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Posted in: Chair Shots
The Triple "R"- AJ's "Removal", "Recasting" Sin Cara, "Richards" and Edwards
By TripleR
Dec 9, 2013 - 10:46:57 AM


Welcome back everybody to the column that decked the halls and decked them good- Chair…..wait, this isn’t Chair Shots. If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you’ve seen this before. If you haven’t, The Triple "R" is a blogesque column taking three topics, all with the letter R in them, and breaking them down for discussion. Hopefully you’ll all leave some creamy goodness down in the comments section (that came out wrong). So without further ado, let’s get crack-a-lackin’


 photo 3a897c28-eafd-4e92-a7b1-c4f4df207989_zps9341503a.jpg

In what has been forthcoming for quite some time, it has been reported the AJ Styles, THE TNA Original, has parted ways with the company. Apparently AJ and TNA could not come to terms on a new contract, with both sides being incredibly far apart in terms of money. With Bob Carter no longer being in charge of the purse strings for TNA, we’ve seen how tight the cash flow has been with the numerous releases, the return to the Impact Zone, and the announcement that road shows may occur in community centers and high schools in 2014. But was letting one of the founding fathers of TNA go worth the savings to the TNA bankroll?

Without a doubt when people think of TNA, they think of AJ Styles. I mean how can you not? He’s a 3-time NWA World Champion, 2-time TNA World Champion, 4-time NWA Tag Team Champion, 2-time TNA World Tag Team Champion, 6-time X-Division Champion, and 2-Time Legends/Global/TV Champion. But according to TNA, he’s not worth the money he was asking. This is a huge blow for a company that is already struggling to find some footing going into 2014. TNA, without blinking, should have resigned AJ Styles to a new contract.

So that means AJ is a free-agent now, and the discussion has already started as to whether or not the WWE will take a look at signing the face of their closest competitor. I’ll be perfectly honest; I don’t see the WWE having much interest in Styles. In fact, throughout the course of his career, they’ve never really expressed much interest in signing AJ Styles. He would never be more than a mid-card player in the WWE in my opinion, and one that probably wouldn’t last very long. Is AJ a great in-ring talent? Absolutely he is, but he’s not always been one that shines on a microphone. In speaking to others on Twitter, many believe that the WWE will sign AJ to basically turn the knife a little bit more, make TNA bleed harder and faster. This could absolutely happen, and I think if Styles were to join the WWE, we’d have some potentially great match-ups with the likes of Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, The Shield, etc., but with the WWE’s current push for a bigger, stronger wrestler, I just don’t see AJ Styles fitting the current WWE mindset.


 photo a6fab23f-3cde-4f4b-9f70-c285178bee96_zpsc48515ba.jpg

If you watched Raw last week, you saw Sin Cara pick up a win against perpetual opponent Alberto Del Rio. But it really wasn’t Sin Cara under that mask now was it? As has been widely reported, it was the “other” Sin Cara underneath the mask last Monday, Hunico. The original Sin Cara was apparently in Mexico, and not even called to perform with the roster. It seems fairly obvious, and it has been speculated, that the original Sin Cara, Mistico, is either already done in the WWE or will be done come early 2014.

However, we probably have not seen the last of the Sin Cara character. His merchandise, primarily his mask, generates quite a bit of revenue for the WWE, so we will more than likely continue to see Sin Cara on television, and after his win over ADR he may even get a bit of a push. So who will play Sin Cara going forward? The smart thing to do would be to keep Hunico under the mask. He’s played the part before and by all accounts is a better in-ring worker than Mistico was in the WWE. He also hasn’t done much on the Main Roster lately, spending most of his time in NXT with his partner Camacho.

However that may not be the case, as it was reported that the WWE is undecided who will play Sin Cara going forward. One option that was they would get someone from NXT (other than Hunico) to play Sin Cara. Well, if you look at the NXT roster, there is only one man that could fit the bill, and that’s the former Samuray Del Sol, now known as Kalisto. According to stats, both he and Mistico are similar in size, and the plus with Kalisto is that he speaks English. There is another option available to the WWE, but it’s a bit of a stretch. They do have another wrestler in NXT who is very comfortable wrestling under a mask- Sami Zayn. While you question whether or not the WWE would have a non-Hispanic play Sin Cara, remember that Hunico’s partner Camacho is Tongan, two Puerto Ricans are playing Mexican bullfighters, and Chief Jay Strongbow was Italian.

I don’t doubt there is money to be made with Sin Cara, and we may yet get to see the Rey Mysterio/Sin Cara match at Wrestlemania that Vince has always wanted, but in my opinion the character may already be too damaged to recover from. If, and only if, they get the right person under that mask will the WWE have any chance of making Sin Cara a sustainable asset.


 photo b94a8973-2cfc-4f11-9680-8c0c9661278c_zps9b65f1ae.png

According to reports, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards have an “internship” with the WWE that lasts through March 2014. I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never heard of wrestlers being signed to an internship before. With a lot of internships, you’re not getting paid, so logic would hold that Richards and Edwards would continue to be able to work outside dates, while being evaluated for the next several months by the WWE.

However, it appears that Davey Richards has burned his bridge with Ring of Honor and is no longer a member of the roster. Richards spoke out stating that the Ring of Honor titles don’t mean as much as they used to, which offended the RoH officials, and he was removed from all upcoming cards. Since then, he’s stated he is done with the company, while Eddie Edwards will continue to appear.

With the WWE’s recent push to beef up the tag-team division, Richards and Edwards may find a fit in the WWE, but how effective will they be and how long will they last? It’s no secret I’m not a fan of the Wolves. I’ve seen them live, I’ve watched numerous TV matches, and I think neither man has any sense of telling a solid wrestling “story” in the ring. I flipped by the weekly RoH program the other week and saw Davey Richards and Roderick Strong hit 8 consecutive moves on each other without either man selling any move as being damaging. To me, they’ve just spot after spot without any psychology to their matches at all. Without a doubt, this reputation came with them as they debuted in NXT. They were squashed by The Ascension to see how they took being annihilated in the ring. By all accounts they took it well and they’ve been nothing but model interns to this point.

Time will tell how well The American Pitbulls do in the WWE. Maybe I’ll become a fan, and maybe Lindsay Lohan will win an Oscar. Stranger things have happened.

So that does it folks for another edition of The Triple “R”. I hope you enjoyed the piece, and as usual thanks for checking it out. Feel free to leave your comments, questions, death threats, and tasty holiday treats in any of the available formats.

Until next time,
Trip Out!

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