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Posted in: Chair Shots
TripleR Presents: Oliver's Weekly NXT Review (10/16/2013)
By TripleR
Oct 18, 2013 - 8:49:43 AM

 photo Logo_zpsaf66a8c5.jpg

Ola, NXTians! Apologies for this one being a bit late, life, oh life, got in the way. This week, on NXT, Sami Zayn will finally get his shot at Bo Dallas’ NXT Championship! I’m more hyped than Mojo Rawley himself about that one. Plus – Emma and Paige take on BFFs Summer Rae and Sasha Banks! And Tyler Breeze makes an appearance! Without further ado, let’s dive right in to…

The NXT Review: 16/10/2013 – The One With Pronunciation Lessons

We start with a recap of Sami Zayn not being invited to the Bo Dallas invitational but crashing the party anyway in a mask. It’s kind of a shame they didn’t show the whole story, because Bo’s been skirting Sami for quite a while now, but hey ho, the key points from the last fortnight are what you get. Bo’s ‘un-Bo-lievable’ line still gets a giggle from me. Think I might start using it in daily conversation.

A bit of an odd thing that I just noticed, perhaps they’ve been there for weeks, but there’s a few main roster guys in the opening video for NXT now – Cesaro’s there, Wyatt too. Strangest of all, Damien Sandow is on there – the uncrowned World Heavyweight Champion seems an odd addition.

 photo Tag_zps443026e5.jpg

Oh, I guess we’re doing this again. This is Fly Down’s automatic rematch for the NXT Tag Team Championship, which looks really small on Conor O’Brian. Hey, Renee Young and William Regal are on commentary with Tony Dawson! Hurrah! Adrian Neville looks a little tentative as he approaches the ring, whereas Graves looks like he means business, directing Neville and striding straight into the ring. The two teams stare each other down from their respective corners before the bell rings and all hell breaks loose.

Victor flies out of the corner, swinging at Graves who ducks every fist and strikes him once, twice, and then drives him into the turnbuckles headfirst. Graves has got his game face on, and commentary pick up on it as he delivers a series of body blows to Victor in the corner – both Regal and Renee say that he looks a different man today, with the Brit saying that Graves hasn’t slept since losing the titles (in fairness, these were in the same taping so…that’s probably true? Unless he had a catnap). Graves sticks with the ground and pound, connecting with right hands to the chin and going for a corner to corner Irish whip. The Ascension member reverse, only to be met by a back elbow and then get tied up in a rope-assisted triangle choke, and the pace is quite high here, an improvement on their previous effort so far. Graves breaks the hold and gets distracted by O’Brian on the outside, but it doesn’t help his teammate at all, as the Hipster Barista ducks a clothesline then catches himself on the top top rope, allowing for a blind tag to Neville. The two double team a little, as Graves hits a big boot to stagger the Scalpel of The Ascension before Neville springboards in to connect with a dropkick and then hit a pair of running forearms and a leaping elbow in the corner. Neville hits a bodyslam in the corner and looks to connect with something from the top rope…but the distraction from O’Brian gives Victor a chance to get to his feet. The Man That Gravity Forgot just leaps clean over his head, however, and turns around and ducks a clothesline, but O’Brian opens the ropes and Neville falls through them, hurting himself in the progress. That gives The Ascension the opening they need, and they start to gain some traction in the match having been reeling up until now.

The Ascension stay on top now, cutting the ring in half and isolating the little Geordie with quick tags and double team moves. Any little bit of fight is cut off, and Neville seems to hurt his leg even more when O’Brian picks him up and throws him back to his corner. Finally, he gets a tag to Graves despite the best efforts of The Ascension’s Bludgeon, and he lays waste to both members of the opposing team, knocking Victor off the apron and O’Brian off his feet with an STO and an elbow drop. He hypes himself up in the corner and take O’Brian down with a chop block…13th Step! He locks in the 13th Step, and O’Brian’s nowhere near the ropes! Will he tap…no, Victor comes in and hits him in the ribs, exacerbating the injury from weeks ago and causing Graves to crawl to his corner and tag to Neville. But the jumping Geordie can hardly stand – how will he manage without his highflying offense? Poorly is the answer – a couple of blows to O’Brian get shrugged off and the big man connects with a low dropkick to the knee, causing his legs to buckle. The Bludgeon flings Neville into his teams corner and tags to Victor, who tries for a pin but only gets a two count. As he goes to pick Neville up, though, he ges caught with a kick to the face! Neville is desperately trying to reach his partner…yes, he’s going to get there…no! Victor dropkicks him into his partner and both men are down, Graves connecting hard with the guardrail! The Ascension nail the Fall of Man to give them the win, as Graves looks furious at ringside.

The Ascension celebrate over the fallen Neville with their belts held high above their heads in the middle of the ring, bathed in blue light. As they slip out of the ring, Graves comes in to commiserate with his downed teammate…no, he’s mouthing off at him about his shot going. Neville apologises, though, and Graves helps him up…but hits the running chopblock to the injured leg of Neville! He just starts wailing on him in the middle of the ring, shouting that they’re gone in the face of the Jumping Geordie! A ‘you suck’ chant goes up, as Graves tells Neville to ‘stay down’. Well now, there’s a thing. The match was OK, a lot better than their previous effort in my opinion, which is perhaps due to a lot of the offense being taken over by the faster moving Neville and Graves, but the post-match events are what really grabs the eye – Graves going back to being a bad guy, as he was originally, suits him a lot more, given that he’s got a punchable face and a bad attitude that positively drips off him. I’m actually quite looking forward to seeing how Graves and Neville will mesh together in the ring, and perhaps now we’ll get a chance to really see what Neville can do in the ring as he’ll have more freedom than in the tag matches he’s had so far. So yeah, I’m pretty down with this. Regal puts over how Graves’ desperation must have played a part and that that’s obviously why he cracked, but Young argues that Neville did all he could – really enjoying the interactions between those two so far.

 photo Breeze_zps81464c9e.jpg

Oh Tyler Breeze. Seriously, he’s just the right amount of ridiculous. I still feel we haven’t actually seen the best of him in the ring, but his whole character is everything right now. Anyway, Breeze gets some good cheers on his way to the ring, whilst his Moonchild opponent gets some hearty boos by the sound of things. These two pretty much hate each other, especially after being forced to tag together in the tag team turmoil match a few weeks ago. Let’s see what they have in store for us this week.

The two talk some smack between each other before kicking off, Parker still seeming pretty pissed off about Breeze not really involving himself in the aforementioned turmoil match. Breeze turns away, but Parker spins him round and delivers three chops to the chest. The Hippy Prick scoops up Breeze for an aeroplane spin that sends Breeze out of the ring, and Parker goes to give chase but the Male Model slides inside. Parker dodges and elbow and hits a shoulder to the gut, then springs in with a sunset flip for a two count. The Shit Carlito goes for a stomp to the face but Breeze covers up so he just kicks him in the back. Tyler remonstrates, but CJ just pushes him back into the corner, then pulls him up and out onto his back. He whips Breeze across the ring, but the blonde stops himself against the ropes and Parker dropkicks dead air. Tyler kicks his opponent in the face and then checks himself in his phone – just straightening out his hair – before diving on his opponent and wailing on him with fists of fury. Breeze gets Parker up…but he nearly gets caught by the facepalm! Breeze flinches back, but that gives Parker an opportunity and he rolls him up for a two count, and then comes off the ropes with a clothesline. Breeze is begging for Parker to stop, and he grabs the apron cover to stop himself being dragged back to the centre of the ring. With the referee sorting out the ring, Breeze connects with a thumb to the eye, and that’s enough of an opening for the spinning heel kick to connect and give him the win, much to the pleasure of the crowd.

That was a great ending to an otherwise average match…and it’s not over! Breeze goes to take a selfie with his fallen opponent, but Parker pushes him away and connects with the facepalm, the bitter bastard. Breeze rolls out of the ring…but forgets his phone! CJ Parker steals it and starts to take pictures of himself (with a trickle of blood running down his face) with fans at ringside because…he’s a dickhead, I guess? That’s a felony! Regal is furious on commentary about this crime, but Parker doesn’t care – he’s just gained some modern technology! Man, I hate when good guys do dick moves like this. Doesn’t make me like Parker anymore, and I’m pretty sure the predominance of the NXT Universe agree with me.

 photo Divas_zps400b8d21.jpg

Paige makes her way to the ring, and Regal on commentary gets livid about Byron Saxton pronouncing Norwich as ‘Nor-rich’. It’s difficult to put down in type, but it is, honestly, pronounced ‘No-rich’, like…if you were trying to describe CJ Parker, you’d say ‘he’s not rich’, but if you said it really fast you’d probably pronounce ‘he’s no-rich’, or ‘he’s Norwich’. Does that make sense? Either way, I’m glad Regal bought it up, it bugs me a bit does that. Emma dances her way to the ring, popping bubbles on the way as Paige watches on. The two teammates both look a bit tentative about teaming together, and watch on as the BFFs make their entrance as horrible people while Renee Young pierces Tony Dawson’s argument that she is the foremost expert on the NXT women because, get this, she has a vagina. Essentially, that’s Dawson’s argument. Women – they really get women! Men – they don’t! Hey, I’m Tony Dawson, a MAN – women, eh? Don’t understand what that’s all about! Let’s ask a women. Jesus Christ Dawson, watch the program – I’m pretty sure you could learn something about their motivations from that.

Emma and Paige argue about who’s going to start the match, the Dancing Dingo wanting to stomp her way to the middle of the ring but Paige cutting her off with a short arm every time she moves forward. The Norwich Nightmare finally starts off with a Thesz Press to Sasha, absolutely seething and screaming at her opponent with the ref having to restrain her. Banks charges in, but Paige spins through and throws her into the ropes, sending her flying across the ring, making a tag to Summer Rae. Rae comes in, but Paige gives her the same treatment. Emma wants in, and Paige gives her what she wants! Summer charges across the ring, hugging her teammate and finally tagging in the Boss of NXT, who runs right into a drop toehold from Emma, who then drives her into the corner. Banks reverses and Irish whip across the ring, but Emma dives out of the way of her running in and slides under the ropes to get into a pinning combination that only gets two. A cradle gets another two count, but when they are both back to their feet Banks connects with a kick to the knee, but Emma then blocks an Irish whip and hits a knee to the gut of Banks…only for Summer to interfere and, with the ref distracted by a remonstrating Paige, she helps Sasha to take advantage. With Emma down, the BFFs take control with a couple of quick tags, and Summer chokes her against the ropes – meanwhile, Tony Dawson again correlates Renee Young having a vagina to being the foremost authority on NXT women again. Man, is this why he got fired? Summer slams Emma into the mat and locks her head between her knees. She taunts her, making her do the Emma before slamming her headfirst in a kind of reverse pedigree. Summer positions herself between Emma and Paige in a side headlock, then takes her down to the mat, using her long legs to stretch the arms nearly out of their shoulder sockets, which I think is a fabulous move. But Emma rolls through and gets a pinning combination! Summer kicks out, and Emma is looking for the tag but just gets dragged back by the First Lady of NXT…until she finally rolls through! Paige gets the tag and comes in like a house on fire, taking Summer down and Sasha off the apron. She drags Summer to the apron and connects with a series of knees to the gut, but on her way back in Sasha grabs her foot, only to get thrown into the barricade! Paige flies in with a dropkick to Summer, and then a bridging Fisherman’s suplex gets one…two…thr…no! Sasha breaks up the pin attempt, and then throws Emma out of the ring when she comes in to help Paige, who in turn pushes Banks out of the ring, but gets caught in the inverted leg drop bulldog to give the BFFs the win! Summer pins Paige clean in the middle of the ring!

That was really, really good! I enjoyed it a lot, just a solid tag match really, but everything was done really well. I would have liked more of it – and if that’s my only complaint, then it was probably pretty damned good! I guess this lines up Summer Rae for a title shot, given the end result, plus furthers the subtle and underplayed Paige vs Emma feud, which is possibly the best built thing on NXT now – lots of little hints that we’re going to see the two collide in the future because of their entirely different personalities, and yet nothing to really drive a divide between them. And Summer keeps screwing up Emma’s chances of getting a shot, too, which gives another layer to the storyline. Seriously, there are about three different things going on between three women on NXT – why can’t we get this on the main roster?

 photo Bo_zpsdd5e592e.jpg

Sami enters to a big pop, while Bo enters to big boos. As usual, in other words. Byron Saxton gives us the big match introductions, as the crowd chant ‘ole’ and then ‘no more Bo’. The crowd is pretty hot for this one, so let’s get into it!

Dallas tries to evade an early lock up, knowing that Zayn has the better of him and as such he’s scared to really face him. When he finally gets into hold, Dallas gets caught in a wristlock. He struggles his way into one of his own, but Zayn quickly reverses, flipping through and throwing Bo out with an armdrag. Dallas sacks off against the ropes again, trying to keep his distance from the man he believes is his pro wrestling superior. He comes back in but Zayn again gets him into a wristlock, a headlock takedown and into a crucifix cover for a one count, another roll up off the ropes for a two count this time, and a schoolboy for another two, before Dallas manages to create separation in the corner again. This is great, great storytelling here, Dallas being straight up frightened of Zayn’s technical ability and so bailing whenever he feels the match is getting away from him. It’s pretty much the story that’s been told throughout their feud encapsulated into a single match – exactly the sort of stuff I like watching.

Zayn again gets the upperhand of a lock up, tying Dallas up with a side headlock, then transitioning to a hammerlock and back to a side headlock, completely outwrestling his opponent. Dallas goes to copy him, going from a side headlock and then to a hammerlock, but instead of changing back to a side headlock he just connects with a forearm to the face – desperation by the NXT Champion, and he connects with a load of knees to the face, interspersed by ineffective pinfall attempts. He locks in a cravate eventually, grounding his quicker opponent, and Zayn now can’t find a way out initially, finally resorting to punches to the gut to break the hold, but still getting one-upped by Dallas, he flings his opponent to the corner hard. Dallas goes for it again, but Zayn just bounces out and connects with a clothesline! Yakuza kick in the corner! 1…2…3! This one’s over! Sami Zayn is NXT Champion! But….wait, Dallas’ foot is on the rope! The ref hasn’t spotted, but the NXT GM JBL has, and he won’t allow this controversy to stand. He shows a video replay, and demands that the match gets restarted. Zayn tasted gold for a matter of seconds, and now all he tastes is Dallas’ elbow, as the reigning and defending champion takes advantage of the distraction to catch him in the face.

Dallas locks in a side headlock now, and even though Zayn powers out Bo pushes him off the ropes and connects with a clothesline, before going back to a cravate. Zayn fights out of it, and then Dallas pushes him to the ropes but he catches himself and sends the champ to the outside when he charges in. Zayn flies over the top rope! Renee Young pops for her fellow countryman! The Soaring Canuck throws Dallas back in and goes to the top rope, connecting with a cross body for 1…2…no! Dallas just kicks out! He looks for another Yakuza kick, but Dallas blocks it and throws the leg down. He goes for a clothesline, Zayn ducks…Blue Thunder Driver! 1…2…no! Dallas kicks out again! The crowd are getting firmly behind him now, but Dallas is taking everything and kicking out of the big moves! Zayn comes back in now, dragging Dallas to his feet, but Bo pops up and connects with a pair of kicks to the head. Corner springboard bulldog! Two count only! Zayn kicks out of a big move now, and Dallas looks stunned. He connects with an inverted DDT but again Zayn kicks out and shows off his resilience, and Dallas can’t believe it. He goes to whip Zayn across the ring, but Zayn blocks it and Dallas armdrags fresh air. Spear! Spear from Zayn! 1…2…NO! Dallas kicks out of his own move! Zayn with the knuckle lock…he’s going for the DDT…but Bo pulls him off the top rope and he gets hung up. Spear from Dallas! 1…2… NO! Zayn kicks out now! What a match this is so far! Both men drag themselves to their feet, and Dallas puts Zayn on the top rope, climbing the turnbuckles in front of him. He just pounds on Zayn now, but Sami blocks the superplex attempt…sunset flip powerbomb from Zayn! 1…2…no, Dallas kicks out again! These two are throwing bombs at each other and still not ending up with a finisher. Zayn goes for rolling German suplexes now, hitting multiple…hold on, Dallas has pulled the turnbuckle protector off…he pulls Zayn into it headfirst! He’s rolled him up…1…2…3. Dallas retains with an assist from the exposed turnbuckle! He celebrates above the prone Zayn, and the NXT Universe is silent, in complete shock that the champion has managed to defend his title successfully.

Man, that was a hell of a match. It progressed nicely from the storytelling aspects of the opening bit up until Zayn’s not-quite-a win, then went into another gear after that, with the both throwing big moves at each other. And the finish is a great repeat of how Bo originally won the title (arguably the moment that really started his heel turn) – a nice little poetic reminder. I like the way that it’s not overtly evil, but is still underhanded and opportunistic. There’s that element of you that thinks ‘hey, yeah, this guy cheated to win’, but equally he’s just being an opportunistic coward who’s been running scared and needed to use dirty tactics to win. It plays into his whole ‘heel who’s not really a heel just an over the top face’ thing – I like it.


 photo MVP_zps42ee39bb.jpg

Tyler Breeze!

Still pretty much the most entertaining part of any NXT episode he’s on.

16/10/2013 – Tyler Breeze
09/10/2013 – Realest Guys in the Room
02/10/2013 – Emma
25/09/2013 – Bo Dallas
18/09/2013 – Aiden English
11/09/2013 – Sasha Banks
04/09/2013 – Sami Zayn
28/08/2013 – Summer Rae
21/08/2013 – Sami Zayn and Antonio Cesaro
07/08/2013 – Enzo Amore
31/07/2013 – Bray Wyatt

A wrestling heavy episode this week, with no backstage antics at all. That kind of makes it a tricky one to watch as there’s no break, but everything here had its rewarding points. Fly Down and The Ascension improved a lot on their previous effort, Breeze shone brightly up against Parker, the women’s tag match was great and the main event terrific. Really worth a watch, but that lack of backstage stuff does kind of stall the program a bit – I’d have liked to have heard something from Graves regarding him turning on Neville at the very least. Oh well.

On we go, NXTians, to next week! Graves should explain himself, and maybe we’ll hear just what Sami thinks about JBL reversing that decision in the main event. Plus – what will transpire between the women of NXT from here on out? Is Summer Rae the number one contender to Paige’s championship? Or will Emma stake her claim? Stay safe when crossing the road and drink more hot chocolate between now and then NXTians! Selamat tinggal!

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