tensai brings up Emma’s training by Lance Storm – about time somebody did. Riley says that he’s done his research, something that Riley has never done himself. Alex Riley’s pre-match research regime is as follows, for the record:

1. Recap on that time I was The Miz’s bodyguard
2. Is there anyone I’d like to have sex with in this match?
3. Hey, remember when I was The Miz’s bodyguard?! Anyone?! I headlined WrestleMania!

The Boss of NXT goes back to the chinlock, but Emma elbows her way out of it. She ducks a clothesline and takes Banks down with a double axehandle! And another! An Irish whip to the corner is reversed, but Emma dodges out of the way of Banks and out to the apron. DilEmma! And it’s followed by the low crossbody! 1…2…no, Banks just kicks out! But now our Aussie friend wheelbarrows Banks up from the canvas and down on to her face – the Emma lock! Summer distracts her on the apron, though, and Emma has to take care of her first – but here comes Paige to help out! Back in the ring, though, Emma’s turned around into an inside cradle from Sasha! No no no no…oh no, Sasha wins! Oh Emma!

Paige climbs into the ring to have a word with Sasha, but when she goes for a clothesline Banks ducks and Paige takes out Emma by mistake! Oh no! The BFFs back up the ramp as Paige and Emma argue in the middle of the ring. Well, that was quite the opening contest. I do like Sasha a lot more in this heel role she’s got going on now, it seems to suit her a lot better than being a face. Not only that, but I’m appreciating the fact that she’s changed her moveset up to suit the new character better, relying more on slowing the pace than before. Excellent stuff. Emma seems to manage to absolutely nail the timing of her comebacks as well, just keeping the crowd interested when they seem to be waning a little and getting fired up at the right times. The ending here leaves the door open for them to very, very slowly build up Emma vs Paige, which is probably the women’s match I’d most like to see on NXT right about now given the reactions the two get. It would be a shame to write BFFs out of the title picture completely, but Emma vs Paige is overdue, in my book, and that they’re taking a long term approach with it fascinates me.

Hey, WWE.com exclusive Oompa Loompas!

Oompa Loompa do-ba-dee-doo,
He is the champ and Bo is so glad,
Oompa Loompa do-ba-dee-dee,
Controversy schomntroversy, don’t be too mad.

Bo is so sad, he’s got a message for you,
He’s taking a break but don’t be upset.
To Bolivia and others on tour,
10,000 squirt guns will get them all wet

Oompa Loompa do-ba-dee-doo,
Konichiwa, that’s Japanese for goodbye,
Oompa Loompa do-ba-dee-dee,
Don’t stop Bo-lieving, now Bo has to fly!

Nope, for real guys, Bo Dallas is going on a World tour known as the Bo Dallas vs The World tour, and is making a special stop in Bo-livia to deliver 10,000 squirt guns to starving kids. What a guy. What a wonderful, smarmy prick you are Bo Dallas. Never stop being terrific at what you’re doing right now, because I’m finally starting to believe that Bray Wyatt’s dad and your dad are the same person.

Corey Graves – looking less like a hipster barista and more like a hipster barrister - says he imagines everyone wants an explanation, but before he can get it out Adrian Neville attacks him! The crowd go wild, as Graves tears off his suit. A platoon of referees has to separate the pair of them, but I think it’s safe to say that Adrian Neville is not very happy about Graves attacking him last week. It’s implied, at least.

 photo Ascebsion_zps2f7ae1d6.jpg

‘Some guys’ are Casey Maron and Tommy Taylor, who are presumably two of the great many guys who don’t get showcased on NXT but are actually in NXT. Anyways, my best guess is that they’re cannon fodder for their opponents, so let’s not worry about names right now. You know what I’d really like for The Ascension to do? Just kind of appear. Instead of coming down the ramp and doing all the theatrics, just have them turn up in the ring when their entrance music comes on. If that means complete darkness while they run into place, so be it. I just think it would be intimidating. The NXT arena hate The Ascension, as a ‘let’s go these guys’ chants breaks out. Congratulations, fans.

Maron gets bulldozed by O’Brian in the corner, and Victor and he swap places, as the Scalpel of The Ascension takes down his man and keeps control with chops and European uppercuts. A wristlock back body drop means he keeps the man under control as he tags in O’Brian and – hey, commentary are using the scalpel and bludgeon comparison again! Hurrah! O’Brian does his whole ‘running through his opponent’ off the ropes before tagging in Victor again who starts to dissect his opponent. O’Brian has apparently lost 20 lbs which is an improvement – what on, I don’t know. His previous flabby form, I guess? Maron crawls desperately to get to his corner, with Victor taunting him, letting him get close before dropkicking Taylor off the apron. He drags his opponent back to his corner, where O’Brian tag in, and they do the wheelbarrow flippy thingy drop-a-man-on-his-back move, which leads into the Fall of Man to give them the victory.

The Ascension squash matches – not fun, guys. Not fun at all.

Hey, a WWE.com exclusive with Sami Zayn! He’s pretty grumpy about JBL not restartingthe match when Bo used the exposed turnbuckle after what he did earlier in the match – yes! He’s not complaining about the match being restarted! I’m so happy about that. And he’s tying in the main show storylines too, saying how he now understands how Daniel Bryan feels and how that because JBL is HHH’s interim GM he must be his patsy. He’s not saying it’s a conspiracy, just a coincidence, and he vows that the next time he gets his hands on the NXT Championship, he’s keeping it. Nice stuff here by Sami, tying his storyline and that of Daniel Bryan together and putting a little bit of fire in there too.

Ooh, and here’s JBL with Renee Young! Before Young can say a word, JBL asks if she’s wearing an NXT issued tank top – she’s not. Oh Renee, you naughty girl you. JBL puts down talk of the conspiracy theory and says the Copernicus was wrong – the universe clearly revolves around Sami Zayn. He says that Sami will blame anything for him having lost the match, but the era of the wrestling God won’t start with a controversy so he restarted the match. But that’s not the problem JBL! Why didn’t you restart it after the illegal use of the exposed turnbuckle? Sami Zayn, JBL informs us, isn’t going to be here for a while – he’s suspended, and until they decide he will come back he will stay suspended, although he must apologise to JBL first. Signing of, JBL says that Renee should think about finding a new shirt. JBL, I love you, but please explain the actual issue that Sami has – why the match wasn’t restarted after the illegal actions of Bo Dallas? Otherwise, this was as perfect as JBL can be.

 photo Rusev_zps8ae02bdc.jpg

Bloody CJ Parker, parading around with Tyler Breeze’s phone. Give back that stolen property, you dirty underhanded ****er. Rusev comes out on his own, for a change, and seems to have adopted the Bulgarian national anthem as his theme music. He does his usual theatrics over his skirt (what does his mother think? Dude needs to put some shoes on, too) while Parker knocks his knees together.

Before the two even tie up, a big ‘Tyler Breeze’ chant goes up. Rusev forces Parker back into the corner, driving knees into the mid-section of the Drippy Hippy. Rusev drops a headbutt on CJ and whips him across the ring, following him in with a bodycheck. Parker has done absolutely nothing so far and…who’s this blonde lady at ringside? Some blonde has turned up in a nice little red number and seems to be watching Alexander Rusev crush CJ Parker, which he does with aplomb in the corner. What an interesting development. Rusev locks in the Accolade and Parker taps out, having fortunately done sweet F.A. in terms of offence in the match. Thankyou, Rusev. The blonde lady looks happy with her work, and Rusev watches her walk off up the ramp.

Yay, I guess? Oh, during the ‘break’ Tyler Breeze turned up and took back what was rightfully his after laying Parker out with the Beauty Shot spinning heel kick. And then he cut CJ Parker’s dirty, disgusting, rancid, unwashed dreadlocks, taking a pair of them as a memento. That was probably more interesting than the match that preceeded it, but I’m intrigued by Rusev – is he going to ditch Sylvester LeFort now in the hopes that she might be a superior manager? As I said, intriguing developments.

 photo Graves_zps14f2376f.jpg

Graves comes out and, having lost that tiny little face pop he gets Alberto Del Rio heat – absolutely nothing at all. Riley makes some crack about how the Man That Gravity Forgot can weigh anyone down, but nobody laughs because Alex Riley. Neville’s pop, in a stark contrast to his former teammate, seems to have only increased after last week, which is a good sign. Could this finally be the momet where he really, really gets the crowd behind him?

Corey Graves really needs a haircut, and he nearly gets a complete decapitation when Neville dropkicks him in the face the moment the bell rings. The Geordie takes it to his rival now in the corners, punching and kicking him as hard as he possibly can, and then dropkicking the Hipster Barista off the apron. Neville winds up and connects with an over the top rope twisting moonsault! What a guy! He throws Graves back in the ring and looks for a cover but only gets a one count. Corey is begging off, but Neville will have none of it, laying kicks into the chest of his rival. But Graves catches one of the shots and takes down the Brit, stomping on the previously injured knee. He looks to use the ropes for leverage, but Neville avoids the stomp, rolls him through and hits a big kick to the sternum for a two count as a ‘Corey sucks’ chant goes up – on the heat meter, he is now above Del Rio and looking towards X-Pac. Nobody likes you, Corey. Well, maybe your mother, I guess. Corey gets into the ropes, and Neville tries to attack but the ref holds him back, allowing Graves to aim a kick at the knee that gives him control of the match. He ties up his opponent in the ropes by the leg and jumps up and down on it, before just pounding him on the mat. It’s taken over twelve months and a face turn followed by a heel turn, but finally Corey Graves has worked out that if you have a leg based submission finisher it makes sense to try and injure the legs in the match before the end of it. Well done, Corey – two Bill DeMott stars for you!

He stays on Neville’s leg here, snapmaring one and then stomping on it. He then hits a big shinbreaker to keep the focus on that limb, and a fistdrop off the rope gets him just a one count. He looks to keep the pressure on his man, but at the same time Neville tries to fight him off. It’s not enough, though, and Graves locks in some sort of cloverleaf variation, extending the knee of Neville behind his own knee. Neville won’t quit, though, no matter how much the referee asks him, and finally breaks the hold just by socking Graves in the jaw. That only rocks Graves for a moment though, and the tattoed one comes back with a headbutt. He looks for another shinbreaker, but Neville rolls through into a pin! Oh, but Graves powers out quickly and drops down on the knee of Neville again. One guy starts up a ‘Corey is boring’ chant – I feel your pain, man – as he goes back to that cloverleaf style manoeuvre. Neville manages to fight out a lot quicker this time, and now he starts to get some momentum going – Graves throws him to the ropes, but he runs back with a forearm! His pants are ripped, but his fight is strong, and he looks to go up to the top rope on his bum knee – Corey gets standing in the ring, so Neville leaps over him, aggravating the injury, and while he gets one swift pinning combination on Graves, the Hipster Barista hits the chop block when he gets to his feet. The 13th Step gets locked in in the middle of the ring and Neville has no choice but to tap out.

Neville starts to make his way backstage, but Graves cuts him off and locks the 13th Step in again on the ramp, furthering injuring the Man That Gravity Forgot. More refs come out to try and split the two up as a weird Alex Riley chant goes up for seemingly no reason. Don’t chant for that guy, NXT Universe! Come on, work with me here! All in all, I liked that match but the bits with Graves in control in the middle were very, very viscous and slow – I know it’s the heel trademark that he slows the pace down, but it needed a bit of fire from Neville, just a 30 second hope spot to keep the momentum going. I think they lost the crowd a little around there too. I’m kind of interested to see them go at it again, but at the same time they haven’t really given me a reason to want to see them do it. Neville looked so overwhelmed in parts of this that it seemed a complete mismatch. A weird match, overall, which had some good wrestling stuff, like Graves finally, finally working the knee to lead up to his submission, but it needed a little something else on top, just something to put the cherry on the cake.


 photo MVP_zpsb7907297.jpg

Sami Zayn!

I mean, I guess? The wrestling wasn’t all that impressive this week, even though it wasn’t a bad show, but Sami’s promo was notable for tying the storylines on the main shows down to NXT, something I really want to see more. It makes sense, as well – why would the higher ups like Sami Zayn? He’s got the same things going against him as Daniel Bryan has. The only flaw is that Bo Dallas is definitely not Randy Orton in terms of looks or skill, but hey, that’s a minor thing. Also, Zayn didn’t really bitch and moan about the decisions to restart the match, only his perfectly valid complaint about the match not restarting after Bo won, which I really liked as he accepted that the first win shouldn’t have stood.

23/10/2013 – Sami Zayn
16/10/2013 – Tyler Breeze
09/10/2013 – Realest Guys in the Room
02/10/2013 – Emma
25/09/2013 – Bo Dallas
18/09/2013 – Aiden English
11/09/2013 – Sasha Banks
04/09/2013 – Sami Zayn
28/08/2013 – Summer Rae
21/08/2013 – Sami Zayn and Antonio Cesaro
07/08/2013 – Enzo Amore

I liked the show this week, NXTians, but I didn’t love it. It just lacked a little something to push it over the top into the great show category, that one match to set the arena alight to put this episode in as must watch, but what was there was still good at least – the main event went a bit downhill in the middle and needed more of Neville fighting back, but it was still OK, and the opener was very good. In fact, Emma and Sasha could probably teach Graves and Nevillea thing or too, watching that – the timing was superb. The squashes in the middle were a bit by the by, with the interest peaked by the mysterious blonde lady scouting Rusev, but they still did the job well. Curious that CJ Parker got squashed rather than someone else – I thought they were building him up quite strongly, and to have his sails be knocked down by Rusev seems like an odd decision. Maybe it will all become clear in the coming weeks

And what weeks they will be, my friends – the next one will see the aforementioned CJ Parker face his arch rival Tyler Breeze one on one for the third time looking to avenge his previous losses. Plus, Paige will do battle with Summer Rae, renewing their storied rivalry that has been waged all year long. Plus – the Realest Guys in the Room! You heard it here first, but next week those two are in action. Let’s all pray that Enzo gets a microphone. Until then NXTians, stay safe when crossing the road and drink more hot chocolate between now and then NXTians! Selamat tinggal!

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